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  1. Hey, you're being insulting, we all play this game differently and that's OK! That's one of the best things about Warframe, allowing players to play their way! There's no wrong way to play. Just because some of us play the game at a different pace doesn't mean we're trying to do it to look cool. Not EVERYONE believes in the notion of a "content drought" either. Games end, we can take breaks and enjoy other things, nothing wrong with that. I have no qualms finishing Warframe for a while (though, with my playstyle I doubt I'll ever be done!) Quality over quantity, I say! One of the things I like to do most in Warframe is try out new weapons and builds. I don't mind liches taking some time to grind out, but unless I play for hours a day I can't get even 1 within a week. Shadow of Mordor's generals did not take days on end to hunt down, just a few hours each. They didn't actively impede the game either, as liches do. This gives you a pretty big reason to take out liches even if you don't like their weapon-- getting rid of their loot stealing. This is why someone may want to specifically grind them out rather than only doing a little at a time-- because they actively impede your progress and will not stop until defeated. Not to mention, of course people want the new weapons! You're lacking empathy if you think we're stupid for wanting to play with the new gear already, we just enjoy Warframe at a different pace is all! How many liches will we see as we play over the years? How much control will they gain over the star chart and impede whatever you do? This seems like the kind of system that will get very tiresome very fast. Don't get me wrong, there are cool things in here, I like the idea of the loot stealing and having to hunt them down to get out of your way-- I just feel like the amount of time it takes to do so is a bit too much. The requiem mods are a cool idea too, even. It's just wrapped in so many layers of RNG that we end up spending more time grinding than actually enjoying the lich or its rewards. I'm going to sit on them for now, I'm sure that the grind will be toned down by some extent within the next few weeks.
  2. I wish that the sword & shield's unique gimmick— the shield throw— wasn't popped out with this. I used to love just tossing my shield at enemies, I made builds based on it even. It wasn't just a joke build either, the shield itself slightly sought out heads similarly to how thrown glaives seek them— getting that extra headshot damage quite often. I understand that this playstyle was probably a niche, but it was a playstyle I liked to utilize from time to time.
  3. All missions I've do so far since the updates seem to have a weird, pulsating red light over the entire screen— as if I'm at low health constantly. It's very distracting, and making the game quite difficult to enjoy currently. My friends have encountered the same thing.
  4. Am I misremembering things, or isn't the combo counter being removed with melee 3.0? Why add an augment that deals with it if it'll be gone?
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