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  1. Thanks.... Exactly what I was Looking for... 😀. This Steam Feature is so convenient... I have a Custom Config for almost every game. And even if I don't change the buttons for the game I still go to every game and Adjust the Trigger Buttons to activate on Soft Pull using the Hair Trigger mode to make them more Responsive.... And since the Batteries in my Mouse Died I'm using Steam Input in Desktop 😝.
  2. He/She Already mentioned they tried that: Farming Regular Toroids is a Giant Throbbing Pain in the Ass. They have terrible Drop Chance and are only worth 1000 Standing Each... If fun isn't a requirement for you then Profit Taker doesn't take as long with Exodia Contagion and Chroma. I average 7 Minutes per Run with that setup.
  3. I was about to Also suggest Steam Input...I even brought a Tutorial 🙂: However... The Video doesn't Cover how to use Action Layers and that's the one thing I'm struggling right now.... Can you teach me ? 😗. Since Cycling Abilities on the D-Pad is useless...I have my Alt Fire Bound to D-Pad left.... And what this means is I can't Move and Alt Fire at the Same time... I don't quite understand the other issues you are having with the Controls but hopefully using Steam Input can solve some of them ... For Example...you know how some Semi Automatic Weapons have
  4. There's nothing wrong with Warframe's Dodge.... It's fine.... It's only fault is that it doesn't actually avoid anything besides Knockdowns and thats less a problem with Dodge Animation and more with Enemy Attacks being unavoidable.
  5. I would Reccomend Kitguns... But only using the Splat/Kill Stream Loader parts which you can only get at Rank 5 of Solaris United. Zaws on the other Hand aren't really anything Special until you can get your Hands on Exodus Contagion from the Plague Star event. Yes.... Because Fortuna is such a pain in the ass... You'l want to get a Head Start on this Specific Syndicate more than any other one. The only thing thats going to block New Players from Progressing is the Quest.... However once you do that you can make progress in this Syndicate exclusively by Mining, Conservation a
  6. Actually it's the Exponential Armor Scaling that made Corrosive Damage weak against Armored Enemies... Slash was the Old Meta and Suprise Surprise it's still the Meta now. Well.... Gas been nerfed to no longer Proc Toxin and it no longer bypasses Shields. What has does now is emmits an AoE that deals Damage over time on the Effected enemy. Slash also no longer Bypasses Shields so Toxin is the way to go against Shielded Enemies. Well one thing you can do is find out exactly what Each Type of Damage does.... Then you'll now exactly how to use against not just exist
  7. I try not to judge... Literally everytime I get a Riven I always forgot to Equip it when i want to unveil it.... It happens....people forget.....
  8. Let's see.... Uhm Trinity is most effective with The Lures.... However using the Velocitus I was able to steel Bolt's thunder by Shooting through his Shield when he wasn't looking. Saryn's Toxic Lash definitely does something... But unless you enjoy that Warframe more than anything else in the world I would suggest skipping her Octavia has her Amp and Metronome.... Definitely Battle Tested for Eidolons. Mesa has Shooting Gallery and Ballistic Battery... Its better than nothing. Wisp could work nicely with the Buzlok using Haste Motes Nova can only offer Antimatte
  9. I found myself in a Similar situation regarding Speed Nova on Hydron/Helene.... Ultimately I decided that if the Warframe you brought to a mission is best suited for that mission... Then it's pointless to ask if it's okay to do what you're suppose to do.... But you should be considerate if you are asked to Stop. The only reason I say this is because of how few people actually use The Chat Functionality. In any case it's your situation so ultimately you should do what's right for you.
  10. Well you interpreted it the wrong way.... The only thing OP is guilty of is a Lack of Clarity.
  11. Another Tenno Sacrificed on the Altar of Dragon Keys... 😱 !!!
  12. I'd love if we had more content that made use of Non Lethal Abilities.
  13. I don't know... Let's Ask Limbo. Or how about Loki ?
  14. There isnt.. I swear 🙂... It's just a bad habit What makes Limbo such an easy Target for Bashing is that trolling with him can happen Accidentally while Trolling with Most other Warframes requires you to know what you are doing.... Even for the other Warframes that can Troll Accidentally Limbo has them beat simply because he does it on a Wider Scale. And Last but not Least... Limbo I think is they only Warframe with Trolling Synergy across All his abilities. He's not just a One Button Troll.... 😮 !!!
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