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  1. When does DE usually release the overview for a new DevStream?

    it appears later on after the Devstream has finished, I usually give it an hour or so and it's always there. time was that a Forum User by the name of AM-Bunny did an Overview here in General Discussion and have it posted right after the Devstream ends, but had to stop due to IRL commitments. now we rely on DETaylor's overviews instead.
  2. Warframe will be fine, because there isn't much in the way of paying real money for a chance at something (Mod Packs not withstanding). to be honest they should just remove Mod Packs from all builds anyway, nobody really buys them and they won't be missed. you can get them from Baro who accepts an in-game currency on limited occasions, so they aren't entirely "lootboxes" anymore. ..since bodies like the ESRB, people who are supposed to regulate games, decided to just let this Lootbox phenomenon get out of control, and then pretend to do something by making an arbitrary "online purchases" sticker that covers both Lootboxes and the less predatory counterpart of paid DLC. the Government has authority over the ESRB, so when they don't step up, the Government steps in. besides, Lootboxes should only be in F2P games that decide NOT to make their premium currency available in game (Warframe does thankfully). that's how F2P games survive. but putting RNG lootboxes in a game that already costs £60? that's just taking the pi$$ frankly. and because the ESRB stood by and people started accepting it, now we have a gaming industry where games stand out for NOT trying to rip you off. sad times we live in.
  3. A little too much violence maybe?

    lemme just stop you right there. if you GENUINELY believe this, then I'm sorry but there's no way to sugar-coat it so I'm just gonna say it: you sound uneducated. the whole "videogame violence" controversy is just an example of the media and the government blaming violence on everything except the people that are actually responsible for said violence. it started back in the late 80s/early 90s and it was a ridiculous way of thinking even back then. almost nobody, perhaps just a handful of people of the ENTIRE world's population has ever committed a violent crime solely because of a Videogame. the people who do this already have problems, specifically mental health issues. they act violent because they ARE violent at heart, it has absolutely nothing to do with whether they game or not. but because the media need eye-catching headlines, they'll start claiming that it's the games so that people start spreading these BS rumours to get themselves better ratings. it's the same with guns: people who are mentally unstable or radicalised are the problem, not the inanimate object they use for the crime. nearly everyone who plays Grand Theft Auto, Killing Floor 2, Call of Duty and just about any other game you can think of that has violent content in it are - wait for it - law abiding citizens. people who wouldn't dream of picking up a machine gun in real life and mowing down innocent people. to claim that videogames make people violent is to insult people's intelligence: you're essentially saying they can't distinguish the difference between a virtual world and the real one, so they must copy what they do in the virtual world in real life, right?. if we were in a world where someone always went on a violent rampage after an hour of GTA, there'd be almost no humans left on the planet, as many of us in the developed world are gamers; casual, hardcore or somewhere in between. I can play Tetris and at no point has it ever made me want to stack boxes into shapes to make lines while singing old Russian Folk Songs. don't just swallow whatever garbage the media are trying to feed you: do some research, educate yourself and forge your own opinion. as for Warframe, this is a violent game at its core because it's a shooter. it's for people like me who unwind by shooting things, because it's entertaining to shoot virtual things, and horrifying to even think of shooting another real, living person. the only thing I shoot IRL is clay pigeons and straw targets. if you aren't entertained by the prospect of virtual violence, then why are you even here? have you considered that maybe you'd prefer to play a non-violent game instead?
  4. Thorframe

    Oberon with Archwing. as interesting as it would be, DE prefers to go for slightly more obscure references to mythology, everybody knows who Thor is (even if it's only because of Marvel). his hammer could be implemented though, as a high damage impact Throwing Melee that deals additional electric damage.
  5. Your Favorite Warframe "God"?

    Frohd Bek, God of Grofit!
  6. realistically, you only have 2 options, neither of which are affected by Founder status, or alleviated by posting on the Forums: 1. keep hold of the Riven and try to log in every day, or as many times as possible to get to S&O, then use the Riven 2. sell the Riven for a large amount of Plat, you could dissolve for Endo if you have Kuva, but seems like a waste IMO (unless you really need Endo.)
  7. Dear DE, I can wait for new content

    as a console player, I'm no left with much choice but to wait for updates anyway, but I do think that DE should take their time a little more, at least for the major updates. at this point I'd say it's unfair to judge Warframes and modes upon release since they either won't function due to bugs and/or will be drastically changed later on. Sanctuary Onslaught is a mess now but when it's fixed, people can finally get a proper opinion on it. same with Khora: kit seems to be lacklustre but she'll get reworked, and then she might become a completely different animal. even after something is released, you should wait for hotfixes before passing judgement on something; at least with the current model. I know DE has to keep releasing new content but they may be running the risk of going too fast, rushing too much content and driving players away.
  8. Zephyr Prime is the best Warframe..

    ..didn't what? there is no best Warframe, each frame has it's uses. Zephyr makes a good pseudo-tank and is great in open spaces like the Plains.
  9. The Index Announcer's Voice

    the Index Announcer is Cephalon Sark, one of the Conclave Cephalons. seems Nef Anyo purchased/acquired him for his Index. as for him sounding like Sonic the Hedgehog, no comment as i still have PTSD from having nothing but Sonic '06 to play when i first got my PS3. it truly destroyed me. nobody deserves to go through that, and IMO all sonic games apart from the beloved originals should be outlawed by the Geneva Convention, because they are literal crimes against humanity.
  10. Young Tenno needs help

    hope she pulls through without any bad side effects. I can't imagine how sick with worry I'd be if my kid was in that situation.
  11. probably buried because nobody plays Lunaro. they'd release it and be like "WTF is an Arcata?", look it up on the Wiki and say "What's Lunaro"?. it's a forgotten item from a forgotten mode. perhaps DE should find a way to reinvigorate interest in Lunaro, by putting some new rewards behind it (nothing MR-related though).
  12. Should the Nightwatch Grineer Return Someday?

    yeah, I'd like to see the Nightwatch come back. fighting them was pretty fun, at least when you weren't getting one-shot by Reavers and their Tonkors, though that only really happened when I tried squishier frames.
  13. Your spirit warframe

    Rhino. I have a thick skin from being insulted a lot in the past, and I always charge through obstacles, even if people say there are better ways. I also have a massive Co-rinth. yes. Corinth, that's it....
  14. Dear DE -these are unacceptable odds (khora drop chance)

    you think that's bad, you've probably never actively farmed for Vengeful Revenant. now there's something hard to get. with enough dedication, you'll get the parts. you must sacrifice your blood, sweat and salty tears at the Alter of GitGudia in the name of our lord and saviour RNGsus. it's the only way.
  15. sadly, Launch day Bugs are an unfortunate downside of being on PC. just gonna have to grin and bear it until the fixes roll around. report bugs when you can and mention it in feedback, it's the most you can do.