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  1. Yeah I never asked for your Advice.... and I never claimed it was needed for doing the content. I know this because IM ALREADY DOING END GAME CONTENT... other than the 2 Failures at the hands of the Exploiter Orb because of The Dissapearing Cannisters bug and the one time I was Instantly killed by a Corrupted Bombard that was standing behind me during Arbitration Interception... I haven't beem failing my missions.... infact thanks to Nourish and Elevate I don't that often Either.... but the level of Damage the enemies do along side the fact that THEY WILL STILL HIT YOU as you're prancing around the level is just borderline preposterous. Oh and BTW.... even if you are right you're not going baby sit, Exvavators/Defense Targets/interception points by just Jumping Around.... you'l live but then you'l fail. Actually it takes me 12 Minutes with Chroma.... and 0 Minutes with every minutes with everyone else because they are made of paper. Just so you know theres know amount of Parkour thats going to work in this fight.... Focus on the enemies and the Orb will blind side you.... Focus on the Orb and enemies will blind side.... tjis is on top if the fact that the Orb will summon Gigantic Barriers the completely sorround the area and will knock you over for a good 3seconds with no way to defend yourself.... I've died at full health because of this when I wasn't paying attention to my Vex Armor running out.... without Vex Armor Chroma prime only has 400 base armor and apparently that counts for didly squat in this fight.... Can't hide forever.... They'l just storm you when you reappear.... and what the hell did you think I was doing when Potatod Valkyr ? I've tried everything within my means.... I've tried Zephyr... I've tried Mesa.... I've tried Inaros... I've even Tried Stacking Quick Thinking with Augur Secrets on top of Umbra's 1100 Armor it doesn't work as well people claim it does...... im out of things to try without those arcanes and Adaptation.... which im betting also needs to be stacked with other Mods for it to work properly. I mean all levels.... including the ones on your mods.... This is what Abstract Progression is... its got nothing to do with how far you in the game.... thats over all progression.... Abstract Progression... in short... are RPG Elements.... they dictate how much damage you can deal and how much damage you can take provided the skill level of the player remains constant. For Example.... I've been doing the Exploiter for a days now trying to use up all my Thermia... I just potatoed my Prisma Grinlok.... and regardless of how accurate I was I just couldn't thin out the spiders... 3 days/Formas laters and I can hold back the spiders just fine and the only that changed was increasing the consistency of Getting those Crits so that the spiders actually die when I shoot them in the head... uhm.... Tank ? Whatever.... you get my point.... Its not game of skill.... yes you do have to be some what skillfull in order to play but your overall effectiveness is 90% Gear based.... And unless you can do everything in this game using Mag, MK1 Weapons and no Mods then im right... im sicking of people telling me to Parkour after I already tell them that's what I've been doing.... as someone who started with Mag and got very unlucky with mod drops that's what I wss forced to do until someone got sick of reviving me all the time and gave me a few Survivability mods. And bought trinity for me.... because I like her. Thats what Leech Eximus Squads are for... don't even get me started on Nullifiers.... DE are not morons...every Frame thats "Unkillable" is always given some sort of Dependency. Hence they can exploit if they feel like your having too much fun.... for alot of Frames its energy.... for others it maybe something else like Status Effects or just getting thrown into a pit that deactivates and resets all your progress. BTW I actvated Hysteria at the end of the Exploiter fight and the game said I absorbed 141K Damage in the explosion... then I ran off to capture some Saturn Six Escapees and died for no reason.... one of the escapees died too.... what the #*!