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  1. 13 hours ago, -Sentient- said:

    He may be trash outside it, but inside interceptions, he's a god among DPSs

    With this spicy build



    You will give a middle finger to all banshee mains calling themselves interceptions gods with their range limited and energy consumer sound quake

    With this build you will lock down entire places with vortex and its augment and you can do it SOLO

    "Oh but Sentient! WHat aBoUT aRbItRaTiONs DrOneS"
    Well guess what bb, arbitration drones also get sucked into the SUCC VOID Vortex and enemies will also get into it

    so basically a 200 seconds vortex is gud af m8





    well its more or less the same idea but my build its a little different, works great in interceptions too, the arcane guardians keep me alive xD


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  2. i'm very concerned about what's going to happen when i'll copy my account... what's going to happen with my riven mods, since now i have rivens for battacor, ocucor, nagantaka etc... the release version of switch will be  update that has revenant so... what's going to happen with all the content we have with the actual version of pc when u copy that to the switch version xD

  3. 5 hours ago, InfernoSquid said:

    yeah that sounds perfect maybe not a weapon tho but a badge and syandana that says Alpha on it would be cool 

    I think u are asking too much, i was talking about the time and loot lost due to crashing.. so a perfect compensation would be a return of affinity boosters for those who have purchased boosters during the weekend and maybe increase the drop rates of the items for a few days to compensate those who lost khora parts, vandals etc...

  4. 4 hours ago, SenorClipClop said:

    OP, you're a Founder. You've been around since the very beginning. You should know how it is with new game modes before bunches of patching, and you should know how it is with Friday releases. Playing a new game mode before the needed bugfixes is play-at-own risk. There's for your time investment.

    As for loot investment... what do you mean? Onslaught is drop-in (no key needed) and we can't use gear in it, so there isn't any loot being invested in order to play.

    ok, i edited that ( all that time invested by people and  the gained loot lost due to crashing or failed hosting migrations...)

    2 hours ago, PurpleBomber said:

    I have to assume there's some hyperbole in the topic title, given a platinum founder's game life and all the times since the end of the founders' packages that DE has already awarded compensation for game issues.

     why do even you have to mention i'm a founder, you are missing the point mate

  5. Ofcourse its a personal opinion but the low % drop chances to get the vandals or khora its not an issue to me, but the crashes, all that time invested by people and  the gained loot lost due to crashing or failed hosting migrations...

    the problem of the counduits not spawning after someone crash and join again to the party.. still not fixed.

    I would love to see what u guys think about it..

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