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  1. most grineer melees are already strong though, and out of those you mentioned, Furax and Sydon already have variants. Ack & Brunt is suppsoed to be a one-of-a-kind weapon for Tyl Regor, so unless it gets adopted into a wider grineer arsenal, it probably won't get a variant. I'm pretty happy with the 3 they chose, especially Grattler: time to go flakking again!
  2. I call it "Fake Noobing" or "Foobing". seen a few people doing it, and it's worth remembering that even if you see someone with low MR and starter gear, it *could* be someone using an alt account, or someone who just isn't interested in other gear, especially if they seem to parkour and shoot pretty cleanly. if they start running around like a headless chicken, then it's a genuine newbie; sometiems fun to keep an eye on them in missions and see which they are lol.
  3. chances are the system will work the same, but there are improvements that need to be made: - the Parazon mods required for Liches should be common, it's the main reason for using these new relics. - it takes a LOT of murmurs for the final Requiem, personally I'd like to see a new tier of thrall, let's call them "chosen", who are basically direct associates of the Lich, with knowledge of their operations, and killing these tougher enemies grants a much greater amount of Murmurs. - when killing a Larvling, we know the weapon they will spawn with, but no idea on Ephemera. it would
  4. DE stated that the New War is going to be drawn out over a long period of time: Scarlet Spear and the original Orphix Venom were the first exchanges, but eventually, the Sentients will make a BIG move, and we will se a cinematic quest or finale to the conflict. this is a long ways into the future though: we need DE back in the office for a proper cinematic quest.
  5. me too. I just want an actual minigun. this isn't that, but a corpus energy minigun would still be pretty nice.
  6. a simple but sort of clever thing I did with mine: laid them out like stepping stones on the path between the Orbiter's rear door and the Operator's chair, so I have to walk the path to MR30 each time I go in 😁
  7. he's pretty strong, though I don't really use him much. the wide range & Duration Grasp of Lohk build is fun though: literally running around surrounded by guns and zapping literally everything on screen. my clan leader even passed his MR30 test with that build XD!
  8. glyph and sigil isn't bad, and while I'm not a fan of Ballas, it's cool they did a portrait of him, you can easily imagine it hung up in an Orokin palace somewhere. otherwise it's just a bonus for buying thepack, the main reasons (for me anyway) would be the Platinum and the Baro relay; hopefully he'll have Halikar Wraith next time..
  9. you mean Lavos, right? Atlas still uses energy. also, how is it inconvenient? literally you just pop an energy Pizza while loading in, and your mission starts with full energy, boom problem solved. much better than how it used to be; running between cockpit and forge every 2 seconds. Dome Charge amount doesn't matter when you run Artillery Cheap Shot and have an engineer aboard. only ever had to make charges once, and that was just pure bad luck. also in a Void Storm (at least on grineer nodes) you're better off using slingshot because you can get reactant faster by boarding and g
  10. I feel your pain, fell off more than a couple of times myself (and also parts of the floor have holes in them which is some BS), mostly it comes from misreading the length of a jump and overshooting it. you will get it eventually, it's just a question of keeping up your DPS while not falling off any platforms. it took a lot of attempts and various builds, but eventually I cracked it with Saryn and Kuva Nukor, and some serious sweaty-tryhard mental mode that I prefer not to use.
  11. I'm the opposite way: nuke-spam aside, Combat is one of the thigns warframe gets right, and there's never enough enemeis in most Solo missions. the same can be said of a lot of bosses in a lot of other games. one can't deny that it's much easier to take an existing enemy unit and beef them up than it is to create an all-new dedicated boss from the ground up. different strategies like what exactly? the only way you're gonna stop somehtign that's shooting at you is by shooting it back, or running in and stabbing it. you want to do a puzzle instead? Nihil's fight was more platform
  12. it does! hopefully it'll be a full set so then you can have a necramech themed warframe to pilot your Necramech (while fighting other Necramechs on Deimos maybe!)
  13. not seen this new armor piece? anyone got a screenshot? now that it's confirmed we're getting armor sets form the original 6 Syndicates, there's more of a chance that Ostrons and Solaris might get ones too.
  14. ever since the fiasco of Railjack's Launch, and the pandemic putting the kibosh on Planes of Duviri and New War's Narrative, DE has committed to only revealing information on content that will appear within about a year or so. much of the stuff shown on streams usually appears within 6 months or so, but until Canada gets back to normal and DE can return to their office, a lot of the big stuff is on hold. I heard they've been developing some kind of plant-based vaccine over there. trust Canada to want to solve everything the eco-friendly way lol. I hope it works out for them.
  15. I use that Tennogen skin we got for her a few updates ago, can't remember name. eventually she'll get a deluxe skin, and more Tennogen skins for her are inevitable. it's just a matter of when.
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