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  1. Post here or message me in game with the riven and your asking price.
  2. Why does this happen?
  3. Same thing just happened to me. I think they resent them out since some people said they didn't receive theirs yet, this is why some people got it again.
  4. Where have you been for the past 5 years? DE does this with EVERY update. Things remain broken for months (sometimes even years) before they fix it or simply ignore it and leave it broken. This is why I question why it is that people worship them like they're amazing developers when everything they push out is untested broken trash.
  5. I just finished it and got the 5k rep and it shows me that the quest is incomplete. I had 9/10 weekly quests done before I did it and it still shows 9/10. Maybe we can keep doing it for infinite rep until it's fixed.
  6. This 100%! It should be tradable so those who have several and have no use for the spares can make a bit of profit while helping others obtain it without the headache.
  7. I agree. The drop rates are stupid low and the amount of grind needed to obtain them is on a whole new level of boring. The blood effect is the only one that is reasonable. The Exploiter fight was so bugged for the first week it was added that I didn't even bother trying to farm it because most fights would end with us trapped behind the doors and forced to quit out, yet that fight is the only way to get them. I have no problem with a normal level of grind, but trying to get something with a 1% drop chance can take hundreds and hundreds of runs. It's just not a reward worth the effort. Cosmetics shouldn't be more difficult to obtain than some of the best mods in the game. Mods give us power and are easy to get, a cosmetic gives us a dumb effect and are damn near impossible to get. DE really has it backwards.
  8. I've seen it happen in Arbitration Excavation (Corpus tile). It seems DE has been having a problem figuring out how to properly code doors recently.
  9. The wording is bad on the Khora augment. Saying "Killing enemies decreases the timer by 4s" is telling me that no matter how many enemies I kill, the timer only goes down by 4s. It should read "Each enemy killed decreases the cooldown by 4s".
  10. When using Atlas (not sure if it's because of Umbral mods) against Grineer enemies, 1 out of every 15-20 pieces of Rubble actually grants armor and health, the rest do nothing. I'd say he's pretty broken right now and has been since the Chimera update when this started. When channeling Oberon's heal, if you walk into a null bubble or any form of nullification, his heal still shows as channeling even though it's not healing or doing anything. This gets confusing because sometimes you'll look down and see it channeling...then you die and wonder why. It also still requires you to hit the ability to turn it off before you can recast it to get it working again. These are pretty major bugs imo, I have made sooo many threads about it, made 2 videos as proof, and have even Tweeted the devs about it and they just refuse to address it. This has been a problem for months now and instead of fixing it, they ask what the fans want to see in 2019... They are just so oblivious to things.
  11. Still no Atlas or Oberon fix, maybe next year when DE remembers they are still in the game. DE is without a doubt the slowest development team in existance. A 20 minute quest WITH recycled assets and game modes STILL takes them more than a year to pop out, when they reveal a feature they're developing it never gets seen again for 2+ years. When there is a problem in the game, they ignore it for several years before deciding to go back and fix it. Why do people worship DE like they are gods? I'm shocked they even have the ability to get out of bed and get dressed. They spend more time counting their money than actually working on the game.
  12. Thank you for actually fixing the Staticor, we have enough cheese in this game and it was getting out of control. Now we can only hope for a Mesa, Saryn, Volt change as well so we can put the 0-skill players to rest. One thing I would like to see is an option to skip dialog for the new bounties. I hate being forced to watch 3 minutes of the same dialog over and over when trying to kill the spider or farm for mods/resources.
  13. Still no fixes for broken frames. This game has become a joke.
  14. Still no fix for game breaking bugs that have been in the game for months or even years. Good to see DE has their head in the right place. Keep stuffing the game with new weapons while ignoring the fact that some frames still don't work, some missions still don't work, some weapons still don't work. People who bring up problems on the forum either get silenced by mods removing posts/threads or they're simply ignored and the problem never gets fixed and remains in the game for years.
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