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  1. Not sure if its something like this or not
  2. Thats why it shouldnt have been an exclusive to begin with. So whiny brats with too much free time on their hands and no real life accomplishments wouldnt be crying here now over some useless digital item.
  3. And of course its people that glitch and bug into the top of the leaderboard like its no one's business would even speak about exclusivity most loud. Maybe instead you should try doing that in real life. But of course its infinitely more difficult than some mmo game bug abuse.
  4. Those who say it are idiots. If you're or they're or developers think that anyone would play railjack for days - especailly tediously farming resources - just to build one piece of equipment of many in order to make your railjack stronger for no reason and continue to play railjack to continue farming resources for railjack. They're nuts'. Yall nuts. The only reason to sink hours into a gamemode is when you get something in return as an investment like endo.You can always upgrade your own mods or sell them to get platinum to buy anything. But farming resources for railjack or upgrading railjack or playing railjack currently is pointless.
  5. Theres no reason to ask for "powerful items" because they will get nerfed into oblivion within months. Especially weapons. Weapons in warframes are currently all but useless unless you do very specific things like Index or Eidolon.
  6. Aka "Im salty I would no longer be able to sell trash ephemeras for 400p or that useless karak with 50-60% bonus for 2000p" Your own tears are delicious.
  7. Well if I "dont need" those icons then the f are they there clogging my screen instead of simple names? Its even worse they're all the same basically, even arcane icons are only different in small symbol that is inside the main icon which no one gives rat's *** about, at least those kind of things could have had unique interesting design, now they dont and they look like in trashy Anthem, which is even worse than Warframe ui design, but thats the whole point. ... you dimwit, people responsible for ui and art have nothing to do with balance and similar things. Good god.
  8. Cause its ****? Especially your inventory. Its literally impossible to find anything just by looking at it and useless icons just clog everything. You have different relics like requiem, why the f I, II, III and IV all look the same, what the point of the icon? You couldnt color them differently at least? If you like flashy icons so much, make at least 90% of them unique and not just warframe blueprint ones. THEN they will make sense. Now they dont.
  9. Reduce third requiem mod thralls requirement for unveiling to half and increase requiem mods' uses at least to 5 or 6. Increase % of progress you get towards unveiling a mod each time you decide to level up a lich/kill it. Be reasonable. You wont work 80 hours a week for 40 hours payment. Otherwise its still would be a mindless grindfest, who cares about being able to 'choose' weapons to grind for when you can just buy any of them for mr for like 20p. No amount of time or damage will make them any good, they're useless af. Normal specters are 10x times more useful than any kuva ones. Not to mention can be summoned at will and re-spawned.
  10. You say "getting worse" like they ever were good at some point, which they weren't. Warframe is an extremely casual game and always was.
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