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  1. (PS4)robotwars7

    Things that influenced Warframe!

    most Sci-fi films and videogames have a hand in there somewhere, ninjas and fantasy martial arts in general also. I also see elements of Samurai culture; not just the Swords, but the armours, the kneeling and prostrating, and the Tenno being a revered warrior class in the Origin System's society. I think the Grineer are somewhat inspired by the Soviet Union and Soviet Russia: their bold and blocky propaganda, emphasis on work and utility before aesthetics, and a vast army that can throw endless numbers at any problem, winning battles even with massive casualties. the infested seem to be taking notes from body horror films, such as John Carpenter's The Thing. personally I'd like the infested to go a bit more down this road, or become something more akin to the Necromorphs from the Dead Space games. not sure about the Corpus, but their symbols could be seen as influenced by imagery related to the Illuminati and other secret societies. there's a bit of everything in Warframe honestly.
  2. (PS4)robotwars7

    Zephyr Prime is best frame. Change my mind.

    Rhino Prime takes your opinions into account... and then smashes them against his godly man-chest. fro real, there is no best frame, but there's only a few situations where a Rhino can't help.
  3. (PS4)robotwars7

    When is the Sacrifice Update coming to consoles?

    wait it out like everybody else. demanding things from DE in General Discussion (which they never read anyway) is not gonna make it come any faster.
  4. (PS4)robotwars7

    Your Worst Trading Experiences

    last time I traded was a spare set of Exodia Contagion I was selling. these were made from the original plague satr, before the new Arcane System was implemented, so you needed multiple sets for multiple Zaws. now with the new system you only ened one, so i thought "may as well make some plat" took a while but eventually found a buyer, invited him to the Dojo and lo and behold... Trade tax; 1,000,000 Credits. to be fair, this was my first time trading any arcane, especially a tier 4 one (plague Exodias are tier 4 rarity, like Arcanes Barrier and Energize), and I knew that the 1m Credit tax existed, but I thought it was only for Primed Mods. this guy didn't have the million credits, so the whole thing was a waste of time. this isn't the first time the Taxman has stopped a trade for me, likely won't be the last. usually it's people not having slots or being the wrong MR. now that really makes me want to kick puppies.
  5. (PS4)robotwars7

    Umbra is bad design.

    let's be honest, there was never going to be a winner when it comes to Umbra. if he was released worse than regular Excalibur, everybody would be pi$$ed off. if he was literally exactly the same in all but appearance, founders would be screaming "muh exclusives!" if he was released objectively better than Excalibur Prime (which is being debated in this thread) you'd get... well, this thread. if he was released totally different from any Excalibur Variant, an Excal in name only, people would still likely find something in his kit to moan about, or complain that "it's not a true Excal". founders had almost 2 YEARS to speak out against Umbra if they didn't like it. perhaps if they were on the ball sooner, Umbra wouldn't be released in a state that seems undesirable to them.
  6. (PS4)robotwars7

    How the hell does fishing work!?

    yeah, trust me, you don't want to fish without Dye. depth perception with water makes it tricky even when the water's clear and you can see the fish clearly, I still use dye because it shows the exact hitbox of them. it's not that hard to craft and I almost never miss with the Dye, but can't throw for toffee without it. maybe if you're a Speargun Throwing master, you'd be fine, but nobody bothers with those modes on the Spearguns anyway, and like I said, water skews your view of the target, which makes Spearfishing difficult IRL too. for the record, Gems are not sold by the Fish Lady. Old Man Sumbaat sells crafted gems in exchange for plat, but don't bother, it's easy to mine and refine them.
  7. (PS4)robotwars7

    Can we clarify what's wrong with Limbo exactly?

    here's what's wrong with Limbo:
  8. (PS4)robotwars7

    Where's the skins for Tennogen 12 for console?

    SoonTM they'll likely be throwing it in with Umbra, so people can look fashionable for their quest.
  9. (PS4)robotwars7

    How the hell does fishing work!?

    just a case of RNG, though rain makes fish spawn in greater numbers apparently, so if everything is wet, that's the time to fish. - look for hotspots at the coastline behind Cetus (right side), no coastal Grineer camps so watch for patrols and you're good. - always use Glappid Bait. - always fish at night - use the correct spear (Peram for Glappid) - always use Luminous Dye, glowing Fish are a lot easier to throw Spears at. - can't remember the name, but there's another Throwable that calms fish down, so that if you miss, they are less likely to swim away. grab some of that and use it just in case your throwing sucks.
  10. (PS4)robotwars7

    When is the Sacrifice Update coming to consoles?

    I can wait. avoiding spoilers isn't too hard, and I want the update to be right. I got the Limbo prime farm until then.
  11. (PS4)robotwars7

    bird version of kavats and kubrows

    yeah, a C9ondroc that isn't stuck in a cage would be pretty good. I want my own customizable Bloodwing! poor Bloodwing... didn't deserve it's fate.. goddamnit Handsome Jack..
  12. (PS4)robotwars7

    DE Sheldon DE Rebecca can we please have AkVasto Prime relic yet?

    yeah I know... I guess it's because DE don't want any Vasto Prime parts being released before Nova Prime's Unvaulting, but that's light years away (mainly because they keep bringing Frost Prime back. seriously, how does anyone NOT have Frost Prime at this point?). I hope that DE will let AkVasto Prime be a thing eventually, but I still hold out hope for AkMagnus Prime with Mesa Prime. a buff for Vasto Prime wouldn't go amiss either. the secondary buffs didn't make it that much better and it still pales in comparison to so many other, stronger Primed Pistols. maybe Rework the Vasto altogether; the Pandero is the new spam-fire wheelgun, let's have the Vasto become a Warframe's 44. Magnum, a proper handcannon that can stop a charging Juggernaut!
  13. (PS4)robotwars7

    Something Needs to Change with Bounties and Leeches

    or you could just not PUG. and do bounties solo, or with friends, or with recruited players... one day people will understand.. but today... today is not that day.
  14. (PS4)robotwars7

    Individual extraction....when?

    I'd love individual extraction, and I've wanted it for some time though I noticed an interesting point that I forgot about: host migrations. now that's a trade-off that I'm willing to take, but that's just me. as it stands, there are workarounds such as going solo or using recruit chat. would be nice to come and go as I please, but it wouldn't come without compromise.
  15. (PS4)robotwars7

    What if we separately builds all 4 powers with mods

    then we'd be a little too OP. you're supposed to make compromises for certain powers to make the ones you want effective. what you're suggesting is just blatant power creep. it'll never happen.