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  1. aren't archgun rivens gained through arbitrations and not steel path?
  2. it's funny because I am learning C# through Unity, and while I am sure it's more complex on their end, it's pretty easy to make the HUD adjust to screen resolution in the test game I am making.
  3. No one can help you here, you need to contact support.
  4. It looks like you shrunk the size of your HUD which may be the problem, if that is even possible.
  5. The Breeder Squad is currently looking for new members, and you could be one of them! Click on our temperamental mascot below or keep reading for more information! We are an interconnected group of Kubrow and Kavat breeders on a server that continues to grow. We are just beginning to blossom! I would genuinely say we are the best at helping new breeders looking for an income or just casual breeding. ♥ From there you can decide how far you want to go into the world of buying and selling. ♥ There will be people the whole way acting a
  6. Notice: we now have an alliance, Birbs of Prey, mostly for little clans that don't want to lose their efforts but believe in what we are doing! Feel free to message me on Discord (SpicyDinosaur#2019) about both! Note: The Warlord of any clan applying will need to answer the survey mentioned in the main part of the ad, unless a member or ally can vouch for the clan. Hey, Fellow Tenno! The Mischievous Chickens clan is a pro-LGBTQ+ rights, pro-Civil Rights (that includes BLM,) pro-Feminism, (and in particular Intersectional Feminism,)
  7. exactly! Those two items are going to get DE mucho plat and so they are scamming all of us with them. It can't possibly be that the items aren't in the marketplace so the discount doesn't register or count for them. Some of the theories people have as to how DE is screwing people over are just absurd. I realize they might be trying to do things that turn a profit at times, but not everything in the game is them trying to rob your pocketbook. FFS
  8. Well said. All of this is getting pretty old, tbh. I love the game, but I find I have to just suck it up a lot of times and deal with bad changes because I have no other option. There's no communication going in or out really. And seriously, why would they think people would enjoy grinding out 6 iso vaults then some bounties at all before going inside to save or take a break?! I say grind because new things drop from these so you want to do them in bulk if at all possible. How can any sane person be expected to do that much for just one set of rewards. wtf.
  9. I can't at all imagine what would possess them to do this. Not everyone wants to run that kind of content for long amounts of time for each full run. Grinding the rewards is going to be hell that way. I am waiting to see if they change it. Keep complaining and maybe they will actually listen. Every so often they do, though not always for the better. This also makes it impossible for very casual players to do the content. Something they were trying to "change" will the steel essence farm changes. (change meaning nerf, with probably nothing to do with casual players, just an excuse t
  10. So what exactly would be the point of breeding them if we can't crossbreed regular pets with them? We can already do everything without doing that. I expected so much better, disappointed as usual. There's no predasite/vulpaphyla feedback thread, so no idea where I can post this that you guys will even care. Okay, you know full well this is a nerf. I could get 100+ an hour not AFK farming, with other people being very active. Why do you insist on saying dishonest things like this? It erodes player confidence towards DE heavily. I guess I'll continue playi
  11. So something like the command /dnd? That's in the game. If someone sends you a message it gives them some sort of notification.
  12. Ahh it was changed after I wrote the guide, and then I didn't see the change. Thank you so much! I want to be accurate if at all possible. Edit: the guide actually does say 25%. I found a confusing part though that talks about a base bonus 10% chance. I need to figure out wtf I meant by that. Pretty bad not to understand something I wrote. >__> Either way, I put the link you gave me as a footnote, so it can be referenced in case it comes up again.
  13. I also use Limbo. High range and high duration to grab as many cats as possible. I can't remember if my range or duration is higher, but they are both important. Keep in mind, OP, the Kavats look completely invisible since the change, which completely screwed up using the ballistica prime with a fully charged kill to make a ghost of the Kavat that can also be scanned for codes. Now you have to be even faster and hope you can follow the steps a invisible on spawn kavat is making. Since it's counted as an ally CC won't work either. Might as well bring it though and try. E
  14. Never fully trust the wiki. I forget if the vanilla heliocor even gives scans or if it is the syndicate one. It's been awhile since I played with each version of the weapon. I haven't been able to get scans from it. But I mentioned per my testing for just this reason. I am going to test it further, though I really suspect it doesn't do it. I would advise against it anyway, OP. No chance at double scans and no boost from resource boosters, I think. Also, take all attack mods off a smeeta and bring them with with charm. Cat buffs can give you more scans. Equip the smeeta
  15. It was actually available a little while back as a twitch drop for watching their streams. Have to pay attention to the upcoming drops, never know what you might miss.
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