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  1. Nope.... They have Seperate Health Bars but once you strip Armor from any part of it then the whole thing Loses all its Armor..
  2. LoL... It's not just lich RNG.... It's all the RNG.... You do realise there's someone programming these values in the games code right ? You think this person is just assigning values at random ?
  3. Did OP even respond to anyone ? Seems like they just vanished ? 🤔
  4. It's way too late for doing things the Correct way.... For all of us... Also Cheese Strats are better for Farming because the real challenge is staying motivated while the RNG Bends you over... The last thing you want is the game mode bending you over aswell.
  5. Stop snooping through your Team Mates' drawers 😱 !!!
  6. Nope... But I did hear that crouching while Cloud Walker is Active will slightly increase the speed...
  7. They said they Patched it so that it automatically ends once you reach the score needed for Rotation C.... So now it's okay to pick up the extra time and not have wait there once you already have the highest score...
  8. Sarcasm ? I was being Dead Serious. 😐 Remove all Incentive to Do Steel Path... People no longer feel the need to go there and suffer and thus won't feel like their Gear is rubbish... The Game's balance avoids becoming even more broken than it already is... Everybody wins !!!
  9. Yep.... You start the mission from your Orbiter so when you arrive in Cetus you get a Permanent Night Time Instance just for the Quest.... Or I could be wrong... I think the sun does actually come up but the Terralyst will stick around.... And if you Brought your Amp with you... You can Kill It 😝 which will bug the Quest requiring a restart. In the case of The Hydrolyst... Speed is mandatory because it can actually delay your Efforts to Capture it... Indefinitely.... The insane damage it does is just a Bonus on top of that. Plague Star already deValued them anyway so they may aswel just make any time Eidolons.... The days of 10 000 Platinum Arcane Energize is over....
  10. You mean Shark Wing ? I never tried it myself but I always assumed it would be cumbersome to level up your Archwing there since your Team Mates might drift too far away from the Water...
  11. People still use Virtuos Fury ? Also how is he/she going to Stack Unairu with Madurai while playing Solo ? 🤔
  12. Probably not.... But they would be significantly less Toxic and Stressful and quite Frankly I place that above any benefits time limitations can bring.... FYI... People Speed Run Profit Taker and Exploiter all the time....just because you can do them anytime doesn't mean you want to be there forever. How on earth would this change any Mechanics ? 🤔 I'm pretty sure Eidolons would just feel the same except you'l be able to See since the sun would be out.... You make it sound like they are going to Start Breakdancing randomly all over the Plains. They can just find something else to sell.... I hear Lato and Braton Vandal are pretty pricey.... They can farm those....😝
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