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  1. I think he's talking about DE retiring their support for Windows XP and 32-bit devices, which will be pretty soon.
  2. "Twitch prime is available globally, with the exception of India, China, and embargoed territories." I tried going through Prime Video, but there's nothing there that links Twitch and Prime Video. I went to amazon.com (The Indian domain is amazon.in) and activated a 30 day amazon prime trial (which is weird because there's prime on amazon.in). Going to twitch through amazon.com started the 'connect twitch and amazon accounts' procedure but it failed and wouldn't proceed. Prime video might be different for us and for the global version...which is probably why I can't activate Twitch through that. By the time it gets released in India, I'm afraid that most of these rewards will be gone.
  3. @[DE]Danielle What about those who have Amazon Prime but no Twitch Prime due to the fact that Twitch Prime isn't available in their country?
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