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  1. Horribly weak? Are we playing the same warframe? Try adding some range, then strength, so you take shields from more and more enemies.
  2. Use Void Dash in the meantime; it's always covered the same function as Blast in the situation you're describing.
  3. Note that while you have your scanner equipped, you can still switch to melee rapidly. That much you've definitely noticed. But you immediately pull out your scanner again if you attempt to aim or "shoot" with it.
  4. It's coming from the scanner in your orbiter. These particular transmissions are new.
  5. DESteve made a post, it was mentioned on Prime Time yesterday. It's not this week, and may not be next week either.
  6. Turn on the scanner in your orbiter, everybody. There's a new voice on there calling itself Nora Night. Has at least 3 separate messages if you keep coming back to it.
  7. Unless things have changed greatly since last I heard, the team working on cosmetics and the team working on gameplay mechanics rarely overlap.
  8. How exactly is this different from the usual Prime Access Accessories? Aside from the fact that this particular entirely cosmetic item can only be used on Mesa? I'm asking out of respectful curiosity, despite my admittedly poor wording that probably comes across as heavily sarcastic.
  9. The exoskeleton things on her second and third fingers have an issue where a few specific facets of the model or textures are stretched past their intended bounds. Easily seen if her hand is gripping something (like most melee weapons, or as in my photo, the Scourge primary weapon). https://imgur.com/a/plK3oL7
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