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  1. This is mostly my attitude toward it as well, with a few exceptions. I do use a few pre-defined loadouts for certain content like Index, Eidolons, Orbs, etc.
  2. I've been playing since 2013 and I don't remember Hydroid ever coming from T.R.
  3. Possibly confirmation bias, but it seems like the music room spawned more often for my during Spy runs (while I was farming for special rewards from that rotation).
  4. This. Once you overcome this, you realize the grind isn't that bad at all. It's arguably more difficult to get Ash than Octavia, and she's a blast to play.
  5. It's just his feeble attempt to get an emotional response to try to manipulate people. Typical sociopathic behavior, perfectly in line with his narcissist insistence that he can make other people play sub-optimally just to suit him. If he was being honest about anything of this, he would realize he doesn't really have an argument and should just accept that there's a good reason for people to choose not to stab.
  6. It really is just a few people here whining about it. The game is fine. Just entitled forum crybabies as usual.
  7. You really struggle with the concept of preference, don't you? Sad puppy.
  8. Sure, but if people weren't so obsessed with destroying things for the crime of just being meta, nobody would have to worry about anything like that.
  9. Yeah, you may be right. Your continual use of "no u" is so grown up. How could I have missed this before? Let me sum up this thread for you:
  10. Yep. Those people are called "regular players just trying to optimize on a flawed system." Not sure why a moderator would need to action that, though. Seems like a weird take.
  11. Good for you, but just because one person told you that in a squad once doesn't mean you get to bring that assumption to everyone that doesn't want to farm them in the Kuva Fort. Crying because someone is doing what is optimal for them and you don't like to experience FOMO is childish, so you clearly still have plenty of growing up to do.
  12. It may not. Stabbing without knowing the ID of the 2nd one means you might over-level your lich and be stuck doing the crappy Kuva Fort for it.
  13. It really is just one footstep outside of utter uselessness.
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