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  1. DE removes loot farm frame stacking just to sell you a mod booster that does the same thing. Literally making a problem and selling you the solution. They let farm frame stacking work for literally YEARS and have not had one open quip about it. There's no way they were unaware of how the mechanics worked before on this and only recently took notice unless they figured some shady way to extort players. I expected a move like this to come from EA, not DE. Let's not sugar coat it or bury our heads in the sand, guys, this is predatory, uncharacteristic, and actually wrong.
  2. It's supposed to be a scary quest though. If they got rid of the jumpscares, it wouldn't be as fun anymore. Please don't ruin it for the rest of everyone.
  3. Why not just have bleedout but you only get one life? This seems like a convoluted way to add difficulty. There's just as much on the line when you have to leave your objective to tend to a bleedout player as there would be with this new debuff without being hindered needlessly. Furthermore, you'd open up the possibility of playing squishier frames knowing you won't just be a burden or dead in 2 seconds as long as you have the tank to watch your back.
  4. joke megathread, devs didn't even take a single suggestion from here to improve her further when she still needs QoL
  5. Thank you DE for listening to my thread suggestion ♥
  6. I feel like 80% of the criticism is coming from people who are only looking at the numbers and haven't tried her. She's extremely powerful. She's great against any faction, infested included. Her 1 is actually strong against the grineer as well. Built for corrosive and blast, she easily reach 70% status and one slot bombards up to level 80. Have you guys been charging your shots? Her 4 deals with infested easily, especially considering 90% of the units are melee and she has a proximal AoE CC that renders them helpless. I don't know what people are talking about. Her haven isn't even too bad either. Have you guys tried building 175% efficiency?
  7. Hildryn's 1 is broken. Can't be activated without being activated first before Aegis Storm.
  8. You should be able to aim Balefire with right click while using Hildryn's 4 because it's a little annoying to not be able to zoom in. Your accuracy is reduced greatly being unable to use such a basic mechanic.
  9. I don't agree that the app was something he could monetize, but I also don't think it needed to be shut down because the service it provided was something players have been begging for years, which was a convenient way to provide riven price data in an unbiased fashion and thus offer perspective that could keep prices under control. It's not enough if there is simply a statistical medium because said statistics can be manipulated with a large enough of a constituency so as to create a monopoly, which is something that can easily be orchestrated by such a riven mafia. Yes, it is. The trade was initiated by the pressure of a false, artificially created trade environment where greed and monopolizing created unrealistic trade expectations. Many people would obviously prefer to get their real money's worth out of a riven they earned, but the hostility of the nature of trade chat pressures people into giving it up sooner and for far cheaper because the waters are full of sharks such as yourself who simply don't want to give a fair deal, because otherwise they'd spend their time in trade chat all day looking for the one person who would be genuinely interested. This little trade mini-game is just manipulating money, and there are people who actually spend more time sitting here trading than actually playing the game, which is pathetic. This wouldn't happen if we had an auction house. You can calmly and honestly admit, with total, undeniable penitence and accountability, that the intent behind censoring data was malicious and motivated by greed which is heralded by the perspective that such a tool would threaten these shark-like practices, which it did and it's wrong. I'm not young. I know about the nature of people and what it takes to motivate people to go after a relatively harmless practice. You're not DE's legal enforcers. It wasn't motivated to enforce the ToS. You're just a scared mafia. I can't be misinformed about that. You realize how stupid that sounds right? I had to go back to this just because of how goofy it sounded on second reading. It's about as good of an excuse as the evil twin plot, or the "my brother got on my account" meme. This tells me at the end of the day all I need to know about how your position works. And you lost.
  10. Oh, hello there, sweaty Riven market Mafia man. Came here to do some damage control, ain'tcha? Who is actually going to argue against data? Semlar or not, who cares. The pragmatics dictates data should and ought to exist regardless of who's doing it, and it's not questionable. It was a burden of DE's because the situation with trading was neglected until they were forced to get involved. Now, you're upset because they agree with Semlar and Tacticalpotato and hide behind the "civil discussion" ploy to cover for an intent to conduct improper trade practices worth literal hundreds of dollars. Not even the real world performs trades blindly. Your constituency argues for "skill based trading" when in reality you just want to keep the trading environment naive and uneducated so you can continue to scam people. You're not fooling anyone. The whole clan is spoiled regardless if it's 1, 2, or 10 people doing it out of a hundred.The practice was tolerated and thus all are guilty.
  11. You get rewarded for doing everything you'd normally do. What? While I do agree that the Nitain costs could use some reduction to price in Wolf Creds, other than that, most of the challenges are essentially passively completed so the rewards are justified. Killing 500 enemies? Done in 5 minutes. Completing a sortie? Done everyday in like 20 minutes. 3 waves of Sanctuary Onslaught? Cool, I needed to forma something anyway. 9 Invasion missions? Well, a little excessive, but I guess I can use some Fieldron. People will literally complain about everything. It's insane!
  12. I hope I can do a Bumble thing for this contest. https://imgur.com/a/7RAtM25
  13. It's a shame one of the coolest sets is riddled with so many bugs. And maggots!
  14. Nyx Prime still has her old passive description.
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