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  1. Almost thought this was gonna talk about the Cadus & Prisma Machete, which is still the only weapons that is chinaframe exclusive. Plaguestar comes every few months and honestly its a good thing if we have weapons, mods and cosmetics that only come around in recurring events. I do agree on snipetron, as that just cycled between different events.
  2. nah, Frost is more that one frame that can 100% still be a troll. And its honestly due to his globe working like Limbo's 4 for no reason in the sense that allies can't shoot in. I'd honestly rather have Gara(who is generally more offensive for a defender) & Limbo on defense since they both do the job better. Frost's globe is very outdated at this point which DE could update by making it work like Gara's 4 in the sense allies can shoot enemies within. Like Frost is due for a minor touch up for his 1 & 2
  3. Yup, everyone that isn't you two accepted this a long time ago. But keep trying to push your opinion as fact while ignoring all the sources provided that it doesn't fit your odiferous "argument" that we all know I won and you can't take the L so you continue to just try to prove that Valkyr needs to stay useless and not her kit(that has been improved a ton) given to a new frame with a closer feel to a namesake that does tear enemies limb from limb like a Maenad, Mafdet or Bärenkrieger(a word that literally translates to Beserker/Bear warrior) while she gains a whole new kit that fits her namesake a ton better while making her meta
  4. Glad to realize you both admit it. - the audiobook. Maybe you can both learn to use google to realize valkyries using a spear fits because of Woden/Odin and isn't a brainchild of the the opera by Wagner within pop culture
  5. This became a thread where people don't understand that Valkyr is based off of valkyries and needs a rework with 1 only popping in to defend their trolling friend while the trolling one is pissing themselves with a belief that Valkyries were maenads Glad to see you admit it
  6. Glad you can admit that you're wrong, maybe the Gods will pity you. Replacing her claws with something that fits her theme more is a good thing. No amount of constant yapping from your trap will amount to different results
  7. Glad to see you want the Gods to give you some knowledge since you don't want to want to continue to spout bs while pushing on a word that isn't a Valkyrie aka her namesake to seem like you're right I do love how you keep reusing my line when my point is that they can move valkyr to fortuna and change her kit to fit her name and her lore to fit her better Ash is the remains of a fire ie the darkness after so the name fits. Ninjas work best in stealth and stuff like ash and mud do help with that. Ashes to Ashes, Stealth to Stealth, the unseen blade is best sorta thing Next would be reworking loki to feel like his name sake and being more meta out side of his 4 since the raids haven't existed for 3 years now(they were removed in 2018 and his current kit was extremely useful in LOR). Then we move onto Banshee getting reworked to feel like a banshee and not used for only her 2(since DE made her useless 3 the subsumed ability after nerfing the 4 augment) then DE could balance equinox so there is more of a reason to be in night mode other than sleep and day mode for damage
  8. Wukong's reworked passive plays into mind. sure he doesn't have his 72 transformations but he still feels like his namesake. Nezha looks and feels like Nezha does in the mythos. You still have yet to provide an actual part of Valkyries mythos where they acted like Bacchus' Meanads/Mafdet did to those she enacted justice upon. Until then, you have no argument. I will just say tho, you are prettier than aphrodite
  9. So reworked to feel like the namesake. glad you actually in the end agree. Nezha & Wukong feel like their namesakes, Valkyr doesn't. Chooser of the slain doesn't equate to Battle frenzy frame who in retrospect feels more like an egyptian cat deitiy so if not renamed to the celtic deity of battle frenzy could be renamed Mafdet, a cat deity that did do the ripping limb from limb like valkyr in her 4 would do. Still wouldn't fit the location so Mars Open world when it comes Kan u vriend dalk help om navorsing oor rame te doen voordat hy dit gebruik om my punt onbedoeld te bevorder
  10. Simply rework him so he can't be a troll frame. like remove his cruddy variant of Gara/Limbo's 4 in his globe and turn him into a damage frame. I had an idea some time back for an Ice Queen themed frame who was all focused on freezing enemies and causing havok to frozen enemies
  11. Glad you can admit it. Next course of action, ya'll need to realize I fixed valkyr with a kit that fits her namesake as a support who works as a Bringer of the valiant dead instead being a bunch of whining adult toddler that need a binky as I do not consent to your kinky trolling bs that continues to double down
  12. Glad to see that you admitted it. Now that is sorted, lets create a rename and rework to make valkyr actually inspired and working on the name which means chooser of the slain and the role Support through encouraging allies do damage. Only base stat change will be 50 less armour for 50 more health Passive changes into: Valkyr can give each ally a free instant revive. would work well with the vazurin passive and with a trinity 1. Aurora Blade(replacement of her rip tide) Valkyr stabs forward in a cone, damaging enemies and healing nearby allies for 100/150/250/500(slash damage per second for 5/10/15/25 seconds) 2. Sacrifical Blessing(warcry rename and buff) Valkyr sacrificies some health to improve the damage of herself and nearby allies by 10/25/30/50%(+20% of ability strength). buff lasts 5/10/15/20s 3. Valkyr's Discretion Valkyr pounces forward turning the spot she lands into a healing area and damage buff. 4. Geirr(Hysterria replacement) Valkyr is imbubed with the power of the fallen, empowering her health(by 150/175/200/225%) while lowering her enemies armour and causing them to be taunted to come after her instead of her allies. She is granted use of Geirr, her spear & shield to improve her chances of survival. While using Geirr to kill enemies, Valkyr's armour is increased to a hard cap of 1500. Glad you're able to admit it. I'm not getting hella pissed for no reason. You've added nothing that adds to the other persons nonsensical argument. I'm having fun with 2 trolls here, one who pisses themselves and is hypocritical on pop culture checking and the other who isn't adding anything to the conversation except thinking I'm getting pissed when ya'll are just hilarious
  13. using my line to support the little child that wants to believe valkyr doesn't need either a rename and a rework is just encouraging the little troll to keep pissing with their opinion they state as fact
  14. Fixed with what you're trying to say. You're the only one here who is pissing over the fact that Valkyr is themed correctly even after presented with the mythos that says otherwise. Valkyrie the literal original word the name comes from means Chooser of Slain, not Beserker/Battle Frenzy. Just admit you have no clue on Norse Myth and you're presenting your nonsensical argument because you don't want valkyr to actually become like saryn or mesa type of dps meta because you enjoy being the one of like a handful of valkyr mains
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