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  1. Yea this has been reported repeatedly. DE has yet to fix it, ignoring player reports by "fixing" it when hitting a fish that was fading, even though multiple people have reported it happening in pretty much any situation where you miss the fish. It's a nearly game breaking bug, I have no idea why they don't think it's important enough to fix promptly.
  2. yep, those are definitely quotes.
  3. Calm down. How any of that has to do with you making up stories is beyond me. Why not just add that you are speculating next time, instead of getting so salty.
  4. I mean you could just ALT+F4 quicker than your suggestions to shutting the game down.
  5. You're a little late to the party. All the scaffolds got that treatment when self damage was removed. DE has ignored complaints on the matter.
  6. I think the context of this thread should have pointed you in that direction without it needing to be explicitly stated.
  7. Oh so you just made it up and stated it as a fact. Okay, then...
  8. Can you reword that? I can't figure out what exactly you are trying to say. If your archwing launcher isn't working, have you equipped it on the gear wheel? Also, that link isn't going to work for other people, it's literally an address on your computer.
  9. I'd just put (PS4)guzmantt1977 on ignore. I did and seeing him quoted here, it's business as usual.
  10. Has this been said at any point in time? I don't remember any comments like that.
  11. actually the changes to elements only affect RJ. Regular archwing has elemental combinations that are the standard ones.
  12. Well if you need the breed then you are going to want to gild and level them, then decide if you want to turn them in after. But I got enough son tokens to gild one of each type by taking some of the many extra weakened pets and leveling them up, then turning them in ungilded for 10 tokens. This then allowed me to gild the ones I wanted, though requiring both 10 son tokens and 5k faction is honestly pretty crappy. So is not giving faction for conservation and instead requiring multiple tags to get son tokens from them, where before you could trade them in for floofs and get faction.
  13. We currently don't have enough console members to really provide a good audience for buying or selling, but we are trying to get more people on consoles so that buying and selling is viable for them.
  14. This is false. You actually gain less gilding them. Turning in a max rank non gilded pet nets you ten tokens. for gilded you spent ten tokens and 5k faction and only get 15 token back, so you gain 5 tokens Note that you only pay credits to revivify the pet. No tokens or faction are spent until you gild it.
  15. doing it that way def takes longer than 30 minutes. The races give better affinity.
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