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  1. I hope so but honestly, those released even if they're passable like Garuda look nothing like first gen. No more slick, simple, realistic designs for you.
  2. There's a line between looking like a fictional character and looking like a clown from tumblr. Because thats what that thicc reminds me of. A drawing of a politically correct female character from tumblr. And for the record, I hate Octavias design and dont like Atlas', but that doesnt come even close to this new "warframe". And since we're on that topic, most new warframes can be described by one term. Degradation: If you will look at first generation of warframes, and the last you will notice that the longer it goes the more ridiculous they look. No longer you get frames like Excalibur, Valkyr or Ash, no longer you can actually believe that its just a mutated soldier human. New warframes mostly look runaways from a freak parade. Nidus here is an exception.
  3. Problem's not that she's muscular. Problem's she looks like its a midget on steroids. All ratios are completely scewed. It's a caricature. The one you would expect to meet in series like One punch man which is also a parody. Like cmon seriously, even Rhino is less thicc, he looks proportional. This thing doesn't. Looks like inflated baloon on short inflated legs.
  4. -Temp0-

    TennoGen Round 15 - Accepted Items!

    Considering the quality of the skins especially textures its already a mircale they're getting through. Like honestly.
  5. I could say what she looks like but it will get deleted anyway. So I will just say its a caricature abomination.
  6. -Temp0-

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #122!

    That new warframe on steroids is just...
  7. But consider this. Its not your business. Not only new OS costs like a maserati but theres literally NO reason to change whatever is not broken. And windows 7 is not broken.
  8. -Temp0-

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.9 +

    Spare parts no longer working. Not in the simulacrum, not in the missions, nowhere. Please, *kindly* explain this bug nerf.
  9. Thats cute. Go back and tell the same when your ration will be 1 to 30-60. Yeah I have 60fps in warframe but it buffles me why update whatever is not broken (while also having *** PoE and Fortuna optimization).
  10. I would really like to see. REWARDS. For once. Just once.
  11. Lotus, Margulis, all the same. Everyone got the idea.
  12. Yeaah cause up till this point the game was sunshine and rainbows. *ckless Ballas didn tip you off neither did the fact that Lotus threw Rell aside to die not miconisns with their human sacrifice not the fact that youre wearing some dead mans skin but somethingg something children. Priorities I guess.
  13. PvP in other games has nothing to do with warframe. I played overwatch and destiny all right but even watchin wf pvp makes me want to throw up. But same effect have videos like life of rio does sometimes where he bunny hopps non stop like hes on crack. Honestly that is way too much button mash for such a cheap effect
  14. Nothing beside trinity even remotely relevant, the only exception is arbitration and oberon. Even then hes only needed for the teammates that drop like flies from any sneeze and only relevant because of his augment.
  15. Theres no problem and never was. You got the best focus, affinity and relic farm in the game that is braindead to solo and you still whine and cry and plead for 3 more bodies to join you despite having 0 reasons to. The only problem that exists in warframe is that people are so fcn lazy they cant use type 2 lines in the rec chat - hosting ESO 8 zones. Anyone who says that trinity is leeching in ESO have iq below table spoon anyway so why bother. Same as having 3 saryns and them arguing whos leeching. ALL you hear from anyone in this community is me, me, me oh im so important, give everything to me, bow down and do whaterer I need, its so sickening. Its like the eneral population is 10 year olds that cant comprehend that any person beside them have their own needs, goals and lives, even recruited people can go earlier than they initially agreed and you cant do ANYTHING about it other than grow up and suck it up.