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  1. WTS the wide variety of stock in my album, below. Just click the picture of the happy Kitty Cat! Are you not interested in buying but are looking to SELL OR TRADE? Okay!!! The bottom of this ad has more details if you want to sell or make a trade with me! ❤️🌈❤️ALL PRICES NEGOTIABLE!❤️🌈❤️ VIEW SAMPLES OF MY STABLE BELOW!! KAVAT SAMPLES! KUBROW SAMPLES! To begin NEGOTIATIONS: SEND ME A TELL IN GAME MESSAGE ME HERE ON THE FORUMS MESSAGE ME ON DISCORD as SpicyDinosaur#2019 ♥ ♥ Fastest Response Time MR fodder Kubrow listed on warframe.market here. Note that they are listed as the price for a single print. You will need two to breed the Kubrow you might want. FOR THOSE LOOKING TO SELL OR TRADE: ♥ I pay wholesale prices, but the exchange is that you get the plat NOW instead of sitting on prints!!! ♥ I am currently mostly accepting Kubrow right now. Lotuses, Merles, (sometimes Dominos,) Bulkies, and Kubrow with rare or attractive colors. Join the Breeder Squad Discord Server via the linked picture above! Dive into the world of companion breeding, buying, and selling! Or hey, just join to ask questions and socialize! Check out my PRIMER to KAVATS and KUBROW here! Or if you are looking for more details... Check out my GUIDE to KUBROW here! And my GUIDE to KAVATS here!
  2. Thanks, glad to hear someone say it is rare tbh/ None of the guides mark it as such. I've got 5 of these things left, so now I have to start farming to get the right rooms
  3. Oh, something I missed, the person saying they never use Ivara's pick pocket ability would have to never use prowl, like it is literally impossible to turn off. More BS basically.
  4. Okay, a drive-by comment. 1. Smeeta came out way less than four years ago, the person saying that is either confused or lying. 2. Smeetas always had the same abilities they have now. I was around and breeding when they came out. There might be miniscule changes I have forgotten, but not a complete overhaul or a change in a precept like one of the posters is implying, (really just flat out saying it is so,) Honestly, some/most of you just sound like you are bending over backwards to make excuses to disagree. Ether because, and this is the case for any internet thread in most online communities, the most noticeable beginning to responses was severely negative and it is coloring your own judgement. Unfortunately, I don't have a "think for yourself" hypnotic gif to reverse that. That or you just like complaining and being toxic. Some of the stuff that is supposed to be legitimate feedback here is so contrarian and not even honest or knowledgable that I am shocked your keyboard doesn't flat out refuse to type things for you anymore.
  5. Okay, I was wondering if anyone had had problems with 5-2? (Uranus waterfall) Most pictures show the person on an exterminate mission, though the slideshow suggests the assassination mission. I'm running that currently and abort whenever I get to tyl regor because it is fastest. None of these sites mention it being rare but I can't remember ever seeing it. Does anyone have any further advice or knows if the room was taken out of the tileset and replaced with another?
  6. The moaning sounds don't sound sexual to me, but I could have predicted the general hostility that an (assumed) woman would get bringing something like that to attention, Don't let cave dwellers discourage you from bringing stuff like this up, please.
  7. no, you are confusing a private company with the US justice system. It can be easy to make that mistake though. I feel like the response to this started off hostile and it just continued that way because it was the direction it was going in. He's not necessarily being nefarious, it's not like it was a chat ban where there's a good chance what was done was bigoted and that's what got the ban, it's within the realm of possibility that this was actually the case, and also that he doesn't regularly use the forums and got confused. Especially since the forums are confusing anyway. Also, I heard someone in the past say they couldn't even make a new character after getting banned, but I'm not sure. So he may have, in fact, been the only resource his friend had for this.
  8. hmm I wasn't really looking but I did a good number of runs for genetics yesterday and don't remember any of the kavats being stealthed either...
  9. Honestly, if you are breezing through content that fast, then there's nothin DE can push through that will entertain you for more than a day or two
  10. I presume ir would be limited to only one extra pet in the orbiter, Just have to handle collision issue, that could be a pita
  11. mreow I'm not going off topic I'm addressing one of the faulty points you made. No need to get snippy.
  12. umm not really? Can you think of any bounties logins or sorties that are faction based? Bounties are yes, but not aligned with any opposing faction, except arguably fortuna, but I have never seen Kuva offered there. They are the resistance either way. I mean do you expect DE to just say "Screw it" and throw the lore out the window? note: Bounties can be faction based, but that's a fairly loose argument, they randomized afaik. Either way it's not something that interferes with the lore.
  13. yea, you never have to keep an eye on your health either, so that's totes fair.
  14. They are kind of meant to be sneaky. They are there as a challenge. We have a lot of visual "cues" especially, and I know some of my clanmates, for example, get overwhelmed by how many there are. Almost everything else already has cues like that.
  15. kuva is Grineer only and involves the twin queens. Disruption involves Corpus and Alad V experimenting with amalgams, it is Corpus only. So no would be a good guess.
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