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  1. In Cracks in Deimos. the mission Eliminate the Source of the Mist nothing happens. You get the lamp there is no prompt to use it on the fissures and nothing happens when you hold it near it. All spawns stop as well.
  2. If a grineer shoots the condroc it becomes immune to any sleep powers and if you try to tranq dart them they are immune to the darts and fly away. Please remove Grineer aggression to the condrocs.
  3. Yea but its random on who it chooses. I'll shoot at one enemy and it changes directions. Then each bounce exploding and its randomness it will just explode against a wall and do no damage.
  4. I can't relink my twitch to warframe. This is kind of annoying. I shoulda just left it linked. EDIT: Looks like everything is broken on Amazon's end. Nothing DE can do about it.
  5. This has been a huge Phahd nerf. I liked its random chaos before. Now its boring and i get more damage from the primary attack. Can I get an Amp Scaffold that has no attack and just buffs the primary fire as I don't like any of the secondary attacks and the Phahd was the only fun one and now you made it predictable and boring.
  6. 0 Wanted level and No snitch sticks. Freshly arrived at a location. I dunno what unit it was but like the Grattler bug that made them do way more damage then they should have there is another unit doing obscene damage. I had 300 shield and 600 health and i was instantly vaporized on free roam. Couldn't even see what hit me I just died.
  7. Scintillant is Garbage. The one bounty that says its Common IS A LIE. The vault runs are garbage because of the bugs and the scintillant dropping from Necramechs IS A LIE. I know it sound petty to complain about it but when I can get all the other rare resources at a decent rate but my only source of scintillant I even got was once from a necramech and a DEV STREAM DROP.
  8. So when it comes to objectives like destroy hives or kill something and it ends up in a cave the next objective points to the exit, then you exit and it points back into the cave. I've had to leave objectives because the game wouldn't choose if i should be in the cave or outside of it and it won't update the objective because of that.
  9. *whispers* downgrade. inferior reload. most mods should have a bandaid icon.
  10. This. Right here this is on the point. Any interrupt to these reloads seem to magically empty the weapon of its ammo until its done. This is why I can't use the Tigris and its variants as well. Also no game seems to stage their reloads what so ever. It's always going to be all or nothing so a lot of games just have fast reloads to take the easy route.
  11. You have such a fantastic reloading mechanic that is fun to use. You have 3 weapons that use it out of all the weapons. Corinth introduced it. Then you want back and gave the Strun Sequential reloading when you didn't have to and then you used it for the Zarr. Then you stopped. I'd love to have the Latron and Sybaris have Sequential reloading. I know people Love those weapons as they are so they should be left as is unless others ask for it. But I'd love to see a rifle like those 2 weapons function with a Sequential reload, Semi-Auto and Lever Action and a Sidearm as well for funsy.
  12. They didn't have to increase the mag size to much. It feels like they where trying to balance how many shells are used up for the secondary fire which ended up being 4 so they had to increase the mag size for odd reasons instead of lowering the ammo cost. I just stick to the Superior Corinth. (I don't like magazine reloading cause most games only count them fully reloaded at the very end of the whole reloading sequence which ends when you press the stock to your arm most of the time. If you're interrupted a moment before that happens suddenly the weapon is empty. And that happens a l
  13. It's still a full inferior reload. Sure it uses the animation from the Superior Corinth but it still reloads like its a magazine.
  14. That's the silly part. They didn't need to change the mag size. They put themselves in this corner on purpose because they could not grasp the superior single loading. They seem intent on sticking to the inferior style where at anytime your reload it interupted "Ooops i guess the magazine is magically empty even tho i put a new one in." Problem is games can't seem to code in detecting if the new magazine is full if you get interrupted and just chamber the round. Nope you have to wait till the WHOLE animation is done then it will be full. This is why i don't bother with reloads. I'll use h
  15. The Corinth would be the only issue as the base Corinth uses the superior single loading mechanic while the corinth prime uses the inferior magazine reload.
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