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  1. I love how 99% of the comments is whining about the nerf to xoris, but I see the gara buff
  2. Or leaked earlier as usual. Pretty surprised it hasn't leaked yet on console as it usually does
  3. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
  4. Nice to see valkyr getting an augment that will probably be changed in a few months when she is finally reworked. Atlas Augment is interesting, Saryn augment is pretty useless and the nidus one just feels like something that won't be used in the context you'd want to use those extra stacks(Arbies)
  5. So is NW dropping with the devstream? Also would love to know when we can see decorating the railjack like our orbiters.
  6. The wording suggested that only the arcanes that came from the raid(and now the eidolons) would be included. None of those arbie arcanes got a buff(I mean they'd need a rework to be usable) nor did they original come from the raids.
  7. Because then they should add in the kitgun, operator and zaw arcanes aka every arcane added in since the raids were removed
  8. They have literally said it'll be available when they believe they have sorted all the stuff regarding how scoring works and what not. Did you not watch the devstream this past friday
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