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  1. New mission type suggestion: find your way out from a randomly generated map. Extraction point minimap icon will only appear if someone finds the extraction point. Have caches also distributed around the map.
  2. As per title. Wanted to control how the loadout pic looks instead of choosing from a limited set of pictures. Possible to allow for local pictures to be used as glyphs?
  3. Hi, can you guys allow me to tell which entrance am I connecting to when I create the drydock? I currently have to start creation > check if railjack is facing correct direction > restart until it is in correct orientation. Should not be too tough to have on UI whether it is left, right or bottom entrance.
  4. Music: perhaps one of the most important aspects that I find lacking in such an amazing landscape! Look up the ambience and solemnness of Crying Suns, try to emulate that so that players will WANT to explore the area after a day of grinding. Litter the landscape with cool tidbits of info that would seem relevant to the lore as they play AND NOT make it a collectible. Spawn strange decorations that are not part of the usual space tileset: when you zoom in on these, have Cy come tell a little story of where it was from etc. It'll be like the orokin text that appears on t
  5. ***************************v*Doubt this would ever happen due to complexity but just a thought*v*********************** Most of all, if you want to make all weapons relevant: 1) Maybe try not to introduce new damage classes: chem to toxic etc, just make it such that there is no elemental fusion: tox + shock remains as 2 separate elements instead of combining to become corrosive 2) Physical damage are combined under "physical" 3) Have different colour-coding for the type of ships to showcase the elements they utilise; blue uses shock, green uses tox 4*)( *If having diff
  6. Unsure if anyone has commented on these but: Perhaps have more ship behaviour variants? - Kamikaze fighters that are slow but will try to knock into your railjack and cause all on board to stagger and lose engine speed. - rare asteroid harvesting ships that carry large amount of resources that fly fast and will try to retreat on being spotted: will only spawn when there are bases for them to dock into - introducing assassins that have aircraft similar to in missions: will have quite a chunk of hp/shields and will chase you down and attack till railjack is down
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