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  1. 27 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

    Specters of the Rail: U2.3


    • Fixed Corpus/Grineer reinforcements spawning during Infestation mobile defense Alert/Sortie missions.

    On one hand - thanks that was nasty. On the other - that was fun too.

    Can we have crossfire Sorties?

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  2. 26 minutes ago, Bibliothekar said:

    Actually, since @[DE]Megan quoted the original event description, she might have left that line in by accident and Misery might not have been supposed to show up this time from the beginning. Also, "nothing" is an answer just as valid for that question as any other. :stalker:

    1. Would be nice if they clear things up themselves and say sorry maybe

    2. Or they can take responsibility, since they ***ked up, and give us that defense mission

  3. What the hell is going on with DE after release of sotr? So many random changes so many broken updates. So now you take this new system that was there only for a few weeks and throw it out of the window. It wasn't a perfect system, certainly needed some fixes. But you replaced it with a really broken one.

    Just right now tried to run sabotage mission and we couldn't finish it! Enemies just stopped spawning and we got only 6 reactants. We ran around the ship until the timer started ticking and found nothing. Not to say it was super boring too

  4. So I got warned in one of the previous hotfixes for saying: "  I thought you guys broke everything in this game already" They said it too... You know... Sarcastic. Well I don't if I get warned or banned, but I always respected DE for fixing things fast and releasing a lot of nice updates. This time it was a major failure. Even more - some of hotfixes made things worse. And you know what, I keep playing your game and still enjoy it. But if I want to be "sarcastic" I have all rights to be, because your game is really broken atm and yoy still accept money for various things.

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  5. I'm getting tired of DE lately. When I started playing this game it looked like DE was one of the few companies that listens to their player base at least a bit. And now we get another update that shows they don't really care much. PA is bad enough, now this unvault is even worse. I don't need plat, I have Mag p, won't pay for that pack

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  6. Well DE should admit that they failed at changing Trinity and bring back how it was before. Because seriously, op or not it was the most fun and interesting way to play her. 75% isn't too bad but:

    1. Endgame content that a lot of people mentioned
    2. It's just boring. You can spam 2\4 all day now without even looking at team health
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  7. 9 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    The cap on capacity remains unchanged.

    Then I don't understand the point of this system. I thought it should give high Mastery ranks any use, but it doesn't change anything. Maybe I just don't understand how it works

  8. Wow that went way worse than expected. Was it necessary to put so many changes in 1 update? They were working on Volt and Mag reworks for so long and Valkyr\Trin\Excal changes came out of nowhere. Can't say it was worst update ever, but some changes and nerfs are really strange, looks like they didn't even test how it will work in the game. Would be nice if DE reverted the game to previous version and go work on this update for another week or two.

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  9. Hmm, well of course it's not the end of the world and those costs are bearable.  I really hope this game won't turn into one of those "pay money or farm stuff for ages"...

    On 19.05.2016 at 0:51 AM, [DE]Drew said:

     This is especially true for new Prime Access packs. We want Prime Access to be meaningful for those who choose to support Warframe’s future development by buying it. If crafting is trivial, then it diminishes the value of the Primes we offer.

    Speaking of that, I already asked in other topic and still got no answer. Is it possible to make few sets of accessories in access pack? Or make them exchangeable or something. This time for instance, I really want to buy the syandana but don't want the sugatra

  10. 10 hours ago, xX_Eyesore_Xx said:

    You are joking right?

    You want them to change stuff on Prime Access for 1 person? Are you new?

    I'm actually quite serious. Like I said if that's so hard I'm ready to pay for their troubles. Listen, I'm working at the shop myself and if our regular customer wants to buy some gift set and want to change some part of it and can pay for that we can figure something out. Also, the cost is rather high for 2 computer game items that don't even affect the gameplay. So I see nothing wrong in asking for such thing.

  11. Ok, I understand that it's 90% I'll get a negative answer, but I'll still ask. If I buy accessories pack, is it possible to change sugatra for anything else from previous packs? I can pay more for that if needed. I really want the syandana, but I almost never use sugatras. Would be nice if someone from DE could answer here or pm me their proposal.

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