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  1. This is good and all, but when will Aksomati Prime be buffed. Currently its worse off stat wise to its normal variant since the increase in Status chance & slight damage increase doesn't warrant the lower dispo tbh
  2. Sure Frost works, but he is just a troll frame that also happens to be a worse Limbo/Gara
  3. So Since we can't fly the railjacks yet, can we at least you know, decorate them?
  4. They said the cut off was when devstream usually ends, so technically you should have gotten 3 forma not 4
  5. 1. Will some of Baro's decorations get a size shift to be the same size as the decor from simaris? Mainly the Kavat & Kubrow busts with a hopeful size boost to chrismas mat 2. Is there plans for player housing? Like an inbetween of the orbiter/railjack and the dojo. 3. When are we gonna see a proper Plaguestar Equivalent on Fortuna/Orb Vallis?
  6. yeah, that reason doesn't really hold up when you can buy the candy cane scythe skins and the bell sparring weapon skins during christmas time and DE doesn't remove them after the end of the year. The real reason we don't have them all year round is because like 1 person got whiny, similar to the unimed situation
  7. I feel like this rewards that came from previous NW series could have easily have been added to the NW store and maybe made intermission only NW store items instead made to put filler content into the NW tiers.
  8. A workaround for that currently is to put the riven 1st so it doesn't break
  9. So a recoloured version of the harmony ribbon is what you want? I'd say in a way the Harmony ribbon covers all types of cancer despite being for blood cancer
  10. the DotD skins aren't limited time. only the pumpkin head will go away from your inventory at the end of this
  11. so you'd rather have a 33,3% drop chance for a chance at a weapon drop like with wolf?
  12. Be grateful, at least this time around the boss is a guaranteed to fight and this is building to an even more powerful bad
  13. Lets remember that most people aren't gonna go far enough into an endless where dethcube is useful(levels 200+) so Generally Carrier is seen a more useful. I haven't seen anyone use Equilibrium in a long while. I mean if you have a hunter andreline build and you're using wukong or Nezha, you're already making enough energy for yourself to make using dethcube ineffective
  14. Dethcube being able to generate energy isn't as good as ammo case or the ability to scan things. I mean Arcane Energize & Zenurik make up for that anyways. If Dethcube you know had a better primed regen as one of its precepts, maybe it'd be more useful
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