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  1. Kylo.

    Displaying Mastery Rank Progress

    Yea I'm sure they do that just for you while all of us who play the game while not playing any new item just see +0 and it's useless.
  2. Kylo.

    Ugliest Frame

    Ivara is pretty ugly to colour.
  3. Kylo.

    Displaying Mastery Rank Progress

    What exactly is the point of this information? This would only be useful if it only appeared if the mastery rank/points gained points.
  4. Kylo.

    Gift of the Lotus Alerts?

    You answered your own question.
  5. I have to wake up at 7 and I still watch it. Don't see the problem.
  6. So what's your point? You can't watch this stream? If you are so inclined on watching this you can switch up your sleeping schedule for thursdays/fridays
  7. There are 3 or 4 streams that are at a different time, 19:00 Mondays, 22:00 Tuesdays, 16:00 Wednesdays and 20:00 Fridays, I'm sure one of those fits your needs.
  8. Kylo.

    Redeemer Prime can't crit.

    Perhaps it has 0% Crit chance on the charge attack?
  9. Kylo.

    Atmo systems suggestion

    What's the other way to get kitgun parts other than buying them?
  10. Kylo.

    Why the word "Coon" makes players suspended?

    Maybe you should search again.
  11. What more do you want?
  12. I was hoping for Resource Doubler.