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  1. It shows that having no "end game" content (such as raids) to keep players interested in playing, people will stop playing and move to other games. They seem to keep wanting to push TennoGen stuff and redesigning old assets rather than actual content. They also try to take on too much at the same time. They have all these ideas and start 20 different projects at the same time which causes everything to get backed up. The end result is forcing players to wait a year for a new piece of content they finish in 10 minutes only to have to wait another year for anything. They seem to show very little interest in raids which is what keeps every MMORPG alive. Instead, they add a small item here and there, along with a new resource requirement to get players to farm that for a while. They have no real direction. They should be focused on creating raids and moving meaningful content to them (like arcanes) to give people something to work for over a long period of time, then focus on other stuff like the new Archwing 2.0 that everyone will eventually forget about. They failed with Arbitrations, Eiodolons now seem to be for "elitists" only, which leaves players with no other option other than to keep farming normal missions for nothing they need. There is no reason to play after you have leveled everything and it becomes a situation where you log in for your reward, then log out to play another game and when new content is added, you log in to finish it in a few minutes, then repeat the process over again.
  2. After Atlas got his rework I thought he was really fun to use, I have been using him ever since. But, there are a few changes that would make him a lot better than he is now. For starters, Tectonics. The ability should create Rubble when you roll it, or at least create Rubble when it hits someone and explodes. I know they added Rubble drops when it's destroyed, but, that rarely happens if you're using it to roll. Waiting for it to be destroyed just doesn't fit the fast-paced play style of Warframe and is ultimately useless. Next on the list is Petrify. For a passive primarily built around spamming Petrify to keep his passive armor up, the skill cost is quite high in my opinion. Even with max efficiency, it still costs close to 20 energy to use. If you're trying to keep your bonus armor up, you'll be draining your energy quick. I feel it should cost half of where it is now. As for his passive, I feel it drains too fast. If the armor drained just a bit slower, it would allow you to keep his bonus armor up without needing to spam petrify as much while giving you enough energy to use your other skills. Another thing I find that needs a change is how Rubble only gives armor if you're at full health. I think it should give health/armor everytime you pick it up regardless if you're missing health. Or, make him immune to slash procs if he has any bonus armor up. With slash procs ticking away at your health it is sometimes hard to get any armor since all the Rubble pickups are just giving you health and no armor. These suggestions aren't major changes, just small adjustments that would make him more balanced and give all his skills the synergy he needs.
  3. Here we have a universal attack mod: And here we have a Dethcube only mod: There really is no point in having a Dethcube unique mod if it's identical to the one every sentinel can use.
  4. I visited someone's dojo for a trade and I saw this upon entering: Now, I know there is a decoration for adding text, but, how did they add the Discord icons along with their clan emblem?
  5. Is money going to cure her?
  6. If I start the Shawzin mini-game and open chat, now I'm stuck in the mini-game with no way of closing chat or exiting the mini-game. It locks up the entire game and I'm forced to Alt+F4 just to exit.
  7. When a bug appears in the game, DE: We issued a hotfix for the bug. Players: Uh, it's still not working. DE: Hotfix number 2, that should fix the problem. Players: It's still broken... DE: Hotfix number 5 incoming! Players: Yeah, it still doesn't work. DE: Moving on...
  8. I'm looking for a riven with no rolls. Message me here or in game: Vitamin.Ex
  9. Synoid Heliocor energy colors are broken and don't change. It remains blue no matter what skin you're using and no matter what energy color you have selected.
  10. I'm looking for a reasonably priced unrolled/low rolled Riven for the Skiajati. PM me in game if you're interested: Vitamin.Ex
  11. Bought one, ignore this thread
  12. I'm looking to buy an unrolled Balla and/or Hirudo Riven. Anything works, but, I would prefer a high MR Riven (14-16). Message me in game: Vitamin.Ex
  13. I'm not looking for Rivens with perfect stats priced at 1 million platinum. Preferably unrolled since I will be rolling it myself. Message me here or in game: Vitamin.Ex
  14. What exactly did you fix? It looks exactly the same as it did before...
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