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  1. Ooooh! We can't have people leveling too quickly now! That is just unreasonable! Could you imagine what kind of hell would be unleashed? It would be ANARCHY.
  2. Still waiting for vaults to be individually selectable instead of having to do 1-2-3 to get to the third vault bounty instead of just the 3.
  3. These new bounties are way too hard to get to. Not difficult wise, but time wise. Takes around 30 minutes just to get to the 3rd vault. Would be better to just be able to play the vault 3 right away, unlock it, and then play the bounty for the 3rd vault. Right now I have to unlock vault 1, vault 2, vault 3 and then I can do bounty 3. I'm already exhausted from the game when I get to the bounties because vaults are just big mobile defences with a bad boss fight. Anyway. Hope I can play vault 3 soon right away, without having to play vault 2 and 1 first.
  4. Almost every fortnightly on wednesday when Helen is streaming.
  5. How Universal are they really if I can't use them on Conclave?
  6. These Arcanes sound really complicated from just reading the description.
  7. Now imagine what time the wednesday stream is in China, India, Australia.
  8. Exciting. Quick question: Are Liches done or will new weapons be added to them?
  9. I literally never got 50 essence drops at the 30 minute mark. I get 50 from 30th minute to 60th minute.
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