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  1. HEY TENNO! I'M LOOKING TO SELL SOME WELL-BRED KAVATS AND KUBROW!!! Are you NOT interested in BUYING but are looking to SELL OR TRADE? OKAY!!! The bottom of this ad has more details if you want to sell or make a trade with me! ❤️🌈❤️ALL PRICES NEGOTIABLE!❤️🌈❤️ ►►►I use an ALBUM on IMGUR to make all listings;◄◄◄ below each image there, there are details such as price and breed. Click the link above that says "ALBUM on IMGUR" in blue, or click the happy kitty cat at the top of the post Now for samples. All details are in the album, as well as MORE specimens!!! KAVATS! KUBROW! To begin NEGOTIATIONS: SEND ME A TELL IN GAME MESSAGE ME HERE ON THE FORUMS MESSAGE ME ON DISCORD as SpicyDinosaur#2019 ♥ ♥ Fastest Response Time ❤️LET'S MAKE A DEAL WE BOTH FEEL HAPPY ABOUT!❤️ MR fodder Kubrow listed on warframe.market here. Note that they are listed as the price for a single print. You will need two to breed the Kubrow you might want. My prices are always based upon the going price at the time for prints of the breed's type. I do not sell single prints under most circumstances. ♥ I pay wholesale prices, but the exchange is that you get the plat NOW instead of sitting on prints!!! ♥ Can't move that Kavat or Kubrow, despite your opinion that it would be great for crossbreeding or selling to an interested buyer? ♥ I may be that buyer. No reason to let those prints sit! I am currently mostly accepting Kubrow right now. Lotuses, Bulkies, and Kubrow with rare or attractive colors. That or any mix of the three! Join the ►►►Breeder Squad Discord Server◄◄◄ via the linked picture above! Dive into the world of companion breeding, buying, and selling! Or hey, just join to ask questions and socialize! Check out my GUIDE to KUBROW here! And my GUIDE to KAVATS here!
  2. SpicyDinosaur

    broken kubrow/kavat textures! [fixed on pc?]

    He's right, color correction gives you an innacurate representation of the beast's colors etc, so regardless of playing with it for years, if you want to see the pet properly, you turn off color correction. Also, the textures got fixed and look very nice now, though I think the colors were somewhat altered by what I think became an upgrade to their graphics.
  3. SpicyDinosaur

    ValentineFrame for primetime ♥

    These are so wholesome and precious!
  4. SpicyDinosaur

    Profit Taker balance

    eesh, relax, frenlo. No one is out to get you.
  5. Okay, I purchased the Prime Access Accessories pack, so I got the Operator accessories that come from that. I coincidentally have the Lumis earrings on my Operator. I'm not sure what is affecting them but as you can see from the pic below, they do not have any sort of energy glow to them. Both should, but I am not sure if it just doesn't show on low settings (in which case, it would be nice if it did,) or if they no longer have any sort of energy glow at all. At one point I could see the glow, but I haven't seen it in awhile.
  6. SpicyDinosaur

