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  1. Now we have shedu. When the new war comes out and everybody gets this it's gonna be another catchmoon/plasmor situation with everyone and their grandma using it. In this game well modded weapons can shred most content in the game, so it's all about how much aoe weapons have. This gun has really good AoE, no self damage and for some reason the damage by no means took a hit in turn. Dear DE, if you don't want these kinds of weapons in the game, why do you keep releasing them? Based on the nerfs it seems like you dont. Surely you won't be surprised at the populairty this t
  2. Instead of something we can buy with excess focus how about just letting us put infinite points into the waybound abilities, but also giving them heavily diminishing returns with logarithmic growth.
  3. Stalker mode. If you don't know what I'm talking about better you look it up than I try to explain it xd
  4. Yeah, "pick up 8 mods" over 3 days is impossible if you go to college. I mean, does anyone even own 8 mods? For real though, I play this game a lot and I do not feel catered to on this one.
  5. It's just about making it feel and truly be optional. Right now the playerbase feels like need and right to always do all the content, and to an extend rightfully so. Until it becomes truly optional to do, there's a hard cap on the difficulty/time investment. Like, it needs to be visibly easily feasable to complete the whole 30 tier thing without doing an extra hard challenge, and then have some way for people to sqeeze an extra umbral forma out of the system.
  6. That was the weekly missions I guess. People are gonna argue otherwise, but I honestly don't even feel like I rushed to finish. I know there's going to be other threads complaining about these taking too long to finish, and I'm not even going to argue about that. There was a potential here to add a couple extra, really hard ones, and make it clear to players they would get their rewards without having to do those. Instead of making me do 8 bounties, make me do 1, with all four dragon keys equipped, solo, with no deaths. Or something, idk I don't care how lo
  7. Why did you remove the picture? Like, I dont understand why you were like "yeah, imma go out of my way to make sure nobody who looked at the thread late can see what I sold"
  8. When umbra runs out of health you're now being kicked from operator back into warframe, which is bad, really bad. It seems significantly worse than simply having an invulnerable frame that does nothing. Aren't passives supposed to be purely an advantage? Rather than something that takes a feature available to all frames and makes it worse. Imagine if a frame had a passive where their weapons only did 50% of the damage but got twice the firerate or something silly like that. It doesn't matter whether it's fair, or makes sense lorewise or mechanically, it just feels awful to
  9. Hey there! :3 Got these two rivens for sale: Hek Riven Tigris Riven Price: 2k Price: 1.5k I also got some trashy rivens without rerolls: Paracyst: 100p Laser Rifle: 50p Cestra: 50p Twin Grakatas: 100p Attica: 150p
  10. 1. We grouped up all 8 of them at A so that two people could lock down everything, and then we took turns to run for the toilet. 2. We ate while playing. I think the others had snacks and stuff. I ran out and put lasagna in the microwave and ran back. Then I ran out to get the lasagna when it was done later.
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