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  1. Witcher 3 MHW and almost every other mon hun series cept that on switch and wii Warframe (warfarm) Borderlands 2, BL presequel Farcry 4 COD
  2. Matchmaking is crap, am unsure if the number of flotilas are causing server-side bugs: but the ground teams have been unable to send codes to space team. Make sure to extend the event duration during patch.
  3. As per title, ephemeras work with the prisma and the normal skin but not sprite skin?
  4. That moment Beast Boy knows he done goofed entering Raven's room:
  5. As per title: had a few cases where we ended up extracting cos of proximity. Second, had a numbskull squadmate sticking near extraction during 2 man and still having the nerve to ask me if I was going to kill the lich despite the 3m dist from extraction. Hope we have the function to leave squad without dc from missions soon.
  6. Savage themed warframe: Allows him to be able to pick up and throw enemies like the liches do to us BUT it launches the enemy like a projectile and deals impact proc His first allows him to charge and pin enemies in his way. Holding upon hitting a wall to perform a finisher. If midcharge, release to perform slam. His second allows him to cast magnetise on himself and damage taken grants energy and strength His third should be some sort of evasion skill where he can convert energy to hp and armor. 4th is up to u lol Passive: atk boost for limited duration after a finisher
  7. "Random stats on pets"...sorry, I think I missed a devstream, can someone point me to where this was discussed? 1) Sorry to nekro an old thread, but with the multiple QoL changes, I was wondering if you guys are considering changing the polarity system such that a single mod slot can accommodate multiple polarities and half mod capacity use for any of the unlocked polarities? As compared to a max-1-polarity per slot system currently, it would reduce the need for having multiple of the same warframe/weapon/pet in order to obtain all the different builds. 2) With the squad-link up, will it be now possible to break up previous raid content digestible for multiple squads instead? Just a query since I've seen groups talk about this here and there and hopefully that'll be able to solve the issue of players wanting raids as well as players actually being able to enjoy raid without certain annoying issues (high host reliance, difficulty of coordination between randoms, bugs trapping minorities within the full 10+ tenno...yea, not exactly great memories raiding tbh)
  8. Was thinking of a mutant frame whose ability is to change the size of body parts to better suit function: - lengthen legs to run faster - engorged with blood, his arms increase in size to increase slam radius of melee - armor and body expand to provide dmg reduction - can rest (expend energy to heal while not moving/aiming) to recuperate health quickly
  9. First prime time of the year: any reveals for nightwave round 3?
  10. Looking to trade select prime sets for certain ephemeras: Reaper prime, glaive p set for trickster/charge/pull Else looking to trade Nekros P for 60% elemental wep liches: kuva drakgoon. Preferred to receive messages in-game.
  11. Wanted to thank @AgateRF, @Dr-Uncraftable and @Souldend78 for their generous gifts 🙂 Sorry I couldn't find my last msg amidst the 12 pages 😕 Dk if still on but am looking for forma bundles/operator zato collection. Any help is greatly appreciated =w= Happy holidays tenno!
  12. Probably gonna be the only one to support u guys on keeping the liches' insta-kill mechanic but can u guys at least have the liches make small talk about how we took an ogris shot to the knee when we were trying to convert them? (U know, when they become part of ur RJ crew) Would be nice LOL
  13. Still kinda hoping for that progress meter😶 and a silva and aegis skin that preserves the firesword without the skull on the DoTD skin. If that's too difficult😅, here's my wishlist instead: - Kuva lich hunter collection - cumulus collection - forma bundles refer to my wishlist for individual items and happy holidays to all 🎄 (Hope global warming has made that one-horse open sleigh tolerable)
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