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  1. I'll probably just go for Helminth Empower, for a stronger War Cry. unless something else comes to mind.
  2. should be interesting to show newer players when you invite them to your orbiter! Tenno Veteran: ".. and here is my flower garden!" Tenno Newb: "oh wow! how did you get it to look so nice" Veteran: "why, by having my infested room slowly digest them over the course of 23 hours of unimaginable suffering of course!" Newb; O_O Veteran: "speaking of which, you have an ability I want" *pulls out dagger* "back against the wall now, please!"
  3. Tesla Volt. goodbye Shock, hello 1.21 gigawatts of pure electric awesomeness! might put Shuriken on Loki as well. Decoy does nothing for me so a little damage would help. honestly though, I'll need to sit down and write a bunch of ideas so I know what frames should have replaced abilities, and what to replace them with.
  4. I guess Cloaked Mesa will be the next Meta confirmed. personally I look forward to getting Teslas on Volt, so I can PROPERLY electrocute some people!
  5. yes, I want to be INCREDIBILIS!! Atlas should be the one to get the skin, so I can have a Plume and Punch things, just like For Honor's greatest class! on topic thoguh, Spear and shield would be cool, I'm more of a polearm guy than a sword guy, but remember that this means making an entirely new Stance as well as the weapon, and there are already several niche melee weapon types that could use some love first.
  6. probably checking their facebook or twitter with a status update "they found us! running through infested ship with manics on our tail, but #Tenno are here to help us. just got to keep moving and not get eaten! #RunningForMyLife #OhGodThatInfestedIsRightBehindMeeeee!"
  7. all I'm saying is don't get hyped: from what I can tell based on the info we have already (no ults, no signatures), it's mostly gonna be the useless 1 abilities that will get transferred. hell, the abilities we want to replace are the only ones that'll get transferred XD. there might be one or two useful ones that slip through the net, but you can be assured the likes of Spores and Grenade Fan won't be available. then there's the issue of frames with unique/synergized kit like Limbo, Nidus, Baruuk, Gauss etc. I believe they said they were going to tweak those powers, so maybe there's hope they'll be decent.
  8. it's from a time when DE wnated syndicate allegiances to mean something, though once you've gone through everything, either through rep grind or trade, people just stick to whatever syndicate they like best ( Red Veil for life, No Cost Too Great, No Blood Too Precious ) for the relic packs or whatever. personally I just want them to be given more rewards, and maybe a quest for Arbiters to give us some lore behind them. armor sets, more weapons, companion stuff etc. would encourage people to go through the rep grinds again.
  9. have you made sure to do both Braton and Mk-1 Braton? I was caught out by that once, but with the Mk-1 Bo. the weapon needs to reach rank 30 to be fully mastered. if you don't have one in your arsenal, then you should build one.
  10. probably not a good idea, as mentioned above, Terminal Velocity and other projectile Speed mods would go from utility to mandatory. and you can bet the Exilus slot status would have to be removed.
  11. conclave as it is should just be removed, rather than stagnating as it has done for years. I do think there might be some merit to a mode where you play as something else: as an idea: new PvP: System Warfare - instead of tenno, you play as one of several Grineer, Corpus or infested units, Lancers, Crewmen, Chargers etc. each has set weapons and capabilities. no insane parkour here, just regular movement. a cover system could also be added if necessary, as we're in Third-Person. - maps would be based off or copies of existing tilesets, so not too much work needed - modes can include classic multiplayer gamemodes like Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, as well as PvP versions of Interception, Mobile Defense and Sabotage. - rewards to be determined, but I think cosmetic stuff that only affects PvP - customization for your units: different outfit colours etc. would be appropriate enough. essentially, it's the same formula FPS Multiplayer games have been using for decades now, and I think the novelty of playing as a Corpus Tech or a Shield Lancer or even an infested runner would be enough to lure players in, then the gameplay itself and trying out different maps and modes, getting cosmetic rewards etc would keep people there.
  12. probably won't appear again this year, unless a dull period between updates occurs. even then, Plague Star could happen instead.
  13. would be quite nice IMO. though I would also like to have a large tank full of Lanxes (the sharks found on Uranus), because if you want your dojo to be an evil lair, it NEEDS to have a shark tank! just try not to fall in yourself lol.
  14. ugh, dont start, it's like that damn dress all over again! IMO they probably chose that colour because it's quite neutral: Orokin generally prefer monochrome with their ridiculous amounts of gold, Black, white or a shade inbetween, with or without a slight hint of something else. the main exceptions to this are certain Prime frames, like Chroma Prime (has Red in his default, and Atlas Prime (has Orange in Default.
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