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  1. Primed sure footed is on day 900 at current login system and i'm now at 870-ish, if new login implemented it will be pushed back, if it's not i'll get it in around 30 days, so how come i've missed it?
  2. So i need to wait another 130 days for primed sure footed which was suppose on day 900 now become 1000? i should be get it in 1 month according to current system tho, It's 4 months more, even tho many people think it useless mods, but i want it and quite anticipating it and you increase it to 4 more months that's not fair, how about applying this change after people get past their current milestone? Or How about making old+new login existing together, so for example on day 900, we can choose 1 from either primed sure footed (old login) or weapons/equipments (new login)?
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