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    Chroma needs a rework

    I think a lot the issues people are having with chroma are sharing circles with other aspects of Warframe that have to be addressed before any of these things get sorted out. Namely the type of game or content Warframe is going to be, pve is different from raids is different from pvp is different from open world is different from bite-sized is different from endless is different from FTP is different from fashion is different from waifu collecter. The issue lays within the game modes of warframe, and the issue isn't having all these different game modes, the issue is that rewards are not evenly distributed among them. Doing some content is quite more rewarding than doing other content, and that's the problem with having some frames do well with specific content. Because having content that is not worth doing means that there are some frames not worth using. In a perfect world you wouldn't need to frame hop every couple of months to be able to efficiently do the most rewarding content. Nor would you be able to take your favorite frame to whatever content is the most rewarding, in a perfect world it wouldn't matter (except for enemy level) what content you would play because they would all give equal rewards (except for level difficulty). The main rewards being kuva, endo, relics, arcanes, credits, and affinity (discounting special event rewards). Right now, kuva is the only balanced reward in terms of variety of games modes to get it from and is only limited by the availability of game modes present. Endo is dominated by nekros+nidus, credits is dominated by tank+buff frames and mesa, relics you go to onslaught because it is the ONLY mode that gives radiant relics and you take high aoe dps frames for that. Affinity you take Equinox or if you don't want to do that, onslaught. And then you have arcanes, the holy grail of rewards because of things like guardian and energize which sell for incredible amounts of platinum. And remember these used to be obtained from raids. That means at any point in the future, any way of obtaining these rewards could change drastically. So drastically as to bring such a frame that had no place to the tip top of a meta, and then had to be nerfed. Why is this a problem? How are you going to design a tool if you don't know what job it needs to do? How are you going to design a frame when what the content the frame was designed for can become obsolete, not worth playing, no longer has the rewards that made it worth playing? Again, how are you going to design a tool when you don't know what job it needs to do? That's probably why we get so much overap in frame because if a warframe is to specific in its play style it might become underused, or not used at all, too quickly after release. There isn't a problem to having many metas, we have spy, defence, eidolon, capture, survival, the problem isn't that there are many metas, the problem is that some metas are not worth participating in. Which means there are some frames that are really good at what they do, its just that its not worth doing what that frame is good at. Effectively making that frame obsolete, because its ranking among the other metas is poor, and because of that is not used in those metas which it performs poorly in. Its not about making Loki good in onslaught, its about making Spy missions worth playing on the same level as onslaught. And at the core of this is time, because if every mission in the game were to hypothetically give the same rewards, then players who play market frame would figure out what mission types give the most rewards per 20 minutes. So if DE could make every mission give the same rewards and take the same amount of time, then I think we would start to see better designing of frame because then the developers who design the frames would be able to craft the frame towards a specific type of content and would also help with reworks like Chroma and Vauban. Whenever the community brings up issues that are specific, like issues with chroma and worries about his state within the game, it feels like im looking at a jenga tower whose foundation is on one wobbli boi, And the community is sitting there discussing what top block to take off meanwhile no matter which topblock you take the whole thing is gonna come down because the root of these issues are so much further underground. Is chroma's kit a problem? No, its a symptom of game that has no place for him and doesn't know what he should, needs, wants, to be. I'm sure there many ideas of what Chroma could be, but out of all of them I'm pretty sure "being usefull in a team in more ways and game modes than one" is high up there on the list. Every tool wants to be useful, but its not the tools fault when it has no problems it can solve or when there are no problems worth solving. A useless tool is not a problem, it is a symptom, of the problem, of having no problems available to solve. And if you don't know what problems lay ahead of you which need to be solved, how are you able to make effective tools? You run the risk of making a frame and having become obsolete the vary next day. I think this stems from DE declaring that they need to pump out new content in order to bring back players. This new content is different by design, and changes up the meta in drastic ways that have these sorts of effects on frames and the metas they preoccupy. But Warframe needs that new content. So what do, idk, I don't fix problems I just point them out and complain.
  2. Cibyllae

