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  1. You can't add the clan research and build time. That's not for everyone. Besides, did you ever build vanilla Equinox? Yea, not all that different.
  2. Hmm not necessarily a bad idea.
  3. 👆 We need more words like this lol. German is a great language for that type of wordplay.
  4. Yes if you just want toxin then you don't even need to use any mods. However, otherwise, you will need more mods than with heat to get viral, as I said. And viral/heat is most often used and the best combination currently. Cambion Drift is the only place it matters, so you end up having to flip to three mods if you change it for others places (and you'd want to) plus having to switch stuff in and out anyway, which is tedious and easy to forget. Even with viral, the Cambion Drift mods, (even on a tier 5 bounty,) crumble fast enough that it doesn't matter. My sentinels are generally viral/heat also, and again, I don't notice a difference, and heat will stack up to a certain amount. I did run corrosive for awhile because of Deimos, and I felt (no testing to be fair, just in the field use) that it underperformed since it was nerfed. It just isn't very good anymore.
  5. Heat is actually better, you need less mods to get viral, and then you finish it with a heat proc. Corrosive is not nearly as relevant as it once was. I would go heat over toxin, though toxin is serviceable, you'll just be using more slots trying to get viral/heat stats. The only place viral is not as useful is Deimos, and honestly an okay weapon will still eat through the mobs there. I've never had a problem using viral heat there.
  6. I think this is a poor place for a feedback thread, and DE will never see it here. Also that when/if you compose one for the feedback section, I would drop the capslocks and hyperbole.
  7. That's a policy? Because it hasn't been the practice.
  8. you do know that this is consistent with every other Tennocon. Lots of hype that only leads to disappointment down the line.
  9. A ton of people post every week about wanting crossplay/crossave, and they move forward on it, and now we have people insisting it shouldn't happen... Oh forums, you will never cease to amaze me. Anyway, capslocks is cruise control for cool and what not.
  10. there's actually several frames that are fairly effective. I use Nyx personally, psychic bolts strips defenses quickly at umm I think only 130% power. And if you use the assimilate augment you are invincible, and can just use your operator to move around. I have figured out what I want to subsume her 1 with though, could be roar or dispensary or something else useful. Not Sure.
  11. @Sevek7you're wrecking the complaints about PvP, don't you know soley PvE players can't handle that kind of thing? Too challenging to make a cogent argument. :P
  12. Today I bring you three beautiful Kavats for sale! All are 100% Hexis Black (indigo,) and have the coveted red energy! Celestia: A Smeeta with a maned body, tufted ears, and a peacock tail. Polaris: A Smeeta with a hyacinth body, tufted ears, and a peacock tail. Andromeda: An Adarza with a maned body, tufted ears, and a peacock tail. Contact me via the official forums or Discord (SpicyDinosaur#2019,) to purchase any or all of these wonderful beasts! Contact me for prices! Both Kavats are priced with negotiation in mind. Also, many thanks to NawwDidums for providing me with the original Kavats at such a good price that I can provide my own fair price for such exotic beasts. (Yes, NawwDidums is aware I am selling these!) Credit goes to AubergineMist for the lovely captura images! *Gold energy variants to come soon!
  13. The Breeder Squad is currently looking for new members, and you could be one of them! Click on our temperamental mascot below or keep reading for more information! We are an interconnected group of Kubrow and Kavat breeders on a Discord server that continues to grow. We are just beginning to blossom! We are PC based but looking to expand the market into all the console realms! We can get people started, we can provide another place to sell wares if you are willing to invest time in the group and be patient, or we can serve as an alternate potential place for purchases. ♥ There are no real requirements other than not being a jerk. Feeling overwhelmed by entering the business of breeding? There are so many of us that can help you. I have my own guides, including a Primer. I cover Kavats, Kubrow, and Deimos Pets! We can also help with pricing using Morningstar999's pricing guide (a group effort she spearheaded.) That's just the beginning, many of us have written about or are familiar with at least some part of this process, and you get to tap directly into that information and what we've learned! We are invested with great hope in this welcoming community, and want to see it blossom and grow to its full potential. So stop by, just click the picture of our temperamental mascot below to join the Discord! Take time to chat, advertise, teach others or ask questions of your own. Show us that picture of your recent and very first Kubrow or Kavat you've bred! Anything that helps you, helps all of us!
  14. The Mischievous Chickens is a clan that serves as a safe space for LGBTQ+, Civil Rights (including but not limited to groups like BLM,) Intersectional Feminism, and those supportive of Leftist values. We are a refuge for those who are exhausted from dealing with the toxic, hateful status quo behavior of most gaming environments. We now have an alliance, Birbs of Prey, for clans who believe in what we are doing. Clans of any size are welcome to join! To Contact Me About Our Clan or Alliance, friend add me on Discord and/or join our Discord server and message me under the name SpicyDinosaur#2019. We are a rank 10 Mountain Clan with all research complete and Ignis Wraith blueprints available upon request. Our goal is a welcoming and safe environment for our members. We are not in this to change the game or do battle with the toxic elements in gaming. We accept all MRs and even the greenest newbie that is looking for a clan such as ours. We welcome all ages into our ranks. We have a survey for our applicants. Doing it is generally not a long or problematic process! If you want to be an ally to the clan to see what it is like this can be accommodated; the survey is still required. The survey does require a Google sign-in. However, no one is capable of seeing what account is answering the survey. It goes without saying that TERFs, SWERFs, Tankies, and Truscum need not apply, as their policy is that of hate. Contact me at any time if you are interested in joining our family! SpicyDinosaur, Inglourious Henno (Co-Warlord) of the Mischievous Chickens Discord: SpicyDinosaur#2019 Mischievous Chickens Clan Emblem Birbs of Prey Alliance Emblem
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