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  1. You get no content for approx 3 years now. A giant but absolutely dead freaking map is NOT "content". 2 of them in a row. What a joke. Literlaly NOTHING new or exciting aside from Eidolons and actually, that Alad V was a trailer for its related operations. Which I already mentioned. Events used to be more than jsut kill a bucnh of ghouls cause reasons. But they dropped so low they cant even rerun old events, and new ones are literally nothing compared to them.
  2. And what part of it you dont understand? Prime warframes several years ago used to be somewhat special and some (not all) prime trailers are effing freaking great, Saryn, Vauban and Mirage are one of those, marketing like that alone not only is able to sell more PAS but also gives you additions to lore. Thats pretty crazy. But Valkyr prime trailer was literally the absolute best, hands down, not only evey single word said in it was relatable (and not something vague or unrelated to the game itself like Nekros' for example) and backed by lore but relevant for its time (pre-Sacrifice), staged and executed flawlessly AND showed some hints of new sthings coming like sentient technology and also what I alwasy found endearing, showed that sweet bullet jump and just sheer warframe power, unstoppable and uncontrollable. Showed that warframe is exactly what narrator just said and what we all know, a force to reckon with, not just another bland warrior-thing and not another corpus soldier o a proxy. You think cinematics mean nothing, I still keep watching Valkyp prime trailer and these two trailers because since then, theres was nothing more interesting in cinematic departure. Sacrifice could have been even greater or at least just as good but as always, laziness and procrastination killed it and you got that abrupt rushed 4 month worth of development something of a quets. If all events came with trailers like Alad V that alone would worth playing, but alas. You now just sit there squatting in those dead wast open spaces aka open worlds no one asked for, instead, with no word on if you will ever get something to do until new war drops in 2021 as another 30-60 minutes quest.
  3. I mean you two deserve each other really.
  4. Says the guy who does all the gymnastics above... Because wrtiting sold or just ignoring is too mainstream these days. Wasting 10 times more of your time in a process will surely teach him next time.
  5. Lets hope that at least this new warframe will look like anything close to the original warframes design. even if it looks like a Javelin from the back
  6. WTB/looking for tripple colored smeeta kavats (no persian head or arrow/mermaid tail,balled also less preffered): -hyacinth blue (1 of 3 must be in tertiary slot (aka spine/lower legs)) -draga blue (1 of 3 must be in secondary slot (sides)) -mesa yellow (1 of 3 must be in base slot (belly)) -conculyst brown (1 of 3 must be in accents slot (aka middle part of legs)) Double/double draga blue/hyacinth blue smeeta - draga in secondary and accents (sides+upper legs), hyacinth in base and tertiary (belly+lower legs) Not buying any blindly just because they have listed colors, still can refuse if I find price unreasonable or for any other reason.
  7. WTS kavats, prices for both prints
  8. Or in other words, for almost evey single adult that isnt a streamer or youtube no life leech. I mean priorities I guess. Jsut the people most likely to spend a dime on your game.
  9. None of the newest warframes offer something unique in terms of abilities or surpass old ones. Not in its essence, not in execution. And their design also had changed. Most of them dont have anything to do with sci-fi themes and no longer ambiguous enough to confuse them for some sci-fi robots or armor. So no wonder people arent thrilled to play someting like that.. You say its a good tank but theres a dozen "good tanks". You say he can put targets to sleep but theres several warframes that are capable of blinding or sleeping targets. And so on. Boring. Repetitive and boring. His sleep also has LOS so I cant even use it for kavat gene farming instead of nova, equinox or limbo. Meh.
  10. Because its never does unless you bring it thast why. Its not ESO with its "meta", peoplу bring wht the heck ever to Hydron
  11. Yes. Because you know. Youre going to Hydron to level frames. And that frame is always gonna be a nova. Just cause I guess Gotta love that "even if". As a dps, youre not there to level weapons so well of freaking course youre gonna have at least one that is already leveled. Things you read on the forums...
  12. If you dont want to do anything. If you prefer going and leaving on your own terms and not rely on players staying in your game, SO or ODS is "better". But better is subjective because while Hydron is easier and you have to do less its also infinitely more boring and less sustainable.
  13. You wont be able to do it alone so those kind of methods are irrelevant for most people. You need someone who has the right frame and loadout and whats even more important, agrees to take you along when you need it. And thats why I said theres always next game. And coming to SO leveling warframe in a pug group is pointless because again like I said, most people level frames there so its better to go solo. In SO or some survival mission. In most cases in ESO there will be at least one dps if you level weapons, if theres none - which is a VERY rare occurance, theres always next game. World wont end either way. You know you can actually. Just leave. Thats right. That function exists in pve casual games. Does wonders. Which actually begs the question, since a single dps and it doesnt even matter which out of 3 not counting Volt because he has more troubles dealing with high lv armor than the rest can effortlessly and brainlessly complete 8 ESO waves alone (and most pug groups neven make it to 8th even). Why does he need anyone with him? Maybe he needs something from those dirty dirty leeches? Oh my. What a thought.
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