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  1. tl;dr: Melee 3.0 mockup All in all this rework looks pretty f**king incredible I must say. As someone I think at least slightly influenced Melee 2.x,There is only one core suggestion I have: Block Anytime, Anywhere. The Tenno either can execute a single command (single key or multi key press) to block. Allow most actions to be cancelled into blocks. Blocking always should have been a fallback action for when a Tenno finds themselves in trouble regardless of what they are doing. This is a clear example how dedicated firearm/melee modes hold back Warframe's potential. Also I can't mention blocking in a serious manner without referencing this. Imagine a combat scenario where a Tenno is highly engaged with the enemy. Suddenly, a huge attack suddenly comes barrelling towards them and they do not have time to dodge. Only block. What sounds more fun and natural to you: A) At the last moment the Tenno stops firing his/her gun and brings up their arms in the nick of time to block the attack. Perhaps timing the block could lead to parries. B) The Tenno has to stop firing their weapon, put it away, wait for their melee weapon to get pulled out, and then block. If they have the time to do this you know what they could have also done? Just about anything else in the game including moving out of the way thereby defeating the point of blocking. Being able to seamlessly use block at any time adds an amazing amount of utility to a player's toolkit. If DE did decide to implment an 'anytime, anywhere' block I would hope they reconsider blocking not always negating 100% of the damage in all cases (maybe except for parries?). A weapon having variable block cones, block %, and possibly even parry windows gives DE more stats to experiment with that make sense. Why throw this design space away needlessly? Again the rework looks f**king AMAZING. It does truly. However, until DE discards the notion of dedicated firearms/melee modes completely Warframe will always be playing 2nd fiddle to its own 1st rate potential. I say this because action legends such as Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden, Nier: Automota, etc, have shown such an incredible path forward by having one unified 'action combat' mode. This doesn't mean there can't be an other way but Warframe's firearm/melee modes do not seem to be an improvement over what those legends have done. Also it's worth really driving home DE could literally create the most incredible combat system known to man. However, if the enemies remain stuck as ants we crush with hammers, all this work to make combat more engaging becomes a somewhat moot point. We are still hammers crushing ants and combos and in depth combat is a distant option to nuking dumb, enfeebled enemies that literally run to their slaughter. Love you guys, the game you make, and the work you do. 🙂
  2. Q. Can DE's lack of Endgame be attributed to not wanting to upset the mostly casual player base?
  3. Celestial Twin Most of the issues I could have had with this ability are solved right here. Nice work! Cloud Walker New players have parkour. Vets have parkour + operator dashes. For any mobility option to really sell itself it should be faster than parkour but not neccesarily faster than void dashing. For short term movement as long as Cloud Walker and its animation > parkour travel speed this alone will make it worthwhile. Consider giving it momentum that's similar to Titania's 'kill enemies/go faster' Razorwing mod. Also I would love to come out of Cloudwalker doing a slide dash, slam attack, aerial attack, or gunfire. Have either of these actions cancel Cloudwalker. Defy Damage reflection in Warframe is a joke without ridiculous damage reflection buffs like +10000%. As long as Defy has an outrageous buff like this it will be barely okay. However, what happens to Wukong after Defy ends and he is still the target of high level mobs? He dies making Defy another subreddit thread of 'Do the Devs Ever Test Their Reworks?'. Solve this by Defy's blast have a chance to jam all weapons so Wukong isn't 1 shotted soon as Defy ends. Primal Fury All exalted weapons need to compete with Blood Rush + Body Count which outpace them 9/10 times. So unless these combos have insane damage or prefarably... insane reach... Skana w/mandatory mods > Primal Fury. Experiment with redonk range and have some kind of aerial attack that replaces the old Iron Jab mod that launches Wukong way, WAY, up into the air. Passive Reading this caused me to Google if Canada legalized weed. It did. And it shows. I love this. It looks like someone REALLY enjoyed designing this while doing something perfectly legal in Canada. Have this person redesign all the passives in the game, name them, and make mods for them. Favorite part of the rework. 🙂
  4. THANK YOU! If this was the only thing that changed for Nightwave Episode 2, it would have made ep2 a resounding success. Nothing to add. Nothing to critque. Just a huge f**king thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
  5. When are you going to start asking more than two questions per stream (if that) from the community again? Also is DE's solution to its endgame problem just 'go play other games while we make more floofs'? Arbitration drones are not the answer sorry to say.
