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  1. A feature being opt-in or opt-out isn't an argument for that feature being a good idea. In fact it's often the opposite. It means that you already know a lot of people might not like it. Your run is either gonna be easier/faster by opting in or by opting out, and you're going to feel compelled to do whichever is beneficial even if it's the option you don't like. And it's probably going to be faster/easier if you opt in, because that's the incentive, right? So here's what that means... If you have someone willing to be on standby to help out the raid, good, but that person can't actually be part of the group and get rewards, that kinda blows doesn't it? If you don't have someone, maybe you can rely on pubs. But what if the pubs turn out not to be good? Some random people could hold up the raid. That sounds frustrating. Maybe you opt out. It's going to be slower, that sucks, but less annoying since you don't need to get outside help. But how do you make that decision? Is it up to the person hosting? What if it's a pub squad and someone else wants to opt in but you want to opt out? What if you're trying to put together a squad with opt-out, but finding people is slow because everyone is looking for opt-in runs? So why not just have everyone who's participating in the raid as part of the actual raid group? That seems more fun and more inclusive. I get why you think it's a cool feature. It is a fun idea conceptually. It's one of those things that's cool the first couple of times, but then after that it's just annoying.
  2. It's because "clans" on forums are actually reffering to a seperate thing. It's more like a subforum, or forum group really. They're just also called clans because apparently someone thought that was a good idea. And you're indeed not in one of those. You can create one that matches your ingame clan, a lot of people did that.
  3. Alternatively, could they please not? If you think it's a cool feature for casual play, fair enough, but it's going to be an incredibly annoying roadblock to face in the middle of a raid. You essentially have to wait for a different squad elsewhere to do something completely unrelated. You have the potential for 1 guy doing plains bounties to hold up 8 people in a raid. I like the idea of a different squad "assisting" the raid on a conceptual level, but that's not at all what they showed. What they showed was the squad in space just being unable to progress having to wait for the squad in plains to finish their thing.
  4. Thanks for the hotfix People complaining about having to play the game isn't feedback. It went from being impossibly difficult to trivially easy to get rank 60 in nightwave, and challenges are repeatedly being made easier. When people complain about content it just gets made easier until they stop complaining, and the reason they stopped complaining is the content becomes quick and easy. Elite challanges end up just feeling like a chore, but if the chores are quick who will complaint? This approach is part of what causes that feeling of content drought people also complain about. This isn't nearly as good an example as what was done to the plains resource economy, but it is another example of retroactively undermining your own content for no real reason. I'm writing this somewhat harsh comment because it's been an ongoing issue for a long time now. You need to start also looking for ways to introduce additional challenge. Doing 60 minutes of kuva survival without using a normal life support was a lot more engaging than applying a single forma.
  5. I mean there's this: It's the ice palette. Prisma is shades of black and blue so this is pretty spot on. The reason you have a hard time matching it is because prisma are also actual skins with different textures.
  6. It's a good idea, but it might indeed stink. If you wanted to make sure it was good change it to chance to resist status proc. Of course the balancing is also dependent on the percentage value.
  7. I have one gripe with this. It might sound overly harsh or nitpicky, but whatever, it's worth saying. Holding an ability button to do something other than what happens when you tap it is pretty clunky. This applies mostly to vaubans 2, but unfortunately also partially to embers 1 now. If you have default keybindings, you have to briefly take your finger off the W key to cycle vaubans 2, so the idea of dynamically cycling between and using 4 different abilities, in combat, with one button seems ridiculous. And yes, I can alleviate the problem significantly by also binding 2 to a button on the side of my mouse, but even if I do that it's still annoying that cycle and cast are on the same button. I want the hold action to happen when I tap a different button, or a button in addition to the ability button, and then the cast can still just have a longer animation, as long as I don't need to hold the button. The best solution i can think of would be to use aim down sights as the differentiator. if I press 2 on vauban without ADS, it cycles. If I do it with ADS it casts. If I press 1 on ember with ADS it's the hold cast, and if I do it without ADS it's the tap cast. That seems like it would be way more dynamic.
  8. Eidolons don't have any hidden damage reduction. They have 75-85% damage reduction from armor, which can be reduced partially or entirely by corrosive projection. They also have a special damage calculation for the damage dealt to their shields by amps, which is: Amp Damage vs Eidolons = Theoretical Damage x 0.04 + 108 / Fire Rate Amp Crit-Damage vs Eidolons = Theoretical Damage x 2 x Crit Multiplier x 0.04 + 108 / Fire Rate And that may have been confused for hidden damage reduction. In relation to your example however, it has to do with sarpa not working as you hoped and the mechanics of tombfinger specifically.
  9. Or it could reduce them. "I tried it in the simulacrum and it sucked/I didnt like it, so I won't get it." is another equally likely thoughtprocess.
  10. There's a lot of decent and good suggestion for things it would be nice if the simulacrum had. The thread posted right before this one was about being able to spawn other tiles and that's a pretty good suggestion too. The reason we don't get any of these is because the simulacrum isn't receiving any active development. Like ever. Which I don't really disagree with either since it's not really actual content. The simulacrum is sort of inconvenient and out of the way, but a lot of people end up spending a while in there anyway, so maybe it's not such a bad thing.
  11. Ever think about how many you've missed? It's kind of a cool thought, I feel like I've definitely missed way more than I've seen.
  12. It's additive with the chroma buff. In reality it's worth about 5% damage. I take enemy radar instead to find vomvalysts.
  13. You're supposed to make a loadout for each build if you want to swap between them from navigation.
  14. This is the main problem with this post. These numbers are entirely indicative of the 1/3 chance for each part being correct. You need 1 blueprint, 1 subcortex and 2 blades. The price of the blueprint and the subcortex matches exactly. This is the first indicator of 1/3 drop chance being true. So why is the blade much more expensive? Lets say we have 100 people trying to build the pathosyst, and lets say they have done 400 runs in total. That means there's about 133 of each part in circulation. They need 100 blueprints, 100 subcortexes and 200 blades. So the blueprints and subcortexes are worth almost nothing because noone wants the surplus, and blades are in high demand because there aren't enough to go around. This means the blade holds all the value and the other parts become arbitrarily cheap.
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