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  1. Have you tried turning up aim sensitivity?
  2. Dedicated Servers are Available for conclave already. Player Interest Would spike (theoretically) with some form of working PvP and would/ could bring in even more players. this is backed by the steam charts top 15 Games All Time/ Last 48 are all PvP primaries. some like warframe are very casual. Poor Balance is something that could be fixed easily with testing (IIRC theres a reason everyones favorite kitgun got nerfed and rivens cycle disposition) The answer to multinationals is, yes. Considering Matchmaking regions are already seperate as it this is quite moot. and third person is not a proper reason to say there shouldn't be solid PvP (see Microsoft front runner Gears of War)
  3. Correct. In my previous post I did state the old way was shoddy but dismissing a remastered system gets us nowhere. We should fix things not destroy them. 🙂
  4. Who's to say you still can't do that? That game modes were and still are completely separate
  5. ITT: it's all about implementation. Yes the last iteration of DS was to be frank shoddy at best but that was during the early days of the game, however so were a lot of aspects. Times have changed and PvE isn't enough to satisfy everyone let alone allow for survivability of the game. Especially during the last few years. The game stats are apparent. It would be an excellent addition. If PvE were to be treated as Dark Sectors/ Clan Battles were. (i.e completely removed/neglected) it would be a firestorm. Everyone deserves to have something in this great game. It does not have to be a bad thing. Automatically dismissing an idea is overall just in poor taste
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