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  1. Needs 3 of the listed stats. 2 is not enough.
  2. New "Riven Mod" tag!

    Nice one. This will be nice for people who are looking for something other than rivens.
  3. <SOLD> WTS God Tonbo Riven

    I'll check with some of the people who've been pming me offers and if they don't want to raise your offer the riven is yours. Pm me if you're online ingame. EDIT: Sorry, but in the meantime someone was willing to do the 3k. It's sold.
  4. <SOLD> WTS God Tonbo Riven

    C/O: 2k B/O: 3k
  5. WTS God Tonbo Riven

    Highest offer I've gotten is 2250, but I'm kinda just looking for the 3k. Buyout was the wrong word to use.
  6. WTS God Tonbo Riven

    This boi: B/O: 4k
  7. WTB God Tier Sybaris Riven

    There's a good one in this thread:
  8. You might not like it, but this is what the highest damage potential looks like: Against 3/4 factions anyway. B/O: 5k Auction ends whenever I have time tomorrow. EDIT: Auction over in less than 10 min actually xD
  9. Hydroid Prime Access is Live!

    This might be the least I've thought about it before buying prime access. I like the spot hydroid is in right now, and I like the accessories we got this time. I hope this access sells well.
  10. Lets say 50% of my weapons damage is impact and 50% of it is corrosive. This means half of my status procs will be impact and half will be corrosive. Now lets say my target has ferrite armor, which means the corrosive damage I deal is increased by 75%. Against this enemy I'm dealing ~70% corrosive and ~30% impact damage. Does status chance account for this? Will ~70% or 50% of my procs be corrosive?
  11. Sold - Fastest auction ever.

    How much was the buyout? Edit: nvm I'm blind
  12. WTS Perfect Vectis Riven 4k

    Rivens are stored as a cookie in warframe-builder. In other words, when I open your builds the riven I see is the last stats I entered myself.
  13. WTS Perfect Vectis Riven 4k

    It's a very nice riven, and it's not that unreasonable of a pricepoint. But it's not perfect. The stats that provide the largest damage increase are, in order: Damage Crit Damage Crit Chance Multishot Elemental In order to maximize damage you would want the top three. You present a fair point with being able to run corrosive cold. However I think viral is just as good. Corrosive/cold resistances are only sightly better on average, and if you run malignant force/primed cryo rounds you get 49% chance to proc viral. That means even in places where corrosive/cold wins out on resistances viral gets a boost from the proc. The point isn't to argue which one is better, just to say that being forced into viral isn't a real issue. You might argue that the viral procs are too inconsistent to even be considered. And that reasoning would also be the main reason it's hard to call this riven near-perfect: Not having a crit chance roll on your riven leaves you with 62.5% crit chance instead of 95-100% That would mean you only have both bullets crit ~50% of the time. 100k+ dps all the time > 100k+ dps half the time is all this comes down to.
  14. @Folren No, that's not an actual 5k offer if it's coming from an MR 0.