% is wrong with this game ? They misunderstood what I was asking... You bet I disagreed with them. I wasn't killed by Slash procs... the whole reason I did this was just to see if it made a difference and if I ever get my hands on adaptation il be doing I again just to see. As far as I can tell , The slash procs were coming from the Baby Spiders. The Exploiter's Turret (which can shoot through its own body) just deals a crap ton of damage... getting knicked by it once or twice while I was parkouring cost me 200 HP with valkyr and 500 HP with Umbra.... only Chroma coud stand there long enough to shoot both Rocks with out dying but it brought him down to 110HP with Vex Armor and Iceward on. Rolling does reduce damage but you're just going to take damage again when you recover because the enemies will still be there shooting at you the entire time non stop... its more practical to get rid of them. Actually im using Primed Continuity aswell.... Not for any reason....I just threw it on because it could fit and Armored Agility couldn't. Yeah... and Then ? The enemies are constantly unloading a stream of deadly bullets 24/7... what are you gonna do ? Roll forever and not kill them them....? Or are you hoping that someone else on your team will do it for you ? Quite Frankly im disappointed. This isn't even a well thought counter argument because you didn't even think past what you're going to do after you're done rolling... the enemies will still be there shooting at you. Good... that means shes going to die During the Profit Taker fight because the knock downs are guaranteed to stop you from moving.... Atleast we've established that the enemies do an insane amount of damage.... You just refuse to acknowledge that there are situations where its impossible to avoid it.... and thats if you factor in Void Mode aswel. He's used index because Iron Skin is neither dependent on Time or Energy to sustatin.... in other words.... TANKY !!! Im not here to argue semantics with you.... you knew exactly what I meant. What good is all the damage in the world if you die while pulling out your archgun ? He's good at both.... he excells at both.... thats why people use him. As for Mirage.... Was this a rivenless, Arcaneless Mirage ? Yeah... thats what I thought... You do realise Armor is Fixed right ? It doesn't scale with your Warframe's rank and I don't need more than 700HP. Arcane aegesis and barrier are useless anyway because shields pretty much don't exist in the end game.... not unless you have a fast way of replenishing them like Volt does with Capacitance. I knoe this becausei use volt and he will get one shotted by Sortie Level Bombards clean through 2300 Shields. I have Magus Nourish... I don't need Arcane Grace...I need Arcane Guardian and I can use Both of those to buy time for Adaptation to.... you kno.... Adapt.. . Then I'l see if that works for myself. All I can say is jumping around isn't working.... Par for the course when it comes to Warframe... is It not ? Perhaps im not doing it right.... tell me exactly how I should be rolling to not get killed.... I always Roll whem im under fire but Rolling isn't going to kill the enemies. You can't roll forever... so then what ? I haven't looked at the other pages but I have a feeling im going to repeat myself when I clarify The Issue is not with whether or not end game is possible with arcanes.... the problem is if it practical... I suppose but I not one to leave behind specifics.... I'd never tell someone to "Just roll".... That obviously doesn't work. And by doesn't work I don't mean it doesn't reduce damage.... I mean you're just right back to square one when you're done rollimg because the enemies are still there. Magus Nourish. I have two of these.... they work great with Umbra... I also have Void Flow Unbound so I don't get forced back into my frame as quickly when void mode runs out. LoL... oh you mean Magus Elevate. Yeah that thing is highly inconsistent. One time neither Arcane Procced twice in a row and I died because I was expecting HP that just never came..... This arcane is even worse when you're no the Host because you damn sure aren't going to spam it with Lag..... It also doesn't proc if you are forced back into your frame because of dying. I'l have Magus Repair next week (stupid Rep Cap) we'l see if thats better. That arcane iS RNG.... which is why the game has no problem letting you have it. Anyway.... thats all I can reply to for now.... Will read the othe 3 pages later.
