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  1. Hey there! :3 Got these rivens for sale: Hek Riven Tigris Riven Price: 2k Price: 1.5k I also got some trashy rivens without rerolls: Paracyst: 100p Laser Rifle: 50p Cestra: 50p Twin Grakatas: 100p Attica: 150p
  2. Hey there! :3 Got these two rivens for sale: Hek Riven Tigris Riven Price: 2k Price: 1.5k I also got some trashy rivens without rerolls: Paracyst: 100p Laser Rifle: 50p Cestra: 50p Twin Grakatas: 100p Attica: 150p
  3. What you can and cannot do in a public game is allways a hot discussion topic on this forum. It's been brought up time and time again. Here's a general answer for anything regarding this. No, you can't do whatever you want in a public game. Your actions have consequences. Yes, people will get mad at you for doing certain things, and they might respond very inappropriately, but that doesn't mean theres anything wrong with that they got mad in the first place. "Random A******s" doesn't exist. At least we have to assume so, because otherwise we can't have a sensible discussion regarding this topic. It turns out that claiming people get mad for no reason whatsoever, never seem to hold up to scrutiny, even if it might appear otherwise. If your teammates get mad at you, you allways hold some part of the responsibility, even if whatever you did was neither intentional, nor in itself wrong. Example: There's nothing inherently wrong in going into a public defense mission as limbo, but... If you do so I can't really prevent myself from judging you based on the action you've chosen to take. Afterall, it's one of very few pieces of information I know about you. It doesn't give me the right to say anything to you, or even have a problem with you, but I will take note that you didn't try as hard to be useful as the frost or the speed nova also present in the squad. What I'm essentially trying to say is, be mindful of your actions. That's all you can do. I've played this game for 2k hours and I can't remember anyone ever yelling at me in a public game. And no, it's not because I do the yelling. Instead of discussing whether it should or should not be your problem that people seem to be angry with you, just realize that you are the only one who can fix the problem.
  4. You seem oblivious as to why the functionality that's causing you problems exist in the first place. Start timer exists to force players to make a quick decision if the rest of the squad has already made up their mind, or simply aren't willing to wait any more. It serves other purposes, like still being able to start a mission if someones UI breaks, but that's not the main reason for its existence. The reasons that you've received a fairly negative response to this thread is: 1. You seem to think that this is not your issue. 2. The solution you've suggested is vague, and it solves very specifically your exact issue. Let me give you an example of a suggestion similar to yours but more extreme. "Can we please have the chat default to the right side of the screen? Every time I log in I have to move it to the right side because it defaults to the left." That's obviously a silly change, because it seems reasonable to assume that the vast majority of people are fine with being to the left. Now this is a suggestion similar to yours: "Can we please have the game save chat location even when I exit game?" The problem with this, is that the majority of people still doesn't give a S#&$. Therefore it's not worth any of the developers time to do something about. Not every issue we run into this game is the fault of the developers nor their problem to fix. The reason we have start timer, and not just start mission instantly, is so you have time to hit leave squad if you don't wanna go for the next mission. If you find yourself unable to use this time window to leave squad, then that's on you.
  5. Riven: Brings the Vaykor Hek from 8 to 6 shots. B/O: 2k
  6. Hey there! :3 I got these supra rivens for sale! PM offers ingame or through the forums, or leave a comment on this thread if you're interested.
  7. Me likey update.
  8. Yes.
  9. Hey there! :3 I'm looking to sell my hek riven: I'm looking for 3k.
  10. Try or
  11. Can't complain about a simple bunch of fixes :3 Hoping for a fix for ingame trial leaderboards next time though!
  12. Hi Glen :3
  13. It matters most before focus charges. You can finish a capture mission before focus charges. You barely pick up any energy orbs when moving from point a to b. Fleeting expertise is horrible on nova in general.
  14. Hey there! :3 I have a bunch of rivens for sale, some good some trashy. Feel free to hit me up with any offer. Worst case scenario I decline. Comment here, pm me on the forums or ingame. Ingame will likely get the fastest response. Here's the good stuff: C/O: N/A --- B/O: 800p C/O: N/A --- B/O: 1.500p SOLD C/O: N/A --- B/O: 600p Next up is the bargain bin. Everything in here is zero rerolls. Prizes vary from 50 to 200. [Hikou Sold][Akjagara Sold]