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  1. Firstly, you are just naming frames that can do one of the things. Secondly at higher level the slash procs are way better than Rhino's Damage buff.
  2. I get it's Archwing but it's not real Archwing, Pets can still walk around surely? Not sure how Sentinels would work.
  3. Since when do we do missions for a hologram? last I checked I've been just murdering grineer left and right for my own amusement.
  4. Yes and that is the bad way to do it. I don't know why anyone would do it when the alternative is way easier.
  5. 1 is also damage, 2 also heals your team, 3 is energy not survivability?
  6. I don't see how Garuda is bad. She has Damage Reduction via her Shield, she can generate energy, she can generate health and she can generate slash procs. What more do you want? note: I didn't read any comment in this thread lol
  7. Because everything on this page is about the update.
  8. Let me take a guess and say you get it when the update drops.
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