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  1. You know nothing about Destiny do you. Destiny 2 has run for several years now and its also a second Destiny game, hence the name. Despite that at launch it was so barebone people literally were shooting at walls to get loot because there was nothing to do there, despite D2 being a complete ripoff of D1 with little to no innovations. Destiny has pretty good gunplay and some things to do in it after releasing 2 games and after about 4 or so years but thast about it. All its content costed about 3 to 4 times more than your average AAA game, you still have to pay to play anything other than vanilla + some irrelevant dlcs. Yeah it has 2 parts that keep people playing - a really fing good gunplay, best from what Ive seen in all my gaming experience and loot distribution and chase (unlike warframe that just keeps nerfing its wepaons making them irrelevant so you have no motivation to hoard or chase the loot). But I personally cant see myself playing it, because its not free to play OR 60$ game, its a stty live service and its very heavy pvp and raid based and no one wants to interract with randoms to actually experience the game. Also about classes - yeah only 3 of them with 3 to 4 or 5 subclasses 1 or 2 of which is hidden behind dlcs and paywalls. It also has less classes because its so pvp heavy, Bungie cant even balance 3 properly so no wonder.
  2. If stupidity had a physical form, that would be it.
  3. It is apparently because absolutely all "bad" weapons are still trash no matter what riven you put on it, good weapons without any rivens are still better. So whoever is balancing the game is constantly drunk. Ive no idea why people still use or buy rivens, its such a blatant bs cashgrab at this point its not even funny.
  4. Theres only one and single mistake - its existence. Well its a good thing tha this fall and next spring there will be no shortage of fps, looters and rpg games so yeah. You can add 5 more boosters if you want.
  5. No one complains its "too hard'. Now boring is another matter entirely but thats beside the point
  6. Most randoms and people in general -dont play trash modes like survival or defense, everyones still gonna play excavation (or at worst interception, but its way easier to fail and way harder to play with pugs) because if you have non braindead teammates, you can do 2 or even more at once -most randoms dont even stick past ~30 minutes and for non randoms no one cares about this st mode because it has no rewards. And those changes wont matter, no one's gonna play said survival either. Its so braindead that even 30 minutes is a slog.
  7. -doesnt change the fact that you cant choose the mission type you want to play so you have to log in every hour to see whats on rotation - reduces the amount of only somewhat useful reward that is endo - changes nothing about low chanes to get forma or ephemera and doesnt add it on arbiters rewards either -adds a bucnh of trash mods and arcanes no one asked for -makes getting to rotation c twice as long effectively making it almost impossible to reach with randoms De everybody.
  8. Wot. But yeah. For how rare most are, they're real st.
  9. Gos? xD Im getting the symb-i-ote symb-y-ote vibe (recent Venom film) from that thread lmao. Im not even a native speaker but both trigger me.
  10. Yeah lmao and nothing confirmed otherwise. And considering all the stroies that in-game lore describes like Rhino prime one for example where he was goring people and eating their chuncks and was calmed once reached kids' cells, thats the theory that only umbra were made of living people that needs confirmation and not vice versa
  11. Yeah if you create nothing new. Ironically, Destiny 2 that is a worse game almost in all aspects doesnt have that problem. Because it keeps raisinng the bar and because armor and weapons mean something there. In warframe tho they mean nothing. But whatever, I personally could live on cosmetics, new warframes and lore missions alone but guess what, warframe manages to **ck all of those up, especially new missions. It even manages to **ck up missions that are new and I enjoy somewhat like ESO and Arbitration by not having *anything* there as rewards and in case of arbitration not allowing you to play modes you actually want to.
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    more like designer but eeeh xD
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