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  1. wait, I didn't hear this before, they're taking Frost and Ember out of the Vault again? bruh.. seriously I reckon anyone who started warframe more than two months ago must have both those frames by now, they're the most common primes by a huge margin...
  2. (PS4)robotwars7

    Show me your Javelin fashion

    Warframe: Ninjas Play Free Anthem: Unremarkable People In Exosuits Play If They're Willing To Pay Through The Nose For Everything.
  3. (PS4)robotwars7

    When are consoles going to get an update?

    end of January. they are working on a build, they'll probably get it done by Friday, then cert over the weekend, that makes tuesday when it releases, so that would make it the 29th. that's my best guess anyway. if we don't hear something more this week than it's onto February. it's coming Soon(tm)
  4. (PS4)robotwars7

    Founding Warlord policy is utterly ludicrous

    this reminds me of when my clan leader had to spend 2 weeks and a lot of time contacting support just to get an inactive warlord kicked. I do think it would be best if DE revisited the Warlord system as a whole, as I imagine this can happen on a fairly regular basis. until then, it's best to only give permissions to people who you are fairly certain are always active.
  5. (PS4)robotwars7

    Warframe x RWBY Event?

    While I am a fan of RWBY (and despite what RT did with him, I still like Adam more than any other character), a crossover like this is about as likely as me winning the lottery and a cataclysmic Meteor hitting the earth on the same day. I would like some more combination weapons in a similar vein to what RWBY has (DE can have all my plat if we get a warframe version of Adam's weapon Wilt & Blush), but I doubt it will be on the cards. more combo weapons in general would be nice: they kinda suck IRL, but are awesome everywhere else, and Redeemer prime proves DE can make good gunblades. still rooting for a bolt action rifle with a bayonet as well. one day....
  6. (PS4)robotwars7

    I think we all need to ease up on DE and cut them some slack

    I think people are sill reeling from last year not having much content outside of Fortuna, but DE has a chance to really change things around now with Railjack, Jupiter 2.0, Planes of Duviri and more. we're poised to get more content this year than we did last, so people should feel a little more satisfied eventually.
  7. (PS4)robotwars7

    New member of the 1k club

    after that many formas, I'd want my Sybaris to magically turn into a real lever action rifle...
  8. (PS4)robotwars7


    there aren't really any frames I'd say need nerfing. Wukong, Nyx and Vauban are the ones most needing a rework, and by rework, I mean a total overhaul that buffs them and gives them scaling and versatility.
  9. (PS4)robotwars7

    Leeches idling

    we, the players don't tolerate it: if I could, i'd have all those caught leeching banned for a week, or longer, but Leechers are always gonna be a thing no matter what. like it or not, solo or premade is the only viable solution to the problem, it's just up to you whether or not you wish to use it. DE have stated multiple times that a kick sytem will never be implemented as they are prone to abuse. if you aren't willing to solo or use recruit chat, then I suggest you temper your expectations of public games: public means you're signing up to take literally anybody with you, useless or not. public games will not go your way 100% of the time, and to expect so is completely unreasonable. leechers suck, but then so do many other things in life that we can't get rid of.
  10. (PS4)robotwars7

    Riven ''cosmetics''

    i read the title and legit thought "riven cosmetics" would be new colours and border designs for Rivens, instead of the purple ones we had now. Transmute Cores for them seems like a band-aid fix to me, If DE are even gonna look at Rivens, I'd rather they do them seriously.
  11. (PS4)robotwars7

    blocking is useless

    you do know you can block bullets too, right? it's always smarter to block the moment you see a ranged enemy aiming at you, it'll reduce some of the damage you take anyway. not being hooked by Ancients and Scorpions is also pretty nice. it also looks kind of cool. blocking definitely isn't perfect though, hopefully melee 3.0 will bring some much needed changes. edit: also, deflecting bullets is one thing, but I'd love animations where we actually cut bullets out of the air. it always looks amazing IMO.
  12. (PS4)robotwars7

    Zenurik: Inner Might, what is going to happen?

    well, one of the old Devstreams mentioned the idea of entering this "powered-up" mode while channeling. it may have something to do with that, but I think it would also be cool if you had to obtain this "power mode" by channeling. a similar mechanic exists in Monster Hunter World when using a Longsword: you land attacks to fill a meter, then when the meter's full you unleash some crazier moves, and you do more damage each time you repeat the process over and over. this would be a good way of encouraging players to use channelling: use regular attacks at first, then use more powerful moves against heavy opponents, and get stronger each time you successfully pull it off, which would allow it to scale somewhat in endless missions as well. it would add another aspect to melee: button mashing is still there, but if you need to take out heavily armored enemies at high level efficiently in melee, you focus on building up your meter as well.
  13. (PS4)robotwars7

    Does anyone know about baiting bans?

    ^this. a few milliseconds of common sense will save you a week's ban. then again, i'd also say avoiding Region Chat entirely is an even better measure to take; all I ever see there is stale memes and drivel.
  14. (PS4)robotwars7

    Standing in Solidarity with space mom

    well, depending on how The New War goes, you may end up regretting that faith. my money is on us having to fight her and her either A: being killed by us, or B: she sacrifices her life to save us from her Sentient Mother. Warframe's narrative is a coming of age story: we've gone from naive, dumb kids into slightly smarter kids with mommy issues, now it'll be time to cut those apron strings once and for all, and thus our Tenno comes of age and is mentally a young adult (but possibly still trapped in a kid's body, still not sure where DE's gonna go with that). Dex weapons are all pretty strong as well though, and you'll need to use Dexcalibur with the Syandana and Sigils to complete the look, because if you're gonna go full Lotus, go FULL Lotus.
  15. (PS4)robotwars7

    Is the Duviri an enemy faction or friendly faction?

    assuming they're a neo-Orokin cult (they look like they are), I'd say enemy, but then I hate the orokin themselves because they did all sorts of horrible things to people and kept making mistakes that tore the entire system apart. chances are they'll be open world (hence Plains* of Duviri); neutral at first and we'll have to earn rep for them, capped by MR and a daily limit ofc. get ready for another rep grind! *Steve said he was meaning to spell it as Plains, he just didn't bother correcting it. since Plains is the actual term here, we can assume that the Plains of Duviri is another open-world location.