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  1. THANK YOU! If this was the only thing that changed for Nightwave Episode 2, it would have made ep2 a resounding success. Nothing to add. Nothing to critque. Just a huge f**king thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
  2. When are you going to start asking more than two questions per stream (if that) from the community again? Also is DE's solution to its endgame problem just 'go play other games while we make more floofs'? Arbitration drones are not the answer sorry to say.
  3. 6k+ hours into Warframe. I love this game but one of the most bewildering and confounding aspects of it is the utter scarcity of meaningful challenge. The proposed changes to Arbitrations do not fix them. I will explain why shortly but first let me share what I do to challenge myself in Warframe: Endurance Runs. They are still more appealing than Arbitrations because they do not have drones. With Nullifiers I can see the narrative team at DE trying to work in an in universe counter measure to warframes and I can respect that. Drones though? A 100% transparent and arbitrary way to inflate difficulty. They may add to the difficulty sure. But do they add to the fun? In my opinion no. They absolutely do not. Eidolons & Profit Taker. They are both lore driven and meaningfully challenging. It's a shame that some frames are straight up locked out of being very useful (Revenant, Excalibur, etc.). Conclave. Say what you will about this mode but it's some of the most challenging if not THE most challenging PvP I've ever had. A stark contrast from the dumb AF mobs in PvE that literally run to get slaughtered. I find myself running from getting slaughtered! Elite Sanctuary Onslaught..Sometimes. Because the drain mechanic is so squarely biased in favor of nuke frames ESO becomes do I want to play Saryn, Equinox, Volt and/or hope someone else plays them? What could have easily been a true end game mode literally has its potential drained out of it. Now let me show you something that drives a point home: Earth is a BEAUTIFUL tileset. It's f**king gorgeous! However, when I heard Earth was getting remastered it made me sad. Sad because all this work was being put into a set of maps that Tenno do their best to race out of only to come back for random alerts. All the while it would take something so extremely simple and within DE's power to do in a matter of a week or two: Allow Tenno to pick a node they want to battle on and give us a resource that lets us push the level of mobs way, way, up with scaling rewards. So if I want to go back to the beautiful Earth nodes and have the mobs start at level 200, 500, 1000 or w/e I can. Let other Tenno know there is an active 'scaled up' option available on the node they selected just like Nightmare modes. Throw in some randomly spawning bosses appropriate to that tile set and call it a day. You do not need permadeath, weird revive towers, and Warframe ability and weapon bonuses that only contradict the point of an end game mode to begin with. Finally the most 'end game' node in all of Warframe is Tycho, Lua. Corpus Nullifiers + Sentients? That mode is NO joke. And it has nothing to do with lame drones and permadeath. It's just brutal in a good way.
  4. @[DE]Danielle: I just found out about this post; I hope to god it's not too late to get some feedback in! Firstly I just want to briefly point out a lot of my original melee 3.0 suggestions were well received (my post and all its upvotes got borked) and implemented into what we see now. Phase 1 is off to a running start so my suggestions at this juncture are: Aerial Attack Delay Should Be Removed. At the very least no more of a delay than non aerial attacks. Warframe's melee combat is mostly on the ground meanwhile parkour infused space ninja combat is begging to be more aerial. If DE is experimenting with juggling/DMC influence, this suggestion synergizes with that end. Wall Attacks Should All Be 'Tatsued'. The new melee weapon Tatsu is the closest we ever have come to wall attacks being viable for the distance it travels is actually meaningful. However since we can not control when the wall attack (after wall launching) executes and it does a very long post attack roll animation, wall attacks still languish in mediocrity. Please remove or greatly speed up the end roll animation. Blocking Should Be Its Own Button/Command. If DE is doing away with restrictive melee only/firearms only modes then DE should go all the way in this direction. Allow those who stay on their toes to literally guard themselves if they react in time. Let an iota of skill creep back into the power fantasy. If we have to attack first to utilize blocking it's not completely evolving past the old melee/firearms mode that holds warframe's combat back. And that's it! I said the bulk of what I had to say in the first link. After 6k hours into this game I still love it and hope to see great things to come still! 🙂
  5. The rework is pretty decent. If it came out exactly as it is, Nezha would be more viable by an order of magnitude. The thing that always confused me was Nezha's Chakram on his back. Why would a warframe have such a large part of its body dedicated to 'not its most powerful ability'? It's like Nyx having huge arm attachments just for Psychic Bolts. Meanwhile Chaos/Absorb are her bread and butter and have no external representations. I think the above issue can be solved by Blazing Chakram having synergies with every ability. For example: Blazing Chakram + Firewalker = When thrown a a fire trail, imparts fire trail with some of Chakram's 'enemies take increased damage from all sources' effect. Blazing Chakram + Blazing Chakram = When used to teleport, Nezha emits a burst of fire when he arrives at his location. Blazing Chakram + Warding Halo = Some of Halo's health will regenerate if Chakram is used. Blazing Chakram + Divine Spears = Make the amount of spears that emit an additional Chakram scale with some stat. If you do something like the above, then it becomes clear why Nezha wears his Chakram on his back. It's REALLY freaking useful and ties into everything he does! ;)
  6. The only login reward I REALLY care about are 50-75% off plat discounts. Other than that I have the stance of, "Hey I get free S#&$ for just logging in that DE doesn't have to give me. Awesome!" However, I see there was an uproar about it so here are my two cents: There should be no mods or weapons locked behind login rewards. Instead login rewards should be exclusively cosmetics, resources, boosters, and things that can drop from a Star Chart mob whether that be a Gorgon Blueprint or Condition Overload. Move gear like the Zenistar and Azima to Invasions, dojos, Kuva Fortress... wherever. As long as players can reliably get them. And do a community poll the for the next Primed mod you do. Prime Sure Footed? Really DE? Really?
