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  1. Sheldon being MR4 sheds some light on why reward tables are the way they are lol
  2. And in normal slot, it pretty much see no use whatosever, as good builds are already tight on mods, and opportunity cost of replacing anything with just 20% DR against IPS (which are more common damage types, yes, but there are still many enemies that do other damage types, and as a result make one of your mod slots effectively dead). And i'm damn sure it would be better to have it as one of the best exilus rather than just yet another worthless mod everybody will forget in a ~month. And about that "the only exilus used" part, that's just bollocks. Many if not most frames straight up don'
  3. Why in the blue hell? As an exilus, this mod had at least some chances of being used, because mods in that slot are generally weaker, but in a normal slot, the cost of equipping it is way too high.
  4. Desert wind has ranged attacks that hit instantly, have no damage falloff, and cover an area of ~10x10 meters. Exalted blade has a thin ~1.5m wide (and shrinks to even more pathetic number as it travels) wave that covers no ground whatsoever and travels so slowly that it can be easily outrun by your frame, defeating most of the purpose of it being a projectile, and as a result the purpose of using it over a normal that scale better and cost you no energy/ability slot. One is a single target melee, the other is effectively a couple of extremely buffed plasmors tied to your frame's hands that wi
  5. Why? To extract 3000 points of worthless MR exp and forget about them? Like, come on.
  6. Damage scaling with a main frame allows to put all the range mods for the only good ability shadow has (embrace) without losing said damage. This change will be detrimental, hard disagree.
  7. "What is a korrudo? Hmm, don't know." *proceeds to dissolve for 15 endo*
  8. With a cone any wider than now, it will step into a very dangerous territory. It's a pretty potent pull ability with unprecedented range. My current unoptimized build has like 50 meters of range on this ability (which shadow obviously can afford since claws scale with wraithe's power), and it already feels so silly that i still can't believe DE approved such base range on it. I think embrace is the only reason to use shadow, hands down. The only good thing about claws is a forced slash proc on heavy attacks, which paired with good mods and very decent (for an exalted) base stats ma
  9. Passive doesn't matter. Look at rhino, one of the worst if not the worst passives in the game, yet the frame is very good. What matters is abilities. And currently, excal has only 1.5 of them. Blind is good, EB is decent but doesn't bring anything to the table normal melee can't bring (and compared to buffed desert wind, it's a joke of an exalted), while costing you energy to maintain and an ability slot, making it a 0.5 of an actually good ability - and that's it. Other two chew arse. Slash dash is a bad movement ability and even worse damage ability, with the only good thing
  10. Infested survival spawn distribution which ensures that after ~5 minutes half of all spawning enemies will be ancients certainly doesn't help either. Not a single other faction spams you with heavies even nearly as much. But in the case of disruptor, you at least need to get hit to lose energy. Energy leech eximus units that disable your regen and drain energy passively in a respectable area through walls is a whole other level of bs. And guess which fraction spawns them the most often? You're god damn right, it's infested. It's the weakest faction in the game by far but oh boy is it anno
  11. Who cares about them, they are hot garbage and there's literally only one semi-decent weapon in the whole game that can benefit from them.
  12. It's closer to 20, and even then it's an extremely wishful thinking. Knowing that 20 is an average number of run it theoretically will take you to get the set won't magically save you from going 50 runs and still missing a part though. You can get legendary core for free. Doesn't make its drop rate any less bs.
  13. Well, if i'd want a portable za warudo without using already well-established variants like nova/limbo, i think i'd rather dust off my high range rhino with ~58m, 97.5% slow for 30 energy. All these gloom setups sound too energy-hungry and mod-dependent for what they do imo.
  14. Gimme a break. Mesa would be near the top in any case. It's a faceroll dps + tank two-in-one combo that puts all those nezhas, revenants and 'naroses to shame by being just as unkillable but also evaporating everything within a level range worth farming (i.e. anything below steel path). As long as killing stuff quickly is the thing in the majority of content, a frame like this will never fall out of popularity.
  15. "Reworked" as in like they murdered ash's bladestorm a few years ago? "No thanks, bro."
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