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  1. I was fighting against sister with magnetic damage tenet arca plasmor, then suddenly there was a magnetic proc. I was confused and ended up the fight and quickly returned to arsenal, to check if I did not equip arcane nullifier or not. turns out I still had arcane nullifier in slot. I do not know what exactly happened, but I am quite sure about magnetic arca plasmor ignores arcane nullifier.
  2. Even after the nerf, Blood Rush with certain mods would still be able to pump your crit chance to 660~990% at 12x combo counter depends on your build tho.
  3. Smeeta Kavat's Charm ability has one flaw, which is the critical buff which "fixes" critical chance to 200%, which can be turned into debuff when you use certain melee weapons with high base critical chance or weapons like lenz, dread, paris prime w/rivens that grants them over 200% critical chance or applying galvanized scope/crosshairs that will be soon added to the game. change the "fixed" value of critical chance of 200% into something else like multiplicative, additive or flat bonuses.
  4. Hmm, how about giving shotguns galvanized laser sight, tweaking blunderbuss&critical deceleration and make Internal Bleeding global for all primaries? I personally feel like shotguns are constantly excluded from "guns are actually powerful. It is just lack of mods".
  5. While I think "on kill" is kinda debatable stuff, "on headshot kill" must be changed since if status proc like toxin, fire, electricity, gas and most importantly, slash takes the kill instead of initial hit even though it is procced by headshot, it does not count as headshot kill. and we mostly kill enemies with status ticks or CO melee in steel path.
  6. Red energy Smeeta Kavat Red energy Adarza Kavat +red energy adarza kavat proccing cat's eye I am selling both kavat's imprints for 500p(2ea). price can be negotiable since I do not know how much exactly red energy kavat costs.
  7. Critical Shotgun builds have been standing in a weird position for years. like, literally adding primed chilling grasp and primed tactical pump instead of adding primed blunderbuss. and quite recently Critical Delay and Creeping Bullseye got a buff, and still, shotguns have only 90% cc one and 48% cc -36% fire rate one. oh, also, galvanized laser sight was excluded from new galvanized mods. This seems unfair. How about buffing Blunderbuss into 150~165% and Critical Deceleration to 187% and adding galvanized laser sight? oh, also, we still do not have shotgun version of internal bleeding.
  8. I tried to help my clanmate getting "kill x dargyns with bow while getting no status effect" riven challenge by entering koro, but no dargyns spawned during the gate breaching and existing dargyns disappeared when I opened the cannon console door.
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