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  1. Nothing says she is either. Please don't use this dumb train of thought when you're making an argument, especially if there's no proof either way.
  2. They've actively refused to take a stance on whether Equinox's forms have a gender and you want an LGBT glyph?
  3. Then why do it when one of the biggest complains people have had in this game for years is the P2P connections?
  4. Now tell me how long ANY of that last, weeks at best? With some like the fractures being a temporary thing that almost no one liked? A remaster that no one asked for? The Orb fights which were buggy as hell? New Warframes AKA the thing that keeps the game alive? The Deluxe skins? We were shown Titania's deluxe skin LAST TENNOCON.
  5. They flatout said it would be out before Tennocon. This game would be so much better if people like YOU, who do nothing but suck up and defend DE when they screw up, weren't here.
  6. Using the excuses you people are giving, it would be fine for every MMO to do nothing while they're working on an expansion. No wonder they barely deliver, you guys just happily eat up everything they do and make excuses for their failures.
  7. That means that, after being told New War would be out before Tennocon and recently being told everything was behind schedule, we now have to wait an extra 6 months without any main content. Plus the fact neither Empyrian nor Duviri Paradox have a release date. No offense, but how does ANYONE think this is fine? We've gotten very little content since last Tennocon [and no, Nightwave isn't "content", it's at best little missions you do ALONGSIDE the content], all we really got was a few bosses on Fortuna [which were buggy as hell when they came out], the Plains of Eidolon remaster [which, let's admit right here, no one asked for] and the Gas Planet rework [the only thing of actual value since it completely changed a Planet]. What else was added exactly? We've waited nearly a year with little to no info on New War or Railjack, we're told at some point early this year that we'd get New War before Tennocon and then we're told in a devstream that literally everything is behind schedule just a few weeks later. If we're now getting New War at Christmas, when would we expect Empyrian or Duviri? Summer 2020? Christmas 2020 again?
  8. We've known since last year that New War comes first. So this all means we'll have no real content for an extra SIX MONTHS.
  9. It's literally an Equinox design made for Ivara for reasons unknown.
  10. Ok fine, i'm very hyped for that Railjack system they're showing us this time around.
  11. Nothing honestly. Every big thing we've known for months [the two Warframes and most of the skins], if not since last Tennocon [Railjack and New War]. They've shown nothing new and simply showing more of what we know won't really do anything, even less so when they said multiple times we'd have New War BEFORE Tennocon 2019 and then, around a month away from it, they say they're behind on everything.
  12. With those colors, it looks far more like a skin for Equinox than the stealthy Ivara.
  13. Time to see more stuff that will take a year+ to come out, more broken promises, more skins that won't see the light of day, more Warframes being made and none of the issues the game has addressed.
  14. This is what happens when someone is incredibly desperate to complain about something.
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