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  1. Those infested might conSOOMed a ballistic expert or they eat some sort of firearms for a living.
  2. Wait? What event? All I heard that Sister got herself into some accident that a decent amount of Seriglass shard stabbed on her head.
  3. YES PLEASE! Now we can assert BONK and into the NERF Jail.
  4. After this the next one should be; "Theres not enough Contents for RJ! We need MOAR!"
  5. DE could make one but with a condition; can be only damaged by a Tigris. *BFG Division intensifies*
  6. Good job for reaching as high as one can get. However, in what occasion you would need 473% STR for this build? Is there a new game mode im missing out?
  7. floating requiem symbols? floating focus symbols? floating glyphs? u get a float, everyone get a float we all float nau
  8. OP is kinda sus ngl, imma pull the Host Migration strats.
  9. Commander Intrinsic is a thing? thought that just a placeholder for something that is nothing at all.
  10. Primed Umbral Delete, Increase power fantasy to 500% but closes the game whenever u die in game.
  11. I thought u were supposed to BONK ppl into NERF JAIL using Melee? w8... its all been STRONK?
  12. Grandma didnt sell any cookies, that made me lose drive to farm her tokens so sad, its PIEN
  13. Finally an average looking pistol that has the normal yet scifi looking, the size is just~~ right for a pistol. Kinda miss this shape for once. Colouring it seems fine but that is more into personal preferences, not delving too much on it. Although the reload animation is kind off putting(hoping it was the M1 Garand mag eject where they go 'ping') but nevertheless, its an overall good skin You guys almost there DE, keep at it. Gonna Believe.
  14. its possible to get Umbra-fied frames. Still, doing it for all frames would be a stretch for DE. Adding another layer of variant of frames is like our current weapons variety, the old ones are ditched for the new, improved ones. Only choice they have is to bring Exca Umbra consciousness himself into the frame of our choosing. Given how Echoes of Umbra were teased back then, I guess that would be the original intention.
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