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  1. Overall I'm very glad to see these changes. It's almost like the designers at DE are actively trying to make Warframe not such a nightmare to balance. This game deserves so much more than being beholden to the concept of a power fantasy that translates into making the game a sci-fi diaper for anyone afraid of an iota of challenge. BRAVO! With that said I do have some suggestions. Because of course I do: Remove the Need To Combine Elements to Make Elements. Heat + Cold = Blast. Okay I get it. Cold + Toxin = Viral? Not so sure about that. Either way try explaining the element system as it stands to a new player. Remove the combinational requirements and give each mod its own 60/60 and 90% damage mods. Not only is 'if you want blast on your weapon put blast dmg mods on it' SO MUCH EASIER to explain to players but if DE wants to add new elements in the future they don't have to go through the trouble of making sure that element combines with all existing elements. Listen to Mogamu for the Puncture Status Effect. So if I puncture an enemy's toe they are do distracted by the pain they can't do as much damage BUT if I electric viral slash proc their face they continue just fine? I see what is trying to be done here but it doesn't make a lick of sense when you think about it. Allow attacking puncture hotspots to bypass enemey defenses to some degree. Makes a LOT more sense and gives puncture a very useful and unique utility against mobs that don't instantly die (Eidolons for example). Impact & Blast Are Too Closely Related. Conceptually these elements really bleed into each other quite heavily and these two elements really show how the combined element system does more harm than good because if elements were separate, impact could just scale into blast territory w/o a conflict of interest (for you could just get rid of blast entirely). However, if the combined element system remains I'd suggest impact proc staggers/accuracy debuffs while blast procs full knockdowns that stack to ragdolls (which translates into a 100% damage and accuracy debuff for the mobs aren't doing anything as they get blasted around). Shield Dmg Reduction & Gating Should Scale w/the Amount of Shields. If I have a warframe with thousands of shields vs a warframe with a few hundred, makes more sense that the one with more shields offers better shield gating & dmg reduction right? Don't Be Beholden to the Auras. Let's be frank; warframes are so, extremely, obscenely, overpowered do we really need passive auras that gimp the mobs before the fight even starts? Even with these changes it's not really an issue to remove a mob's armor and/or shields via a combination of weapons and warframe abilities. I'd suggest to replace Corrosive Projection, Shield Disruption and Infested Impedence with all together new auras. But IF they are to remain adjust the math so even with a full squad running 4 of a given aura and all statuses that strip defense... this defense strip never reaches 100%. That's all I got. Good luck guys!
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