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  1. depends on where it would be applicable. I highly doubt DE would allow it on relics since that could eat into PA pack profits. it could be applied to Rivens, but god knows how much Kuva you might go through first before getting your "pity roll" lol. since we aren't on a Gacha system for characters, there aren't really many places that warrant it: rare items are rare for a reason; chasing them is what keeps people playing, and since almost all non-cosmetic stuff can be acquired by playing (or only by playing in some cases, like Kuva/Tenet weapons) in warframe, DE relies on people getting bad RNG to tempt them towards the market. then of course there are token systems and events to consider, which are better because then instead of waiting on the pity roll, you can guarantee progression towards a goal item and then obtain it with tokens. we also can play unlimited times, whereas games like Genshin Impact have limits (for example in Genshin Impact, you can only recover rewards from bosses using something or other Resin, I forget the name, but you only get so much of it a day and once you're out, that's it until the next reset.)
  2. well, things I've personally been doing since I started playing again (though my break was WAAAY shorter) - Kuva Liches and Sisters of Parvos: these "nemesis" enemies, once created by you, wield powerful weapons and sometimes unique cosmetics called Ephemeras which you can claim by taking them down. the process is also shorter than it used to be but it does still take some degree of effort to hunt them and learn which combination of requiem mods you need to kill them. they will steal some of your mission rewards and credits but you get it all back once they are either vanquished or converted: converting them makes them an ally, while vanquishing them kills them permanently but gives you their weapon. some of these weapons are pretty damn good too. - Arbitrations: basically level 60+ endless missions where small black drones make other enemies invincible and immune to powers until the drones are killed, and if you go down, the team has to work hard to revive you. each time you do so many rotations or kill a drone you can get Vitus essence, which can be spent on a few nice goodies at the Arbiters of Hexis shop. they recently added Galvanized mods, which greatly increase the scaling ability of guns and makes them more viable than before. - Railjack: I know you said you don't like it, but I'd recommend at least trying it again as much has changed. you can now rank up the new Command Intrinsic that lets you recruit AI crewmates to help you on the missions, and they can really help make Railjack missions be more doable solo. railjack is also tied to Liches/sisters now but you can usually find a random squad, and you get to see and help them kill their liches/sisters as well. Railjacks now have a "plexus" which is basically the same as the modding system for everything else, complete with Aura mods, and anything you picked up will have been converted to this system so you might have a load of mods you can use straight away to upgrade your Railjack. even junk parts of the same type stack up instead of taking up individual slots, which is nice. there's been a lot of QoL changes and Railjack is much better now than it was before. - I would also recommend at least trying the Deimos open world. granted the gameplay formula is a lot like the other open worlds, but the token system means you can keep getting standing after you reach your cap, ready for the next day. also you can get Necramechs, which are powerful and awesome killer robots, and Vulpaphylas, an immortal companion type that is hands down the best companion in the game. there's also some neat weapons and infested kitguns to get as well, and you can even learn a bit more about some of the lore regarding the discovery of the Void and the Man in The Wall. Deimos is also where the derelicts are located now. so yeah, you've got a fair bit to catch up on, but don't burn yourself out, just go after the stuff that looks interesting to you first, and see how you feel about any further grinds afterwards.
  3. it's not ideal to have any downtime between the intermission and Season 4, but there you go. 4 days isn't that bad, it just means waiting a few more days. it takes about 4 days for a frame anyway, accounting for parts and then using the parts on the main BP. technically you can still obtain Nitain, it's just that the drop chances are terrible. good things come to those who wait. personally I'm waiting for that new Harrow Helm.
  4. interesting. never bothered using the search function except when looking for something specific. eventually the combinations for elements gets ingrained into your mind lol.
  5. that's the exception, not the rule though.