  6. 6k+ hours into Warframe. I love this game but one of the most bewildering and confounding aspects of it is the utter scarcity of meaningful challenge. The proposed changes to Arbitrations do not fix them. I will explain why shortly but first let me share what I do to challenge myself in Warframe: Endurance Runs. They are still more appealing than Arbitrations because they do not have drones. With Nullifiers I can see the narrative team at DE trying to work in an in universe counter measure to warframes and I can respect that. Drones though? A 100% transparent and arbitrary way to inflate difficulty. They may add to the difficulty sure. But do they add to the fun? In my opinion no. They absolutely do not. Eidolons & Profit Taker. They are both lore driven and meaningfully challenging. It's a shame that some frames are straight up locked out of being very useful (Revenant, Excalibur, etc.). Conclave. Say what you will about this mode but it's some of the most challenging if not THE most challenging PvP I've ever had. A stark contrast from the dumb AF mobs in PvE that literally run to get slaughtered. I find myself running from getting slaughtered! Elite Sanctuary Onslaught..Sometimes. Because the drain mechanic is so squarely biased in favor of nuke frames ESO becomes do I want to play Saryn, Equinox, Volt and/or hope someone else plays them? What could have easily been a true end game mode literally has its potential drained out of it. Now let me show you something that drives a point home: Earth is a BEAUTIFUL tileset. It's f**king gorgeous! However, when I heard Earth was getting remastered it made me sad. Sad because all this work was being put into a set of maps that Tenno do their best to race out of only to come back for random alerts. All the while it would take something so extremely simple and within DE's power to do in a matter of a week or two: Allow Tenno to pick a node they want to battle on and give us a resource that lets us push the level of mobs way, way, up with scaling rewards. So if I want to go back to the beautiful Earth nodes and have the mobs start at level 200, 500, 1000 or w/e I can. Let other Tenno know there is an active 'scaled up' option available on the node they selected just like Nightmare modes. Throw in some randomly spawning bosses appropriate to that tile set and call it a day. You do not need permadeath, weird revive towers, and Warframe ability and weapon bonuses that only contradict the point of an end game mode to begin with. Finally the most 'end game' node in all of Warframe is Tycho, Lua. Corpus Nullifiers + Sentients? That mode is NO joke. And it has nothing to do with lame drones and permadeath. It's just brutal in a good way.
  7. @[DE]Danielle: I just found out about this post; I hope to god it's not too late to get some feedback in! Firstly I just want to briefly point out a lot of my original melee 3.0 suggestions were well received (my post and all its upvotes got borked) and implemented into what we see now. Phase 1 is off to a running start so my suggestions at this juncture are: Aerial Attack Delay Should Be Removed. At the very least no more of a delay than non aerial attacks. Warframe's melee combat is mostly on the ground meanwhile parkour infused space ninja combat is begging to be more aerial. If DE is experimenting with juggling/DMC influence, this suggestion synergizes with that end. Wall Attacks Should All Be 'Tatsued'. The new melee weapon Tatsu is the closest we ever have come to wall attacks being viable for the distance it travels is actually meaningful. However since we can not control when the wall attack (after wall launching) executes and it does a very long post attack roll animation, wall attacks still languish in mediocrity. Please remove or greatly speed up the end roll animation. Blocking Should Be Its Own Button/Command. If DE is doing away with restrictive melee only/firearms only modes then DE should go all the way in this direction. Allow those who stay on their toes to literally guard themselves if they react in time. Let an iota of skill creep back into the power fantasy. If we have to attack first to utilize blocking it's not completely evolving past the old melee/firearms mode that holds warframe's combat back. And that's it! I said the bulk of what I had to say in the first link. After 6k hours into this game I still love it and hope to see great things to come still! 🙂
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