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  1. As someone who played back when there WAS a stamina meter. it was HORRENDOUS.
  2. This is because the Mesa Prime helmet was just a wider brimmed Tennogen Falcon helmet, wasnt it. Also, Steve says the helmet will potentially be farmable at a later date. Quit bunching y'alls panties. https://twitter.com/sj_sinclair/status/1074811042251923456
  3. So... WHY is Tek Gravity only in the only sometimes up radius, and equippable if you dont have a kubrow/kavat/moa/charger? Its... honestly the one mod thatd fix the Gram Prime and Paracesis' glaring flaw of the MASSIVE RAGDOLL the slam attacks cause. Yes its visually cool, but it kinda stops us from killing things. Why not just have it always be in effect, but on a cooldown? Then if you happen to not be running a companion that can MAKE said area, or doesnt have other tek mods on it to begin with, its not just a gold foil candy wrapper?
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