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  1. Either way, I'd like to be able to buy the draugr skin. -__-
  2. Nothing is showing up on the marketplace for tennogen, except a few weapon skins, and I can't see the new revenant skin when trying to change his skin either for purchase.
  3. You can kill a mob or interact in other ways and you shouldn't have to worry about it continuing to countdown. I remember this because I was practicing doing spy vaults with non-stealth frames and I spent so long on one vault (that didn't actually have a way to do it that time around) that it started the countdown, but when I unlocked the vault door, it went away. However, I do think the timer is waaaaay too short.
  4. yea and range of her 4 isn't affected by any range mods. So yea, gl with that.
  5. Eesh you people are brutal! I got officially stomped! Let's leave it at this, I don't understand solo play, save for needing to pause for whatever reason (maybe a new baby in the house?) or a bad internet connection. But a lot of people don't understand stuff I like, like PvP, so I wouldn't say Solo play needs to go away. And from that perspective, what you are saying is fair. Obv the settings need to be fine tuned, they might lower enemy density on solo stuff when that isn't a good idea, and an increase in enemy density in general across the board would be great.
  6. May you find Baltis waiting for you to cross the Rainbow Bridge together.
  7. no, can you give more detail? They don't have their resists and weaknesses implemented, but otherwise getting prints works fine.
  8. You can also regularly get juggernauts on the Cambion Drift, if you want to multitask, and they do drop the parts iirc.
  9. I would still contact support, maybe they'll cave and give you an unrolled rubico riven that you can try to get back your stats on.
  10. yea I have no idea why they have such an issue with the idea of adding it to dojos that don't have it. The winning clans for that event have had their time with it. Just give it to the rest of us already and make it not tradeable.
  11. No. Raids were breaking with every patch. That's why they were taken out. Nor does it excuse the schadenfreude Warframe players have so much of.
  12. I'll never understand why people hate something that other players enjoy so much that they want it gone. "Best community ever."
  13. hmm weird, I swear I haven't experienced this the same way, but I'll test it myself to be certain and update my guide. Thanks!
  14. No they work. There's really no reason to put survivability mods on a vulpa. It's a waste.
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