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  1. I'm a lone wolf player myself, but the thing is I don't know how DE are going to make the Eidolon fight a real challenge unless they make it like a raid boss where you have to team up and communicate to take it down. if you can just solo it with a Tigris prime and the occasional use of the new Warrior mode, the Eidolon will become Trivial and people will complain. I think the Eidolon is intended to basically be the ultimate boss fight: grab your friends, grab your best guns, make sure your mic is on and work together to pummel it into the dirt. this way, saying "I took down an Eidolon" has more value than "I took down (insert boss here)" , because it would be so much harder to kill an Eidolon. the new Arcanes will be easy to get solo, as it seems you just have to mine those gems to build them, I don't recall them saying Arcanes were gated behind the Eidolon, though that would give us more incentive to take it down. I could be wrong though. besides, i reckon once a few people have the Eidolon fight down to a tee, they'll probably set up an "Eidolon Bus" the same way we have the Raid Bus to help randoms find teams to do LoR ad JV on both difficulties. Hek, there'll probably be someone who makes an Eidolon hunting clan you can join and they'll spend most of their time teaching the fight to newcomers and trading the Arcanes for profit. there are good people in this community and I'm sure some will band together to help others get used to this new Eidolon fight. not sure what you find hard about Prime farming though, I'd say it's more tedious than anything, since you're relying on RNG to get the part you want, and also hoping randoms are using new relics. that's why people ask for Radiant Relic key shares to maximise their chances. it can work, I've gotten lucky from others before, but when it comes to trying to get the latest prime gear quickly without trading, or taking down a 300ft tall Sentient who can CC an area the size of a military base, teams really are better. i know you wanna solo everything, and If it's possible to solo an Eidolon I'll give it my all, but this is a co-op game at the end of the day, and that's what I think DE will cater to. we'll just have to wait and see.
  2. oh, it'll definitely have bugs. this area is far bigger than any other Tileset, and has a lot of stuff on it: tons of grass, Grineer outposts, a big-a$$ Orokin tower, rivers, hidden caves etc. that's why it's still in QA and hasn't been released yet, it needs a thorough sweeping to check for bugs before it's fit for release, and even then, we'll likely find plenty ourselves that escaped the QA testing or have only just emerged. if you guys want to help make PoE as bug-free as possible, report ANY bugs you come across, even minor ones. even if DE don't address them right away, we can say we've done our part.
  3. PoE and the hopes and dreams

    dunno about that, from what they said there would be public events, and unique mini objectives that appear every so often. as long as there's plenty to do, I'm not bothered what they call it.
  4. I haven't seen this PoE trailer before.

    Eidolon is being glamourized the same way a Raid Boss usually is. I don't know how entertaining the fight will be, but I'm expecting it to be quite difficult. even more so now that the Eidolon has friends to back him up. got to contain the hype though, bigger doesn't necessarily mean better. I hope this fight will be worth it.
  5. No hype site yet?

    it'll get here when it gets here, I know everyone's eager to get into the Plains but this is a major leap forward for DE, and It hasn't been easy for them to develop and test an area of this size; they haven't done this before, and as with the first crack at everything, it takes a while and there'll still likely be a few problems, but if DE can smooth out issues to make the Update as smooth as it can possibly be, the wait will be worth it. hype responsibly.
  6. well, consoles will be getting Prisma Angstrum soon-ish, but as for AkVasto prime, I think it'll still be a while, mainly because it technically goes against Nova's Vaulting. i do want it though.. badly!
  7. Who has gotten by on the F2P model?

    I went for as long as I could, but the need for slots appears eventually. I avoid using up platinum unles I get a Market Discount to ensure I can make the most of it. most of the stuff I use Plat on is Cosmetics, specifically Tennogen. I'm happy to fund a company that gives me £60 worth of gaming for free and treats it's consumers right, and happy to fund talented Tennogen artists.
  8. Uranus Submersible with other eyes :D

    the problem I have with an underwater open world is that it'd take forever to actually go anywhere, and underwater areas look pretty samey after a while. I think a better idea for the Uranus' Landscape (or rather, Waterscape?) would be a floating city, run by the grineer. there could be bands of Pirates using Grineer watercraft, Marine Patrols, and big sea monsters to hunt!
  9. Vault?

    going in: Saryn prime, Spira Prime and Nikana Prime coming out: Loki Prime, Bo Prime and Wyrm Prime (possibly with another frame like Ember + her gear.)
  10. What’s your favourite planet/tileset?

    Lua, it combines some breath-taking Scenery with Orokin architecture, a close second would be the Void, followed by Jupiter (because it's made of lockers)
  11. Next Tennogen Theme

    would be quite cool, I'd like to see a Ghillie Suit-type skin for Ivara, though it'd probably be a nightmare to do the texturing xD.
  12. Mutagen Samples Farming

    best chance is ODS or ODD, with Nekros if possible. getting a booster would help, i see you're on Xbox so if you have the Ducats you could get one from Baro before he leaves.
  13. Baro has nothing

    i think we'll still be waiting a while for that one, it took a LOT of nagging to get AkLex Prime into the game, and releasing a relic dropping Vasto parts would go against Nova Prime's vaulting, as it's part of her gear. bruh, you triple posted.might wanna fix that.
  14. So, that Volt Deluxe concept art...

    it's fugly as hell, I don't know how you can make Volt look ugly, but they managed it somehow with that concept art. even the Grineer couldn't produce such a hideous monstrosity. seeing stuff like that and Nova's Deluxe skin makes me really miss IgnusDei. remember when Deluxe skins looked good? Pepperidge Farm remembers. that second one with the Naginata is awesome. some might think it a bit blocky, but I'd buy that in a heartbeat, that Naginata Polearm skin is badass.
  15. Baro has nothing

    anyone know if he has anything new on console? waiting on Prisma Angstrum (which is in our Codex, so he should have it.)