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  1. Is it time for lightsaber weapons in warframe?

    we already have plenty Swords and Nikanas, so while a laser-bladed Corpus Sword/Nikana would be quite cool, it isn't really necessary.
  2. Valkyr Prime Vs Saryn Prime

    depends on playstyle: Valkyr is typically considered a Brawler/Tank Frame with some of the highest overall survivability in the game, capable of impressive melee DPS and with a Paralysis build can also do OK at Crowd Control. I find Valkyr more reliable for harder Sorties and endless runs. Saryn on the other hand is still somewhat durable but has much less armour, and relies more on Regenerative Molt to stay alive at higher levels (it's a fantastic augment though). she specializes more in room-clearing, dealing viral damage to all around her, and she can buff even the weakest melee weapons to an impressive standard with her 3. her room-nuke requires a little more setup than it used to, but it still works wonders. both frames are VERY strong once you get used to them. personally I lean slightly more in favour of Saryn, because Valkyr is somewhat specialized to melee, whereas Saryn's powers synergize better with guns, and thus give her a wider effective range. If you choose Saryn, look into her Regenerative Molt augment: as a Valkyr Player, you'll quickly feel the difference in tankiness and switching to a squishier frame, even only slightly, can throw you off a bit. with that Augment though, my Saryn doesn't go down outside of BS one-shots, period.
  3. well, it wouldn't hurt: Rhino Roar is pretty good as far as flat-out weapon buffs go. the Dream Team I sometimes was a part of was Chroma, Rhino, Harrow and Trinity. Chroma handled the majority of the DPS, Rhino buffed others raw damage and would be the medic, Harrow would provide invulnerability during energy spike and crit buffs, and trinity would keep the lures alive. nowadays I usually tag-team with me as trin and my friend as either Rhino or Chroma. Volt also has his uses, since his Shield can be used to buff Amps as well as regular weapons. there are probably others that work too, but these are just my preferred choices.
  4. Plains night time

    sorry man, terry and his friends need to get their beauty sleep. roaming around aimlessly is hard work you know!
  5. omg this game

    ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. I wouldn't be too concerned, it just seems like you've fallen in love with Warframe, and that's great! hope you're enjoying the game as much as I did when I first started playing!
  6. Do you think there should be a dragon nikana prime?

    I'm aware of this, the reason I said "two-handed Katana" is because that's what DE are calling it. they haven't specified themselves whether it's a Tachi, Odachi, Nodachi or other class of Japanese Sword. I have done some research on Japanese blades in the past, but when referring to a weapon with no given name or class, I call it whatever others call it. quite frankly, I don't really care that much. it looks cool, it might have good stats, that's all that matters in Warframe.
  7. How large are those Corpus Spider Mechs that were shown?

    considering how we can only just hit Maggots (smallest enemy) at the best of times, swarms of tiny Spider-robots would be kind of terrifying.. unless you use the Ignis. on topic, I believe the smallest ones will basically be re-skinned Hyenas; about the same size, wall-hopping and climbing abilities, etc. the larger ones though should be the Venus Landscape's answer to the Eidolons, and it would be pretty unsettling for many if these giant-A$$ spider mechs start jumping around like crazy. normally you'd expect something so big to be slow and lumbering, but seeing a spider the size of a Teralyst jumping about like we do would seriously put the shish up most people, and would make for a more interesting engagement IMO. also, the green one looks like it has shaving Razors on its legs. I will forever call it "The Gillette Spider".
  8. Do you think there should be a dragon nikana prime?

    as much as I enjoy Nikanas, I'll have to pass because there are other weapon categories that need it more. I would however like a Dragon version of the Two-Handed Katana that is coming SoonTM. IIRC, wasn't there a guy that designed a Grineer "Jat-Nikana" thing? maybe that will appear in the game one day too.
  9. Cetus Wisp

    it was WAY worse before we got the new Bounty reward system. now if you farm T5 bounties it's not too bad, though going for ones around water can get pretty tedious over time. it was REALLY nice being able to buy them during Plague Star, if it weren't for that I would probably still only have one good Amp. I think that events on the plains should have Wisps as rewards, whether through a drop or through a special Vendor, though in regular gameplay the wisps are not that bad, you can easily get 2-4 wisps in one or two T5 bounties, and you can repeat them for rewards now. just gotta be dedicated to the farm.
  10. controllers fee like a nuisance.

    all depends on what you're brought into gaming with. I personally have always had a PlayStation, so to me the "tiny and ridiculous" PlayStation Controller feels like an extension of my own body at this point. I've tried Xbox Controllers, they're way too large and I can't get my head around one stick being central and one being to the side, but that's because I'm not used to them, not because they are "bad" in any way: they fit people with larger hands very well. I'm aware Keyboard and Mouse offer advantages in many areas, though I've never tried it and can't get my head around it either. but again, it works for people who are used to it. your options regarding your Controller (or lack thereof) are to either: A - practice until you get used to a controller. or B: go back to what you prefer. use whichever one you feel most comfortable with if you can't be bothered to try something new.
  11. Can we add a rocket laucher into the game?

    from a mechanical perspective we have plenty rocket launchers, Ogris being the most obvious, though I feel OP is actually meaning shoulder-mounted Rocket Launchers as we're used to seeing in real life (RPG-7 for example). Shoulder Mounted ones probably won't be a thing since it's unnecessary to make different animations for a weapon that's basically a reskinned Ogris. far easier for every primary gun to be held like a Rifle/Shotgun. people would also want something with a little protection against self-damage. the Lenz has an excellent system for this, so something for this new launcher would be good too. the problem with launchers is that they reach a point where they do more to you in self damage than they can do to enemies. wouldn't say no to Dual Angstrum/Twin Kulstar either...
  12. Why is Banshee dead now?

    no changes here yet, but I wasn't informed there would be any changes to resonance/Savage Silence, only a change to Resonating Quake. has there been any changes to the other two Augments? I could be wrong but nothing was mentioned to me about that.
  13. Monster Hunter Multiplayer

    well, the easiest and most straightforward way is to pop an SOS flare and then your friends can join by responding to your SOS, but if you want to stay in the hub area and join you have to join their "session". easiest way is this. load up the game > create new online session > once you're loaded into Astera access your Options Menu > go across to invite friends. you and your other friends will all be in a separate version of Astera but when one of you posts a quest, the others are notified and can join through the quest board. it seems really complicated at first, but you get used to it. you can still use the code system if you want, but this way is easier to remember. edit: almost forgot, the Servers can be janky from time to time still, being a new game and all, so if it isn't working, just keep trying.
  14. Why is Banshee dead now?

    meanwhile Resonance Banshee and Savage Silence Banshee builds are still as strong as ever... seriously, the next best thing to P4TW is killing everything in one shot with any weapon or using Finishers on everything, both of which you can still do with her.
  15. I'd like to think that the Venus landscape will touch a bit more on Proxies and the possibilities of them going AWOL, like in the proxy Rebellions. there's probably going to be one or two experimental Proxy testing facilities out there, where we'll fight the Spiders and other new, interesting robotic foes. maybe have a few new friendly proxies as NPCs (Warframe's own version of Claptrap!).