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  1. typo bug: New Loka's new mod is called "Fused Resevoir" instead of "Reservoir"
  2. Gameplay Bug with Cancelling Vial Rush TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Vial Rush cannot be cancelled immediately, there's now an input delay after casting it. You used to be able to doubletap the ability key and basically just move a tiny bit forward and spray all your vials in one place. REPRODUCTION: I used Vial Rush on Ash Prime (subsumed via Helminth) in the first ability slot on config C in Neptune's Corpus Railjack Exterminate mission. EXPECTED RESULT: Expected the old behavior: You can cancel Vial Rush immediately after casting it. OBSERVED RESULT: Vial Rush can
  3. Current Behavior: Sometimes, if you're bulletjump-flying in a mid-air arc and you Transfer back into your Warframe, your Warframe is not summoned to your Operator's current position. Instead, you're relocated several meters behind your current position, similar to how ping lag in multiplayer sessions would work. Expected Behavior: Upon Transferring back into your Warframe, your Warframe is summoned to your Operator's current position. Repro: Start flying through the air with a bulletjump or Proton Pulse-amped bulletjump. In mid-air, doubletap your Transference key to quickly Transfer
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