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  1. You do know Railjack will eventually get an update exactly so you can just solo everything, right?
  2. You disliked everything, but loved the far more broken Railjack.
  3. Let's not forget Empyrean was advertised in the past as an expansion. An expansion that boils down to THE SAME DAMN THING WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE.
  4. DE's releases are infamous for being extremely buggy.
  5. Now ask yourself which of the two is doing so poorly that many players and actual Partners are leaving. Makes me wonder what those 300 employees are doing when they take months, if not years to deliver very buggy content. I also want to know how do you know they have "a shoestring budget"
  6. No one knows the numbers outside of Steam and yet somehow people act like they're in the hundreds of thousands to surpass Destiny 2. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, how odd.
  7. So you have no proof of what you're saying other than "THE STEAM CHARTS ARE WRONG REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" True DE drones indeed. It's getting pathetic at this point how desperate you all are to say everything that discredits Warframe is wrong.
  8. And Destiny 2 STILL has over double the number of active/concurrent users, your point?
  9. Then tell us how gigantic Warframe's numbers are outside of Steam, come on now.
  10. Destiny 2 has 3 times the playerbase and you fanboys have the balls to say the population is equal to Warframe, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  11. DE in INFAMOUS for releasing buggy content and ignoring big bugs for MONTHS, so i have no idea what you're saying here. They've even DElayed content, with the excuse being that they're ironing out the bugs, only to have it release broken and buggy anyway. They have a track recording of going back to fix stuff? Are you new here? It took them till NOW to fix the reverse Nikana animations after they were seemingly removed for YEARS. It took them till NOW to rework Vauban and Ember after they were useless also for years [with Ember being their own fault because they didn't want a Frame dominating the lower levels while happily making Equinox, Mesa, Nidus, Nezha and Octavia]. Why do people keep saying these lies just to defend DE like they were your family members? They release buggy content constantly, they seem more focused on showing off Lightning 2.0, Shadows 6.5/10 and stuff like that than actually release content. I refuse to believe a company with hundreds of members who are solely focused on one game take a year and a half to release ONE Deluxe Skin for TItania. You want to defend them, then that's fine, that's awesome, but don't throw out lies like "they fix stuff quickly!", "they actually listen!" when it's pretty much a meme at this point that they don't.
  12. Same reason why Warframe fanboys have been attacking Destiny 2 since it came out i imagine.
  13. That is one of the most hilarious excuses i have ever seen. Then why are you hiding behind an alt account if this is true?
  14. Is that why they're throwing yet another genre into the mix in the hope it sticks with Empyrian and space combat?
  15. Cause it's broken more than usual and it seems people generally don't like it.
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