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  1. Zaws, Kitguns, AMPs are modular weapons. New HoD weapons are not.
  2. It isn't "one key". It's crouch+jump. Rebind your jump to mouse (for example) and your crouch for something comfortable to you. Also, if you have a programmable mouse/keyboard, you can just assign 2 buttons at once to one programmable button.
  3. It's a jump button. I bound mine on Middle mouse button (wheel).
  4. You can get rid of it by performing the backwards roll.
  5. Stradavar prime requires MR12 to be bought and crafted
  6. After update Derelict Shift: Update 28.3, Hildryn is now affected by energy drain debuffs (constantly drains shields instead) like in nightmare missions and in index when carrying the points.
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