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  1. Xaxma

    Banshee's Soprana's skirt clips badly...

    Bug turned feature PLEASE. First Mesa, now Banshee. Buff all the butts!
  2. Xaxma

    Speech Bubbles?

    In public instances like Cetus, Fortuna, and the various relays, why don't we have speech bubbles appear over the heads of those speaking in the location's chat? I would feel more involved and possibly hop into conversations I'd otherwise overlook because it's not in my face.
  3. Xaxma

    Opinions on next peimed weapons

    I pray to god for a Daikyu P but it's most likely coming with Ivara P. Phaedra P, Kazsas P and Elytron P would be awesome. We definitely need to catch up on priming our AWs and weapons.
  4. Xaxma

    Vauban is in a wheelchair.

    Please DE, he badly needs the love of Pablo Christ. That pitiful change to his 1 effectively did nothing to help him. His Minelayer is absolute garbage and nonexistent, none of them remotely useful or reliable. His 3 is outclassed and was strangely nerfed even though he brings no damage in anyway. His 4 is just a more expensive version of his 3 that covers even less space. And while I'm at it, why does he have literally the same animation for every ability? Why bombs? Why can't he build things like Torbyorn turrets or some TF2 style engineer dispenser? You can go crazy with the idea of this guy since he's the "engineer frame" but you settle on 4th of July poppet bombs!
  5. I wish I could give feedback, but DE gated your ability to get him behind Fortuna rep and then Vox rep because you can't get one without the other for some reason now. Even though you can farm the Quills and Cetus rep separately. Why did we step back?
  6. Xaxma

    Azima, A.... well its just bad. worse now.

    It should just be a turret that shoots the closest enemy. Is that so much to ask?
  7. Xaxma

    Why is Ogris so bad?

    It's only good to use with Ember because her 2 debuff increases the napalm damage significantly, otherwise, I don't recommend it on anything except Infested.
  8. Xaxma

    Strain mod set - a major Bug and Feedback.

    It's a shame one of the coolest sets is riddled with so many bugs. And maggots!
  9. ... Barely. The era of Warframe was a lot simpler before The Second Dream as well. It didn't explode in popularity until then. Don't discredit the mountain of changes since Focus first came.
  10. Xaxma

    Cobra and Crane a better Sigma and Octantis?

    I like the C&C just because I like mace + shield over sword + shield, and it looks better than S&A Prime.
  11. Xaxma

    Venari Bodyguard feedback

    No I'm glad this augment exists to give Venari some use despite it being a low-key bandaid lol. Except it seems like everyone just sort of flipped their dialogue upside down overtime just to internalize DE's neglectful stance on pets so they can stop feeling bad about it. Fetch isn't enough to overlook the innate flaw to Venari and pets in general: Shoddy AI. But no, I'm sure we can give Khora an augment to displace attention away from her cruddy 3 and onto her 1! Oh, and let's make her 2 and 4 work faster now! Plus, we can't ignore the fact that Venari's protect mode is completely useless and objectively inferior to attack and heal mode. But no, I'm sure we can give Venari an augment so she stops being useless! Okay guys, she's fixed now, onto the next toy! I'm looking at the whole picture when I say that whether you like it or not, Khora is still an unfinished frame, and I'm not going to let up on stressing that. She stands as a reminder of DE's biggest blunder to date, and this augment among whatever tacky addition they come up with isn't going to make me forget about the botched past Khora endured. My honest opinion? After 5 forma on both Khora and Venari, I can tell you that Khora is actually a strong frame when played right. Really strong. What's the problem then? She's nothing as she was advertised as being, and even as they had to salvage whatever she was about to become, she still makes for a boring caster frame with ugly unfinished looking effects and animations and a lack of promised gameplay duality with Venari. Not once, even after what I've invested in her, would I say "Wow, I'm sure glad Venari pulled through for me! She sure was helpful there!" So yes, I'm "glad" this augment exists, but I'm also upset it had to come to this.
  12. Xaxma

    Venari Bodyguard feedback

    The irony of these posters here is that much of the community hated Venari and initially called her useless on release of the frame. What does it matter to you guys if the cat disappears? Khora doesn't need Venari to be good. I'm glad this augment exists.
  13. Xaxma

    Can we get an ember rework already?

    Add Gara to that list of net nerf. Her 4 used to be duration based and was completely invulnerable to breaking.
  14. Uh yeah you are disadvantaged greatly. Every frame uses energy. What is a frame without energy? Granted, as a veteran with a plethora of energy pizzas and arcane energize, it doesn't bother me, but to newer players, it's a necessity.
  15. How many topics do I need to make on this? Please, DE, my fashionframe is on the line! Game is virtually unplayable.