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  1. Randomly in the middle of fights Wukong's passive will randomly kick in and i get the screen while still at full health. Doesn't happen every match but it happens. Happens the most while in the middle of melee. So i'm not doing self damage.
  2. No to a cover system. Sticky cover is trash and gets you kicked more then it helps. You can just crouch behind stuff or slightly peek out if you want. I remember DE saying they tried it way back in the alpha and it disrupted gameplay so they got rid of it.
  3. So when i was watching the Dev Stream a bit back when he was announce i was excited to see this new Warframe. I made a few wimsy posts about him because of said excitement. Then we got to see him in action at tennocon and then on the latest Dev Stream. Still excited. My only issue tho i can't shake is how his Redline mode is cast at the moment. Redline is a boost in speed. When a car wants to have a boost of speed it doesn't Stop and then jet off (Only if it needs to turn but that's not the point) I can use 2 examples from several shows out there but i shall pick two. K.I.T.T and his Super Pursuit mode and Steamlight Platinum Nitro. Now as you can see during these two videos they do not stop. There is a charge up period. What i suggest is Redline mode be cast-able on the right but give it a timer before it goes off. A Charge up. The panels can all open up in sequence before he blasts off. Just like K.I.T.T does. This would be better then a Stop and charge for a Speed Frame. Make him feel like he has all this potential energy building it up before the blast off. Can even add a knockdown blast if hes using his 1 in full run. Please consider this because it can function for the intention while keeping a cool factor.
  4. Oh my god i love this game mode. I want it to stay even if it has to look different. It's perfect.
  5. Yes but she is also attacked by things in the overworld as if she was an Archwing so she gets locked on by things. A blink would be helpful in those cases to break the lock on.
  6. She doesn't take collision damage anymore and it would be great it open world to keep up without having to drop out of pixie form to get to some place close. Like you're not gonna get across the map super fast but it would be better then nothing.
  7. The animation team does amazing things.
  8. Hitting that Redline mode should feel like popping your nitro. Not stopping to do a anime character charge up. But i agree all of his moves should be castable on the run.
  9. I don't see anything halting all movement just to activate a booster of sorts and that's what Redline mode is. It looks silly that you stop all together. Maybe allow it to charge up while moving. Sure its a 4th ability and a lot of them need to stop a cast but it doesn't make sense when you're going for speed. Plus its not even a nuke type 4th. So please allow it to be cast on the move. It will make Gauss feel unique against most of the other frames.
  10. Breach charge needs to be more sticky. When i go to use it half the time i'm casting breach charge on the spot instead of targeting the Reservoirs because something broke my LOS for a millisecond or my crosshairs got moved by some screen shake.
  11. I was thinking spread out, not in one ability.
  12. Well it's just a thought. Not many engineer/technical frames with a good utility that isn't hard CC or nuke. Heck i'd like a frame that could place down a device and change its function on the fly without having to redeploy that provides buffs and other assorted things. maybe it can even go in attack mode.
  13. The more options the better honestly. Then you can play how you wanna play instead of being pigeonholed into one style because only that frame has that thing or someone has resources they just wanna burn.
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