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  1. You can easily fix a price so that the "warframe.market price is the true price " idiots will ask 20-50 for a fully levelled energize cause "that is the price on warframe.market". Riven.market still has a place as riven trade is usually a long mans game. the rest of the trade market is a free market so saying "warframe.market's price is the only price" is just extemely negative mindset to trading.
  2. I mean if they do it, then people won't use cheapskate.scamsite aka warframe market anymore which will be a benefit to everyone
  3. I mean his 1 is useless(even with the augment), so you could make it work like smite so it actually does damage(and isn't a S#&$ty taxon gun that you can't mod out the cold) and as for changing his 3, we have Gara's 4 and Limbo's 4, both of which already outclass frost's 3 thereby making its only real use is to be a troll(due to being like a limbo bubble without the usefulness that his 4 + stasis brings) I'm pretty sure you spelt Gara wrong there. Frost is purely the troll camp frame. Gara is the offensive defence frame with good cc and Limbo is the best defensi
  4. I own all 3 and heavily prefer Gara or Limbo for Defense. I won't use Frost until DE decides to give him his well deserved rework. Frost is in the same boat as Chroma, Valkyr & Banshee, in dire need of a rework. Currently you only use him in defence, while Gara and Limbo are better options in general.
  5. So you've never played with Gara or Limbo? Frost is just a worse version of them currently. With Limbo, I can still use abilities in and out he bubble and with Gara, I can shoot either way or just have the gara kill everything with her 1 hitting the 4. I honestly feel if they removed his 1 & 3 and focused his kit aroung his Ice Wave and Avalanche, it'd do well. They already buffed frozen status to work like stasis, so giving him a better 1 & 3 that synergize with his actual kit and not just with each other/being a literal troll to others. There is no good reason to actua
  6. So explain where you'd put nitain farming? NW did fix the issues of the old alert system of needing to be online/lucky to get the nitain alert every 6 hours. NW stories are pretty interesting, we can get vauban parts whenever we want and the system is overall more new player friendly. NW's stories helps to re-affirm any new lore we get while giving us new lore. Hopefully they deliver on the promise of making the older lore from old events viewable via NW. NW is a better version of the alert system and you just look like an old man yelling at clouds cause they became the rain to bless us all as
  7. I mean there are tons of augments that should just be a standard part of it. I'm more like lets get more augments for specific abilities
  8. So comparing a decent one with a meh ability isn't correct so you compare a damage buff with a useless deafen ability. Literally had to look up to see the jamming part, but honestly mesa's 2 is an actual buff and not a useless ability(which in her case is more her 1) As for saying disarm is a poor choice due to the energy when pizzas, arcane energize & Zenurik exist. Radial Disarm has been an amazing ability for many years as it is still the only good disarming ability. As for the adaro farming, people do that to quickly level melee weapons as its the best way to do so. I wil
  9. Ah yes, lets utilize how a noob would use a useless ability to prove its not useless. Silence doesn't lower the volume of your weapons(when its slapped on another frame), just makes enemies deaf and sticks an annoying noise while its active. If I wanted to disarm all my foes and still be able to hear the world around me properly, I'd use Loki and Radiating Disarm. Or just put hush on a weapon that isn't a gunblade. Banshee's 2 uses currently is sonar banshee in the odd farming run or to cheese the stealth MR tests. She collects dust and cobwebs otherwise, which is the point here.
  10. I mean sonar was always just an alright ability only really used for farming runs. Quake was honestly good for solo interception rivens, then the balance changes killed Banshee and old ember, but made saryn more potent and left Equinox untouched. Banshee is a relic of bad balance changes. The whole Helmith system has gotten thousands of players realizing how useless Silence is and Sonic Boom isn't all that useful in the 1st place
  11. I mean, saying 1 ability on her works isn't saying much. I was saying on how she needs her other abilities to be reworked and her to fit a theme of banshees more
  12. Wukong was pre-rework a worse valkyr, but now that he does what she does(survive and have great damage) better, she does need a rework. Wukong is now used for all his abilities, people only use valkyr for her 4 or her 2(which is just a volt's 2). Valkyr's kit doesn't fit her name, as her name implies her kit should be more like Hildryn/more like an actual valkyrie and less of a maenad.
  13. We have Khora, she was originally gonna be spiderframe. that part of her concept is still there in her design
  14. I mean not really. The halloween event was well done last year. That low bar is more for Valentines Day & Chrismas(as Tennobaum has been lackluster for the past few years) We also need to remember that with the halloween more alert stuff, that was also put up much closer to Halloween itself
  15. Valkyr is a worse wukong, Frost is a worse limbo, Banshee died when they reworked quake and Chroma is the only one who just needs 2 abilities reworked(1 and 4)
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