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  1. The arch weapons can be primed anytime, but DE has never bothered because they know how much people dislike archwing for the most part. the Archwings themselves are going modular, so who knows what's happening with Odonata Prime. maybe they will make Primed parts for Archwings later down the line, or maybe not. we'll have a better idea once Archwing is reworked (again). personally I'm hoping for a Grattler Wraith, that would be the only thing to surpass Kuva Ayanga for me.
  2. mostly I've been playing other games. so far I've gone through the Bioshock trilogy, picked up Boraderlands 1 again and have also played a few games on Helldivers. when I do log in to warframe, it's mainly just to get another few levels on My Kuva Bramma, then I can level up the Kuva Hind and that'll be it. I'm, mostly waiting for the next update like everyone else, and while obviously they shouldn't rush it (look what happened last time), I'd be lying if I said feeling the boredom a little bit. not enough for me to come on here and post a 50-paragraph essay about how this game is going to be dead in X years, and DE are evil, and all that stuff. but yeah, I'd appreciate something new to do. thank god the Bramma is a really fun and interesting weapon, if I were doing the Kuva Kraken again, I might have gone off the edge, you know?
  3. you should probably just farm Titanium in your own time, by yourself. it is a one man job after all: pop Particle ram, drive into everything lootable, repeat until map is clear, travel to the same node to reload the mission. might sound harsh, but this way you're guaranteed to not run into any issues like this. remember that not everybody in a public match is gonna do what you want, and if you feel you NEED others because your railjack is weak, form a pre-made group and explain you want to farm titanium when the mission is complete before heading back.
  4. inb4 Boltace gets nerfed. the melee rework was a wonderful thing!
  5. they did reduce the number of ramsleds deployed to 4 per Crewship/Asteroid base, and if you have particle Ram, it's a good idea to use that as it can block Ramsleds and destroy them if they hit the Ram. always prioritize ramsleds; the moment Cy mentions them, look for the, because killing them now saves a lot of repairs and Revolite later. you might get the odd one that hits you from behind or you fail to see it, but I usually only get boarded once in a public match on my ship, or not at all. there's is one thing that bugs me though: since repelling boarders is a part of the game, and the ship is capable of automatic repairs with certain components and intrinsics.. WHY IN THE FLOOF can we not have Sentry guns inside our ship? some additional fire support from turrets inside the ship ( like what Corpus Ships have) would go a LONG way. make them another part of the ship we can add to and upgrade, I'll gladly spend resources on something to help against enemies in the Veil.
  6. maybe they could introduce a system where the Lich gradually learns the sequence to a devastating combo, much like how we gradually work towards knowing what requiems we need and which order. over time, the Lich would start performing moves which your warframe would counter, but eventually the Lich would gain the upper hand and at rank 5 they have the ability to execute you. this would be a move they could pull off at any time, not just on a stab, but it would cool if a failed stab showed a counter animation where the lich stops you and throws you away before disappearing, rather than just disappearing as they do now.
  7. even if you make a system like this, there will still be a meta. DE needs to totally overhaul not just the Archwings but Archwing combat itself.
  8. when you're hunting Liches, you get Kuva for Stabbing larvlings, Kuva for stabbing the Liches themselves, Kuva for doing requiem fissures.. you end up drowning in the red stuff, and that's without mentioning the traditional farming methods we've had for years: Siphons, Floods and Sorties. you can even get lucky on a bounty or Railjack Mission and get some kuva. after hunting all my Liches I have around 200,000 Kuva, and no Rivens that I really want to use it on. at least for now.
  9. to be fair, most of the Grineer melees don't even need a Kuva version: Atterax is top tier still, the Jat Kusar is still strong, the Sydon and dual Cleavers both have variants.. there's only a few that could use the Kuva treatment, and even then they are servicable: Kuva Jat Kittag? it's still a favorite amongst the unga-bunga community, but I've noticed it falls off quick. plus we already have a Kuva Hammer. Kuva Ripkas could work though, just not sure what the bonus could be. Kuva twin Basolk, or Kuva Twin Krohkur? all of these weapons are still great, and don't need a Kuva version, though they would still be kinda neat for collection and aesthetic purposes. It would be nice to get more, but I'm not going to bank on it; I still have the Bramma and Hind to max out!
  10. reminds me of the story about the one guy in Paris who HATES the Eiffel tower, yet you can see it from anywhere in paris, so he spent as much time as possible in the one place he couldn't see it: at the top of the Eiffel tower itself. you need to take a page from his book: spend time on your railjack and you won't have to see it's outside!
  11. it would help a little, but as this is a horde shooter, there's still a good chance you will get overwhelmed with sheer numbers or CC'd and then those Projectiles will hit no matter what, so it's not foolproof. bets thing to do is make good use of tanking and evasion abilities, and failing that, do whatever it takes: roll spam, CC powers, anything that will keep you alive; or take a room-clearing weapon adn just try to destroy everyone before they even have a chance to hit you (firing a Kuva Bramma into a room usually works wonders).
  12. I do hope that clan name is being used Ironically.. Railjack has it's good and bad moments, I for one will enjoy it even more when command Intrinsic is released and we get our Corpus expansion.
  13. and that's why it won't happen. also I think DE are done with Kuva weapons now. useful as they are, I don't think stat-sticks are a method of play DE really want to encourage: they'd rtaher you actually use the weapon itself, rather than just exploit it's benefits. I know it's a common practice, bit I doubt it's something that was ever intended.
  14. IMO, they should at least have an indicator that the Lich will spawn with an Ephemera, but the player still has to know which frame to use in order to get the Ephemera they want. I'm not even after them myself, I just think it'd be helpful for people who do care about them.
  15. they could choose to go down the route of increasing weapon damage per level, with full damage achieved at 30, though this isn't really a perfect solution either, as it just encourages passive levelling and using affinity spots like Hydron. if there were an easy fix, we'd already have it by now.
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