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  1. Well I know the problem.. poor money managment, maybe but then I'm going to farm something and sell it. To be honest, I'm just playing 2 sometimes 3 days a week only fo 2h each day. I would like to play more, but even I'm having a job, a wife , a child 1 year and 9 month old, and some other reallife engagements. I see the point, i'm not having really much more money... 1 PA a year is okay for me... But I'm planing what i'm doing when I go online, with friends and Clanmates so we don't waste much time and can play/farm effective depends on what we want, farm for PL, lvl, etc... 😉
  2. even that don't cares me a lot. Like I said as long as I enjoy to play the Game it's not a big deal for me. If i get something twice I'll sell it. yeah, the profit, that few amount of Credits that i get for selling are not really profit, so who cares 😃 My statement will be the same, no matter what, as long as I enjoy Warframe, yes it would pay for something I already have.
  3. 🤗 nice to meet a Comrade 😉
  4. Yes of course I would, i mean why not, i like this Game, so where is the problem ? If I decide to farm a new frame and afterwards that i want the special/uniqe cosmetic that came with that Frame, I would buy the Bundle. I mean I could sell the double items and have some free slots for Future stuff. Maybe not a economically way but who cares if I really enjoy to play that Game I'm okay with that.
  5. Also an sich find ich die Idee ja ganz nett, allein schon weil ich auf Drachen und die verschiedenen Mythologien die es dazu gibt stehe ... aber in wie weit die sich wirklich in die bereits bestehende Welt von Warframe einführen lassen, dessen bin ich mir im moment nicht so sicher 😅 Evlt. wenn man sie im Tau System neu einführen würde, oder mit einer neuen Main Story Quest nach dem Sentient ARC. Denkbar wäre da vlt noch ein Raid 😅 Feiern würde ich das ganze so oder so 😄
  6. Stimmt hatte ich ganz vergessen. 🙈
  7. Hierzu sollte mal noch erwähnt werden, dass das alleine nicht wirklich reicht, man muss bei der PS4 auch die Konsolenn Sprachausgabe auf Enlisch (USA/UK...) umschalten wenn man wirklich im Ami-markt Traden will 😉
  8. 24Stunden musst du warten weil der Test als gescheitert gilt. Die frage wäre eher warum deine PS4 abstürzt wenn du den test startest, dass ist ein mir unbekanntes Problem. Wenn du nicht zufällig eine Fehlermeldung bekommst wenn das passiert, wird die Problem findung wohl schwierig werden.
  9. oh yeah I remember 😃 send you some screens take you time i'm not in hurry. you can add me as friend if you want 😉 and thanks in advance
  10. What do you want for the Veiled Kitgun Riven ? I'm interested in this
  11. Hey I could need a Riven Pro as well, maybe you can add me too?
  12. I'm not affectet by this bug, but one of my mates told he that he has had the same issues and that he get the MR Xp after removing all mods from his K-Drives and then ride a few minuntes with them. I can't prove if that works, but maybe some of you could try this, mybe it really helps
  13. okay thanks i will try this in the next days, if it won't work i may come back with the source 😉 Thanks and good hunting, too 😃
  14. Hey any advice on get this one looking really good ? atm it'S very shiny 😕
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