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  1. @coolteemu I just don't want to see spores completely destroyed and made virtually useless as an ability in her arsenal. If spores are affected by line of sight, I really don't see how effective they will be at that point. I apologize if I came of hostile but it seems like DE is bent on nerfing the game into the ground and people are just applauding them for it. So yeah I am little frustrated.
  2. @coolteemu because DE never fully explains anything before releasing stuff like this. They had a video showing the spore rework with 145 percent power range but the spores weren't hitting enemies behind walls that were relatively close. That means they could have added line of sight to her spores and depending to what degree, we could be seeing a major nerf to her spores. That means DE could have added a nerf to her arsenal that they didn't even bother to mention in the devworkshop. If they did that, then they have no respect for their own support base and only care about they want! 😠
  3. Yeah DE is going to force anything that they possibly can but there is only some much abuse the community can take. I really don't understand DE logic here, after how many people they pissed off with damage 2.0, you think they would have learned their lesson. What are they accomplishing by potentially pissing off more people with more garbage reworks and nerfs? DE doesn't seem to have much business sense...😑 Maybe DE just thinks their support base is stupid? Lol! 😂
  4. DE will make changes if the new build is absolute trash and enough people get angry about it. DE went back on damage 2.0 because it was complete garbage and people were pissed! People just need to give the same response if this build turns out to be pretty bad.
  5. Fantastic! Saryn update is coming for you guys on PC tomorrow, talk about dread. I am pretty anxious and scared right now. Kind of would have liked it, if DE actually gave some more details or addressed peoples concerns here on the forums before they just went ahead and released it. If Saryn new build turns out to be absolute poop garbage, please do me and all other Saryn mains a favor and go into rage mode! Lol! No seriously though, some these changes seem ok but it may appear that her spores are affected by line of sight. Depending to what the degree, we could be seeing a major nerf to her spores. I am worried!
  6. Haha lupis I don’t really understand how it is crazy just to ask questions about things that don’t make sense. Your response was pretty dumb, as their are plenty of people on hear who ask legitimate questions. Just because you have some people who choose to act dumb isn’t an excuse for DE to ignore the community overall. You choosing to ignore the community is irrelevant. Whether you choose to talk to people or not doesn’t effect how well the game plays. DE are the developers, and this game wouldn’t even exist if it didn’t have a community to support it and buy their stupid plat. DE has a responsibility to take an active role in that community, especially when major game changes are being talked about. The concern here isn’t that the changes will no longer be meta. The concern is how effective will melee weapons be with this rework? Will people even be able to play efficiently with these changes, especially against high level content? This isn’t getting rid of “mete,” this is effectively making things weaker. If DE wants to force these builds while showing no regard for the community, then they shouldn’t have bothered allowing other people to play it. DE has to make money though right? But they can’t do that if they don’t have a consumer base willing to support their game. Warframe is practically DE entire business. If the community wanted to they could just stop supporting the game, virtually running DE ass into the ground. The game isn’t just theirs anymore.
  7. Alex Jones 2.0? That’s pretty funny! 😂 As if my points were irrational. I question if you actually read any of the points I was making? Could you have at least come up with a reasonable argument to support the stupid joke you made? I really don’t care about other console players “reputation.” I’m asking why DE has been forcing all these devworkshop builds with almost no regard to the community? I’m sorry but a lot of the proposed changes that DE has been making for some time now are just awful. I don’t really like how DE only ever takes an active role in the community when people are enraged over changes like damage 2.0. It just feels disingenuous for DE to propose these changes when they don’t even take part in the discussion, they don’t even respond to anyone’s questions, ideas or concerns. Like why have these forums when they don’t even interact with the community? Why are they even making all these changes? What are they expecting to accomplish with all these reworks? They do a lot stuff without explaining anything, while practically ignoring the community at large. If you don’t see a problem with this then I’m not the one with the problem.
  8. I really don’t understand how anyone could support this? You know DE is going to screw this up but you have some of the people defending the changes like they are DE white knights. You know DE is full of crap and just obscuring what they are saying to make the crap sound better than it actually is. A nerf to the combo counter?! Is DE insane?! The changes where you can’t hit anything through walls? It isn’t the worst change but it could get really annoying if our weapons just end bouncing off the walls everytime we try to strike an enemy.
  9. Their should be a separate forum that is filled with nothing but criticism towards DE itself. 😂
  10. You can’t really expect positive reasoning from a group of people who literally fired one of their members over a deluxe skin! DE actually fired one of their designers because they got into an argument over Embers rooster skin. So yeah DE is pretty stubborn because they base decisions on their own personal preference. The thoughts of the community come dead last to their own. It is funny because Warframe is practically their entire business, I don’t really understand how they could be so idle with their own consumer base. If they risk ruining their own game in the eyes of the rest of the community that supports it, their personal preference isn’t going to matter.
  11. If these forums are here for the purpose of creating feedback, it would great if the developers would take part in the discussion. We are supposed to assume that DE cares about its gaming community but it doesn’t really feel like that when they aren’t really part of the conversation. DE if your really open to criticism then why not share your thoughts on some of the criticism being made on this forum. You make the game but you don’t really seem to have an active role in the community. Creating feedback is only as important when people feel like it is valued by the developers themselves, otherwise what is the point? I am reading these comments and it just feels like we are talking to ourselves. DE is just off somewhere, away from their computers, drinking a beer and discussing which Warframe they should ruin next.
  12. If Saryn is destroyed with these changes, as a Saryn main I might actually cry, not even joking. I have OCD and PTSD, hearing about this rework has left me on edge. I am literally paranoid because I do not know how this will turn out. I am reading all these comments from people with responses that are either good or bad. It has left me conflicted and deeply frustrated. 😞
  13. Hey DE how about you give the community a bit of honesty here on the forums. You are making these changes simply because of how they perform in onslaught? Hm strange that they are talking about these changes not that long after the new game mode was released. Nah it is just a coincidence right?! Couldn’t possibly be intentional right?! You want some constructive criticism? How about you scrap these changes to Saryn and focus on frames that actually need a decent rework. Can you honestly say as developers that is competent to nerf something everytime new content is released? Are you going to make this a trend just curious? I can’t imagine this is good business sense if you are just pissing off your support base all the time. You practically destroyed ember as a viable frame, I am terrified what you are going to do Saryn. I pray you do not base your decisions entirely on your own personal preference, assuming that the Warframe community actually matters to you? This isn’t an insult, I genuinely want to know what your reasoning is here with these changes to Saryn? I want to be able look forward to new content but now I am just left on pins and needles. I view new updates as an omen to something horrible happening to older content! ☹️
  14. So this all about goddamn onslaught then?! They come out with a new mode at the cost of nerfing an already good frame? And when you think DE mindset could get anymore ridiculous. I kind of wish then onslaught was never a thing. It is almost like DE can’t release new content without nerfing something. Way to be competent DE! 👍
  15. DE please tell me why you think reworking Saryn is so damn important? How is it more important than let’s say focusing on pushing out newer content? How many more frames do you plan on ruining on your quest to nerf everything you personally feel isn’t adequate?! I just want to know ahead of time so I can decide whether or not I drop the game entirely.
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