    Chroma needs a rework

    it doesn't feel like an ultimate ability when you use it, I get what you're trying to say
  3. Cibyllae

    Chroma needs a rework

    it fits the dragon theme of hoarding gold
  4. Cibyllae

    Chroma needs a rework

    if dragon's aren't elemental lords idk what else is
  5. Cibyllae

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    The issue here is Mesa has a base armor of 65 while Nezha has a base armor of 175, that's almost triple the armor value. If you gain another 125 armor on nezha you would gain 95% damage reduction. And if you have the potnetial to gain more than 95% damage reduction. While Mesa can't really play around with armor because her bases are too low, Nezha can potentially have more dmg reduction depending on how you build him.
  6. Cibyllae

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    The arcane energize+guardian cheese is about to get real
  7. Cibyllae

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    20% sounds fair you think hes gonna let us increase it with ability power?
  8. Cibyllae

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    uH how high of a chance are we talking here
  9. Cibyllae

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Fixed it for you. Fixed your fix so your fix could really be fixed mate ❤️
  10. Cibyllae

    Fan Concepts Index

    This is Astraea, A Maiden of The Stars
  11. Right that was my inertial reaction to what you said but I think you were careful to differentiate between flat and scaling, not flat and percentage. Percentage based damage is not the only type of scaling but it is a ready example and option. I think you are advocating for scaling damage, not necessarily percentage damage, which I can get behind. EDIT: While percentage is a certain kind of scaling damage, I am not behind maximum percentage based damage. That would be insane, that would almost be like reducing enemy level scaling. Its genius, at a first glance it wouldn't be operation intensive. And it might be as simple as reverse engineering the scaling formulas for enemies, almost like solving for the inverse of the equations and then using a modified version of that formula for spore damage. There is much they could do with that.
  12. Yes someone like Saryn CAN be percent based, but it is inevitable that SOME frames will have flat damage. So if Saryn doesn't have % based damage, then we just have to accept that she has flat damage. Because Saryn can be percent based, she doesn't have to be percent based. Extrapolate please
  13. But not every frame can be doing % based enemy health. EDIT: It is inevitable that some frames will have flat damage, and flat damage cannot both be good at low and high end content.
  14. That is because Oberons's smite ability does damage based on a percentage of an enemy's health and shields. Additionally, the target emits 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 orb projectiles that seek out enemies within 5 / 7.5 / 10 / 12.5 meters from the main target, over a duration of 12 seconds. Each orb deals 75 / 85 / 100 / 150 Radiation damage, plus 15 / 20 / 25 / 35 % of the main target's maximum health and shields divided among the number of orbs; staggers and weakens its enemy target, and has a low chance to cause a Radiation proc. Percentage based damage abilities always scale at every level because it's based on enemy health. Saryn's Spore ability is different than that. It does flat damage which the scales with how many enemies are present at any given moment. The two abilities both scale, but not in similar ways. This difference makes them fundamentally different. Maybe Pablo should make it so that spores deal a percentage of current health damage which ramps up. (Eg, 5% of current health/shields which ramps up by x% per enemy every second. Capping at at a total of 10 enemies and (10)x%) Basically turning the ramping flat damage into a ramping percentage of current health and shields damage. This would mean doing 35 damage with one spore to an enemy with 700 hp and no armor and doing 5 damage to an enemy with 100 hp and no armor. Instead of doing 25 flat damage to an enemy with 700 hp and no armor and 25 to an enemy with 100 hp and no armor. There are many extraneous things that would have to change on the perimeter of the ability,(E.G spread) but this would make Saryn's spore ability operate in the same fundamental way, damage wise, as Oberon's smite ability. It would also mean as the enemy health decreases, so to would spore damage, it would also mean spores would be unable to kill an enemy which is why I said spread mechanics would have to change. I don't know how, all I know is that they would have to if this damage change came through. EDIT: The problem with this is having to calculate the current hp of every enemy independently. So you're right you can scale for levels. I was wrong. Let me rephrase my sentence and say flat damage cannot be both good at high and low level content.