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  1. 1 it is in fact insanely strong, much better than any other secondary if you modded with power, so I guess your secondaries suck lol 2. negative duration, that's all I have to say, again you dont know how to mod her right, also guardian is a think you know? the sentinel mod that replenish your shields to 100% every time they break, just saying. 3. haven is a defensive skill providing extra shield and shield getting to your teammates, do you even read the skill descriptions before posting this dumb stuff? 4. Aegis is a good CC, no damage, CC ability, it's supposed to give your teammates a breath not instant kill the room. the warframe is pretty beast, i'm sorry but you just suck with her.
  2. Valkyr helmet looks absolutely amazing, but I hate that you remove the ass energy lines and the definition on her belly, for Khora the original helmet was the best, but this one is good too, wukong I can't say I dont main him but in my opinion looks great, my only concern is the quality of the textures you are using, is low and very visible on the red brands you use, very choppy paint cut like, you can sharpen the edges maybe?, if you take time to upgrade the texture you will for sure have ones of the best skin sets in the game, can't wait to have Khora Mithra! I really dont know what DE tell you about your stuff, but I no longer trust them when it comes to the workshop, it seem very bias what they let in nowdays, I just hope your stuff get into the next round.
  3. omg dude, if you are not going to acknowledge the problem don't comment, this is a post directed to DE not you. if you are trying to start something, go to the general discussion there is plenty of trolls there.
  4. that is okay for enemies, but not companions or other players, is completely awful trying to shoot this weapon when the beam explode in your face if you have any nearby.
  5. Hi I want to report the extremely big hit box of the opticor on allys, or friendly AIs. for example venary: look where the reticle is aiming but the explosion is happening right where Venary is: This is a huge problem, because venary will stay near Khora almost all the time, and when shooting most likely the laser will explode on your face: look how high I'm aiming but still the Opticor beam explode on my face: this happened as well with player control warframes or friendly IAs: The hit box is way, WAY to big, so please DE reduce and fix the hit box of this weapon.
  6. First off is not about her posterior being "censored", butt more about the choice of adding that extra piece of cloth, its just a bad idea, frames with stuff on their back are just bad when it comes to use a syandana, clipping and stuff always happen, is way to long and in my opinion it's just looks bad, so please DE revert that to the original design!
  7. don't you love when people don't even the the balls to post on their main account when they are about to post something this dump? yeah me neither, I came just to leave a HAHAHAHA, this is not even worth arguing.
  8. good point, if some moderator move it to the feedback session it will be great, just to evade the double post.
  9. I'm glad that DE wants to give some weapons a visual upgrade, but this is getting ridiculous, first the eye blinding Arca Plasmor and now the Opticor, for whatever reason everytime I shot this thing now I lose frames, the person in charge of this visual upgrades need to put more work into it, this is unacceptable. The opticor was perfectly fine, but nope DE has to screw it up somehow, please DE test this stuff before releasing it.
  10. the moment I hear she will be locked behind Vox solaris I decide to buy her pack instead, I cant even bother to do that god awful toroid farming, the battle with the Orb is just a cluster fk, I really find no fun in doing stuff for that syndicate.
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