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  1. Good thing playing Saryn requires no effort then, nor does 80% of content.
  2. Have you considered getting off my case and minding your own business?
  3. None of it is a reportable offense. You have recruit chat if you want to get to rotation C. Stop having expectations in pubs. Blocking someone doesn't stop them from queuing with you. Just chatting with you. You're only going to see these people once in your entire life anyway. Equinox farming in Adaro doesn't level frames and requires 10x the work. Saryn can single handedly get to rotation C by herself already. You're pushing a nonissue thread. I would get upset about leeching in any other mode but onslaught because YOU WILL be inevitably and possibly intentionally leeching off the max range Saryn in pubs. You can spare yourself the virtue headache by dropping that ego.
  4. Xaxma

    Harrow and Knell

    The range on that debuff needs to be like twice as large.
  5. A laughably selfish solution. Nobody runs ESO for the rotation C. They run it for the easy affinity. Take that away and that game mode will drop faster than a bullet shot into a puddle.
  6. Inb4 it doesn't reset and it's a bugged mess like the old dual toxocyst where it you need to wait out the whole duration to start again
  7. It's a short duration, and it depends if it's multiplicative or additive. An additive bonus would make it nuts.
  8. Because the 40% extra dmg on a Tiberon is still going to be infinitely more valuable than 200% dmg on a cruddy Karak or Gorgon just because weapon balance in this game is shot.
  9. I wish I could share your optimism, but for so long as the grind remains as extraordinary as it is, "fun builds" simply aren't allowed. For all these woes about mods, frame balance, weapon viability, etc., the central point of contention is all about alleviating the grind. This is just one facet that ignores the issue at hand and that's what frustrates me.
  10. Hildryn wishes for kernalization for she identifies as popcorn. It's her biggest dream.
  11. DE has about as much understanding of end game as Gabe Newell understands the number 3.
  12. So we're going to create mods now out of the sensationalism to traverse the reworked Jupiter? I'm sorry if I don't share the enthusiasm, but I feel like personal mobility has never been a major issue in this game whatsoever since bullet jump. For as long as 80% of the meaningful content consists of stationary "protect this and wait" missions, mobility will never be a facet that is rewarded. Hell, even the new game mode looks like it's just mobile defense and Onslaught at the same time.
  13. No one is gonna use them except for Zephyr to float around and meme. I just don't see enough incentive to use them unless most of them can fit in exilus because they're even more niche than the last ones. Higher double jump? Less gravity? Where we have bullet jump to cover all of our mobility? Hello, devs? Are we even playing the same game anymore?!
  14. What about a hybrid build of range and duration with the augment for both 1 and 4? Equinox with less than like 70 range feels horrible. Being able to swap between the two forms and maintain charge feels great, especially since the night form gives shield per kill when mend is channeling. It gives her and her clone/allies some extra sustain. The clone contributes to charge, which is great for maim. Do you know if adaptation functions with the clone? It could make a shield oriented equinox viable.
  15. Do arcanes like guardian have any effect? I don't want to have to use vazarin to sustain my clone
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