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  1. @Scruffel nevermind my previous comment... Its weapon's description should indicate the "signature" status. Thank you for your insight!
  2. Oops sorry about that I meant Octavia... Thank you for your input. Can you explain how we know which combinations (frame-weapon) are random and which are classified as "signature"? Is there a way to know? Because I have not noticed something like that. I mean did any of the frames that got synergies had that classification before the changes??? Was that apparent somewhere?
  3. Ok I understand that and I accept the randomness on some relishes, but from what I see old and new warframes (new - consistently) get synergies, so I thought it became the new status quo. A reoccurring feature across the board.
  4. Hello everyone! Since the new frames (like wisp or grendel) get synergies with their weapons (fulmin and masseter) and older frames (like Titania or Harrow) acquired new synergies with their own (tenora and knell) I have to ask why nidus didn't get one and when can we expect something for those (hema and hirudo)? Thanks!
  5. Please DE!!! Do it!!! I would pay for these walking animations for my Nidus and my Grendel!!!! Even if you decide to bump up the price for these, I won't mind spending some more plat!!! Also you can sell them separately, I don't care. P.s. I don't have a pink Grendel, I chose the colours of the bear community flag for him! (But I have a pink Frost deluxe!) P.p.s. Deluxe Nidus' assets are perfect for these animations!!!
  6. Hello! First of all I love the change to Grendel's second ability - nourish - we got after "Scarlet spear" (27.3.0). The UI is much better and choosing the buff without restriction is much more useful. But I would like to get only a small adjustment, that is to change the way we push the button. To be more specific I would like to change the "tap and hold" mechanic and the "simple-tap" mechanic between the two. Grendel's nourish also offers a heal not only a buff. We should simply tap the ability for casting it because once we are in need of a heal we should get it right away as we are trapped in more crucial situations, while choosing which buff to have on is something we do usually out of combat. (Also Grendel's heal is much more useful than the actual buffs themselves). So I suggest to "tap" for casting heal/buff and "hold" for choosing buff. Thank you for your time!
  7. Are we going to get any synergies for nidus and his signature weapons? (Like for example octavia and tenora or Harrow and knell) @[DE]Pablo any ideas? For example what if hema turned into a full auto rifle?!
  8. Art inspired the orokin in many ways... What about a Warframe inspired by the work of M. C. Escher (1898-1972)!? (Ok I am talking about his "Relativity" lithograph,1953). And ok... I am talking about map manipulation... "If applicable": The Warframe will be able to bend the generated map tile sets to disorient or crush the enemy! (and teleport everyone with themselves if needed to different parts of the map by joining two different tiles) "If not applicable": the Warframe will turn the enemies themselves into some kind of gore version of the painting.... Limbs and corpses transfigured in an odd manner similar to the impossible painting above! Or even translocate the enemies within walls and objects! (Like Han Solo, frozen in carbonite but in a more... illogical-gory way)
  9. 1) Love you all! 2) Nidus / hema / hirudo synergy like other weapons, when? (E.g. grendel + masseter) 3) How about a new system for the ability augment mods? For example: we could sacrifice our primary weapon (unequipe it) and use the slot to equip the mod there! Or sacrifice both primary and secondary in order to equip 1 or 2 augment mods! That way we can have more pseudo "caster" based frames! Like "mages"! No weapons just ability users! Thanks a lot!!! Gj everyone!
  10. Please can we have the caballero skin a bit adjusted? The darker colours have almost no effect on it... A "true" black customisation is impossible at the moment....
  11. Just one question... Why projectile arch weapons???? Why no hitscan??? P.s. : Please can we have the caballero skin a bit adjusted? The darker colours have almost no effect on it... A "true" black customisation is impossible at the moment....
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