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  1. Lizard_Lick

    Remove spy from sorties please

    Good idea. Make spy solo missions only. Great way to make a lot of people learn hacking.
  2. Lizard_Lick

    MR16 restriction on teralyst needed

    at mr16 a player is able to use a riven for damage.
  3. like the title says. too many leechers are ruining this with inactivity. they dont revive but calling always for it. they dont have approbiate gear aswell. this is taking out the fun of this challenge.
  4. the menu update is a reason for quitting warframe at all. - less intuitive - lowered readabilty due to lowered contrast on fonts - letters/text are merging at widescreens - no desciption text on items - still lacking filter functions .... and so on the new menu is a pain
  5. Lizard_Lick

    Umbra invincible

    void damage does not do any damaage. questline broken.
  6. Lizard_Lick

    Mirage Prime Access Ends March 20th!

    Itzal Prime up next