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  1. I could tell you about how much Destiny sucks,.. I could tell you of how Warframe became a much better game, and I could tell you that Bill Nighy was still better than peter Dinklage when it came to voice acting in that game.
  2. ah, fond memories of Sniping Bandits in Krom's Canyon, I miss my old Atlas Cyclops Rifle... scopes should be high-tech looking, but also simple: devs think that turning a sniper scope into a monitor on any scoped rifle in a sci-fi game is the way to go: in reality, an optic is supposed to be designed to be as comfortable as possible, regardless of the technology used in it. I guarantee in the far future when we have even more advanced optics, will still be using the same old crosshairs and red dots that we do now, because we like them and they work. OP, I support your idea, though until we get another Sniper Rework, I'm not sure it'll happen.
  3. SoonTM
  4. Frost Harka's theme is a load of bull if you ask me..
  5. thanks as always bunny! next frame looks somewhat interesting, sad to hear that data corruption affected the Equinox helm, hopefully it can be replaced!
  6. we must not be reading the same trade chat lol. a "cheap" riven from what I've seen is around 300p, and goes up as the stats get better. so-called "god-rolls" go for around 700p and up. OP, I'm afraid what you're asking for would be convenient, and convenience is both outlawed and frowned upon in games such as this. I'd love to get a Riven with an easy requirement that turns out to be a "god-roll" Sybaris Riven without having to reroll, but such things don't happen in real life, only in our dreams.
  7. nowadays I only bother farming Kuva as long as the following conditions are met: - the Siphons are on a Corpus map (better rooms) - I have a booster active, or like now, there is a double resource weekend. there is no innocent party when it comes to this. it's our fault as players for grinding Kuva Siphons too hard and burning out as a result, thus making us view the missions negatively, but at the same time it's also DE's fault for making Kuva farms so god damn boring. we DESPERATELY need an alternate way to obtain Kuva, especially with Melee Rivens on the Horizon. I wish developers would get out of this mentality that options are bad: they aren't. options are only ever a good thing. nobody wants to be forced to do the same thing over and over. I like a grind, if I didn't I wouldn't be playing Warframe to begin with, but there's no reason a Grind for resources can't at least be fun, or at the very least keep your attention for longer before you get bored of it. the LEAST I want is an alternate method of Kuva farming that yields as much as the siphons, don't care if it's through harder missions or whatever, just please let it happen, for the love of Lotus!
  8. yes, it stacks. the boost is done by DE, so any boosters you buy yourself add onto it, because you still paid for it.
  9. hasn't fixed on console apparently. once I get the green light, I'll log on, not gonna waste my time if DE don't fix it though.
  10. next you're gonna tell me that DE reduce the Grind as well... make sure you equip Flame Repellent on your trousers, because as they say, Liar, liar, pants on fire.
  11. regular Tenno technology is just Orokin Technology that's reverse-engineered and made in a more cost-effective manner (no unnecessary gold decoration etc.). the focus is on functionality rather than form, because when you're making weapons and armour systems, you need to get them out as fast as you can, for as little money as you can in order to Grofit. the Sten SMG, Welrod Pistol, AK-47 and other very basic firearm designs prove that efficient mass-production is key, especially in war.
  12. she's from Overwatch, her backstory states she was an Indian Architect who used hard-light technology to construct her designs, but what made her differ from others who could do the same is that she did it through the power of Indian folk dancing movements. she favours order and symmetry, and specializes in restoring allies shields mid-combat. still don't like her, even after her buff.
  13. probably not, but Amprex Vandal is still on the table. we got the Supra Vandal, now just waiting on Opticor, Glaxion and Amprex vandals and I'll be happy.
  14. plenty options for AoE primaries without self damage. not sure how you're killing yourself with Zarr though, you know the Barrage mode is there for a reason right? the reason being it's much safer for close range targets.. in any case: Amprex: this will require a significant Forma investment on your part, but I promise you the results are worth it: chained lightning with near guaranteed red crits that completely wrecks everything. quite a few Amprex Rivens floating around too from what I've seen, get a good crit roll on one of those and you've got some serious firepower! Ignis/Ignis Wraith: doesn't matter too much which version you get, but this flamethrower is pretty amazing after a little work. slap on a firestorm or Combustion Beam for utility and you'll be clearing rooms with ease. Torid: a bit of an underdog, but with the right build, this Toxic Grenade launcher will let you cover a whole area with poison clouds which don't hurt you, but will make enemies feel like they just entered a room full of Mutalist Ospreys (Torid Toxin looks exactly the same as well) I don't think Torid Rivens are too expensive since hardly anyone uses this weapon, but with a few Forma and the right mods, it's supposed to be quite good. I'm not really an expert on this weapon, but if you ask about it, someone will point you in the right direction.
  15. yeah it's up, but there's apparently a bug where it doesn't apply to Kuva sadly...