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  1. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: I was letting my engineer repair electrical hazard. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: When engineer role AI crewmate repairs electrical hazard EXPECTED RESULT: Electrical hazard disadvantage should have gone. OBSERVED RESULT: Instead of disappearing, Electrical hazard continuously harassed my screen even after the mission, even in the dojo. REPRODUCTION RATE: I think it's not always happening, but it has quite a chance to occur.
  2. Uhh, it's like 4~5AM for me. Would you mind changing it to Gift of the Lotus instead of twitch drops?
  3. "fix" should not be this inconsistent. in my case, I could not stack more than 7x(my base combo counter allows me to stack 4x) with exalted melee.
  4. https://imgur.com/bN1YkIm I was surprised and took the screenshot immediately, but it is insufficient to explain this weird bug. This is how it happens, I think: I entered the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught session that is happening in Round 1 and extracted at the same round. But I got matched with same dude in Round 2 Session of ESO. My EXP stored is, for somewhat reason, kept during session 1-2 like I played the actual Sanctuary Onslaught to next session even though I came back to main menu and put forma and matched with previous session member(not necessarily host) Very stran
  5. 2:30 Activating Serene Storm, x4 Gladiator set bonus still exists and I can proc red crit as I want. 2:43 Suddenly, Gladiator set bouns is gone. Now I barely proc red crits. And the rest of the video is just me figuring if it's intentional or not, but considering gladiator set bonus does not disappear immediately just like Xoris does, I think this is a bug worthy to mention about. Here is the context: Recently I found a strange, seemingly bugged phenomena. I usually use Fragor Prime build with riven that boosts my initial combo count to 85, making my Fragor Prime's comb
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