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  1. Do you mind making that Khora Systems and Khora Blueprint so people don't have to farm for it later on? Also usually Home Time got increased drops compared to the other streams. Just a thought.
  2. Never had that problem. Can easily do 1h with Saryn on Kuva Survival and am always close to full life support.
  3. Revoke the permission if you don't want that.
  4. It asks for a verification code whenever you log in on a new "machine", you probably (?) get assigned a new machine on gefore everytime you play. So you have to verify everytime. And no there is no way around that.
  5. This is literally not true because you are fighting higher level enemies and the higher the level of the enemy the more affinity you gain.
  6. Mixer should still be available today, right?
  7. ∞ means Infinity, time can be infinity, distance can't, I guess?
  8. You have my attention. Twitch Drop Exclusive Pistol? This is stupid. I can feel it.
  9. If you wanna know more about Mag, you can read the Mag Guide my friend made. : )
  10. Mag, slap magnetise on his head, shoot once (with Exergis). Done.
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