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  1. Who would have known intermission II was so fond of math puzzles!
  2. Just don't. If you have plat buy them. If not, don't worry about it, none of it is game breakingly necessary. The only thing you can get in the space mission exclusively is the I,II,III emblems. The ones like the ground has.
  3. This game is very grindy, it's just the type of game it is. That said, while I like the grind now, it took me a good while to rid myself of the FOMO that would cause me to overdo it.
  4. what does hardened casing actually protect you from? Just tiny breaches or catastrophic failures?
  5. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed if the avionic Fire Suppression doesn't fix anything. I know the wiki says it can also fix other stuff, so these could be things I'm not looking for it to repair. However, I don't see any change before then after I use it.
  6. I think most people can get a pretty good feel for when something is said extremely hatefully or as constructive criticism, even without voice intonations. But who knows? Maybe I do have superhuman powers and am only now realizing it.
  7. Some of these sound interesting but they are in and of themselves new content. So DE is revisiting some stuff atm and have new content they are also trying to move out. This isn't improvements to old areas because a lot of it requires entirely new additions.
  8. I already run with the turbulence augment and the tornado augment. I like her passive so it's a moot point, but I feel like the turbulence augment alone is absolutely necessary. But piling on augments can be very counter productive. That's just my personal taste tho.
  9. but that just makes it a preference. Whether you want knockdown resist or to prevent the passive. Neither being objectively better than the other.
  10. unless it's 100% you want knockdown recovery not resist. Resist is not really worth anything if you can't assure it, when you could be recovering faster when you do get hit with a knockdown attack.
  11. It would making farming the anomalies meaningless other than the Shedu. I could give it or leave it. It's a thought tho.
  12. I get that, but this forum in particular is filled with angry toxic players. If all you get is a long thread with mostly angry posts while trying to express your own love of the game or its direction, that seems like none of those posts were helpful or necessary. If you hate the game, take a break, and either come back, or don't.
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