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  1. well, DE are Canadian, and Canadians are known for their overuse of apologies lol. I guess this salt isn't going to subside for a while, best get back to mining..
  2. a little off topic, but what's even in Pasta Amatriciana? never heard of it, and as a lover of all foreign cuisines, I'm quite interested. on topic, I welcome the changes. don't let other people's saltiness ruin your day, they're just mad because they can treat the Tonkor like a Shotgun anymore.
  3. yes, I said sniper UNITS, meaning enemies, not Snipers in general meaning us. it's there in black and white... they may as well remove Ballistas and other enemy snipers from the game if they go through with shield gating, because they'll be no threat to us: they hit us, we wait for our shields to recharge, and repeat. if these units can't one shot us, then what is their purpose being on the battlefield in the first place, other than cannon fodder?
  4. probably as a status weapon, TBH, I can't even remember what mods I have on my Panthera lol, it's been a while. definitely looking forward to the buffs though. my Attica will be red critting all day long!
  5. not the anniversary yet. not sure on the date, but DE wouldn't miss out on the Anniversary gear, so it'll come. just bear in mind the weapons are supposed to drop as Blueprints via alerts, rather than being given for free like they were before. you'll get the Dex Syandana for free though.
  6. damn, thought you would make separate posts for each, not cram them all in one! - Valkyr easily beats Volt, she has invincibility, it's no contest. - Nyx could Brainwash Mesa into shooting herself with her own gun, but going just off of powers, Nyx could just mind control her and they become best buddies again! that's a win.. for friendship! - I actually reckon Zephyr would beat Ember, as long as she stays off the ground, where World on Fire can't hurt her. in a ground fight though, ember wins easily. - Mag Vs Banshee is tough. on one hand Banshee can one-shot Mag with Sonar and any gun, but Mag can kill Banshee first with Magnetize and a powerful-ish gun (Banshee is squishy but Magnetize doesn't grant a damage bonus, only guarantees a hit). I think Mag's higher durability might just win out though. - can't comment on Limbo vs. Octavia because she isn't out yet, so we don't know what we're comparing. plus we don't know how Limbo will perform after his rework. give us time to get used to those frames and we'll soon see which might win in a duel. my Rhino Prime w/ Palatine Skin in Orokin colours beats every other frame in existence, no contest ;)
  7. not sure. there's a few people who can decipher Grineer, maybe find them? I believe StallorD is one of them.
  8. shield gating won't ever be a thing, due to how it makes sniper units and other forms of spike damage ineffective. it would help with the self damage problem some may have, but it's not hard to use powers/Switch weapon/tactically retreat a bit when using a Launcher might not be a good idea. I think the best way to solve the problem would be smart grenades: rounds from launchers only deal Impact damage to directly hit targets unless they travel a sufficient distance to arm themselves to explode. it worked in Killing Floor 2, and it would also work here. we can always imagine it's a "technological advancement in weaponry" that has occurred.
  9. 1:1 self damage is the norm in many games, and while you can argue that we are super space ninjas who should be able to take a grenade to the face, it can also be argued that our launchers are just as advanced and powerful, so it's still the same as using a Grenade launcher in any contemporary shooter set in the present day/ near future. I propose an alternative solution, inspired by Killing Floor 2: have grenades only arm themselves after travelling far away enough to be harmless to the user when they detonate. now while Killing Floor 2 may be a different game, it's still a horde shooter, and you're expected to use highly explosive weaponry in close quarters. in KF2, grenades only deal impact damage upon directly hitting an enemy at close range, they don't explode. at a distance however, the launchers act as normal, exploding their munitions on contact with enemies and hard surfaces. given that we also fight at mostly very close ranges, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have it in Warframe as well.
  10. I imagine it'll either be with Octavia, or the update after. same with Limbo Rework, which I'm really looking forward to!
  11. aw hell naw, you ain't touching my infinite energy! *unsheathes Galatine prime* personal feelings aside though, I doubt DE would nerf the Focus Schools, because the old Hema argument would resurface, I.E. "it would be unfair to those who invested in it". and it's true, people who have invested into Zenurik and Naramon would be VERY salty about it to say the elast. easiest way to solve the problem is to buff the other, lacklustre Focus Schools. I'd probably go for Unairu if it weren't so bad, since I like armour and being Tanky. plus there's the matter of us being super-powered kids, which we can't really be without really powerful Focus abilities. at the very most, Zenurik could be "reworked" to synergize CC with energy regen, the two things i puts emphasis on most. in other words, casting CC skills gives back a portion of energy. that way frames that benefit most from Zenurik (casters and CC frames) can still use it to it's full extent. the same could be applied with Unairu affecting tank Frames more than squishier frames. have the Focus play to the strengths of your Frame and your playstyle.
  12. be grateful, this is the first time DE have ever agreed to compensate those who are most affected by nerfs. I used Trinity a lot before her Nerf, but I didn't get a reactor or a Forma back afterwards, I had to just accept it, like everyone has to when things get nerfed. not sure what they count as "investment though: do you have to have put in a certain amount of Forma and a potato to qualify for compensation? either way, if I get the Forma, it's a free Forma, that's good enough: 24 hours building saved.
  13. pretty much this, either learn to only use launchers in wider areas or enjoy using up revives. self-damage is completely fine and manageable. I have killed myself many times with the Secura Penta, I just have to accept that was a silly thing to do and move on.
  14. NO mod is worth that much, not even a "god roll" Riven, or the rarest stances like Vengeful Revenant. hell, I don't think people ask for that much for Legendary Cores, 500 seems to be about the max for those from what I've seen. it's just trade chat being silly, as per usual. the price will probably drop, but it's an event mod in limited supply, and there will always be people will pay extortionate prices for a single mod, thinking it will make them the ultimate Telos Boltace Build or some other such nonsense.
  15. to you* not everyone else. nobody likes nerfs, but unfortunately they're part of balancing the game. things will always get nerfed, it's just whether or not the right things get nerfed, which should always be anything that's too overpowered, and they are offset by having buffs to underused weapons, some of which even Rivens couldn't save. 4 weapons got nerfed, 10 got buffed, I call that a win. as I've already mentioned to others, there is nothing to stop you from bringing a Tonkor. in fact it's still going to be one of the best weapons in the game, it's just that it'll require a little caution to use. you can always switch to another weapon for close quarters if for any reason powers or distance aren't available. and I wouldn't say it needs "skill" to use, since without self damage you could run up to the enemy and blast them as if it were a Shotgun. Snipers are a weapon that require skill, because you actually have to aim them. personally I think the Synoid Simulor got off too lightly, it should have had a straight up damage reduction, and maybe a RoF decrease to discourage spam. Miragulors will still be prevalent, so i wouldn't worry. the Simulor build hasn't died, it just took a beating.