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  1. this person gets it^ people need to accept that overlapping abilities is inevitable: we have over 40 different frames at this point, with just about every possible theme explored or at least touched upon. for ghost/spectre and Reaper frames, Revenant and Nekros, and maybe Wisp, already filled up this role. the key to success now is making them do the same thing, but in a different, more unique way. on paper I don't think Wraithe sounds too bad, but it's hard to formulate a proper opinion on a frame you can't play yet. IKR? Soul Punch is a *bit* better, but it still sucks, and Terr
  2. well, My Rhino Prime is the one I always use for quests. he was my first Prime, and a frame I wanted to play as before I even really started playing warframe (I tend to go for heavy/tank characters). also his kit is versatile enough to handle any situation the quest might throw my way.
  3. modes I will do if i'm after a reward, but am not overly fond of: - Interception: strange how in a game with this much mobility that I would dislike a mode that requires you to keep moving between points but I'm just not a fan. it's also a reminder of those dark days back when I played Domination on CoD. I'm sure the B in point B stands for "Bodies, Bodies everywhere!" - Defection: most gamers hate escort quests, I'm no different. escort missions are bad enough when the I is smart-ish and the enemies are few... so in a horde shooter with AI dumber than a bag of rocks? yeah. the grind
  4. Wukong's Defy works fine, just wait for necramech to cast gravemeines than hit 3 and stick close to the mech. it will die from the reflected damage every time. it's hilarious. also inb4 Stropha Nerf. seriously guys, talking about weapons like this is what gets them "rebalanced", you all should know this by now lol.
  5. IIRC they showed diorama of 3 mechs before Deimos came out, but two of them looked like Voidrigs at the time. I'd love more Mechs, but i can't think what role it would have, as we have both close range and long range mechs already. flying mech maybe? lol. as for fixing Bonewidow: - Meathook is replaced with Widow's fury: Bonewidow picks up the enemy and slams them forcefully into the ground, dealing a large amount of true damage to the victim, and causes an AoE that deals impact damage and knocks down nearby enemies. if Widow's fury is used on a staggered or downed target, they take
  6. would be nice, but I think we should see how the next lot of railjack and archwing changes goes first. I do think there should be missions, or at least stages in certain missions that require usage of vehicles. missions with ground and railjack teams would certainly be nice, but that requires people to know what they're doing and both teams to be efficient in order for it to work. DE had the right idea with Scarlet Spear, but the execution was flawed because neither the rewards nor the workload were equal for both teams: ground had the most work and the least pay, if they could even thing
  7. depends on a number of factors; build material and extra equipment being the two I think of most. regarding materials. Zephyr is made using high quantities of Oxium, which is described as being Lighter than air, while Rhino is simply classed as the heaviest warframe, but is that down to sheer size alone or is Iron Skin added into that equation? frames made from heavier materials would of course turn out heavier. equipment is a factor as well. weapons made from void energy like Exalted Blade likely weigh nothing, but weapons like Mesa's Regulators or Protea's Artillery cannons would a
  8. I think you might be in the minority there, chief. at best I consider him a discount Claptrap. I started to hate him more during Iso-Vault runs.. so goddamn slow...
  9. inb4 the Quest itself is just a race against time to stop ourselves aging into death, ora tleast becoming a cranky-a$$ old man/woman "look at these young Tenno, with their Brammas and their Saryns! back in my day all we had was a Lato and a Skana. and the Lato didn't even have bullets! YOU KIDS DON'T KNOW HOW GOOD YOU'VE GOT IT! WHERE'S MY TEETH! WHAT?"
  10. planets are usually owned by one faction, but there are exceptions to some nodes: - Dark Sectors, which are Zones where the infestation has taken control and are quarantined from the rest of the system. only Infested can be found here. - Crossfire nodes: Ultor (Mars) and Plato (Lua) are the frontline between Grineer and Corpus, both of them appear here fighting each other. in Lua's case Sentients can appear too. Valac and Armaros (both Europa) are also classed as Crossfire, where Corpus fight Infested (though it incorrectly states Grineer) - Mars, which was the site of one of th
  11. if you're using Supra vandal, and it doesn't feel like holding an earthquake that shoots Dakka in your hands. then you're doing something wrong.
  12. we already have a lot of spaces though: relays, dojos, Maroo's Bazaar, Iron Wake... I'd rather the existing spaces we have be more worthwhile.
  13. and the new Corpus Ship music too. it has a nice Deus Ex vibe to it, but sadly you can't get it for the Somachord.
  14. so you want me to defend myself in a Necramech against hordes? isn't that like 90% of Deimos' bounties though? it is for me. kek. still waiting on the Arcata and Lunaro Ball weapon... any day now... about the only way the conclave could be saved IMO. would still rather it get deleted. Simaris: "stop spamming powers, you're ruining my data!" Tenno: *summons Necramch with Archgun* Simaris. "Ok, now you're just being silly" 😠
  15. Saryn's not a nuke, she's more like a bio-weapon, funnily enough. see on the one hand, you can't deny she's leagues ahead of so many other frames in the damage department, but on the other, I'd still hesitate to call for a nerf simply because DE would almost certainly screw it up like they did with Ember years ago and end up making her useless. then we'd be waiting a while to get her a proper rework that would prevent her "nuking" (or whatever you want to call her killing everything in the room at once) but also keep her viable.
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