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  1. After several attempts to fix it, it's still showing 2 sheaths. If you toggle "Visible when holstered" off, there is still a permanent sheath visible. It also shows 2 sugatras if you have one equipped.
  2. I used the parazon to stab my lich and got permanently got stuck in the old death pose. Since DE like to take shortcuts with their coding you can still get the old kill pose with absolutely no way of resurrecting or /unstuck. If you're playing solo, this means you need to quit the mission.
  3. Any fix for getting stuck in a Galleon without being able to leave? Or is it going to be something we have to deal with for months? It literally makes missions unplayable.
  4. It's been several days now since I claimed the offer on Twitch and I still haven't received anything. I have tried un-linking my account, re-linking it, signing out, signing back in, I even tried claiming the offer in the Steam overlay to make sure Brave wasn't blocking it with the shield. Nothing has worked. I contacted DE support and opened a ticket, but to no surprise, they just told me to do everything I have already done (unlink and relink) and closed the ticket. They also tried telling me that if the offer was claimed on a different account they can't do anything for me. Well, I have only ever had this one account since closed beta so I know it's not a problem on my end. It's clearly a promo problem with either DE or Twitch and it's going to be a while before either of them want to address it. Twitch recently just implemented a new dashboard to the site, this may have broken something for people. What I don't understand is how some people were able to claim it with no problem while others have done the same steps and haven't received anything.
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