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  1. Why do this to people who have been grinding their butts off for a week already? There seems to be no discernible reason other than to continue the strange trend of encouraging players to wait a week or two with playing new content. I much preffered when additional credits were given out as compensation for issues early on, since that actually rewarded engaging with the new content instead of indirectly punishing it. Also the limit is still 5k per relay for bonus? Are we meant to do like 6 relays per rotation now? Yes, good to hear you've realized and are adressing the issue. Quite the missed opportunity. You're just gonna have to deal with him again for a different faction later.
  2. Thanks for the hotfix. What about Attica, Zhuge and Nagantaka?
  3. Thanks for the hotfix. I'm all around really enjoying scarlet spear and the activity it's bringing to my clan. I've missed 16k (24k after the hotfix) thus far, so I'm glad to hear it's being looked at. What's supposed to happen to my credit rewards if I leave one Flotilla in the middle of progress and join another one? If one of my friends crashed or leaves to his ship, or leaves, and we need someone to rejoin or someone else to join, and to flotilla is inevitably full are we meant to just be screwed? There's some major issues in playing with your friends due to way your scoring is tied to one specific instance, that you can easily get shut out of. There's a number of simple ways to effectively alleviate the problem if you're willing to play just a little loose with the player cap per instance. Things like guaranteeing rentry into a flotilla where you've already made progress or letting invitations bypass the player cap up to a point. I just want to know if potential solutions are being considered. Also, can we not have the earth mission be arbitrarily capped at 17 condrixes? I want a lvl 1k condrix.
  4. Doing a parazon finisher is worse than just continuing to shoot the enemy. You briefly cc yourself and your dps output is almost always lower, so why would you? That means the change is effectively just removing the cc potential of impact procs. If the change makes it so you can open an enemy up to mercy kill from any hp value with enough procs, then yeah that's useful, but that's not at all what it sounded like.
  5. From the sound of it, it's somehow even worse than the current proc, which is kind of amazing in itself. The problem with the current impact proc is that it displaces the enemy, and that does more harm than the cc is worth in a lot of peoples eyes. So how about we give it a stun instead? make the stun scale the amount of hp removed by the hit that applies the proc. Lets say you can stun each enemy for a maximum of 6 seconds, so the formula for the stun duration is damage taken / max hp x 6 If you remove 50% of the enemies hp with a cernos shot and land the proc, it gets stunned for 3 seconds. If you remove 3% of it's hp with a gorgon round and proc it gets stunned for 0.18 seconds.
  6. Thanks for a great update. I love the fact that we've gotten rid of self damage, it's a good change. But the removal of self damage along with the changes to scaling has lead to this. IMO, that's way too much damage considering it's AoE and just how many things I could do to increase it. I could use a buff frame, use an offensive arcane, debuff the enemies or use a good riven mod. I love the changes to status and enemy scaling, and the addition of shield gating because they create the potential for having challenging gameplay that doesn't feel frustrating or requires being trivialized entirely, but if we can melt lvl 170's with minimal effort, and the game only presents us with lvl 0-100 enemies we're not there yet.
  7. I understand the corrosive projection changes, but armor can still be a dealt with. It's 60% enemy max health, it's scaling damage. It's highly spammable AoE cc and subsequent killing of anything at any level. Are guns supposed to be able to compete with this? It's full hp for the entire team in 4 seconds, scaling. It seems hard to ever make real difficulty in warframe when taking damage is only ever a momentary inconvenience. And both of these are just operator arcanes. As if they werent ludicrous enough already. It's easy to just be like who cares, and yeah it's not as big a deal as im framing it as, but like... Most balance changes doesn't really matter as long as this is still a thing. The self damage changes are really nice, but none of the AoE weapons were remotely close to lockdown and they won't be now either.
  8. The problem with big monsters is that DE can't just make an enemy with a big healthbar in the current gamestate. If they die instantly it's silly to have a huge monster, and it gets annoying to face multiple of them if they have a bunch of invulnerability phases and weak points you need to hit.
  9. That's not simpler, it's more complicated. It's not a bad idea, but simplicity is actually the argument against it.
  10. One of the best dev streams in a long time. Was great!
  11. I feel like I've never said this before these changes actually all look good. Scaling changes make sense. Shield gating, self damage and status chance changes are good. Sentinel duplicate mods and grenade markers are very good as well, even if they're about half a decade overdo. The only thing that's a bit questionable is the balancing on the arcane changes, but it's going to nice overall regardless. A number of the arcanes still have bad conditions, like on finisher or parry. That and then the murmur changes are not really adressing the problem you still can't play properly with your friends. And there's a typo in here, right?
  12. Do people really need to be reminded of that? Do they really?
  13. First of all, not trying to break anything. Second of all, yeah, not wanting other people to have fun does seem kinda trashy.
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