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  1. Are we getting a bird companion?

    you monster! this was the most heart-breaking moment in BL2, worse than Roland's death by far... I would love to have a bird companion, and while I know plenty others will do it, I will name mine Bloodwing because I've always been a Mordecai player!
  2. Knife to a gunfight... or gun to a knifefight...

    both have their upsides and downsides: ranged weapons allow you to eliminate enemies from a comfortable distance without endangering yourself too much, but they require some level of precision to use. melee is as simple as spamming a button, but it's much harder to perform without the help of CC, or when using a squishy frame such as Banshee. both categories have weapons that can hit hard instantly or deal damage over time. it mostly tends to boil down to personal preference and playstyle.

    in the update after Harrow, maybe we'll get it. this time though we're getting mirage's Graxx Skin (which i intend to buy, since I can't work with her standard appearance and Faven deserves some plat for all he work he puts into "graxxing" each frame.) SoonTM
  4. Axi E1 drop % for gold????

    same chance as every other rare drop on every other relic. the specific % eludes me, but safe to sy it's fairly slim. however, RNG plays it's part: when I was farming for a common piece (A Silva & Aegis prime part I think), I got 5 Rares in a row, and NONE of the relics were refined at all. sod's law dictates that when you need a more common piece, you get "blessed with a ton of Rares, but when you need that rare drop, you get Forma BPs and Ducat fodder. 5 RARES. CONSECUTIVE. when I needed a COMMON DROP. couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry at the time.
  5. New Primes

    Tiberon prime, Rubico Prime, Daikyu Prime, Stradavar Prime AkVasto Prime, AkMagnus Prime, and just about any Primed melee.
  6. Trade chat is being misused

    trade chat is being Cancerous you say? Working As IntendedTM
  7. PS4 Chains of Harrow Status [Launching July 24!!]

    looks like an alliance emblem between cephalon Suda and followers of the dark Lord Cthullu...
  8. Glaive Throw Fix Please?

    a lot quicker too. not sure how quick Dual-Wield throw is, but standard Glaive Throwing is only useful for when you need the range. Throwing should increase the Combo as long as the Glaive hits, and Iit would be nice if all thrown melees had some degree of tracking, since long range precise throws are hard for many to pull off, especially vs. moving targets.
  9. IRL Warframe Weapon Replicas, yeah or nay?

    still waiting on the AWE Me YouTube Channel to do a Man At Arms: Reforged episode on a Warframe weapon. they'd likely go for the Skana, but I'd love to see them make a Galatine Prime. perhaps when Eidolon comes, Warframe will be catapulted further into the limelight and increase enough in popularity for them to do a build.
  10. Six in a row.

    give unto the Void Tenno. it's the only way.
  11. Beta Testing

    > makes post about Beta Testing > doesn't mention what the Beta in question is. OK..
  12. Yet more The Dark Tower hype!! OMGoodness this looks amazing!

    while it doesn't belong here technically, I will admit that seeing Idris Elba as a Gunslinger is perhaps the coolest thing I've seen all night! don't worry about it though, I'm sure a Mod can move this to OffTopic for you.
  13. Corpus Rattel for Player Sentinel?

    I'd love to get those things as a companion, it should Ratel a few cages...
  14. need more riven slot

    on the contrary, DE stated when they first mentioned the cap that this was due to how much Data Rivens take up, and that if they can find a way to expand upon it, they will do so. Riven trading has proven very profitable to DE, it's in their interests to be working towards increasing Riven Space, and they may well succeed eventually.
  15. PS4 Chains of Harrow Remaster Build

    no you don't. it clearly states in this post and on DE's Twitter that the update will do all the work and Warframe does NOT need to be deleted. please don't spread misinformation and read before you post.