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  1. Honestly, we have an ignore function. Chat moderation should just be to prevent bots, spammers, scammers, cheaters, etc. "Behaviorial issues" are best resolved between individuals, except when it breaks the law (such as death threats or doxxing). Nothing worse than games trying to be the chat/thought police.
  2. You have a socialistic sense of economics. No wonder you're flustered by this. I don't see how you can claim this with any credibility or rationale. There is an upper limit to what people will pay, and people will try to sell as high as they can get away with. The prices are in the middle. That's how barter economies work in these games. You can argue that people are paying too much all day, but that's based on your subjective valuation of what something is worth. The market apparently disagrees with your valuation, which is why the prices are higher than you would like. This is Economics 101 stuff. Not sure where you think there's room to argue.
  3. Depends on what you mean by "healthy." It would be really easy to argue that the economy is healthier with overpriced rivens in it because it encourages more plat spending, which results in more plat in the economy, which drives down the prices on (mostly) everything else. The prices themselves are simply what the median between what people are willing to buy them for and what people want for them, so if people agree they are overpriced, they just have to stop buying until prices come down.
  4. Yeah, I see your point, but Fortuna brought an influx of new players too, so that distorts the spread of which MR fodder weapons are getting use. The main problem is just that DE isn't too clear about the usage data itself, so there's a lot of speculation here.
  5. I get where you're going with that, and it's a valid point, but we don't know how far back DE tracks something to be a candidate for these changes. It could only be a month. It could be three. I doubt it's much longer. If there's a sudden spike in usage (even as an outlier) DE could have read the data that it is suddenly "more popular." It could also be something to do with the Viper Wraith, if that was recently mass acquired. I know it's also an ingredient for the Hystrix (a somewhat newer weapon). There are several factors that go into it and sadly almost none of them have anything to do with actual use of the weapon. It's just false positives in the data.
  6. It's MR fodder and everyone uses it that way. It is widely used. Welcome to the fallacy of "popular = strong."
  7. As long as you keep making assumptions about people instead of making valid points, nobody will want to have a discussion with you. You're still trying to say that I don't have the time invested to have a say, but I do, and that was never a requirement in the first place. You're still holding onto that fallacy. There's no "discussion" to be had until you return to reason. What you're doing is just trolling, plain and simple.
  8. See, this is where your "logic" falls apart. What your stalker habits don't reveal is my PS4 account with MR24 and many, many more days played. That 22 days you see is wrong too. Steam alone shows over 1,000 hours, and that doesn't count my PS4 time played. You're operating under a fallacy because you don't have anything legitimate or useful to add. You're also wrong about the MR 2 example, because it doesn't matter what their MR is if what they say is true. You claim to have all this play time, but you repeatedly say false things. Think on that.
  9. Not going to criticize your language deficiencies, those are understandable. However, you are making unjustified (and often false) assumptions about players and trying to put them down on that basis. Even if someone is MR 2 they may have something valid to contribute to the conversation. The two have nothing to do with each other. People need to stop with this nonsense already. It's off topic as hell and adds absolutely nothing.
  10. I would suggest playing pubs more, because it sounds like your sample size is too small. I do have occasional groups like the one you described (along with other forms of bad behavior), but most of the groups I join are at least "competent," and some of them have really friendly/skilled people in them.
  11. I push to 20 and then stop caring about MR. I have two accounts I've done this on, with one at 24. Main reason to push that far is for the mod capacity on new/forma'd gear and daily standing. Beyond that, MR doesn't really mean anything. I've played for something like 4 years. At a certain point what you really want from the game isn't necessarily new content to take your gear into, but ways to make gear that wasn't very useful before usable. Rivens were a good step in this direction, but I do think there are other things that could really help too. The problem I have seen is that many members of the community are afraid of "power creep," which doesn't actually mean anything when the content isn't a challenge to begin with (fun is the point), so they like to nay-say anything that might actually push toward that greater diversity.
  12. Just because you chose not to doesn't mean the incentive isn't there.
  13. Lack of foresight and neglect for ongoing riven changes. The problem right now is that they have a bad methodology for decided what to buff/nerf, but rivens should be changing by small amounts frequently. If I had to guess, it's that they released rivens with this in mind, but got so involved with other projects that the need for riven changes just kept getting put on the back burner so they never got around to it.
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