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  1. I mean are we talking OS? If you are saying anything scifi is better than OS, I'm going to have to ask you to step outside and commence dueling, as is done on such occasions by proper gentlepersons.
  2. You can trade/sell the captura scenes. I've bought them in the past. I bought the deck 12 one, for example.
  3. Okay let's not go overboard there. Them's fightin' words.
  4. Have you considered other games?
  5. "high level" players are still going to wreck stalker. Maybe focus on the MR you're at and what you have experienced. We'll do fine I think.
  6. because there is no active Nightwave atm.
  7. Coming in with Inaros is basically advertizing that you have zero skill. I agree with what you are saying about the tokens, but you clearly also need to git gud. Edit: how does an arcane grace get abused?? Edit Edit: I have a ton of vitus essence and so do a lot of arb participants. We are there for other things. Are you trolling?
  8. Only support can help you, and only if you have screenshots. Even then I wouldn't hold your breath.
  9. I volunteered for a MUD for 3 years. It was much more popular than you'd think, MUDs have their own niche audience. A lot of times small projects would be taken on by people still lower ranked working to prove themselves as they learned the internal code, etc. I personally produced oodles of content while doing other things like building entire areas. Now a MUD is different in the fact that even a popular MUD pales in comparison to Warframe, but chances are small changes can be made without destroying the entire process of development for other projects.
  10. I've never liked people saying this. It's not like it's 2 people working on in game features...
  11. I'm confused. Spring-Loaded Blade is a melee mod.
  12. So you want your gravy "a la Dubstep"? Okay, coming right up!
  13. I feel like this was posted in the wrong section.
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