    Profit Taker balance

    Profit Taker actually uses operators, (or you should use one if you are smart.) When the pylons get dropped, you void dash over to them and you want to use the charged shot and have an amp built with the phahd scaffold because then you can one shot the pylons with your amp, void dash back over to the fight, and continue back as the warframe. That said I think the pylons only show up once during the fight. I have now been in a PUB for about 5 fights with the Profit Taker with a dude who regularly solos it. Part of what helped me doing it with him was that he would call out the damage type and then I knew what to hit it with if I had anything for that. But either way, I've seen other people solo it and honestly, if you can't, you just need a more organized group than with. say, eidolons. It's not actually a hard fight basically, just learning it is a little difficult. You want to talk about a hard fight to learn, though, Jordas Verdict was horrendous. The only difference from now is that most people didn't know about Raid Bus and so felt the raids were entirely inaccessible to them.
  7. Notice: we now have an alliance, Birbs of Prey, mostly for little clans that don't want to lose their efforts but believe in what we are doing! Feel free to message me about both. Note: The Warlord of any clan applying will need to answer the survey mentioned in the main part of the ad, unless a member or ally can vouch for the clan. Hey, Fellow Tenno! The Mischievous Chickens clan is a pro-LGBTQ+ rights, pro-Civil Rights, pro-Feminism, (and generally supportive of leftist values,) refuge for those who are exhausted from dealing with the toxic and often hateful status quo behavior of most gaming environments. Rather than suffer through the constant harassment or vitriol in other groups, we have joined together to have a place to ourselves to retreat to. We strive to cultivate a welcoming and supportive community within both the clan and the alliance. To join Mischievous Chickens or Birbs of Prey, contact SpicyDinosaur on the forums or through one of the methods at the bottom of the post. The clan is a Rank 10 Storm Clan with all research complete and Ignis Wraith blueprints available upon request. (Almost all research with two pigments not yet finished. Research complete up to Fortuna, however.) Our goal of a friendly, welcoming environment requires vetting anyone applying. Note that we are not in this to change the game or spend our time having serious debates everyday. We have a survey for our applicants. If there are any questions regarding said survey, reading the full ad may answers these prior to or help with the application process, though it is generally not a long or problematic process! If you want to be an ally to the clan to see what it is like this can be accommodated, however the survey is still required. If you have any questions at any point re: parts of this post, the survey, the interview, etc., do not hesitate to message me on these forums or in game or on Discord as SpicyDinosaur#2019, (you will most likely need to friend invite me there first.) The survey does require a Google sign-in. However, I am not capable of seeing what account is answering the survey. This limits applications to one per account and prevents spam, which is its entire purpose. Feel free to request the survey at any time from SpicyDinosaur, and I will provide a link. Also see contact info at the bottom of the page for more options by which to reach me. We don't expect applicants/members/allies to be 100% perfect or never mess up, but a general awareness of yourself and others, and a desire to learn, including acknowledging suffering you might not even be able to see from your "vantage point," if you are in such a position, is essential. It goes without saying that TERFs, SWERFs, Tankies, Truscum, anyone who believes the term "gender exclusionist" is meaningful and real, etc. need not apply, as their policy is that of hate. To join us, assuming you choose to apply: You just need to answer the survey questions and have somewhat aligned thoughts to the clan ethos. Our Ethos is clear. We are still rather small, (having moved from Shadow to Storm recently,) and don’t intend to go higher in clan levels. We accept all MRs and even the greenest newbie given they can answer some questions if we feel it is necessary. (Note that we do allow minors into our ranks, and actively strive to make early gaming experiences both as exciting and welcoming as possible.) We are looking for people with similar, but not identical mindsets, and no one gets lost in the crowd. You can still be a good fit for this clan even if your views on the questions in the survey vary with the beliefs we generally keep. If you disagree with the more egregious points, however, we suggest you look elsewhere. What happens if I “pass” the survey? Well, you beautiful, perfectly unmeltable snowflake, the clan Mischievous Chickens is for you! You are inducted into the discord server and the clan in game, and encouraged to join the clan and alliance pages here on the forums! Addressing a rather common question asked regarding the clan: How often are politics discussed in your clan, and is it expected on a regular basis? Politics are sometimes discussed in our discord, but very loosely and irregularly, often by only a few people when a topic comes up. These are usually just people talking about current events casually or expressing unhappiness with this or that action or group. I do not think we have had many actual debates as of this time. Most importantly: You will never be required to engage in any discourse you do not feel comfortable with, nor is voice chat ever a requirement! Mischievous Chickens Clan Page Birbs of Prey Alliance Page Our Discord Note: please don't join the forum clan page without messaging SpicyDinosaur directly and being inducted into the clan in game. Either way, if you have come this far in the post, thank you for taking the time to read through all of this. Enjoy yourself in Warframe, whether you wish to apply or not. SpicyDinosaur, Inglourious Henno (Co-Warlord) of the Mischievous Chickens Mischievous Chickens Clan Emblem Birbs of Prey Alliance Emblem FURTHER CONTACT INFO These Forums: SpicyDinosaur Discord: SpicyDinosaur#2019 Reddit (checked sporadically): SmeepRocket Within Warframe: SpicyDinosaur .
  8. SpicyDinosaur

    Bulky Kubrow Shop

    Nice, great idea animating the images and some very nice kubrow. I only buy wholesale, but greatness recognizes greatness, good sir. I like the cut of your jib!
  9. SpicyDinosaur

    Starter Frames Unequal in Potential Capacity

    sorry, not obligated to take commands. If you generalize other people, expect the same, comrade.
  10. SpicyDinosaur

    Starter Frames Unequal in Potential Capacity

    I think some people call it "rude" and "arrogant," actually, nor did you outline much. The point is, the only people I regularly hear say something is "illogical" are alt right atheists* who thing they are the pinnacle of logic, and those people are gross. * I'm an atheist and a member of the Satanic Temple so I can call that crap out.
  11. SpicyDinosaur

    Starter Frames Unequal in Potential Capacity

    One moment you thank people for feedback and the next moment you insult them for it?
  12. SpicyDinosaur

    Starter Frames Unequal in Potential Capacity

    I wouldn't be chasing off commenters. When I post for dev feedback, literally no one seems to respond to my posts and they circle the drain sadly before being lost. I often wonder if the devs, etc. even read the official forums though, maybe they just hang around Reddit instead. Either way, comments keep your post noticeable a whole lot longer. Plus, why post it if you don't want feedback except from devs. I can't remember the last time I saw that. Oh, I do. It was Rebecca telling PS4 peeps that the kubrow visual bugs would be fixed with implementation of Fortuna. Except she ignored the thread otherwise and it took a good long time before they apparently even became "aware" of the problem. I'm still not even sure what bug she was referring to, since they didn't know anything about the bug that was also plaguing PC, and she didn't return to the thread even after being tagged.
  13. SpicyDinosaur

    Operator Relaxing

    I don't want this. There's not nearly enough space for my operator to get a couch or bed. They can damn well sleep in that chair.
  14. SpicyDinosaur

    Starter Frames Unequal in Potential Capacity

    For it to be "objectively" equal in design. You'd need the options of Excalibur, Excalibur, and Excalibur. They are different frames for different styles. I picked Mag because it was the only "female" frame. (Everytime I make my decisions based on stuff like that, I swear I regret it and wish I'd picked something else.) I personally would have preferred choosing Volt looking back.
  15. SpicyDinosaur

    Warframe Related: A Game Of Your Taste

    Those are called "invasions."