  2. Bull S#&$.... I don't what content you've been running around but the whole "You just need to Parkour bruh" doesn't work.... if run jump and slide then the enemies will just auto target you and kill you.... There a reason everyone does profit taker with Chroma.... or index with Rhino....its because theres just a certain point where that parkour S#&$ just doesn't work anymore because theres too many enemiesin the level.... much in the same way we couldn't play Stealthily past earth because they crammed 10 enemies at a choke point forcing you to run and gun through the rest of the star chart.... Because you're the benchmark of player adequacy right ? None.... Didn't even Level her up.... It was Claim... then Potato.... then Umbral Set then Deck 12.... Unranked... Well you need something that's going to stop you from dying.... if its not Arcanes then its Adaptation.. if if its not Adaptation then its Arcanes... If its neither of these things then its a S#&$ ton of health pads I can't stress this enough... PARKOUR DOESN'T WORK !!! The enemies literally just shoot as your moving... in the vallis I got hooked by one of those Terra MOAs while I was speeding past with Itzal.... and because it was so Far away, the tether latched on to me long enough to kill me... which was about 2 and a half seconds... so no...I call bull S#&$ on Parkour....I use Aracane Consequence since I don't have anything better to put on my frame so im rolling jumping and sliding literally 80% faster than normal... and they still kill me as if I was standing still... So basically what you're saying is im suppose to die in 5 Shots ? Nope... sorry... I disagree.... Arcanes are powerful.... I know this because I wouldn't be able to do fights like Profit Taker and Exploiter with out my Magus Nourish/Elevate since i can afford to craft health pads all the time.... I literally wouldn't be able to help in Tridolons without my Nullifiers that protect what little energy I have since I hunt with Madurai Rather than with Zenurik... Arcanes matter.... a heck of a whole lot more than you're letting on.... Yeah I don't have all the mods to make Melee work for me so I can't use this.... besides.... Inaros is to probably the most Disappointing out of all the Tanks.... Chroma without Steel Fibre is tankier than Inaros with Full Umbral set plus Gadiator And Armored agility ontop of Scarab armor.... Negation Swarm doesn't work against the Profit Taker because its constantly ticking down whenever im not recasting it.... leaving me no time to work on the shields or Summon my Archgun.... seriously wish they would do something about how slow that animation is. So is Profit Taker.... hence why Adaptation exists.... you aint dodging that S#&$.... you don't need them for Sorties but this Crap on fortuna is one big fuster cluck of non stop enemies.... Its not testing your skill... its testing your build.... I can't leave my clan.... im the founder...I got other players depending on me... And I started this game with Mag... you betting #*!%ing believe I learned how dodge.... give me that at least.... I didn't get this far by cheesing my way through the game with Rhino or getting taxied everywhere.... that being said theres some areas that were poorly balanced were getting carried was necessary... like Ambulas Sortie.... Quite frankly I wish this game didn't use an Abstract Progression system.... I wish levels didn't matter.... would prefer to just jump into every mission with out having to make sure I have absolutely every right mod before heading but the more I try to force playing with the frames/weapons I actually like more I get punished for it when I don't deal enough damage or die before I even know there's enemies behind me.
  3. LoL... pretty sure it was' t... There were only two of us In my squad and my partner found it funny... This is actually my 2nd attempt at this sortie.... on my first attemp I cast's Gara 4 while I was Radiated and when I shattered it... it destroyed The Console.... lol...I thought it was funny.... and then then my Host Rag equite on me...
  4. Why do developers keep doing this ? They know they can't generate content faster than players can burn through it and yet they go the Content Route anyway. This isn't only with Free to Play games.... literally any game be it subscription or pay upfront just isn't going to churn out content fast enough so they all gate their S#&$ anyways... I disagree... NEVER LET ANYTHING GO !!! Hold Grudges and complain until it makes you feel better.... then keep complaining. Letting stuff go is probably how we wound up in this situation in the first place. Yes...this is what happens when something runs it course... it ends.... I can accept that.... alot of developers can accept that.... no DE wants to string you along and can't generate content fast enough... They should just let you grind SU and Vox Solaris in one weekend and be done with it.... works just fine for normal paid games...
  5. So I just Potatoed Valkyr and slapped the Entire Umbral Set On her... now she has 1700 Armor off Umbral Fibre alone and 990 HP.... so I waltz into Deck 12... load up my thermia then shoot one rock then just as im about to shoot the other one Im already dead.... no warning or anything.... 990HP back up by 1700 Armor and I died like I was Mag.... I've had the same thing happen with Inaros and Chroma.... im really starting to get sick of dying.... but other than Adaptation, which I don't have,none of the survivability mods are working.... they aren't even slowing the rate at which 'im dying... So is the entire end game just use Arcanes or Die ? Should I just stop everything else and Tridolon till I get everything ?
