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  1. I don't see why not. DE will want to offer cosmetics for anything new that gets added, most recent example being the Shawzin. dunno about the interior of the railjack, but we should definitely see skins for the outside of it. more customization = more profit from plat sales.
  2. aside from a few ammo hungry outliers, like Boar Prime and Twin Grakatas, I don't think the slots are really that necessary. most of the utility mods are kinda rubbish, save for ammo mutation for the aforementioned weapons and others that run through ammo quick. even then, we have Carrier. I'm happy with the reserve ammo and mag capacity on most guns and don't bother with Hush, so why make a fuss?
  3. ideally I'd like daggers to be extremely fast (faster than anything except hand weapons: Sparring/Gauntlet/Claws) either have improved status over some other melees, or, since CL is being removed, at least let them retain a higher Finisher multiplier than some other weapon types. that way they can still be used with finisher builds and synergies, just not as broken as it used to be. Dual daggers though.. I hope those got the rework they need. IMO those should have slightly better blocking than daggers, and much faster attack speed than they do right now.
  4. > people thinking a game can be "killed". there's always a few loyal players for even the worst games, even if it's a couple basement dwellers and nothing more. Destiny 2 was OK, but my interest petered out after a while. it is however quite interesting to see Bungie going full tilt without the shackles of Activision holding them back. as long as DE don't go full EA/Ubisoft/Activision, Warframe should be fine.
  5. well, personally i still need the new primes, but aside from that I haven't had much reason to play, waiting on the Nightwave Intermission to begin so then I can hopefully get ranks on that and I'll run relics while I'm at it. Radshares were surprisingly uncommon this time around, so it might take a while..
  6. got more or less everything, save for cosmetic items and atlas prime stuff. also missing Pathocyst. I do however have something almost nobody else on this forum has:
  7. - that moment when you get banished, Switched into a group of heavy enemies, and speed boosted all at once...
  8. several reasons to carry a secondary. - some primaries have bad ammo economy, so just like in a more "realistic" shooter, you could run out of ammo for your primary weapon, at which point having a sidearm is nice. - "switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading." it's not just a CoD quote, even though our weapon switch speeds are too slow for what they are, it's still faster than reloading most weapons. even though you likely aren't against other players, it lets you keep clearing the map for a little longer in endless modes. - you can make your loadout more versatile: a sniper for long range, secondary shotgun for close up, or beam weapon for close range, pistol for enemies out of beam range. then you can also factor in multiple damage types, elemental damage, etc. if we end up against a ton of Sentients in the New War (which seems likely), you're gonna wanna carry as many damage types on you as possible (or just run around hacking them up with a Paracesis, whatever suits you best.) - you can use Secondaries while carrying items, good for if enemies are far away as you move between consoles in MD. - you can shoot them whilst downed. it really does make a difference: it's harder to revive someone who is surrounded by heavy enemies, but if they have a good sidearm they can clear the area and make it safe to revive them. plus there's also the principle of "if I'm dying, I'm taking you with me!"; that level 100 Bombard won't have long to enjoy his little victory! - once we (eventually) get dual wielding for more than just Glaives, it'll look cool AF going around with sword and gun simultaneously.
  9. not sure if you're serious, but either way, that's a good laugh right there!
  10. wait, they took the fight out? they said they would keep it.. great, so now it looks like I have to wait until DE can be bothered to bring it back as an event in order to get the pathocyst.. that's gonna be probably be a good few months. wonderful. inb4 " YoU HaD Enough TiMe!" yes, I did, and when I found out the fight was boring, but was gonna be permanent, I thought "cool, don't have to worry about missing out then" and played other games. I'm fine with time-gated stuff, but I don't like being lied to. hopefully it's just on hiatus till they think of a way to tie it into the rest of the game.
  11. usually it takes a long time. DC gets asked about what they want to see from time to time, but I've seen some good ideas get scrapped in favour of augments that are almost useless, so... don't get your hopes up. curious to see what Gauss gets for Augments.
  12. you know, that's actually a tough one, and I can't say yes or no. on the one hand, I'd find them going full EA abhorrent and want to leave. I'd be furious that a company I not only gave a LOT of money to over the years, but also believed in (and I'm one sceptical and cynical son of a bish, so that means something to me) would treat their own fans this way. it's not an exaggeration for me to say that I believe DE are one of the last "good ones": one of the last Devs that actually seem to give a damn about their games. my faith in the industry to do right by us gamers has been broken and mended so many times it's more like Superglue than belief, but this I feel would make me despise the entire industry, and become even more cynical than I already am (not sure if that's possible, but I'd rather not find out). put it this way, I'd produce enough salt to season an entire country's dinners for a month. on the other, leaving for me would be hard because of all the time I've invested into Warframe. right now I don't know if I want to continue playing this other game, because all I do is log in and then log out, but I've also spent a LOT of time in it, though nowhere near as much as I have in Warframe. still, I don't know if I want to truly abandon it. for a game like Warframe, which I have played for a little over 4 YEARS, it would be hard to bear. I'd have to think about it for a long time. I suppose if the worst happened then maybe it would be for the best, but I wouldn't be happy about it, that's for sure. but thankfully, things aren't going south, and while DE aren't perfect and there are problems with Warframe, they haven't thrown in ridiculous MTX and the like just yet.
  13. there's actually a few: Ash can be given an Oni (Japanese Demon) look, limbo can look like he owns a haunted mansion, and how has Nidus not been mentioned yet? his entire aesthetic is pure nightmare fuel! lots of cosmetics for other frames that can make you look the part as well.
  14. that's less a problem of the frame and more a problem of how people use them. Limbo is the Prime (lol) example of this: a Limbo who knows what they're doing can really help a team in just about any mode. a Limbo who's clueless.. well, anyone will tell you how bad that can be. but again, that's down to the player to know how to use their frame effectively. outside of Tridolons, any frame can do anything. not sure why you gotta try and force a narrow-minded POV on other people. sure, there's only a few frames that can be effective in Tridolon, but everywhere else is fair game. i don't really get Macros, being a console player, but chances are Melee 3.0 might put an end to this. perhaps. but if I'm running a PUG, I'm more than happy to let high-range metaheads clear the map for me. as long as I get the reward I joined the mission for, I'm not bothered about my kill count. I figured if anything, Chroma needs his 1 and 4 looking at the most. also, you reminded me of Krieg in Borderlands 2, and how he has a whole skill tree that buffs him if he's on fire. pick your poison: Invul Phases, Bullet Sponge, immunity to powers or weak spots only. those appear to be the only ways DE can make content "endgame". I can agree with you on this. while it's not Vay Hek or Sargas levels of bad, the Prelate fight is rather dull. on the other end of the spectrum, you have the joke bosses; Sarge and Phorid, who can be one shot with a mediocre setup. the problem though is how to make a good boss fight with the kind of powers we have now, without giving every boss total power immunity. I think the upcoming Kuva Liches will be interesting to see. as an enemy type? I don't see what this really adds..
  15. played for 4 years, don't even know how many hours. found a few of the grineer and Corpus ones. but I've only ever found one Orokin Reinforced. it wasn't even in the void, it was in the derelict, on a Maroo mission, in the spawn room. I thought I was hallucinating or there was a glitch or something, but it was real. they look great, but they really are as rare as unicorn farts. unless you're Darvo that is, if you look you can see he has one in his shop, but it's not glowing.
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