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  1. My few comments vs multiple pages, hmmmmmmmmmmm. Also i got it from the fact that's what EVERY game like this does. They put roadblocks like having to wait 12 hours to 3 days to get what you want or either pay to rush it or just pay for the weapon/frame you want. Warframe isn't any different than the rest.
  2. Taking into account the DE fanboys WANT them to make paywalls because it "supports the game", i think a lot of people will stay.
  3. Wrong there, the default game was F2P for quite a while on the Blizzard launcher.
  4. Is that why Destiny 2, which was already F2P in Blizzard's launcher, is completely eclipsing Warframe? YOU thinking Bungie "completely failed to understand" means nothing, and it means even less than nothing when the game is thriving while Warframe has been steadily failing to the point its own content creators, people with a near-direct line to the developers, are flatout quitting the game.
  5. Great reason when you're allowed to do the previous story with zero problems and they only did this so people could go straight for the content they specifically want.
  6. Could've fooled me since all you do is defend everything they do and go after whoever disagrees.
  7. It's the opposite. They make their money from inpatient new players that want everything instantly.
  8. You guys do know we've been saying this for years and DE never cared, right? I wonder why they care now. Oh right, Destiny 2 F2P on Steam and Partners leaving the game in droves.
  9. He's Sonic fast and gives extremely bad players a Frame to literally run into walls with in order to win. Bit of a win/win for everyone.
  10. I wonder if that's the reason why The Amazing Eternals failed harder than Battleborn. I'll never understand how DE has so many employees and yet it's so hard for them to deliver anything. We have indies doing amazing games like Greedfall with less than 30 people and somehow a company of hundreds makes everyone wait over a year for anything solid and it still comes out ridiculously buggy.
  11. There were a lot of "darker" Primes way before Umbra was a thing, you're severely overthinking it.
  12. It was mentioned there would be no Corpus for now [even though the first trailer shown was against Nef], so Greneer only.
  13. 100% one of the biggest walls for new players is fact they can get the blueprints to make a weapon and get all the materials only to be told to wait 24 actual hours in order to use their new weapon, this is without counting being told that each Warframe piece takes a day to make and then three days to fully create the Frame. Just look at the Steam stats. Warframe is one of the biggest F2P games on steam and LESS THAN HALF have the achievement for equipping a mod on your weapon or frame. Only 40.8% have the achievement for playing over two hours. More people have solved a Cipher than they have earned 1k credits [and this is without considering people who may be using smurfs for whatever reasons] People love to say "this game is amazing for new players!!!" but just look at those achievements that more than half of the entire playerbase on Steam hasn't done, some of them achievements that you do within the first 3 or 4 missions you even attempt. This game does NOT retain newer players and veterans have been gotten upset at how little DE seems to care about retaining them as well. I know people just love DE, people love Steve, people love Rebecca, people love Pablo, people love everyone there, but you CANNOT defend DE's mistakes anymore, you just can't. What needs to happen for this playerbase to wake up and realize the hole it's in? What needs to happen for people to finally open their eyes and drive DE to action again?
  14. It having the beta tag means nothing. This game that has been around for years and been heavily monetized simply cannot be considered a beta at this point, regardless if the devs want to call it that because it keeps changing.
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