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  1. Always me right? I have lowest ping to myself.
  2. If it's not night at 7:11 PM something is wrong with the game. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. If other players kill enemies in the Larva before you have the chance to stomp them then you are too slow and you need to be faster.
  4. "Sentient Enemy aka sad Keanu" Ok Taylor, thanks for the summary.
  5. Next week Eidolon on Prime Time? Should be night at 7:12 * *you can quote me on that
  6. https://digitalextremesltd.app.box.com/s/vh2u41yhdlgp3girffucbynadoi33173/file/329897806187 This one? If you can't play whatever the heck that file format is, convert to mp3.
  7. How did Nox scream happen? Sound Team got a new studio or whatever if I got that right, what can we expect from that? Will old warframe sounds be updated? (Assuming they would be better quality if done now?) For example Valkyr. Can we request more sounds like (I guess) in the FanKit? Any special plans for Octavia Prime?
  8. Kylo.

    MR EXP difference

    Looks like Intrinsics don't apply when viewing someone else's profile. Your friend is missing 40*1500 (=60000) Mastery Points which is equal to Intrinsics maxed out. And you are missing 3*1500 (4500) on him.
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