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  1. People only seem to give feedback when something is wrong. But i wanted to say i love this skin, CleoNaturin did a wonderful job!
  2. I get the theme of glutton and all but I'm focusing more on trying to balance his mechanic then playing the game when i use him. I keep trying to figure out different things but in the end its more work then some of the other frames. Even with high duration and efficiency I'm still hungry for energy. I have hunters and all the other ways to gain energy but having anyone in the gut seems to still drain my energy far to fast. I can't even get the ten stacks of enemies I need to make pulverize do its best and by the time i get to it my energy is nearly gone. Then there is the fact enemi
  3. Spot them but you should be able to bypass them if you put them to sleep.
  4. Did testing when i got the pistol one. Seems to work best with catchmoon. I guess people are gonna use it again.
  5. Probably expect you to use the Vaykor marelok with the shrapnel rounds.
  6. I don't like the changes. A lot of my weapons got slightly weaker cause of it and most of them don't have impact. So to many weapons got effected for 2 new mods that are mediocre. Melee is still stronger and this has done nothing but feel like a nerf to a bunch of primary and secondary weapons. I think more testing was needed as it seems to have come out half way.
  7. Removing my post cause after I typed it I got the forma finally.
  8. Seems the Botanist mod gives you less. You're better off using the manual scan so it can benefit from Cross-Matrix Widget. I think Botanist should be changed to just point the plants out if its gonna be such a downgrade to use. Highlight them like Scan Aquatic Lifeform.
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