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  1. I have seen any Slide attacks blocked by enemies for me. That is because I use them as SLIDE attacks, not SPIN attacks. I am moving during a slide attack, so that might be the difference. If I slide attack into a line of enemies the enemies that are blocking are behind me. Folks who are using scripts and tricks to trigger a spin without a slide are most likely the ones noticing bodyblocking. Maybe DE should consider putting a minimum velocity requirement to trigger a spin attack, and leaving the bodyblock in place for now.
  2. First off I hope you all love that mocap studio- seems like you are planning to redo the animation for pretty much every combination Second Melee attacks (including spin attacks) will no longer sweep through walls or objects. This can be ok or very bad ok implementation melee attacks don’t do damage to any enemies hit on the other side of a object bad implementation if if the swing hits and object it stops and the character plays a “staggered “ animation That would turn reach into a bad thing, or create a need for alternative choke-up/poke combos
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