  6. Oh thats nothing... I once blasted a fellow Umbra player with Redeemer Prime due to a Radiation Status.... and more recently I accidentally Vitrified a Trinity player who accidentally wondered into a radiation field while I was casting Gara's glass wall....lol..it was funny... he couldn't move.
  7. True... But Rubico Scales.... Hek doesn't.... you also always have to be up close for Hek to do its thing while's Rubico can take out drop ships as they appear in the distance. And Rubico doesn't need Primed Mods to get the most out of it... Tigris, Vaykor Hek and Corinth can be carried by their Status and Crits using just regular mods....Hek needs Primed Point Blank to break into Sortie level content... and Baro hasn't brought that mod in a while. Just saying... theres way too many prerequisites to make Hek work compared to higher MR Weapons... Then they should have a seperate Reward ladder with none essential Items like the Saturn Six Armor.
  8. I guess I better start working on that Ventkids Standing.... I don't want to be caught with my Pants down like Last Week. So.... what sort of Content is gated by The Vent Kids... what kind of challenge do you think they're going to make us do ? This is True....but at the very least I would say you would need to have your Operator Unlocked... The Gantylust is a tough bastard and having only 3 players doing the work could cause things to Snowball in the other Direction. All of the things in this game could be so much easier if other players just did what you guys did.... I can't tell how many times I've joined a group... said hello and be met with Deafening Silence.... well thats not true... when S#&$ hits the fan they get real chatty and start laying blame to everyone but themselves... or they will rage quit and leave us to deal with the Dreaded Host Migration. I suppose I shouldn't be so harsh... I play on the European Servers... Language Differences... Unfortunately the Star Chart doesn't reward Slots and Potatoes... Night wave does....and regardless of whether not they should be doing Fortuna and Cetus Stuff... they are going to try anyway and they are going to feel ripped off when they fail... it doesn't matter if its not the end of the world.... the point is its going feel like it is... call'em greedy or entitled if you like.... the complaints won't stop.... hell I did the Profit Taker 3 Times on day 1 of the challenge coming up and even I'm extremely anoyed by it... Same with with the fishing.... whenever I fish... I stay there for the entire cycle with my Kavat catching as many fish as I can so that I don't have to return and do it again.... the night before the rare fish Challenge I already caught 50 Glappids.... then I found out I have to do it again.... extremely annoying.... For The Wolf Creds... Obviously. If This was 4 weeks ago then you would have a point and no new players would have a problem with it.... I personally don't like any of these Giant Bullet Sponge One Hit Kill Bosses but if you want them Potatoes then you are forced to do them... Regardless of whether players are ready or not they are going to face plant into The Eidolons/Spidalons content because thats whats standing in between them and the resources they need to progress... they'l show up with Mag and MK1-Braton if thats all they have. Without Nitain, Slots and Potatoes ? Forma can only do so much for a weapon with only 30 Capacity... and thats if those players are lucky to have enough Cells and neurodes to build a steady supply of Forma in the first place. Doesn't matter if you condone it or not... Warframe locks all the essential mods you need behind RNG with some really awful drop rates... getting carried is almost necessary if only to save people from getting Severely dissapointed even when they are completing their Objectives perfectly... This Is why I like Nightwave.... You get a guaranteed source of essential resources.... but its ruined by the challenges it wants you to perform.... And what do you tell them after you Successfully complete a Fortuna bounty with optional objectives Included only to get crappy rewards? Or after a spy mission where they get all 3 Data vaults without Setting off an alarm ? Or a Sortie Boss without dying only to get Endo ? Better Lucky next time ? .... yeah I wanted to carry my own weight too once.... Now that im sitting on all this endo and no mods that I need, I feel differently... Again.... Potatoes, Slots and Nitain....crap that you need from Nightwave and can't get in The Star Chart.... Are mods important ? Sure.... once you have enough capacity then mods are important. This is basically where people are now with the Umbral Mods.... got the mods maxed out but can't fit them on their Frames... hence the relentless nightwave grind. Volt is good... Rubico is rubbish... if