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  1. "Pay to Accelerate" is a softer term for "Pay 2 Win". If someone achieves something faster - they win. Simple as that. The real no Pay2Win system would have only skins/colours/themes and such. Stuff that does NOT affect the gameplay. Any advantage giving by ingame purchases makes the game Pay2Win.
  2. I'm sorry to burst your bubble but Warframe is Pay 2 Win. Speeding up dojo stuff with platinum (gives an advantage over people who can't do it), speeding up foundry with platinum (also gives an advantage), ability to buy railjack upgrades with platinum, better drones - for platinum, boosters - platinum, warframe/weapon slots - platinum. I could keep going on and on. Yes, Warframe IS Pay2Win. The more you pay, the faster you progress. The faster you progress the more advantage you have. Although the Warframe's P2W is nothing to worry about, since it is a coop game, not a PvP game. So relax.
  3. Don't mind me, Ivara and Mag are my main frames I play ^w^ If you can't see her flaws and how glitchy she is, you need to play her more ^w^
  4. So far the laziest Prime ever created. No Ivara fixes, no Ivara rework, no Ivara rebalance... just an another Ivara skin. That's pretty disappointing, even for me.
  5. It's not a bug, it's just awfully damnieh huge. You need to keep building levels and corridors to be 100% sure there is no overlapping from anyside (including top and bottom). Took me a while to finally be able to build it, but yea, it's just damnieh huge in all dimensions.
  6. The floor is still dirty/torn, even though the slider is at very left position. Would be amazing if you'd add a way to remove those stains/damage as well.
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