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  1. Void Damage Problems...

    because DE says no. if Void Damage were half as good as it's made out to be in the lore, it would be effective vs everything, never reduced by armour and able to one-shot anything. but that would make for a rather broken game. maybe the Sentients found a way to protect themselves somewhat against Void damage over time by growing armour on themselves, IDK.
  2. The next prime weapons

    I heard a rumour (just a rumour) about AkBolto and Kogake Primes. I hope it's true, I want to punch and kick people with golden knuckle Dusters! I'll take whatever though honestly.
  3. Caster Frames Should Be More Energy Efficient

    personally i don't struggle with energy, but I see where you're coming from. unfortunately your idea of caster frames having basically infinite energy is kinda broken, and DE is against endless cost-free spamming, as we've seen with Ash, Mesa and other frame reworks. just gonna have to keep using Zenurik and the occasional Pizza to keep on top of things. and use efficiency mods, even if it's just a Streamline.
  4. POE Eidolon Hunting 101

    so far I've killed about 12- 15 Eidolons with friends, current record is 3 in one night. Chroma, Trinity, Volt and either a Gara or Harrow make an ideal team composition, with the addition of Shwaak Prism Amps and Arca Plasmor Shotguns. Chroma deals the DPS with Scorn, Trinity keeps lures alive, Volt makes shields to increase operator damage and make "killboxes" for finishing eidolon off, and Harrow/Gara fills in the rest (Harrow ensures you don't die or lose energy during Eidolon Energy Spikes.) with this strategy it probably takes about 10-15 mins to defeat an Eidolon (captured with Lures, not killed outright.) not even gonna bother trying to run this with randoms, not because it's hard but because communication is essential in order to kill him before he disappears, and if you take too long you won't get time to kill another Eidolon. everything else (fishing, Bounties, mining etc.) can be done during the day, so doing them at night just holds your team back. the only exception is Norg Fishing, because they only come out at night, even if you use the bait. I had to fish Norg for our whole squad while they killed the eidolon, but it was kinda funny imagining that just a few hundred meters from a quiet fishing spot there's a whole Monster Hunter type battle going on. hoping to capture 4 Eidolons a night once our loading times are addressed (seriously DE, I've never known the game to be this broken, and I've been playing since 2015. PLEASE send some hotfixes our way soon!) my post count... it's OVER 9000!!!!!
  5. So how will the Arbiters be characterized?

    I'd definitely like to know more about the Arbiters, and I'm curious to whether or not they know what Tenno really are, since they blab on about "truth". and why does a Syndicate based around making Tenno more than warriors only ever ask us to do warrior stuff? maybe their quest will shine light on the Tenno as a myth and how they truly fit into the System as it is now, without their Orokin masters. Steel med's quest wil likely just be "tenno, please protect these innocent people" so we can feel like the good guys. personally I'd say Tenno are anti-heroes if anything. also 9000 posts! *confetti*
  6. Don’t answer long,just say YES or NO!

    yes, but it seems I'm in the minority. and Mirage's rework more or less confirms she's the next prime. and yes, you wanted short answers, but I like breaking the rules.
  7. best and worst looking cosmetic

    best: Palatine Rhino (Rhino Deluxe) worst: most of Vauban's alt helms, they just look ugly IMO.
  8. Phobos Assassination Target

    he's a placeholder until Nef Anyo gets a proper fight, which still seems light-years away. lol, I'm hoping that DE will do something different than the points system, they've had quite a few complaints over how much harder it is to get Saryn and Excalibur. but who knows, maybe it'll be 100 Prophet of Profit tokens = 1 shot at Nef Anyo 2.0.
  9. Sortie Spy leeching needs to get adressed...

    and this is why you don't PUG. if you're worried Solo takes too long, use Loki instead of Ivara, but be prepared to jump through a few hoops to get in Vaults, while Ivara can waltz in like it's nothing. I usually solo a sortie Spy, and on the occasions my friends are there, i tell them they can stay back and goof off while I use Ivara to get the mission done. sometimes they bring Ivara, and I just goof off instead. by "goofing off" I mean running around areas away from vaults killing everyone. it helps because that way when the Ivara emerges from the vault, there's less chance of immediately getting swarmed.
  10. EA debacle and Warframe

    meh, i think EA deserve all the criticism they get. their corporate greed is what is driving the gaming industry towards a cliff edge. thanks to them we can't have new AAA titles without immediately thinking "oh god, there'll be Microtransactions". the only people they help are themselves. Warframe doesn't suffer from these problems, DE's system is "pay to get the same things faster". there's an identical endpoint for both the Wallet Warrior and the Grinder alike. being able to obtain premium currency in-game helps enormously, and is a step that most other developers aren't willing to take. I'm not worried about DE money grabbing one bit, they probably hate EA as much as EA's own community do.
  11. yeah, I have the Abra Skin, never taking it off my Paris prime, looks ugly without it.
  12. How do you farm Oxium?

    I find Venus has a large chance to spawn lots of Oxium Ospreys, maybe farm a few missions there and you'll get some. obviously keep an eye out for Oxium alerts too.
  13. Dread: still king in terms of crit and slash, as good as it's always been. Paris: kinda meh. Paris Prime: still about the same as always, looks better with a skin IMO. Cernos: still rubbish Rakta Cernos: available from Red Veil, almost as good as the Dread, fastest Bow available. Mutalist Cernos: came with Inaros, creates a gas cloud, essentially a bow version of Torid but with a much weaker cloud. Cernos Prime: came with Valkyr Prime. essentially a shotgun bow, not favoured by many but still leagues better than regular Cernos. Daikyu: slow but powerful, many people want to see a prime version. only true Longbow we have. Lenz: Corpus Explosive bow, very powerful and unlike most explosive weapons, hard to kill yourself with. Ivara's Artemis Bow: Exalted bow that scales based on primary weapon damage, Ivara is an excellent stealth frame. that's about it I guess.
  14. I'm not sure what it is that give you the impression you "need" Rivens, Arcanes and Primed mods, unless you're a serious min-maxer. myself and many others have gotten by just fine before Rivens were even introduced. they are just nice luxuries to have for making sub-par weapons a little more viable, but I've never seen an actual NEED for a Riven on even the worst weapons. I've been playing Warframe for over 2 years, I didn't do my first raid until about a year ago and I was doing just fine without Arcanes. yes, some Arcanes are incredibly useful, but they aren't really essential, not for most of the game's content. back in the day the only Primed mods we had were Primed Flow and Continuity, there weren't any Primed mods that affected damage, and again, they are luxuries. a weapon without primed mods is less powerful, but it's still good enough for most content if you build it for the right elements when needed. I'm guessing you're someone who must ABSOLUTELY have ALL the power, but outside of Sortie 3s and maybe Eidolon Hunts, the extra power isn't needed. how do you think people have managed to do raids and such without primed Mods? how do you think we've been able to kill things efficiently before Rivens and primed Mods for weapons were even a thing? you don't need Rivens, you don't need Primed mods, and you don't need Arcanes. if you did, newbies wouldn't get anywhere.
  15. Mirage got her 2 tweeked so that means Mirage Prime confirmed?

    sorry Deschain, I don't think we're getting Mesa Prime this year. disappointing I know, but the Extra time to work on her appearance will go a long way (get those Prime Duster Coat textures right!) AkBolto Prime is supposedly coming with Mirage Prime, along with Kogake prime, so I've heard anyway. AkVasto prime would appear via special Relics sold by Baro, like AkLex Prime was.