the weapon in question doesn't Carry you throughout every inch of the game's content without Rivens then its MR Fodder as far as im concerned.... Forma takes way too long, potatos aren't easy to come by and I don't have enough slots waste on sonething that I'l eventually have to replace because it couldn't keep up any more. This is what Rubico is... I say level it up then throw it away then repeat the process with other weapons until you can wield The Lanka... Im only Keeping the Hek to see just how much Multishot I can get on it.... I just need a Riven for it.... other than that its not really a keeper either... Scattered Justice stops working very quickly. This, Ladies and Gentlement.... is what real Entitlement looks like. Its basically game over when this happens to me.... Atleast In The Souls games there is atleast some acknowledgement of effort...your progress isn't constantly gated by god awful RNG... and why would it be.... you already paid up front.... so when any shenanigans you experience in game is there purely just to annoy you.... oh how I miss that feeling. Im actually very sorry to hear that... the whole point of Nightwave was to stop players from constantly being online in the hopes thar an Aura mod or Nitain alert would come on...but if the challenges are negatively affecting peoples decisions on what to spend their play time on... was it worth it ? 😞
  9. The question then is... how likely is it to Proc ? Because if its unreliable then its useless.... which is an issue I have with Magus Elevate. 75% isn't high enough. As for Hildryn.... I think shes good.... and that makes her bad.... For Hildryn to be good she needs to ne near Broken.... because tje way the game scales enemies is broken.... so any frame thats merely good just isn't worth looking at... The Fishing Resources you get from doing the Exploiter Fight is worth more than Hildryn. At least those I can use to build a Kitgun or amp and then use those to kill bigger stuff to get even more powerful stuff... which I will then use to kill even bigger stuff to get even more powerful stuff than the stuff I had before.... and so The Cycle goes on.... Hildryn can't do that for me.
  10. Counting the days how long its going to add such a simple feature.
  11. I hate to disappoint you but you right... it is the best thing to happen to Warframe... even with those god awful Elite Challenges. Yeah I did that challenge with Umbra and Corinth: "Aaaaaaaaaah"..... "Boom.... click.... Boom!!" And The Hologram be like: "Keep moving, Tenno.... The scanners haven't detected you"
  12. Speaking of which... Glaive Style weapons don't have the Power Throw Reticle when using primaries or just Melee only... seems like you need a 2ndary to see it.
  13. Dude !!! You can't just give half solutions. You have to tell him how as well. Ironically some rare fish can only get one shotted by the first Spear.... this is the case with Norgs and Murkrays.... Glappids need the last spear to die in one shot.... However you can One shot all the fish with Any Spear if you make use of Volt's Passive. Just run around in a tiny circle and then STAB !!!!! 😉
  14. I don't think Arbitrations even have good weapon mods... all it has is Adaptation... thats it. The mods that are holding you back are mostly likely only going to come from Baro... thats assuming you already have all of your Status mods, High Voltage (Naeglar), Malignant Force (Corrupted Vor), Thermite Rounds (Somewhere) and Rime Rounds (Somewhere) Eidolons also drop some extremely powerful IPS Mods... I got Fanged Fusilade from Capturing a terralyst Im using Zenith and those Status mods combine with FireRate Mods really Shred some rather Tough Enemies.... corpus enemies get cut down like paper because I have two Damage Types that outright Bypass the Shields.... Grineer Heavy Weights take alot more bullets to put down but I was lucky enough to have Fanged Fusilade.... I can kill a Level 100 Heavy Gunner in only half a Clip... the regular level 100 Enemies die within a few Shots. I haven't tried Corrosive yet.... I genuinely feel like Corrosive Damage takes to long compared to Rappid Gas and Slash Procs. I never botheres with Tiberon Prime, too many firing modes. That being said it is definitely good.... and all its good mods are obtainable, you don't have to wait for any events or anything like that.. That being said... I feel like you would be better off with Pure Crits or Pure Status weapons rather than a Hybrid. For Crits I recommend Tenora (Tenno Lab) its basically Soma prime with a slower firerate but more utility. And for Status I recommend Zenith (100 Logins Tribute)... its not really a Hybrid weapon in the same way something like Prisma Grinlok is but its great for Status Procs.
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