  6. - Kuva liches that have been converted serve the Tenno who converted them, so if you tell them to go kill sentients, they will; or at least they'll wait for you to die once and then show up lol. Sisters of Parvos work the same way. if you want to take into account non-converted Liches and Sisters, I believ they are basically bound to only going after you personally, Sentient threat or no. as for the factions, I imagine all of them will unite and fight: - Steel Meridian want to protect the colonies, which would be wiped out by the sentients of course. - Arbiters of Hexis are Tenno fanboys, so nothing would make them happier than helping their idols to kick some Sentient a$$. - Suda has had previous experience with Sentients when Hunhow tried to conquer the Weave and tried to kill her, so she has motivation to want them gone. Simaris probably wants to study them more than kill them, but if the Sentients threaten his Sanctuary, it's GG, Simaris will have the motivation to help kill them too. - Perrin Sequence will want to protect themselves, but Glast is a good guy at heart, and while he might be reluctant, I believe he would join the cause. - Red Veil want the system to be purged, so at first glance maybe they'd leave the Sentients alone? to me though, a long time Red Veil Tenno, the purge includes Sentients as well they'll maybe still join the cause.. - New Loka are tree huggers, Sentients will gladly destroy trees, and Loka hates artificial constructs so they'll definitely be up for killing Sentients. - Ostrons be getting they a$$ whooped judging by the reveal trailer, but Konzu ain't about to let some stick bois interrupt his early lunch. - Quills basically kill eidolons daily, New War would just be an increased workload to them. - Solaris.... see, it looked as though Fortuna gets taken over by the Sentients, and if the Sentients promise to kill all the taxmen, the Solaris would be ok with that. but once the sentients start wiping out Solaris that's a problem. - ventkids are fair game for hunting by Sentients IMO, in fact I'll gladly HELP the Sentients wipe them out. send in a few Brachiolysts and Vomvalysts, which are small enough to go through any vents, then block the vent exits with Conculysts and Battalysts, leaving the brats nowhere to go. just like smoking out rats! - the Entrati will definitely take up arms, or at least help however they can. Father already served in the old war and helped us in Orphix Venom, so he's an obvious ally. the other family members will likely help any way they can now that they're one big happy family. - the Grineer already get involved, and they have the mighty Kahl-175, so they'll be fine. Vay Hek won't be keen on allying with tenno but desperate times and all that.. - the Corpus get their a$$es whooped because Sentients can assimilate their tech, but they also got John Prodman on their side and some random tech with a Plinx and an iPad... what was his name again? veresko? - the Infested can't actually hurt Sentients so I reckon they'll be the only ones to sit on the sidelines. Helminth is ours though, so he's onboard. if the Infested are smart enough, they'd see the chaos of the New War as the perfect opportunity to expand: we end up killing the sentients, but at the cost of not noticing the Infestation take a LOT more territory outside of dark sectors, and so the cycle of killing continues! in conclusion: while there would likely be a ton of bickering, I do believe all the factions and syndicates, big and small, and the rest of the system, would unite against the common enemy that is the Sentients. the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and nobody in the system really is willing to let the angry stick aliens take over.
  7. it'll probably be brought by Baro at some point in the future. nothing remains exclusive forever.
  8. Parvos didn't kill his brother Claudius, but doesn't really approve of him either as Claudius was content to live as he was, with no desire to try and make life better for himself: the exact opposite of Parvos' way. and Grandmother is right: Parvos is no good guy, but he did actually work hard to get to where he is, and make the Corpus as powerful as they were under his rule, while Nef is literally just a cult leader and conman preaching about the Void asking for donations and getting others to do his bidding. he definitely has more integrity than Nef. I'd like to think that, whilst it will probably be on hold due to the Sentient Threat, the Corpus will become truly divided between Parvos' followers (Juno Corpus, all the Railjack Corpus) and those still loyal to Nef (regular Corpus, Terra Corpus), and the end result would be a Corpus civil war as Parvos tries to reclaim his place at height of Corpus power and Nef tries to defend it. meanwhile Alad V would probably see an opportunity in the chaos and make a power grab for himself: it makes for a potentially interesting narrative IMO.
  9. amateurs. even my smallest EDC has more attachments. it is a pretty cool bug though, I'd like to think DE let that one slide.
  10. maybe it's how it's worded, but this sounds way more complex than what we already have. with the current system, you put something in a slot, memorize it, and then just go to that slot on the gear wheel and press a button. simples.
  11. Fusor Drone for Nautilus, because in a system that keeps tearing itself apart, these little guys build things back up!, and it suits Nautilus repairing ability. Oxylus to me looks like a Corpus Toaster. I don't think we have an Osprey skin for Sentinels, so a mini-Osprey would be cool.
