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  1. I don't know which patch it was but you said you removed knockbacks from anything that wasn't the profit taker. I'm still getting knocked around by all the MOA's and stuff in the area so i hate to say this but that patch note was not truthful.
  2. It's been how many patch cycles? Why is this still a thing? A simple rotation of the items on the device. Come on already i've been waiting to make this new Amp because i don't know what will happen when you do finally fix it. These items are expensive and i'm not just gonna make a new Amp all willy nilly when it happens. I'd fix it myself if i could because its just a darn rotation thing! Come on DE!
  3. I think you turned a dial somewhere WRONG. Profit taker is REALLY overtuned now. I'm being one shot through blessing and link.
  4. The console glows but the enemy is still able to use the alarm consoles and the alarm goes off and the console doesn't explode.
  5. I see threads that are similar in both and its getting very annoying to find my threads moved into off topic when its warframe themed. Off-topic in all other forums are for threads that have nothing to do with the game like this thread. So yea there needs to be some more clarity or something because the lines are becoming blurred here and i sometimes, no offense, i don't think the forum mods know either.
  6. Like how we call Reactors and Catalysts "Potatoes" I call Relics "Metal Cabbage", Reinforcement beacons "Snitch Sticks", Coolant Canisters "Greedy Milk Cans" and the Thermia "Hubris Hotsauce" (cause you can use milk to ease hotsauce burns) What kinda nicknames to you use for stuff in the game?
  7. I get downed. They stop working. I fall in water they stop working. I revive after the sentinel is destroyed it stops working. The synth mods are very fragile.
  8. For some reason i'd activate Archwing and do the animation but the device isn't there. Then i'm running around in the sky unable to disable it. Running into water does not fix it. Dying only fixes it but the bug returns if i do it again. Ended up killing the game to avoid false flagging a ban. I'd rather not lose my account cause something broke in the game.
  9. I liked the 60 minute survival. Did the and the Kuva one at the same time. We had a blast but one person didn't run to the exit right away and host migration failed them. So 3/4 people got the count.
  10. Set the orb fight to a natural 2 star wanted level. I think the amount of trash and enemies amping up to insane levels ends up making it unplayable. You can kill as many beacons as you can but they drop them WAY to much and in locations you can't even see them so you don't know where it is. And in the madness of the orb fight i think that is contributing to all the lag that is going on. Pouring to much trash into the fight makes it undoable half the time cause you get a host whos computer starts to have connection issues due to processing all the garbage piled on everywhere in the fight.
  11. Except she instantly drops locations in your path or on your head if you're in the area and BAM excavator. So yea without warning they drop if you end up near the ring too. The ring is a lie you can be way outside the ring and it drops.
  12. Excavator Deployed. Excavator Destroyed. Excavator Deployed. Excavator Destroyed. Excavator Deployed. Excavator Destroyed. Lotus's lust for excavators is annoying to since she needs to drop 2 more while you're trying to get to one so you end up with three. Then you decide to leave and its "Excavator Deployed. Excavator Destroyed. Excavator Deployed. Excavator Destroyed. Excavator Deployed. Excavator Destroyed. " the whole way. Or she she goes on and on about batteries. I think you need to cut down on the Lotus transmissions. And ease up on the randomly places excavators.
  13. Amalgam Organ Shatter kinda sucks. Any weapon that could hugely benefit from it like glaive or any of the charged throwing. Dual daggers. Its a downgrade to put it in. Yea faster charge but non of them have good crit so why would you put it it. Atleast the other ones as sidegrades. AOS feels like it would be a downgrade.
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