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  1. since he is the "speed frame, he should affect all types of Speed in the game: - first ability gives him ultra-fast running mode, with a an opt-out for other players. could also do more damage if you melee right after you sprint, since there would be more power in the strike. - Second ability gives Melee Speed Increase. perhaps combining 1 and 2 prevents you being stuck in place when doing combos that root you on the spot: this guy could do all cobos while moving, and could test whether non-static combos would truly work in melee 3.0. - third ability gives a fire rate increase, and affects weapons with charge times. -fourth ability could be a full-power dash forward that damages and ragdolls all within a certain radius.
  2. maybe "Gula"? - latin word for gluttony, can also mean engorgement and appetite. Japanese version would be Okui, which sounds too quirky IMO. Gula sounds quite grand - as does most things in Latin - and fits better IMO.
  3. back in MY day, we wouldn't need so many paragraphs to get that point across: it was a simpler time back then; you kids don't know how lucky you are XD!
  4. we still have a few desirable Wraiths, like Ogris, Drakgoon, Kulstar and Zarr to go through before we start scraping the barrel. but yes, once Supra and Opticor got Vandalized, that was it. (no Lanka Vandal yet, but I doubt we'll get that for some time.)
  5. new spy tiles huh? can't wait to learn them! and by learn them, I mean take Infiltrating Ivara and just admire the scenery before I waltz right in like I got every clearance under the sun. I, and others, probably will attempt them with frames that can't invis at some point, but let's face it, while it's nice DE went to the trouble, 99% of us are not going to find the new vaults a challenge.. I just hope they are more rewarding than Pavlov.
  6. something like this? we also need Baro to bring a Prisma Roomba, Roomba Vandal, Mara Roomba and Roomba Wraith!
  7. this is why we need an official program for Eidolons and Profit taker: back when we had raids, we had the Raid Bus to teach people how to do them and get a few runs under their belt; this doesn't appear to exist for the Eidolon/Orb fights. someone should make a clan that focuses on this, and if there already is one, they need to put the word out more. it would be even better if DE had an official clan made by one of the Devs and run by them, that offers this service. sadly I don't see this happening.
  8. *laughs in 230+ Nitain Stockpile* that's probably an oversight honestly, but kind of funny that this happens as Nightwave ends. Steve's idea of a joke perhaps? lol. I was honestly expecting her to require an insane amount of Cetus Wisps, and then when DE removed Wisp Requirements for PoE arcanes, I got more worried we'd have to stockpile them to build Wisp. thankfully that isn't the case.
  9. well, it's definitely nice that Spectra and Glaxion got some love, finally. never cared all that much for Spectra, but Glaxion can be satisfying. either way, it's more MR.
  10. yeah, somehow i don't think DE are gonna make forma easier to get, not that it's really that hard to get anyway; it's the 24hr build time that's the problem. besides, there will be a new currency with season 2, so you'll have to farm enough of that first before you can even worry about where to spend it.
  11. not quite: it's strong, but it's still just an amped up semi-auto. I'm talking a gun that you can fire maybe once a second, if you're lucky, but each shot turns the poor soul unfortunate enough to be targeted into a red mist. we're talking base Opticor with no RoF mods slow, or Daikyu Slow, but with a much bigger payoff.
  12. Ash; for when I want to go full weeb/Ninja and run a Nikana. Atlas: for when I want to punch things or Forma a Grineer weapon (Graxx Atlas FTW). Banshee: for Sorties where only ludicrous damage will do (damage resistance assassinations for example.) Baruuk: for when I want to go Kung Fu on everybody. Chroma: for when I need to be reminded he needs a rework, or Sorties. I have done Eidolons in the past, but not with him. Ember: for when someone asks me who the worst frame is right now. Equinox: for when I want something more complex than power spamming, but can still use maim endlessly if all else fails. Excalibur Umbra: for when I am levelling Operator stuff, his automatic 2 spam helps a lot. Frost: for serious defense missions. and insane abs with his deluxe skin. Gara: for serious Defense missions, with a Samurai flavour (awesome Tennogen skin I can't remember the name of) Harrow: for when the urge to red crit everything takes over. Hildryn: for when I must break you, or flex. Hydroid: for loot and Hentai purposes... OwO Inaros: for when I desire immortality. Ivara: for Sortie Spy missions. Khora: for anything that requires a zone defense. Limbo: for solving very specific problems, like getting a Rescue Hostage out of a dozen Techs firing at the only corridor leading to extraction. Loki: for when I want to be a ghost, or do the "no kills survival" riven challenge" Mag: for making those who call her trash salty by out DPSing them all on hydron, and making Dargyns on the plains easy to kill. Mesa: for when I want to go full Gunslinger, or need a good DPS. Mirage: for levelling other Grineer weapons (Graxx Mirage FTW!) Nekros: for when I want maximum edge and/or Loot. Nezha: for when i want enemies and squadmates to assume my gender. Nidus: for when i want Immortality, but not get bored, or I want to watch my cute little maggots nom on enemies and explode (they're adorable, aren't they?) Nova: for when i want to make lie easier for the squad, or forma a corpus weapon (Corpra Nova best Nova, more Corpra skins pls) Nyx: for when i want to see who would win between X and Y, and CBA to go to the Simulacrum. Oberon: for tridolon runs (I'm on Lure Duty) or genuinely wanting to keep the team alive. Octavia: for trying to make new songs, then eventually saying F this and using the annoying jingle that makes the squad rage. Revenant: for when I want to be a walking rave. Rhino: for just about everything, especially quests. Saryn: for when I want to be reminded of the full extent of what a Warframe can do with the right rework. Titania: for when I want to be a fairy that kills people. which is more often than you might think. Trinity: for when I want a change from Oberon for tridolon runs. Valkyr: for when I want to go berserk. Vauban: for when someone asks me who the worst frame is right now besides Ember. Volt: for speedruns and lightning, sometimes Eidolon hunts. Wukong: for when i desire immortality, as well as an exalted weapon. Zephyr: for when I want to fly or get around the Vallis/Plains faster.
  13. I would definitely love something along the lines of a large calibre Revolver, slow rate of fire, but each shot is immensely powerful and precise, and makes an almighty BOOM with each pull of the trigger, with wrist-breaking recoil, to give that wonderful "weight" these guns have. maybe also give it Punchthrough. essentially a sniper in the palm of your hand, nothing less. it may not be the most practical weapon in a horde shooter like Warframe, but it would be insanely fun! so tell me Grineer, do ya feel lucky, punk?
  14. Frame: Rhino Prime primary: Grinlok, Tigris Prime, Dread and Lanka. secondary: Zylok, AkVasto Prime, Fusilai melee: Galatine prime, Dragon Nikana, Guandao. companion: Taxon, Adarza Kavat.
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