  12. Steel path has been out a while now, and nothing has been nerfed with the specifically cited reason as "steel path". usually it's exploitative player behaviour in one form or another that does this. a lot of us do, but the main issue is that not only is better AI something that takes time to implement, but it's kind of redundant when we can literally lock down an entire room and prevent them from moving or fighting back: doesn't matter how big-brain smart you are, you're still getting trapped if you touch Bastille or Strangledome for example. that's mainly just metaheads that insist on min-maxing everything that talk like that. if something isn't viable for steel path, then I'll swap to something else that is. ok, so that's a subjective opinion. believe it or not some people find it interesting: I particularly like when the Acolytes show up. then ignore any conversation pertaining to Steel Path. it's a part of the game, so most people are gonna mention it at some point. maybe you could try to interact with more newer players? they likely won't even know what Steel Path is or care about it. no, the kit of these warframes is what makes them irrelevant. Trinity isn't that bad IMO since she's the only truly dedicated support frame, but Valkyr definitely needs looking at. it's just a shame that we aren't getting any reworks for a while, and I imagine some people will defend the current kits with excuses like "just subsume X" or "wait for an invigoration". of course, Helminth should NEVER be a substitute for a rework, but DE has a habit of using Band-aids as permanent fixes. maybe not everyone worries about themes too much? personally I like to try configs within a theme, like putting Tesla Nervos on Volt to replace his crappy 1. plus some frames are all over the place thematically, Khora springs to mind, as an originally Spider-themed frame that became the crazy cat-lady frame. pretty much anything that gives you the ability to damage enemies will exacerbate the meta even further. back when we still had trials, CC frames were by far the most dominant: sure, you'd still have your Ash and Mesa players on nearly every team, but usually there HAD to be at least one CC frame like Vauban around or nobody was going anywhere. the reason "use all the DPS" is the meta now is because DE keeps making modes that focus on killing everything as quickly as possible: Granum Void, Sanctuary Onslaught & ESO, certain open world bounties etc. if you look at modes that focus on something else like defection or Eidolon hunts, DPS isn't as important there (and Trinity becomes relevant lol), and other frames get to shine: it's just hardly anyone tends to play modes that don't involve mass killing by comparison. I'm starting to think you're being a little paranoid about nerfs. you shouldn't be, unless they come out with a Dev workshop, or something is gamebreakingly powerful in an unintended way. if they replace an ability with another, better ability, I don't see a problem. that's another reason why Helminth works (but I would still much prefer actual reworks over relying on Helminth 100% of the time, and I think some Helminth lovers might feel the same). I'll give you 3 out of those 4: Hydroid and Nyx need full kit reworks, Ash's kit is mostly sound but some additional tweaks to his 4 would be beneficial (and by tweaks I DON'T mena getting old Bladestorm back, ew.). Revenant on the other hand is a pretty damn strong frame: an amazing tank/summoner with self heal and an OK-ish DPS with his ult (could be stronger IMO). again, Helminth is a band-aid, but it's a pretty good one, so I doubt DE will be in a hurry to look at these older frames, especially given their previous statements. the only thing that might do it is incessant community nagging, bordering on harassment, but that can backfire spectacularly, so probably not a good idea. I think the main reason people have settled for Helminth over reworks is because as I said, DE tend to prefer leaving bandaid fixes in place for the longest possible time and will only fix things properly if there's enough demand for it, they have enough time and resources to spare - which they currently don't with New War right now - and it's in the interests of both the game and the community (and it also has to suit their own vision of the game). the chances of landing all of these criteria are really slim, so Helminth is gonna be here to stay as the frame-fixer for a long time. people defending Helminth are doing so because they know hoping for real reworks any time soon is an exercise in futility. again, it's a part of the game, and one way you could avoid it is by spending more time helping newer players: not only will you be doing something productive and helping enhance another Tenno's experience, but they won't talk about Helminth or Steel Path because they won't know what those are, or they'll only ask you once and you can tell them not to worry about it for now. in conclusion, I think you need to chill out a bit, and while I do agree that Helminth shouldn't be a substitute for reworking frames that need it, reworks have always been few and far between and at least Helminth lets us band-aid frames that need it until the day Pablo or someone else at DE gets the green light to draw up a rework.
  13. "Oi M8, got any Gal mods? I'll av' em for the roight price!" I'm always gonna call them gal mods now...
  14. it'd have to be something unique of course, so as not to irk those who bought PA packs. but a unique prime set would definitely be nice.
  15. not really a problem for me. I look forward to seeing whatever new cosmetics we get.
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