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  1. more info: This is happening to me as Host/Solo with the Fatboys, but not when I'm Client.
  2. hasn't been fixed yet, so here's some details that I hope can help with the bughunt: - if you load into PoE or Orb Vallis directly directly, the sheath will already have vanished from the start, without the player having even performed a melee attack. - if in an Open World the player gets ragdolled via K-Drive accident, the sheath will suddenly reappear (until the next melee strike) - before the mainline update that introduced this bug, there was another visual bug with Nikana Zaws where the new little elemental FX particles wouldn't be attached to the sheath, but there would be a little bundle of detached particles hovering at roughly the same height and position as a Sentinel. I don't get this bug anymore, so maybe fixing it broke something else?
  3. I've tried out the Smoking Body Ephemera on Ash Prime & Garuda in a few Syndicate Missions and a Kuva Flood in various tilesets - didn't show up at all. In PoE and Orb Vallis it did show up tho. It also shows up in the Orbiter and Cetus/Fortuna. (side note, it would be nice if the Ephemera vanishes during Mining, and extra nice if we could have it be unaffected by Energy Color) edit: I played Revenant with the Ephemera on Earth and it showed up. That time I was Client. The above times I was Solo.
  4. Custom energy color will be respected by the blade in the character's left hand, but not the right. When you enter the Arsenal, this bug will be present. If you change energy color, it will temporarily be alleviated, but return once you're in a mission, where it will stay consistent. Tested with Pox.
  5. - sheath is visible until you make a melee attack. Then it vanishes for the rest of the mission, whether you're in melee mode or not. - This didn't happen with my Nikana Prime, so I assume Zaw Nikanas are a special case. - if the bug appears in the Open World, it will accompany you into the Open World's city until you visit the Arsenal - bug does not trigger when performing a stealth melee finisher In case this bug is specific to a certain type of Zaw Nikana, here's what mine consists of: - Link: Vargeet II Jai - Strike: Sepfahn - Grip: Plague Akwin It was also crafted very early into the update that added Zaw Nikana parts, which means it has the (awesome!) additional Sugatra bug. Just in case that might be relevant.
  6. Bugs: - the new elemental fx on melee weapons no longer cast light on your Warframe and the environment. - they are also missing completely while you're walking around on your Orbiter, in Cetus or a Relay. - they will restart their animation every time you switch weapons, with a few milliseconds of no effect at all ramping up to normal levels. - they will enter a flickering mode where the particle effects are missing, but the elemental texture on the melee weapon remains. This bug occurs when you're in Operator mode and switch to your Warframe while in Void Mode (I assume the Void Mode invis disables some effects). This bug eventually self-corrects itself (maybe the animation starts a new loop or sth) - sometimes when switching from your Operator back to your Warframe mid-air, your Warframe will play the "get up from a landing" animation and lock you pretty much in place. Maybe it occurs when you switch just as your Warframe hits the ground?
  7. Feedback: I don't really like that pets follow Operators now because I like using Operator stealth to sneak around Spy missions or get Stealth Finisher kills, but Pets don't understand the concept of stealth at all.
  8. Bug: Jat Kusar is always in its "extended" form. Jat Kusar is supposed to be "contracted" when holstered and "extended" when wielded/drawn. Currently you can only see it properly "contracted" in the Arsenal if you equip it and then customize its Holster position. Loving the new elemental fx on melee weapons btw! :)
  9. This new single letter linebreak in my nickname is forever gonna annoy the hell out of me ;_;
  10. Pablo already tweeted that the fix is coming with the next update.
  11. Suggestion for the small daily rewards: Update the general drop table and the "3 shell game" drop table with new resources. Veterans might scoff at some Detonite Ampules or Endo pebbles, but I think they'd be at least a little more enthusiastic about Kuva, Wisps, gems or solarium.
  12. New Art Bugs: - some of the newly PBR'd weapons don't seem to be respecting custom energy color. Tested with Brakk, Seer, Twin Gremlins. Lanka and Grinlok were bug-free. - in the Arsenal, Venari Sekhara (using Ki'Teer ones) are rendered behind her model - Venari Sekhara visible during normal Khora customization in the Arsenal - the Flux Rifle particle effect that got added with the battery mechanic update renders behind the model in the Arsenal
  13. I feel like Heavy Attack resetting Combo Counter can only work with a relatively low Combo Counter cap, because then it will feel like additional strikes are probably going to feel "wasted". Without that cap, Heavy Attacks are probably gonna feel "wasteful" because so many other systems that draw on the Combo Counter for power would benefit much more from you never using Heavy Attacks ever. Alternatively, Heavy Attacks could merely reduce the Combo Counter of course, or there could be a "Reposte" system that lets you quickly win back Combo Counter (like health in Bloodborne or Dead Cells after getting hit). Blocking sounds... interesting. It feels like it's made in mind with a slower game speed than Warframe's meta. Personally I'd like to slow it down because the fast meta eliminates a lot of gameplay options. But the fast meta proponents are certainly numerous. Warframe has always tried to serve both masters, so I'm curious if this will work. Ground Slam seems more fun now but I'm not sure that it's going to be more useful. Very few game systems seem to interact with this mechanic, so it's rarely worth using aside from some mobility (giving you control over when to end your airborne movement). So I like the direction of this update, but basically all of these "fancy" melee moves still seem kinda weak to me and I'm not sure if players are going to bother using them. Maybe it would be good to include some enemies that heavily encourage (or even require) you to use these "fancy" moves on them. Sorta like what the Nox is to headshots. Something like "heavy attack flips over over turtle bot, revealing the weak spot on its belly that instakills it if targetted with a ground slam". Also, since it seems like a lot of stuff is going to evolve but channeling is going to become a different beast entirely, maybe consider giving some kuva roll counter reductions (or kuva refunds) on rivens with channeling stats on them. If it's not too much database crawling trouble.
  14. Patch on Saturday? Damn. That's some commitment!
  15. Personal wishlist/2 cents: - Peculiar Mods use the Zaw Arcane system to be equipped on weapons, rather than the mod system. There's a lot of "must-have damage mods" already eating up space right now I feel and choosing between good looks and combat effectiveness in a game that otherwise separates those two things doesn't feel like a "good choice to make". There's lots of fun tradeoffs to be considered in Warframe, but I don't think this would be one of them. - design direction changes away from "goofy" and towards effects that feel more Warframe-appropriate cosmetic effects. Like changing the color of elemental effects on melee weapon and its procs to that weapon's energy color, Warframes leaving a trail of infested "moss" (like the stuff right outside Helminth's room) if they're at full HP/Energy, etc.
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