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  1. I came here cause OP responded in my thread so i felt right to respond here. I feel bamboozled by it being called a Hand Cannon only to get an SMG with an under-barreled laser. And i defend this topic even tho it was a free drop because this is where this kind of issue starts. What's to say a bait and switch doesn't happen down the line again on something not free?
  2. I get where you are coming from. I see a lot of your posts and i recognize the issues as well. I'm fighting my own smaller battles that will get swept under the rug by the bigger rocks. So far i haven't see anything about the Sarpa being broken. I tried to find any threads you had for it so that i could understand. As for what Nok-Rntha said this has a larger impact then what you suspect. This small thing could have a rippling effect later on. This is miss information that could lead to smaller issues down the line that build up. I know it seems petty that i don't see this thing as a hand cannon but i can't let it go. I'll fight for the right things in other threads as well but i was amped up about the thing. When i hear Hand Cannon i think big boom, large slug, someone getting put down hard. While this thing is decent it doesn't have the right Feeling. The right soul of a Hand cannon. I can't remember the statement but it felt like a bait and switch. I feel bamboozled.
  3. Wait this is a thing? I've had something like this happen to me in a few games and only 2 of them ever got a fix to prevent you from getting the same item back. I hope this gets resolved.
  4. The secondary fire is flamethrower not a cannon. It does heat damage in a cone. Again i never said the gun was bad but you probably glossed over what i said and only focused on the negative. The gun works and it has interesting things but like i said in my post Hand Cannon does not come to mind when i use this thing. It is an Auto SMG with a Secondary energy torch. I know the saying don't look a gift horse in the mouth but at the same time i am gonna call out what i feel is a bit of fail advertisement because we are here to help DE in a way shape the game and make sure things go right. We point out errors in weapons, terrain, game-play and DE fixes it. That is what feedback is for and i'm going to give said feedback. Positive or Negative i'm going to give them feedback where i can. Big or small things should be reported. So i'm calling it out for being miss-labeled. Like when people blanket name all rifles as assault rifles. Even small caliber SMG's will get called assault rifles. You shouldn't call people who give feedback or calling out miss-labeling "sensitive" You're miss-labeling my argument at that point. And you change the meaning of my threads original intent from feedback and critique to make it sound like i'm whining. You sound like if i have a problem with something i should keep it to myself because there is a worse problem out there. That is a very terrible mindset to have and goes against what this forum section is meant to exist for. What you're basically saying in a small way is "Sit down and shut up and deal with it." Anyway i will continue to work within the guidelines of the forum and i will post feedback. Again this is what this area is for. Good day to you.
  5. It's an SMG not a hand cannon. Theyliedtous!
  6. This thing is an SMG, Not a Hand Cannon. (This is calling out DE on what they are calling it. The weapon works fine.) Search up Hand Cannon. What do you see most of the time? If its medieval then its a large pipe that shoots a large slug/ball. A Flintlock as well. More modern times its usually shown to be a large revolver with large caliber bullets. They look/feel/sound heavy and the Athodai feels nothing like that. It feels lightweight to use as it barely had recoil by default until the overdrive. The sound is more of a pew pew and not a heavy bang. It looks like its made out of a light polymer instead of it being what is equal to a Big Iron. This is a laser SMG that fires an energy cone secondary. Now you want an energy Hand Cannon use the Tombfinger secondary. Now THAT is a Hand Cannon. The Brakk, Vasto, Branco, Lex, Magnus, Seer and Tysis are more hand cannon then the Athodai. You advertised a hand cannon and i got a pew pew SMG. It's a good gun and does the damage but in principal it's a lie.
  7. Cause it's a copy of a ship that Nora LIVES on. She doesn't have a Orbiter like us so she needs some room.
  8. Well i was thinking this..
  9. I hope i get to pour goop juice on people to heal them!
  10. I have the Nutrio incubator you parrot.
  11. I'll give that a shot. I don't have a kubrow equipped on anyone i checked my loadouts. I'll see what happens to my kavat.
  12. The markerplace says i own the Nutrio so you're wrong.
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