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  1. not bad, though personally, I'd like a Rocket launcher with tracking capabilities: you aim at enemies for a second or two, it marks them and when you fire, the missiles home in on their position. would make it very different compared to the other Launchers in the game (plus Bombards can finally get a taste of their own medicine!) edit: oh right, you actually have the Buzlok thing in there. my bad.
  2. they just need reduced range IMO, and for the Auras not to stack. losing energy is the only way to end up dead with some frames lol.
  3. Topless attacking enemies? I'd love to blow their shirts off with my passive!
  4. let the Hema thing go already.. we had an event that dropped a load of Mutagen samples, and plenty of time besides to farm samples normally in the derelict. already got everything in the collection, but it'll be nice for those short on plat.
  5. I role-played as a Corpus Vauban before his Prime came out. thinking about getting Mirage's Graxx skin if/when it hits consoles and using the following backstory (note: pure headcanon/fanfiction, it might be bad): "Mirage was lost on Eris, the Tenno thought her dead, but stolen Grineer files show evidence that Mirage was captured by a passing Grineer Battalion sent to scout the Infested presence. knowing the value of Warframe Components, they immediately returned to their command, and gave the parts to a scientific team once loyal to the late Captain Vor. using the best Technology they could muster, the Grineer rebuilt her, in an effort to produce the ultimate embodiment of Grineerhood: a powerful female that can manipulate light itself to slay armies in it's wake. they put on the Ascaris Negator, hoping it would activate and bring the frame under Grineer control.. but they failed. a surge of power coursed through the Warframe, which then proceeded to steal a Lancer's rifle and mow down the scientists who rebuilt her. after much bloodshed, this infernal creation had escaped.. the Grineer had produced another monster, which would find it's way to he Tenno operator in it's primitive state, and become whole again. now, the Graxx Mirage wields the power of the Void, in a Grineer-hardened shell! just an idea anyway. I give each frame their own look and identity now, mostly separate from the factions, though can't really avoid the Infested theme with Nidus lol.
  6. all they need to do IMO is buff the other Focus Schools to Naramon and Zenurik's level. make the specializations worth it: - Unairu should grant a flat 200 armour value buff to all teammates within affinity range (NOT 200%, 200 actual armour points to every frame) - Vazarin should grant health regen and a chance to revive yourself on kill within affinity range. - Madurai should produce a field around the player that deals constant damage to enemies, within 20m or so. activating your focus power should make you become much more powerful, and benefit the team, it should MEAN something.
  7. calm down satan. I think we need more horror elements in Warframe, particularly where the infested are concerned. they need to look scarier, edgier, more like a horrifying abomination from the depths of hell itself, right now they just look like mushed up play-dough monsters made by a 3 year old. I've looked at the darker tone Warframe used to have, and I wouldn't mind seeing elements of it blended into the new visuals to make fun but eerie atmosphere.
  8. we need ALL the Darvos!
  9. we should be able to weld them onto our frame's faces to give them googly eyes. it's the most sophisticated form of humour there is!
  10. I was thinking this myself earlier; "oh, fire sale!, wait.. haven't I seen this before? I remember because that's when I picked up Oberon's deluxe skin, I wanted it but couldn't afford it at full price at the time. I'm glad we're having another one though, and Darvo can ask me for help anytime if it means he talks to me instead of the Lotus.
  11. sometime during summer possibly. otherwise just SoonTM
  12. keep it. then you can either: A: sell it to some poor sod for an extortionate amount of platinum or B: keep it until you reach 500 Days and become one of the lucky few to own a Zenith Riven.
  13. if that's true, would you mind telling me how I can change it back to the old one? would benefit me and my friends who started playing Warframe recently and already hate Archwing.
  14. Zephyr - 2 useless abilities, one decent one and one mediocre CC. hope she's the next female to get looked at because she needs it most. Hydroid - too squishy and not as good at CC as our other Hentai lord, Nidus. also lacks a true pirate theme, and that alone should be reason enough to rework him. Atlas - same boat as Zephyr, two useless abilities (petrify is one of them unfortunately.) one decent one (Landslide) and one mediocre one (Rumblers). sadly with him being a more recent frame I don't think he'll get looked at for a while. Oberon, Hydroid and Zephyr should get theirs first, but I don't want them to forget about Atlas. Titania - she needs a few ability tweaks, especially to Lantern as on open Tilesets, enemies just float off into the sky and stop aggro'ing other enemies. she could probably do with higher damage to Razorflies as well. her Ult is fine though.
  15. don't worry, nobody likes Archwing, and they mad it worse with the newer movement system. it's so bad they've considered adding in an option to switch back to the old one, hope it happens. glad you're liking Nidus, he's an excellent frame all-round as long as you don't mind the stacking maintenance. I think you'll like Inaros as well, he's even Stronger, and much easier to get without needing platinum!