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  1. I don't like PVP at all. I'm against PVP. But... I think the way the Grineer/Corpus characters are controlled it works out better for PVP then what we have now. You're not bouncing around mashing attacks to hope to hit something. So even tho i dislike PVP i think a PVP mode using them is far better then PVP as Frames. Honestly just remove mods for the PVP mod and just have a setup like if you played unreal. Just pure fun without thinking about builds and such. I might consider trying PVP.
  2. Right to the point. I notice when i use skins on some weapons like bladed skins on zaws that aren't bladed they still make an impact notice instead of a slicing one. The Tannukai is a stick yet it makes slicing noises. You have skins for guns that change sounds so why not melee?
  3. Machete Wraith came out in update 22. Prisma Machete comes out in update 26. Why are the stats worse then the wraith which has been out longer? The Prisma Gorgon at least has some different stats compared to the Gorgon Wraith. But the Machete Wraith is just an upgrade over the Prisma. Both sold by Baro so its not like you can't get your hands on the wraith.
  4. I would prefer a shotgun over the grenade launcher cause it still plays into the 2 special mods that are Tetra only.
  5. Yea imagine warhammer. You been playing as space marines for so long and BAM now you're the equivalent of a guardsmen. You're the boots on the ground instead of the demi gods that sail above. It allows you to feel the perspective of things better. It's humbling.
  6. I wanna play as a grineer grunt! I wanna make him the best! Lore wise it can work! We have several avenues we can take! Merc or one of the syndicates!
  7. I know i like the zarr as is cause it wasn't changed. My issue which you seemed to have missed is they completely changed the tetra from what it was isn't something else by making the primary fire S#&$ to push the grenade launcher gimmick it has.
  8. Can you please change the movement direction of the Left Ripka blade to counter the right one.
  9. I liked the Tetra as it was and when you made the Prisma Tetra I was happy. I like the sound of the thing. Then you made the two special mods for it to make the shots faster while aiming and bounce 6x when hitting any surface, even enemies. I chuckles cause I could fill a small hallway with bolts. Sure the thing didn't go up to steel path and all that but I had my fun. Then I hear of the Tenet Tetra and I'm happy that it was getting some love finally. It comes out and i get one and honestly the thing is a huge letdown. You boned it on the secondary fire as all I see are videos about "The Next Bramma?!?!?!?!" And another thing in the videos none of them show the primary fire, just the grenade. The grenade isn't even effected by the 6x bounce mod. If it was up to me I would have made the semi a shotgun blast that uses 20 rounds where you only get 4 shots and the bolts could still be effected by the 2 special mods for it. But instead you change another gun into a grenade launcher and make the primary fire garbage when you coulda just made a Tenet Penta. Not like you've made several variants of one weapon before. Looking at you Cernos. You really should have done workshops on these weapons. Most of the Non-Breifcase style weapons didn't have any thought put into them and slapped another weapons soul into them, Like the Tenet Cycron being a Nukor 2.0 and the Tenet Flux being turned into an assault rifle.
  10. When you cancel tidal surge it recasts itself so you can't end it early anymore.
  11. I got a +2 energy rate on Lavos. So no some of them are complete trash.
  12. No I refuse to use Primed Sure Footed. That is a cheap fix that costs you a mod slot that could be better used by other mods.
  13. When you disable them with an ability or they appear to be CC'd somehow they can still fire off their harpoon. Lets also talk about the fact this tiny sliver of metal somehow has the capacity to knock over a Warframe when it doesn't take that much force to fire one. By this logic all enemy melee/shotguns and explosives should be tossing us about. Sure footed will not fix the problem of how mechanically broken the harpoon is. AT this point its downright magic that this tiny piece of metal on a crappy spring has enough force to do what it does. I know i'm repeating myself but i have to hammer in the fact that tiny spring loaded metal pieces do not have the forces greater then a large melee weapon/firearm blast/explosive detonation. Suspension of disbelief does not rule here either. Again your logic is nerf gun hurts more then a chair tossed at you. Or getting slapped in the face hurts more then being hit by a car. Or a firecracker does more damage then a block of C4. I know this thread is ridiculous but the harpoon mechanic is by far a joke of a mechanic. HAAAA HAAAA HAAAA HAAAA Tiny piece of metal does more damage then a missile! HAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAA. Anyway one of the big reasons killing faster will be far above CC is you make CC useless. Your mechanic leave no room for anything but Meta most of the time.
  14. REMOVE THE RAMP BOOSTING. I'm going to be mean but who ever dummy thought of the idea of making the booster ramps in races. IT BYPASSES THE DAMN BUBBLES. I FLEW OVER ONE FOR A RACE. Right in front of the temple of profit and that place is INFESTED with units that just knock you off the stupid plank I'm forced to use for this STUPID QUEST. DE logic. HERR DUURR LETS SKATE OVER A MINE FIELD HERRR DUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  15. No. Give them an inch and they will take a greedy mile. This is the start of the EA greed. Soon it will be D-EA.
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