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  1. Well the changes to the animations seems to have messed with everything else. She now keeps her right leg up and lost the slower sway. Now its this stiff legged rapid sway that looks weird now.
  2. Lancars

    Covert Lethality

    It should be renamed to Covert Tickle.
  3. I like having the heavy attack on a separate button but the hold power attack seems to go off randomly in the middle of a combo and i burn all my stacks. It needs a menu toggle to turn off that hold to power attack to safe. This especially hurts when i use the pennant as i like this weapon. Please add a menu toggle.
  4. Archwing is so useless unless you use amesha, its pathetic. An enemy so much as looks at you you're instantly killed. Garbage.
  5. With the addition of two energy colors now i thought maybe it could be possible to have alternating colors for the bulbs on the festive skin. So you can have red green red green etc etc as an example.
  6. Why can't i use it for any of the secondary laser weapons? Spectre, Nukor, Ocucor, Cycron, Atomos? It feels like a skin that would fit them the best.
  7. I too went into caves more and i finished them off and i don't have a boost.
  8. Cause for a bit a lich could be generated during a mission and someone else kills it and you suddenly have a lich. I got my randomly day one before they added the changes to them. Random scorpion in the middle of a fight.
  9. Oh i know about that fairy well but she didn't pipe up as much as cy did during a lot of the missions. I'd rather have Navi with me during all my missions.
  10. this isn't about the frame problem its about Cy being a damn Nag.
  11. Okay so people are being pissy with me. My point in all this is there is no chill with his voice lines during the mission. One after the other. I have the big red message plastered on the screen about an interruption. It's like being told to do something WHILE you're doing it. The voice acting is great but its really annoying during the mission where you're repeatedly told over and over and over about enemies on the point. I get it. I'm doing my best but i'm being accosted to kill them when i'm doing the mission myself and their is a never ending stream of enemies coming in. Worse cause the corpus use drones that like to hide in and around the nacelle as i was trying to defend it. I was using Nyx at the time and ended up going with khora to just drop my cages to kill the smaller drones you don't see hovering behind everything. It's not even a hard mission. PS to that one person saying its racist to be angry Cy. Really?
  12. If they can they should bring back channeling for stealth reasons. It takes to long to wait for the body to break up.
  13. I thought i'd give my short thought on vauban. His kit is okay. But i don't bother with overdriver or the pad much. Overdriver seems to randomly choose a tenno or their companion which ends up being a waste. And i have to chase people down to give it to them. I can't refresh them so its more of a hassle for a small boost. I don't use tether much it feels situational plus it seems to leave lines everywhere. Plus you can't choose what it tethers so if you want to stop that eximus or nox you have to hope or spam them since they only hook 2 target. So i barely use it. Maybe if i need a boost in damage. Flechette i use a lot. One of the big ones i use to hold spots. The armor buff from Bastille is great but it doesn't last very long outside of it so sometimes i gotta put another Bastille down so i don't lose the buff. Personally i'd ditch the pad and overdriver and just combine them into making some kinda small barricade wall that if you're standing behind it you get the damage buff like if you used overdriver. Positioning would be key and don't allow the damage bonuses from them to stack. So someone who wants to hold a spot has a spot they can duck behind while still shooting back. You can also bring back one of those explosive mines. Combine the two older ones for a nice little explosive surprise.
  14. Only thing that irked me and people told me to relax that it will be fixed was the covert lethality nerfed to oblivion. I can't stealth kill targets during fights like a nox as easily anymore preventing them from harming the team.
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