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  1. Any synergies for nidus and his signature weapons?
  2. Hi! A simpler question about signature weapons. When are the rest of those weapons getting new abilities in the hands of their warframes? For example nidus and hema? Thanx!!!
  3. Won't.even.bother.!!! I don't care for my operator beyond tridolon.... Here's an Idea: use this new mode to introduce players to crafted amalgam mods... DE creates a "kuva like" resource, which we can use in "combining" 2 Warframe mods into an amalgam one! All Warframe mods are clustered into 3 groups 1) non combining (umbral, aura, corrupted mods etc) 2) group A - most used/basic/powerful mods (streamline, flow, stretch, primed continuity...) 3) group B - utility/fun/less-used mods (motus signal, intruder, proton pulse...) A player can combine only one from group A with one from group B to make his/her own unique amalgam mod. For example I could combine one of my "stretch" mods with one of my "rending turn" to have both benefits. That way a plethora of unused mods can have a spot in our builds and due to so many possible combinations we would farm again and again that "kuva type" resource! Just so we can creat new combinations like stretch+motus signal... Stretch+warm coat... streamline+thief's wit... Etc...
  4. Should we expect any changes to how we acquire the ephemera and the new universal forma? (Not by luck but by achieving something challenging?) If not, could we get an "exchange system" where we will be able to exchange "1% drop chance items" for other "1% drop chance items"? Like giving our second seeding steps ephemera for an aura forma and the other way around?
  5. Can we have an "augment mod slot" as a reward for the next nightwave? Like the umbra forma?! It will be only one, and it would open an extra slot kinda like the exilus slot for one of our frame's augment ability mods! Thanks!!! Amazing team as always!!!!
  6. I have no idea for a new emote but the winner should be sent to these guys for implementation! They are a few steps behind but with your help we can have a real Moa! Hahaha!!!
  7. My question as mentioned here https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1058298-fortuna-hotfix-24212/?do=findComment&comment=10497992 Posted it there by mistake... Sorry...
  8. Can we PLS have a "Bear" Warframe?! After equinox, nezha and now with hildryn, we can explore many more different body types per gender. I would love to see a "bear" - male - (lgtbq) - chubby character! Pls!!!??? @[DE]Bear
  9. Also.... is this ordan????!!!! Ordis!?!?!!! What are you wearing?!
  10. 1) fortuna is AMAZING!!!! 2) I dont want just the floofs... can we pls adopt some of the rescue animals for our orbiters? Just walking up and down our ships... I dont even need interacting at the moment!
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