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  1. This is mostly my attitude toward it as well, with a few exceptions. I do use a few pre-defined loadouts for certain content like Index, Eidolons, Orbs, etc.
  2. I've been playing since 2013 and I don't remember Hydroid ever coming from T.R.
  3. Possibly confirmation bias, but it seems like the music room spawned more often for my during Spy runs (while I was farming for special rewards from that rotation).
  4. This. Once you overcome this, you realize the grind isn't that bad at all. It's arguably more difficult to get Ash than Octavia, and she's a blast to play.
  5. It's just his feeble attempt to get an emotional response to try to manipulate people. Typical sociopathic behavior, perfectly in line with his narcissist insistence that he can make other people play sub-optimally just to suit him. If he was being honest about anything of this, he would realize he doesn't really have an argument and should just accept that there's a good reason for people to choose not to stab.
  6. It really is just a few people here whining about it. The game is fine. Just entitled forum crybabies as usual.
  7. You really struggle with the concept of preference, don't you? Sad puppy.
  8. Sure, but if people weren't so obsessed with destroying things for the crime of just being meta, nobody would have to worry about anything like that.
  9. Yeah, you may be right. Your continual use of "no u" is so grown up. How could I have missed this before? Let me sum up this thread for you:
  10. Yep. Those people are called "regular players just trying to optimize on a flawed system." Not sure why a moderator would need to action that, though. Seems like a weird take.
  11. Good for you, but just because one person told you that in a squad once doesn't mean you get to bring that assumption to everyone that doesn't want to farm them in the Kuva Fort. Crying because someone is doing what is optimal for them and you don't like to experience FOMO is childish, so you clearly still have plenty of growing up to do.
  12. It may not. Stabbing without knowing the ID of the 2nd one means you might over-level your lich and be stuck doing the crappy Kuva Fort for it.
  13. It really is just one footstep outside of utter uselessness.
  14. I'm not really concerned about it one way or the other. I'm aware of what it does and the ways it could be advantageous, yet I hardly ever use it. It's easier for me to run 30-day double resource booster than to try to micromanage loot frames/pets, then I'm free to play whatever I want and not feel like I'm progressing too slowly. I don't even feel pressured to farm it all at once. Just by playing, I end up with enough of everything, except the evergreen resources, but that's because those are designed to never have "enough," not because I don't get enough to use when I see fit. The problem isn't the availability of these tools. It's player attitudes and this need to "keep up with the Joneses." Free yourself of that mentality and everything in life (not just this game) suddenly becomes more enjoyable and you find yourself with considerably more agency. It's a mental and emotional trap. Sad to say that DE profits off it, but that's how the MTX game is run. Same deal as FOMO. Just stop caring what other people are doing and figure out if what you're doing is enough for your goals. That said, I personally dislike Smeeta. The buff is inconsistent, unreliable, and I hate having to baby-sit pets who die to virtually anything. The extra resources aren't worth losing the enjoyment of the game.
  15. Honestly, so many games would be better without constant QQ about some "meta," lol
  16. Or skip all this garbage and just make it a GPS so it can actually be useful. Having to recast it constantly makes it super weak, especially since it doesn't always behave how you think it should. There are rooms where it will say "Barren," but then go into another room and it'll point to something random (like a Kuria). The cooldown makes it ridiculous. It would be at least somewhat better if you could recast it at will. The casting animation taking up its very short duration is also pure cancer.
  17. You still need the identity of the 2nd one, so you may end up not stabbing until you have that one too. It's up to the person if they want to guess on unknown quantities, but it's technically an inferior method. You don't have to like it, but that's what it is.
  18. Other than quoted section, most of the rest of your reply is pretty reasonable. My objection here is that "meta" and OP" are not synonyms, even if you consider "meta" and "popular" to be. You didn't directly state it as such, but it was strongly implied. Otherwise, I think we're more or less on the same page about it.
  19. Not sure what any of that has to do with anything, though.
  20. Oh, don't get me wrong. GI definitely needs a massive overhaul to be good. I've played with it a bit on Wukong (since I don't use him for much else), and it's hot garbage through and through. Total disappointment. Throw it in the dumpster fire, then bury the dumpster, then poor 30ft of cement over it. The meme was just because the post was 3 weeks old and was suddenly brought back from the dead.
  21. I feel ya. Been off and on since 2013 across several accounts. I've even been part of some of the discussions that would eventually lead to those changes. It can be frustrating when you're in the *Against* camp and see a change go through anyway--like the WoF fiasco.
  22. This. They were busting their butts leading up to TennoCon and they had a rough go of that too. They had planned vacations for most of their staff immediately following it. Aside from that, I don't imagine they get too much time to browse the forums and likely only pick up on hot threads that stay active for a long time with clear support in a particular direction. This doesn't mean they will implement it either, and there will be significant lag between anything they might want to implement and when we see it happen.
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