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  1. Why would you want to go from PC to the sh!tbox? I just want my plebian PS4 account to be playable on PC. Consoles are just awful.
  2. Look for the answers in a large wedge of cheese. The more holes, the more places for the answers to hide. Choose your cheese wisely.
  3. Hopefully once the game plateaus and DE decides they can finally stop adding new content, consoles can finally catch up to PC and we can all be on the same page. I get that they want to continue growing the game but eventually we need to come together as a community and stop fragmenting the playerbase. With such a minimal focus on PvP this game is an excellent candidate for cross-play and cross-saving. For now though, I'd be happy with just being able to transfer my save to PC. That should be a priority, honestly.
  4. Like I said, I wouldn't expect my plat to carry over. Take it all DE! I guess in the universe of Warframe we are stuck where we start and unable to play with buddies unless they share the same platform as us. This is why I believe that Warframe will always have room for improvement.
  5. I already have left. It's been a couple years since I last logged into my Warframe account. I along with a couple friends used to play it on PS4 but since moving to PC we all agree that there is no way in heck we are willing to start over. So here we sit...waiting and hoping, wondering if anyone will ever care.
  6. Sad people do, yes. I'll be getting back into it now that it is no longer complete rubbish.
  7. Agreed! Bungie broke off from Activision and they popped champagne and threw an in-office party to celebrate. It's pretty wholesome stuff and good to hear. I was never a big fan of D2 but it's starting to sound like that might change. Activision/Blizzard and EA should be banished to the shadow realm.
  8. I suppose you're right. I thought of the two terms as synonymous when you have pointed out that they are not. Thank you.
  9. That's not true when consoles are always behind in updates compared to the PC. That's like if you couldn't continue a current save on console because you skipped an update. It wouldn't make sense. And why anyone would even want to move from a PC to a console is beyond me. I doubt it is even a requested feature.
  10. We're getting off-topic here. Activision has no rights to Destiny anymore and the game is being improved because of it. I would like for Warframe to remain competitive and cross-saving/cross-play is soon to be the norm. I'd hate for this great game to be left behind but many of us will never play it again because we cannot transfer our saves and are unwilling to start over from scratch.
  11. There should be zero issues with moving from a console version to a PC version of the game, since the PC version is always ahead of console by a few updates. It's not like I would have obtained an item on console that is not on PC yet. And to go from PC to console would make very little sense and is in much lower demand than moving from console to PC. In regards to the plat, I wouldn't care if that didn't transfer. That would be acceptable and understandable. What I can't appreciate is the entire lack of any save transferring in a game that already uses cloud saving entirely. It makes very little sense and stands out as a major oversight to me.
  12. Ok, thank you. I stopped playing and following Warframe a while back and did not know this.
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