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  1. you know why? because at this point new frames are just props, they don't have any lore or meaning behind them, Im sorry DE, I want to care for this new frames but you are giving nothing here but props, at this point just released then a new props because that's what they are. There is a disconnection on what is important on warframe and has been for a while, I love this game universe but i can't be invested on it, if you dont give me, give us a reason to care, so whats the point of releasing new mods,frames or weapons? what is? when at the end will be using them to do the same stuff, nothing has changed, when Steve was asked about the quest for the new frames and he made that sound, I die a little inside, better graphics are not going to sustain the game Steve, the games looks good so what? its like a plastic cherry pie, its looks good but that's it, there is nothing to feel invested when new stuff is released, nothing.
  2. I'm glad you are not a game dev, because you know jack squad about progression or game design. Any person with more than two brain cells can put together on what to do in this game.
  3. this is hilarious, this dingus just completely ruin his friend experience by making him rush the game instead lf leaving him discovering stuff as is own pace, and now is confused on what his friends is mad, this is some high quality autism. you have no one to blame but yourself OP.
  4. then you should change the name of the post because a rework mean changing her skill for others, I think you are confused on what a rework means. those are more like bugs.
  5. what are you talking about? she is playable as it is now, her kit works well.
  6. she doesn't need, at all, dont fix what is not broken.
  7. she is fine stop asking for stuff that she doesn't need, I think other frames need it more.
  8. what are you smooking? without that she would be boring, also using balefire while her 4 is out is complete mayhem, just spam 1 and fly around bombarding enemies, she really dont need the use of her weapons while she is a freaking B-52. she already have one of the best CCs in the game 40+ meters area of denial, plus enemies caught on her 4 drop energy orbs, also what's the point of using primary when balefire does so much damage and is an AOE rocket, just because you dont know how to use her well, is not the DE fault.
  9. whats wrong with her again? I think she is very efficient right no, I dont get this people asking for a rework.
  10. oh you filled a lot of my card, nice work, 2 months and you think you already know better that other people, yep, yep. wait for a two maybe 3 years for DE to stop popping updates and start focusing on fixing the stuff we already have, let me tell you it took them 6 years to add fetch and universal vacuum.
  11. oh my, this was so edgy that almost cut me, dude chill out, its a game, have fun for once.
  12. Oh yeah, is a cool idea but this weapon is awful, I hate it with a passion, if you try to shot something that is not in a straight line you will miss 95% of the time, I don't see myself farming this event at all.
  13. Oh yeah saru oh yeah, Saryn is disgustingly OP. I have her and I dont even user because she is so brain dead and boring, I rather spare other people the boredness of doing nothing than use her. everytime I see a Saryn I just leave the team, I go into a mission to play not being afk the whole time.
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