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  1. Im already buying Boosters and its still so bad.... sooo.... Why doesnt DE Want us to have convenient Affinity ?
  2. Well i mean what is or isnt mediocre has to be determined on a case by case basis.... but generally speaking Fashion is True End Game.... especially Tennogen.
  3. Whether you realise it or not Artists always lead players by the nose so that they dont just blindly face plant their Faces on everything to find hidden things. Either you specifically enjoy bad design or the games you think Do hidden objects correctly are just really good at making think you did it all by yourself... The same is true for tutorials... alot of players think they hate tutorials.... rather than leaving players to just fend for themselves (which is bad design) developers just hid the tutorials in ways the usual player wont notice them... A good developer know you cant just let players try to make their own fun... he knows they suck at it... and so they play to our vanity and make us think we are smarter than we actually are. Warframe is what you get when the developers just listen to what people say rather than what they mean... And thats why i think these investigstion are just awful... The Developer of The Swindle had the same philosophy... and naturally he got alot of negative feed back because of it.... As players we subject our emotions to your creations and we trust you to take care of us and not pull the rug from under us... Dont be afraid to hold the players hand.... just make the hand holding Invisible. I mean i dont expect this personally because i like it when a game helps me to enjoy it more but others like to believe they want to figure things out on their own... DONT LET THEM !!! guide them from the Shadows.
  4. Oh dont worry... All Pizzas have a 60 Second Cool Down on Steel Path. I also feel like Operators are cheating so i rarely use them.
  5. Hmmmm.... Maybe.... actually yes. Theres unique X100 Energy Restores in your Dojo that need Railjack Resources to craft. In addition to that you can upgrade your Instrinsics... which at Rank 8 provide universal bonuses for all your Archwings Attributes even on The Vallis/Plains Also The Veil Proxima is a good source of Affinity and Credit Farming if you have a booster... Theres some other Niche benefits but those are the main Railjack Benefits.
  6. You only need to sacrifice the first time.... if rank down and then rank up with them again then no sacrifice is required....
  7. Its rare for problems to get Fixed in Warframe... so hearing this pleases me greatly. 🙂
  8. Or so its about immersion then ? Then explain to me whats so immersive about literally almost every item just lying on the floor regardless of what it is ? Because in these nightwave Investigations things you would expect to be on a desk or in a locker are just on the floor and things you would expect to be near some sort of Machinery are neither the Victim or on a desk.... Tell me how thats immersive...the way these items are scattered and hidden just way to nonsensical to be immersive.... And thats before you even get to how the Props in the Environment look very similar to the items you're looking for sometimes....
  9. I thought those limitations were Range, Duration and Strength. Why is wether or not the ability being available for use an additional limitation on top of that ? Why Though ? Sure i get that.... but Why must new players use their Abilities less even though they wont have the mods to make the most of their Abilities anyway ? Isnt it enough that they are stuck with less than 150% Across all their Ability Stats ? Well if you've been playing as long as you claim you have then you should know exactly which frames are not Nukes. Undefinable ? Sure... Mythical ? Far from it.... Fun may not have a definition and differs from person to person.... but its not so mythical that you cant have any sort of discussion about it ... Fun being undefinable does not mean its not real.... and if its real... i think we can talk about it. Again... Why not ? Why not ? No im not... What im trying to do is Protect this one single Excavator which only gets 7000HP on Steel Path while enemies get double health and tripple Armor. Is that pushing past what DE wants ? Is the Excavator suppose to take damage and die because a few trigger happy enemies are outside of where my Bastille can get to them ? I get that Limbo can Essentially AFK Baby Sit these things but why is Booben Paying for Limbo's Bull S#&$ ? Limbo isnt even affected because his passive grants him alot of energy.... and all that does is make me angrier.... because my Warframe is not even the cause of this problem and not only do i get punished for playing Booben but Limbo gets to get away Scott Free ? Well yes... However The Opticor and Opticor Vandal have like 200 Rounds in reserve... and i know for certain i dont even need that many shots to clear a non-Endless mission like Exterminate .... which mind you... is not Boobens Wheel house so im literally relying on guns here and the Opticor Vandal has more than enough ammo at mission start to kill everything. Secondary weapons seem like they are not as lucky but i bet i can clear a mission with Just my Tomb Finger Kitgun since that also has a lot of Ammo on Reserve. Ammo is Literally not an issue for so many weapons.... well.... for so many good weapons.... obviously some weapons are so bad they cant kill Fast enough before running out. I prefer to think those dont exist. Except its not though.... I cant think of a situation where i can mod so much Range, Duration and Strength tha my Abilities eventually eventually pay for themselves like my guns do.... thats just not a thing... Then why is DE so against having decent energy supply ? The Limits are pointless if you can just break them anyway.... I honestly dont care if there are other ways to play.... i want to do whats fun for me.... other players want to do wants fun for them. Nobody likes it when the developers tell their players they are having fun wrong and then sabotage their attempts to do so. You literally just described a band aid.... Id like to emphasize that as a Booben main all i want to do is maintain enough energy to use my Abilities more consistently. Not to spam them.... i literally dont use more than 2 Bastilles/Vortex's regardless of the situation because if i did then its the Ability being so bad that it needs to be fixed so that so many casts are not required to cover an area. But i cant have that.... i have no clue where im going to get more Energy to replace the 125 Energy it costs to use my Bastille (the Extra 25 Energy is for the Tether Coil to grab more enemies).... i mean i do... i can drop an Energy Pizza.... which DE has a problem with apparently so they added a Cool Down to stop playerz from trying to circumvent their RNG Orbs.... this feels so Spiteful coming from them.... however this didnt piss me off because crap like this and the Xoris Nerf and Link Mods and Arcanes getting nerfed out of Spite is just what they do.... you kinda get used to getting spited (until you quit obviously). Yeah i wouldnt say its plenty when you compare that to the large number of players using Zenurik.... Ive even seen Khoras using Zenurik.... ? Why because while Naramon preserves your Damage.... its useless if you cant cast your Abilities in the first place.... Sure you can lose your Combo if you use Zenurik instead of Naramon.... but who cares ? Zenurik gives you so much energy that you can just build your Combo back up through spamming.... I do... As a Booben/Ivara player you dont have a Choice but to use your weapons and yet its harder for these Warframes to maintain Energy than it is for Saryn.... who actually kinda can just Use Abilities and forget Weapons. The only thing Saryn needs a weapon for is to pop the Spores on a single enemy. Thats about it. Theres nothing Band Aidy about untethering energy supply from all the existing Band Aids. Again...take Ammo for example...is that a Band Aid ? No...its so plentyful you dont have to use anything specific just to get more assuming you even need more to begin with. Why cant Energy be the same ? Because DE hates the way their players choose to have their fun ?
  10. I got it.... It seems like Eidolons will drop exactly one Steel Essence guaranteed and can be doubled by a booster.... Garry and Harry will not drop more Steel Essence than terry so if you want to you can just Farm Terry to get your Steel Essence.... it shouldnt be too hard with Volt provided that your mindful of your Relative Squishyness... I suggest using the new Augment: While it does scale with Strength... i feel like 35% is more than enough even to withstand Harry's Acid Rain.... so long as you use Adaptation ofcourse. Make sure to use the appropriate link mods on your Pet 😉
  11. Yeah if you use Steam's Input Configuration Software then you might get some strange results.... In any case i dont think disabling it will fix it....maybe you can micro manage by holding the aim button longer rather than just quick tapping it.... This is something i have to do alot because quick tapping specific actions cause the game to no register certain inputs....
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