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  1. Kinda disagree there. Damage-wise, between stance damage multipliers, guaranteed status and 100%+ CC with avenger, EB is decent enough IMO. What's really lacking is overall usability. It's waves are bad, especially if you compare them to baruuk's waves. If they were bigger (easier to hit multiple enemies) and had better travel time, as well as heavy attack had a bigger wave of its own, even without any direct damage buffs EB would be in a way better shape than it is right now. But as it is now, rather than building around EB, it's easier to pick something like heavy attack stropha and go for a max range blind instead. It will do well enough against even against higher level heavies, deal with crowds better (and warframe is a crowd shooter, so it's important), probably even in steel path missions if you boost it with blind, while having no energy cost whatsoever... and at this point, why am i even playing excal, when i can just use said stropha on a frame with a better kit instead? Damn, it sucks to be excal 'main'.
  2. As if this change will stop people from abusing even more powerful riven modded stat sticks. Oh wait, rivens get a pass, they sell plat or something. And BTW, xoris doesn't remain the same at all. Its only realistic use case outside of void was to be a decent stat stick, and now it can't be even that. In the trash it goes.
  3. Earlier i've stated already in this thread that i agree it should be better, but not to the point where it's a clear winner by a large margin, and as a result kills EB (and by extension, excalibur as a frame) as a viable alternative. Also, in more general content (up to like lvl120, dunno), it feels easier to me to simply ignore EB and just build for a max range blind instead, using something like stropha on heavy attack build (combo burst should work too) as a damage option. Even without 8x from blind, it deals well enough with groups for me to consider it an easier, viable alternative for EB. With fury active it kills lvl150 gunners in like 2-3 shots on an unoptimized build with viral only and life strike, so if i tweak this build to shield gating survivability approach and cut life strike, it should 2-shot those lvl150 heavies, on top of being a more convinient weapon to use in general. And if there comes a point where you're thinking about stuff like that (repacing your signature weapon with a regular melee with no energy cost), you know there's something wrong with it.
  4. You don't even need to hit with actual melee with serene storm. You use one block combo and mofos in a big 9m+ area just die. Even if they are 15-20 meters away from you. Even if they are all lvl ~150 cgunners/cbombards. Maybe one extra hit will be needed, but that's about it. Even if you buff its damage/crit, exalted blade just can't compete with that in terms of overall usability/efficiency.
  5. As i said before, desert wind doesn't need anything at all, stance multipliers included, as it already performs extremely well. EB needs way more than that. Lower damage output without blind is actually only its second problem when you compare it with desert wind, the first one is it's overall usability. Energy waves produced by EB travel very slowly (15 m/s, you can even outrun them) and have very small hitboxes (cannot consistently cover even a 2m wide area), while desert wind energy waves are hitscan/instant (or at least extremely fast, something like 150+ m/s, because even if there is a travel time on them, i can't see it) and cover at least 9m wide area. These two combined make desert wind both feel way better to play and be more effective at cleaning crowds in a crowd shooter. Honestly, if EB got at least similar waves, i'd be totally fine with it having only 15% crit chance.
  6. Except he doesn't. He performs well enough even against steel path enemies with double HP and sortie-boosted armor, and by the way, a crowd of normal heavy enemies of lvl150 still dies in one combo, maybe with one extra hit or so if you lowroll. Not like it matters though, as aside from one time steel path safari there isn't a single piece of lvl150 content in the game that is worth playing.
  7. In a universe where already tanky baruuk can clear a crowd in one combo before you'd be able to use blind damage bonus? Go figure.
  8. Questionable. Serene storm, for example, will casually reach 545% (?) CC with BR and 3x gladiator mods on deconstructor. That's tier 3 red crits with a 45% chance of tier 4 red crit (90% with avenger). And i highly doubt serene storm needs this, as it already wrecks anything and holds its own against pretty much every single normal melee in the game. I'd argue that exalted melees don't need BR nor weeping. Just throwing these two mods in as a bandaid solution won't solve any real problems with them. Ever since that melee 2.9 patch, in which normal melees recieved big stat boosts but exalted didn't, they need a proper rebalancing, both base stats and actual usability. As it is now, only serene storm feels like an extremely powerful weapon worthy of being frame-locked, mostly because of augment and the fact that glad mods are bugged, while exalted blade is just a crap version of it in every way possible (and because of that, baruuk right now is a straight up better excal unless you want to meme with max range blind build IMO), and other two are so bad they're not worthy even of that title. Honestly, desert wind just set a bar way, way too high, it's just perfect in every way possible, and while i agree that it should be the best because of baruuk's restraint mechanic, difference shouldn't be as drastic as it is now. That being said, don't see how it's even possible to make other exalted weapons to be even remotely comparable to current desert wind.
  9. Yeah, it's funny to see a frame like mesa being called a glass cannon when it has better survivability than excal - an actual melee frame who has to get in distance to do damage, and as aa result takes more damage in the process.
  10. Players: "It's a great reason to rework abilities, while also buffing weaker exalted weapons in a process, instead of nerfing one weapon that simply highlights already existing problem and call it a day." DE: "Ha-ha nerf go woosh!"
  11. Rising storm is a waste of slot when you can just use redeemer with combo chance IMO.
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