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  1. Any news on these destroyed skins? To this day the black dots are all over them… It is really frustrating since we spent a lot of plat on these delux purchases............ And also you are going to introduce the new ember delux skin.... WHY WOULD I BOTHER BUYING IT IF IN 1 OR 2 UPDATES DOWN THE ROAD YOU MAKE IT LOOK LIKE AN OLD RUG???? https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1240158-heavy-texturing-flattening-nidus-phryke-in-arcana-update/?tab=comments#comment-12072778
  2. to this day and update nothing fixed.....
  3. This is really frustrating... I choose a left leg attachment and the same attachment for the right leg is inaccessible... It occurs mostly with the last or second to last rows of leg attachments.
  4. And nothing fixed.... Also it is a big problem for many people... https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1226120-ugly-dirty-and-weathered-textures/
  5. @[DE]Marcus is there any news regarding this issue? I know there is a lot that de is working on at the moment but just an acknowledgement would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Guys we have to introduce this post to the "feedback section". After issuing a ticket for this subject, de staff told me to post it there. I tried but something automatically changed my post to an answer in this section (it is literally my latest comment here). If someone could reintroduce this subject as a new thread in the feedback maybe we have a chance
  7. Dear DE as always you are doing an amazing job supporting and updating your game. By updating your textures you made the environment even better and immersive, but once you changed the the skin textures many of us were disappointed with the "dirt" on our frames. Here is an extensive post with a massive collection of photos showcasing the problem. I issued a ticket (with the topic above linked) and the answer was to post this issue in the feedback section. At least is it possible to get a toggle or a bar for "weathered" effects? Just like the one in orbiter's customisatio
  8. Here is an extensive post about this but no answer from de...
  9. Thank you for the new intermission but what is going on with [de] and dirt??? Why dirty floofs?? And most importantly WHY DO WE HAVE DIRT ON OUR WARFRAME SKINS???? What are all these black dots on my nidus deluxe skin???
  10. Great! Just one question: will you talk or at least acknowledge the Warframe texture problems?! Thanks!
  11. As reported above... To this day there are no fixes for the black dots that cover the Warframe skins....
  12. Yeah... Nidus phryke skin STILL looks like trash.... Why are all these black dots there???
  13. Hello! Are you going to talk also about the textures? Because after many updated and especially the last one, no weathered or "pepper sprayed" skin has been fixed... Like nidus phryke skin for example which is covered by small black dots.... Ty!
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