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    XB1 Fortuna: Update 24 (Mesa Prime + Hotfxes!)

    Meh. Just another PoE, first one got boring after the first week. I just wish you'd focus on a good solid story. The 20 min quests aren't enough. It's sad to see my money go to a re-skin overly hyped. I think it's about to be the end of warframe for me. Oh well. I hope something will bring me back after the new quest, but those are high hopes as of late. GG de. GG.
  2. (XB1)FunkyZamsquamch

    Aerial Acrobat Captura Contest is Live!

    I keep getting dc'd for no reason. Would really appreciate it if this issue can be resolved. Seems like the recent server update made it worse imo. I don't like to be the one to complain, it's just starting to get frustrating. Also, buff the Kronen. The miniscule boost in stats don't make it worth getting. Would've been cool to see it as a crit wep rather than status.
  3. (XB1)FunkyZamsquamch

    Warframe Prime Time #199: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    I just wanna know who the next prime frame is and what weapons will come along with. Hopefully some more tasteful cosmetics as well. I appreciate the fantastic work ya'll been doing DE. All the critics should take a long look in the mirror, because they are the ones that need to fix themselves. Seeing this game before it was hardly playable on PC to now, it's like watching the earth evovle to sustain life. Absolutely remarkable. Much love and respect DE.
  4. (XB1)FunkyZamsquamch

    XB1 Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.13.2 (COMING MARCH 6!)

    SUPER HAPPY WITH RAIDS BEING RETIRED! I know there was a community of raiders, but the raids were more like annoying puzzles. Nothing fun about them. Fighting a terralyst is by far, more entertaining. I've been wanting to get arcanes, but dreadfully doing a long boring mission with people yelling isn't worth it. Nor is 1000p for a single set. This gives us a better and more fun of a chance to get our arcanes to perfect our builds. The nerfs I'll never fully agree with though. Banshee should just get a re work as well as ember. But not a re work like Saryn, that was just, sad...
  5. (XB1)FunkyZamsquamch

    Primed Seration

    So what you're saying is, they're making it so where your weapon will increase damage as they level? Would they make it where our weapons will be harder to level as well? Or just make the game super easy for beginners? Either way, I think taking out the mods or nerfing them will be kinda lame.If they make the damage mod apart of the gun making extra space for mods, that'd be awesome. I like being able to flatten my enemies with ease.