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  1. Plague Star: Never around when I actively play the game Orphix Venom: Clunky, long and boring Scarlet Spear: This one's fine
  2. You could go at night, it's a lot more chill, aside from a few Voms, and cats.
  3. Before the update, I thought this is what the Deimos underground stuff would be.
  4. Do Lith fissures, you're more likely to find pre-SD players there. Or just normal missions on earlier planets.
  5. Oh, word? I thought the arcane would have been enough. Guess not.
  6. Fastest groundspeed solo? Any K-Drive with maxed speed mods, and with a maxed Magus Drive's effect active.
  7. It's a display bug. Shows the wrong values for total standing, if you check mission summary while still in Orb Vallis. But you get the correct standing.
  8. There are hundreds of things missing codex entries in the game. Odds are this won't be fixed. They probably don't even consider it a bug.
  9. Not sure what triggered it, but I lost all my Pheromone Glands used for Deimos hunting. Not a serious amount, but big enough to be surprised by an empty gear wheel when wanting to use one.
  10. The sentients in Orphix Venom do not drop Shedu, or War parts. Cores neither.
  11. Wouldn't be surprised if the Blessing effect and/or duration would go up with the Legendary ranks.
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