  7. The primary thing holding back channeling and Warframe's melee system in general are dedicated melee and firearms modes. What is the reasoning behind having these modes in a game where half a room could be destroyed before a holstering animation is completed?
  8. This would be fine in a game where the AI wasn't braindead AF that easily encouraged 'set it and forget it' gameplay on so many levels to begin with. The clearest way I can exemplify this is Atlas's Tectonics. If you mean to tell me that a cyborg soldier thousands of years in the future can't mount a chest high wall that my 10 year old daughter could if I simply asked her nicely to, then that mentality to balance mechanics around AI that is enfeebled and impaired beyond belief will perpetually increase balance workload and scope exponentially more than it ever needs to be. In other words... if DE assumed that the Grineer/Corpus/Infested had common sense + a communication network they would PROBABLY think of countermeasures like, "Hey we keep getting rekt by Spores... let's send in our future reinforcements with anti Spore countermeasures." or w/e the most spammed ability was over time. Until the AI programmers are allowed to go wild past let's say level 100, this power fantasy vs balance dichotomy will always be so much more needlessly back and and forth. The approach DE has towards AI reminds me of the movie 'Signs'. You mean to tell me that none of those aliens even thought for a second about raincoats???? That plothole envelops the entirety of Warframe's AI. As for Saryn herself.... Spore Going by the Saryn Prime trailer she was designed to combat Infested. Infested are a faction that barely has armor. With that said her Spore having the default element of Corrosive directly contradicts the lore. That's akin to the Frost Prime trailer conveying his main element is Cold to combat the flames of whatever but in game his default element is... electricity. Additionally DE is making Spore so much more complex than it needs to be. If we go by the most devastating plague in human history with an example being: "The Black Death was terrifyingly, indiscriminately contagious: “the mere touching of the clothes,” wrote Boccaccio, “appeared to itself to communicate the malady to the toucher.” The disease was also terrifyingly efficient. People who were perfectly healthy when they went to bed at night could be dead by morning." It sure sounds like dead bodies could still spread the plague. So thousands of years in the future yet Saryn < less lethal than the Black Plague. Is this why the Orokin had such a tough time with the Sentient? Make the enemies smarter and more capable. Don't contradict Saryn's own lore or make her weaker than what has come before in IRL history. Molt The main issue I have with this is... the only reason it works as a distraction is because once again the enemies are dumb AF. If Molt posed an actual threat like emitting a small gas cloud it would make more sense why enemies would shoot it. Left as is, without a narrative explanation of why they shoot it Molt's bread and butter rests entirely on the enemies being extraordinarily dumb. Also how Molt's texture briefly appears on Saryn looks COOL AS #*!%. There seems to be a lot of potential to go deep into what this ability could be other than a speed boost and a pinata for the dumbest enemies in all of sci fi. Toxin Lash This ability is nearly perfect as is. Please just make the Contagion Cloud augment scale of the inflicting weapons mods as well even if it's in a very minor fashion. Miasma This attack should inflict Corrosive, Gas, and Viral damage with their respective procs. Why? Because I know for certain that someone at DE had to see Naraku from the series Inuyasha use his Miasma attack, push it up as a suggestion, and it got turned down for w/e reason. I'm here to say that employee was right. Make it visually appear to be an actual 'gas cloud of death and disease' and just load up on the most potent toxin hybrid elements Warframe has to offer. I really want DE and Warframe to succeed to insane heights because that brings us all closer to a Warframe anime and in such an anime, Saryn would not be using a Corrosive Spore to combat a faction that has virtually no armor, the antagonists would not be attacking a Molt for no reason, and where an attack called Miasma would be an actual cloud of death and disease.
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