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  1. I think that's a pretty healthy place for a game to be, honestly. You can get by just doing what you want for awhile, but have to actually learn some game mechanics after a few planets. From there, the possibilities of what you can do with weapons and warframes is a strong motivator to push forward.
  2. Lol, almost nobody rushes anything. It's a dumb complaint.
  3. The real question is: What's the point of melee?
  4. Getting help TO the quests and stuff shouldn't feel like you didn't accomplish anything, because there wasn't anything to accomplish, but I always did my quests solo, except when there's an Interception involved.
  5. You get a quest that introduces you to scanners early on (New Strange, I think) and they are very inexpensive. If you do just two Ceres Dark Sector runs and put those credits into scanners, you won't have to buy more for quite awhile if you're only using them for quest related scans.
  6. The slots you get from NW are one time--not repeatable--which is why I didn't count it. What significant difference is there to a new player whether he has 4 slots or 6 in a game with something like 500 weapons?
  7. And this is how metas form. When a bad mechanic like Nully shields forces players to bring rapid fire weaponry, it excludes a huge section of other choices. Granted, it's slightly better now that you can try to snipe the drone, but it's not great considering there are tons of places in the game where the bubble can clip through walls/ceiling and the drone is invisible or untargetable.
  8. Slots is the biggest issue because plat is the ONLY way to get them. Zealoids are a b*tch, but you can get around it by kiting them, playing in a squad, or asking if some veteran wouldn't mind donating a r6 or r8 serration/hornet strike/vitality etc. You'd be surprised how small of an ask it is and how much it can help in the early game. Credits is the easiest issue here, but still grindy, because you can unlock the Dark Sector nodes up through Ceres and get some decent credits there. Booster helps too, but that goes back to the plat issue.
  9. You missed the part where I said it was better than most of that AAA trash that comes out these days. It's not hard to find examples that are better than WF, but as f2p games go, WF does a lot of things better than a lot of AAA games. Edit: Just read the rest of his posts. He missed the part about this thread being "Why NEW players quit," not "Why vets get frustrated." That, and he just wants to whine.
  10. And better gameplay, generally better story, lots of in-game stuff to do despite the QQ from those who have played for 5+ years, and that the PR is well deserved on account of actually listening to the community on most important matters (if only they would for the AH, though)...
  11. What other games do this? Not saying you're wrong, necessarily, but I haven't played even one that has build times measured in hours, let alone days. Do you have some experience with other games that do?
  12. They use stealth in gameplay. The "crazy" is just lore stuff.
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