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  1. For some people... sure.... Most people prefer things they can understand. You point a gun at an enemy... Pull the trigger.... enemy dies.... This is how games like Tomb Raider or Gears Of War work.... But nope... not Warframe.... in Warframe you must look up the wiki to understand why such a simple process isn't working....
  2. I think damage should be simpler than that....
  3. If its anything like Dark Souls then no... its not hard.... its just cheap..... Now lets go over those points 1 by 1: Warframe can't just up the toughness of Big enemies.... it spawns way to many of them at once... If you want tougher enemies then the spawn rate and limit needs to follow accordingly. And with that said... this isn't going to make Warframe more fun.... sure enemies take longer to kill but this doesn't automatically make the game more fun to play.... especially if the AI is going to remain as simple as it is.... No game was ever fixed by just upping the Enemy Hitpoints... if it was that simple this thread wouldn't exist... No Damage system has meaning... atleast not from what I've seen so far.... That being said... How is Ash Remenants different ? If Its got a "This damage type works best against this enemy and that damage type works best against that enemy".... then I've already lost interest.... Every game does this now and now the burdem is on you to change damage every time you go up against different enemies.... Its a Chore.... Is the only reason to Co-Op because its hard ? Not because its fun to play with friends/strangerz ? Are there actually any Co-Op gameplay mechanics.... ? Give it time... Any game that uses RPG Looter design eventually will have Junk.... it may not necessarily be weapons but junk is inevitable.... Well.... atleast its not free to play.... the developers have less incentive screw you out of essential items.
  4. How ? Im confused.... how does having a single damage type being most effective against a specific enemy encourage you to try different things.... ? Once you find out whats something's weak to.... don't you just use that damage type ? Say I find out Corrosive is good against Ferrite and Radiation us good against Alloy.... I would just use the respective damage Types against the respective targets.... I wouldn't use Magnetic nor am I encouraged to use Magnetic because that has its own effectiveness against a different enemy type. I match Red with Red... I match Blue with Blue... I match Green With Green... How is this deep ? Is there a reason to match Blue with Green if we know Blue with Blue deals more damage ? in other words.... is there a reason to use magnetic/radiation/viral against Ferrite if I know Corrosive does the most damage ? If this is depth im just not seeing it 😞 I think the whole damage system needs to be less.... "Constrictive".... I guess thats my way of saying theres no depth to it because there's no thought process around Damage Effectiveness.... Like I said... match Blue with Blue.... Green with green... etc....
  5. Hey what if you forget to take a screen shot ? This is normal..... and kind of a necessity to enjoy video games.... having to be ever vigilante of the possibility that a system thats really annoying to begin with is a problem in and of itself.... I can't remember getting screwed out of a Rare Drop in other games I've played before.... it might have happened but I just don't remember.... its not as much of a big deal in other games as it is in Warframe.... If DE made the drop rates alot more reasonable then thats one less type of complaint clogging up the support process.... which im told is one of the reasons why it seems like they do nothing....
  6. So this sort Paint By Numbers Damage Type thing is used in so many games now... Uhm..... why ? Do people actually like this ? Particularly in Action RPGs.... I wouldn't question in it older Final Fantasy Games but to me it sticks out in Action RPGs....
  7. Why is this information hidden ? 😞 Call me crazy but if a certain item fell into your inventory then theres a Log That should reflect said item was picked up yes ? Yeah.... Provide Proof My Foot.... Its natural for a people to be skeptical of a free To play game that can't afford to actually let everybody play for free... Well for me it is.... im not as naive as most people are....
  8. Pretty Sure this is a false assumption.... Delaying Gratification is what keeps people playing.... RNG is merely one of the ways DE does this.... More importantly it seems like keeping People playing takes a higher precedent than keeping people happy.... Right because thats exactly what people are asking for.... That was sarcasm. You made a counter point to an argument that doesn't exist.... I mean.... Good... :)
  9. You don't see the issue with this ? Its DE whos to blame.... the last thing anyone wants from a video game is to record and catalogue their stuff on the off chance the fame #*!%s up at no fault of the player... Mind you the fact that DE has the nerve to ask you to provide proof when the game itself doesn't have a screen shot feature just seems like a $&*^ Move.... so now you have to go out of your way and get software that will allow you to catalogue your drops on the off chance the game rips you off.... I honestly don't even know anymore.... whole thing just seems stupid....
  10. Okay.... but... What's the point ? I feel like this thread isn't going to lead anywhere productive
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