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  1. They really should explain that since initally they made it seem like it came from PA only
  2. At least if you only want the shawzin you can be cheaper on the PA and only get the accesories
  3. This honestly makes the least bit of sense to lock behind PA. Like I kinda get the shawzin but not the music pack. Octavia has been without a new instrument pack in about 3 years, when her deluxe came out. This really seems like a dumb idea
  4. Didn't see anything about the clunkiness of his 2, which means that it'll be extremely clunky for awhile
  5. the operation is clearly meant to be a test, so I'd say its a big NO until after the holiday break
  6. the subreddit covered this, it was only the 3 we got that had finished models
  7. you do realize DE worked on Unreal Tournament, right? We only got those 3 skins because those were the finished models of the canned UT 4. If we got anymore, they'd have to be made from scratch
  8. Happy Tennobaum everyone! My Wishlist: Lavos(when he comes out) Gara Kaledia collection (Thanks to the kind soul who sent this to me, may your Tennobaum be amazing) Garuda Hinsa collection Khora Urushu collection Blue potatoes or Xiphos Hope everyone gets something on their wishlist!
  9. You do realize that will never happen, right? Its a steam workshop thing on PC. Console they make negoaitions so they can pay the tennogen creators
  10. 1. Are we ever gonna see a Baro like merchant that travels between the open worlds? 2. When are we gonna news on the reworks to Chroma, Banshee, Valkyr & Frost? 3. Will the other nodes of deimos, aka the old derelict nodes get the revamp to look more like the vaults in Neralisk/Camibion Drift? 4. Are there any plans for fully fledged player housing within Fortuna/Neralisk/Cetus & the tenno Relays
  11. I mean it gave people a reason to you know go into actually playing conclave. I thought the 1 of the 5 conclave players would actually be happy about an actual influx of players then sad that there is no reason for that influx anymore
  12. You can easily fix a price so that the "warframe.market price is the true price " idiots will ask 20-50 for a fully levelled energize cause "that is the price on warframe.market". Riven.market still has a place as riven trade is usually a long mans game. the rest of the trade market is a free market so saying "warframe.market's price is the only price" is just extemely negative mindset to trading.
  13. I mean if they do it, then people won't use cheapskate.scamsite aka warframe market anymore which will be a benefit to everyone
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