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  1. In order of importance: (1 being the most) 1) Mod slots being able to take on multiple polarities 2) Retain EXP and items obtained even after host migration and kick 3) Able to use previously mastered weapons' look as skins for other weapons, converting them into universal skins. (Yes, not all will be possible and that's ok) 4) Ability to specify length of mission in advance so players would not recklessly abandon mission midway
  2. Yea no you're right, I forgot god mode existed. Guess it makes gestures completely irrelevant in missions then. There is no chat tab in Monster Hunter so they have shoutouts that can only be customised prior to quest start: imagine using the hotkey for your glyph prism but instead of having the glyph popup, a premade message is entered into chat. Was thinking of situations like in disruption where the few seconds spent typing to ask for help in chat would mean that you would've already lost the conduit.
  3. Ok so since typing in game is gonna get you killed at higher levels, this is a similar solution to Monster Hunter World's chat pop-ups that are announced to the whole team. Right now we have a gesture submenu which is completely useless in gameplay: the Nartas don't even deal damage nor do they have ragdoll gimmicks :/ I would rather it have SOME functionality, such as being able to display customisable text in missions when used (not in relays). Can even make it such that they spawn a mannequin of light that displays the gestures if you had to move quickly after using the ges
  4. Sounds like its sweeping the current problems under the carpet: - overly repetitive gameplay - lack of interesting mechanics to come back to playing the game + new problems: - increasingly pay-to-win: paying for top rivens, frames and weapons is ok because we assume you are going to use them to level faster.. NOT skip the gameplay loop altogether.
  5. Yet another nutcase resulted from the lockdowns. Just lemme know when we can go after her for the headphones cosmetic for operators.
  6. Since the Emissary has ended, any chance Arlo's heretics bastions could be used as the model for capture missions instead?
  7. Shame that point 1 is already a thing but point 2 isn't. That's why we tend to just want to solve the problem by grinding through and never touching Rivens/Focus again. How would one make such a lengthy experience feel good? Serious question - personally I have no idea.
  8. Don't think you understood the guy above correctly, he's saying you can save it in an alternate appearance loadout. Copy and pasting the appearance onto another loadout for customisation will not affect your previously saved loadout. Iirc, loadouts are arnd 10p so its quite doable to get more.
  9. Try Esc>Last mission results>repeat mission. See if that jumpstarts the UI and see if you can time the exit/just going through with mission if farming. Prev tried travelling to syndicates' relays to interact with navigation in the Origin System but that had the same issue :/ Not sure if this is still the case But yea, I'd rather that this was fixed instead of using weird gimmicks to overcome these bugs.
  10. How would shared ammo work? 1 primed ammo mutation type to feed all of the same weapon types? (yes I'm thinking of Grakatas)
  11. I actually do believe this mechanic was to prevent Chroma exploits though I have no idea why don't they just prevent Chroma's abilities from being able to benefit from self-damage. The "balance" to all other explosive weapons were unnecessary. I will just drop the explosive weapon for a non-explosive one. What about the self-damage reduction mods? The only weapon that would not be mitigated by this is the Bramma but honestly, the stats on that thing is so way off the top I'm not even surprised. Yea that was weird, there was no self-damage on operators previously but idk
  12. Yup that's how you pop em. As for OP's suggestion, what if you had multiple globes and were in between both. Would you then end up cancelling both? This is for the case where Frost has reduced range and end up putting the globe too far from defense target. Sometime they try to just add a second globe at the right position.
  13. While its a good suggestion, I feel that this will be buried under a long list of to-dos that are currently being expected by the community. Would be easier to just post a link to show how others can create a macro that allows for this/bind guns' shooting functionality to mouse wheel.
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