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  1. Its just annoying to see both reworks be boiled down to; "They can strip armor, and they can scale damage" Is that what every warframe is going to turn into now?
  2. yes turn Ember into fire Saryn that's how you make her good
  3. EDIT: They literally just need to put higher tier rewards in other mission types, stop changing frames to fit optimal content, make all content optimal. Ivara, Loki, Ash are useless because spy is useless. Make spy worth playing, and to that extent all game modes worth playing.
  4. This, if you weren't using the correct weapons with Saryn, her spore damage was never going to work for you. They completely removed the complexity of her so that she could be more accessible to the most #*!%ing toxic part of our community, that part being those who whine like children when something is too hard to do, or too hard to understand, and run to DE and say: "It's clunky" "Its bugged" "Its not working properly" "DE fix it because I am doing it right, but its not working." This part of our community is killing the game. Every time something they try doesn't turn out how they expect it to, they say its not working properly before even trying to understand why it may not be working. I'm so tired of fun and intricate mechanics being dumbed down or completely removed because the most toxic part of our community doesn't want to fess up and accept they might have to go read the wiki for a hour or two. DE needs to stop catering to these people who don't want to put in effort to understand something.
  5. she used to be not easy to use, most people still don't understand that she never transferred toxin procs from enemy to enemy, then the devs made her simple. because people complained
  6. Just leave the match if its ruining your game
  7. Wow reworked for the third time? This frame has had 3 iterations already and you want to change her AGAIN? We are here because people like you have asked for changes repeatedly for this frame, STOP. Its textbook insanity.
  8. You're getting defensive because im disagreeing with you. You'll be competing against other FTP players? Who now will increase their platinum stocks because they could never figure out how to trade? Good! Like I said before even if you were right, it doesn't change the fact that all of this push back is coming from riven sellers who make booko bucks on riven sales and then exchange their plat for real world money, and are using FTP players as a scapegoat so no one ruins their income they rely on to pay bills. Find a real job like the rest of us instead of protecting a system you exploit.
  9. If I sell one thing for 20p, or 4 things for 5p, which one nets me more profit? You are decreasing the amount you are making on each sale, but increasing your amount of sales. No one knows what that ratio is going to settle out at. It doesn't disregard that most players who are pushing back on this are using FTP players as a scapegoat to protect their $300+ riven sales because they use this game to make real world money.
  10. you're meeting resistance from other players because the unneeded complexity of the current trade system means not many people will opt into trying to sell their inventory. The easier it is to trade, the more people will do it. The more people will do it, the more sellers there will be, the more sellers there are, the lower the cost of certain items will be. The current sellers don't want that, they want to gatekeep players by using the inherent complexity of the trade system as it is right now to keep the number of sellers low so they can sell their items at a high price.
  11. And shes like because people complained. Like you are right now.
  12. bleed procs bypass armor, are affected by crit, and are calculated before any armor mitigation of your damage. Every frame relies on weapons as well literally every frame lmao
  13. chill dog, this guy is trying to have a conversation with you and you're coming at him so hard settle down
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