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  1. They pulled this bs with Inaros delux as well and I even requested a refund which I never got. This is twice now they have done this to skins I already bought.
  2. Corpus and Grineer use grenades. Will Warframes/Tenno ever have an idea to copy them? Maybe a 4th weapon slot?
  3. Indeed, with all the kuva farming and sortie runs I now no longer feel the need to do either. Seems like I wasted huge chunks of time on my rivens that I could have spent on other games. A problem I have fixed moving forward!
  4. "Dispositions are based roughly on the weapon’s usage among mid-to-endgame Warframe players, with handmade tweaks where appropriate. This is the part that bugs me the most..."HANDMADE TWEAKS". This make makes me think they are nerfing weapons based on a few people overperforming because of one mod. If this is the case then they are basically telling us that if you are lucky enough to get a great riven on a high end weapon, use that weapon, and do well with that weapon, then we are going to nerf that riven. This isn't a nerf for everyone else who has the weapon, just for those who were lucky enough to find a riven and do well with it. So now I feel like if i do well with any weapon/riven combo that ill lose even more than riven disposition to those "handmade tweaks". I've never been this bummed out by a game expansion before. I was watching Steve's stream with such excitement only to have it killed when I saw the dev workshop notes. I wasn't too put off when he said the riven disposition was getting updated since that was expected but the "handmade tweaks" thing really bothers me. I think these "tweaks" are really just nerfs to a few overperforming players and not to overperforming weapons.
  5. Yeah...I wasn't surprised by the riven disposition changes but I didnt expect them to change the riven stats beyond the disposition. Can't say I'm angry but I'm pretty much not in the mood to play today. I logged in after the big patch, looked at all my weapons, logged out. Did this about 3 times. The one that hurts me the most is my pyrana going from above 100 crit chance to below 100 crit chance. Ive had that riven long before the prime came out and it was my most used secondary. I might play tonight since my gaming group will want me to come along but really I don't feel like playing warframe anymore after this. It's cool I guess and not the end of the world, and I have plenty other games to play, I just wish I didn't feel so bummed out now.
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