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  1. Nvm its just aiming
  2. Kuva Quartakk keeps switching between burst and auto randomly like when reloading, getting knocked or something like that.
  3. is there a section for the test feedback? And i cannot even play it keeps saying the servers are down or something.
  4. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  5. Yeah I figured out why it is because i was using operator instead of a warframe to do the mission.
  6. The Problem was fighting ships in Operator it stops me from getting any Intrinsics.
  7. I cannot get anymore than 3 intrinsics in veil proxima I even killed all of the ships and did objectives by myself and still didn't get much I even did multiple missions.
  8. I cannot get more than 3 intrinsics from veil proxima even gian point and i kill all the ships myself and the objectives.
  9. DE can you please buff Protea she isn't that strong and then she should be playable then.
  10. make that 5 times
  11. Happend to me 4 times already
  12. Yet again no Scarlet Credits pfffff i got rank 1
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