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  1. Description: The Velocipod skins for your K-Drive are - as per update notes - only supposed to differ in terms of eye type, however, they also contain uncolorable lights around the base of their wings that shine in the same light as the respective natural Velocipod species. In this case my colors are yellow/orange/black and the uncolorable light shines purple. Repro: 100% repro rate, simply equip a Velocipod skin for your K-Drive. (By the way: Thank you guys for removing K-Drive engine lights from Velocipod skins and giving them Velocipod sound effects! I much appreciate it
  2. There's a mismatch in how the Tarock skin and the Pox use their dual energy color slots: Tarock mostly uses the second slot, Pox uses the first slot, which leads to undesirable visuals. In detail: Tarock uses Energy to govern the look of its Sentient runes, which make up a big part of its visuals (not sure why it isn't controlled by Emissive). It mostly uses the second energy color slot, the first slot adds a small amount of variety. Pox uses Energy to govern the look of its toxic clouds (in their current iteration - they got changed a bunch of times). It mostly uses the first energy
  3. Very good bug list! Hope this stuff gets fixed before DE moves on to new content! Additional bug: The Velocipod's natural energy trails are uncolorable. They do not change with Emission or Energy customization. Example with a Purple Velocipod that has no purple in its custom color scheme:
  4. I appreciate the attempt at prettier eyes, but the reflections seem to be shining very, very strongly in the middle of the dark (picture taken in a dark corner of Loid's room)
  5. This is the Vengeful Flame Ephemera on my Kavat (same bug applies to Warframes etc tho). I've colored the Ephemera with red (and purple), but as you can see on the floor, there's reflections of a red and a yellow light source. The second yellow light source coming off the Ephemera is always there and cannot be recolored. It tends to lag behind a bit during movement, but overlaps with the actual ephemera light spot when the character the Ephemera is attached to stands still. This light source is only visible when reflected on level geometry. Sometimes it doesn't seem to pop up, but I haven
  6. I dipped my toes into the Helminth system with 1 subsumed Warframe and a second on its way. I love the system so far! It's been very fun to try out some new combos (Gauss with Infested Speed running across PoE) and use abilities I usually neglect on other frames (Ember Fireblast's armor strip is so handy on certain frames! And it strips more armor (75%) than I expected (50%) based on the Helminth Workshop mentioning nothing about it getting a touchup. Even the Infusion screen lists it as 50-100%, as opposed to the Arsenal). The Railjack resource costs seem very steep, but I assumed t
  7. Custom, summonable bugdrives would be great! Son could manage the Bugdrive creation and either Son or Mother could manage the mods. Since it's an animal there could be lots of cool extras with bugs that you can't get with KDrives - like dismounting at high/max combo making your bug attack enemies, with duration and damage scaling with either the combo total, or one component of the "points * point_multiplier" equation you get before landing and the combo is calculated. Fortuna kids could have some of their mods be made exclusive to non-bugdrives too of course.
  8. Keratinos has two "forms": "Holstered", with the tendrilclaws facing towards the base of the hand (up the arm and towards the shoulder), and "drawn", with the tendrils facing forwards (direction of the fingers, like all other drawn claws). Keratinos assumes the "drawn" position when it should actually be in holstered state when the player does either of these: - walking around the Orbiter - walking around Relays Side Notes: - Keratinos has the correct behavior in the Arsenal and missions - I'm pretty sure I've seen other playres in Relays with the Keratinos and th
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