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  1. Thanks for the hotfix! Thanks for listening to UI feedback.
  2. Thanks for the update. Tennogen rounds looks nice.
  3. Thank you guys so much for making a competetive event! Fixed Maroo meming on the players.
  4. Thanks, and I'm glad you see it that way. The way we can both win here is if they made all these changes within 3 days instead of within 3 months. This issue only really bothers me because it doesnt have to be just one of us can win.
  5. Increasing ephemera droprates and removing crafting costs from quill arcanes are the latest two examples in a somewhat recent tendency of completely invalidating player time investments. I genuinly don't understand why this keeps happening. It's terrible for two reasons: 1. It makes old content worse. The plains of eidolon resource system makes no sense now. Take Radiant Sentirum for example. You used to need 500+ of those if you wanted a complete arcane set. How much do you need now? Behold, the ONLY non cosmetic item in the game, that requires sentirum. The only one. If you feel that mining two sentirum is too difficult for you, don't worry, the tusk thumpers will spoonfeed them to you. 2. It feels TERRIBLE if you actively engage in new content. I farmed something like 500-600 sentirum because I really wanted a complete arcane collection. It felt really good when I was done with it, now not so much anymore. When an ephemera is put in the ESO rotation C droptable with 1.01% drop chance, I thought you knew it was going to be hard to get. The it takes about 22 minutes to get to zone 8. The drop rate is 1% You could've done the math. It took me somewhere between 60 and 70 runs to get it and that's fairly average RNG. That's about 30 hours of ESO. And now it was said on the devstream ephemera droprates are gonna get increased... Dear DE, it sucks because historically you've been really good at caring for player investment. There's a lot of good examples, it's just longer and longer ago. It just doesn't make sense to me. If you're a new player the grind looks nonsesical in old content and daunting in new content. If you're a veteran you just get punished over and over for playing the game. If it's legitimately just because whenever new progression systems are being introduced, there's noone who does the math on the timescale of things, that needs to change. Getting things like droprates, crafting costs and syndicate standing values right on release, (or within a couple of days) should be a huge priority. When things like PoE and Fortuna drops your core audience definitely cares about whether these things feels sensible and fair or not. You cannot just fix things several months later.
  6. Thanks for the hotfix. The resurgence works better in practice than I thought it would, kudos. It's nice to see arbitrations getting a lot of attention, I don't wanna say it's too much but, some content, like arbitrations for example, receive a lot of work after being released, and some content, like eidolons and orbs feel like they just get released and then that's it. It might just feel that way without actually being true, but it does feel a bit arbitrary. This isn't really a complaint, it's much more of a "I would like to know more about what's going on."
  7. Thanks for the update. Removed custom enemy level scaling from Defense, Survival, Interception, Excavation, Defection, and Infested Salvage modes in Arbitrations. Enemy scaling now mirrors normal Endless missions that increase as the missions progresses. Great, this change alone goes a long way in making arbitrations more engaging. It's also good to see arbitrations receiving more work and very importantly more rewards. Also can we get a fix for the next arbitration disappearing if you just did one?
  8. Thanks for the hotfix Gotta ask though, are y'all fr about that 2% drop chance for the wolf mask? I'm having enough fun with the ephemeras xd I don't mind that they're hard to get, my problem is it's a lottery. 1.01% droprate from round 8 ESO is not the kind of rng you counter with persistence.
  9. Thanks for the hotfix Still hoping to get something back from arcane crafting costs being removed.
  10. Thanks for the hotfix. I feel kinda bad about all the time spent farming resources for arcanes in the plains, that now mean nothing. I was gonna ask to have the resources refunded, but all the plains of eidolon resources are basically useless now. Fortuna suffers from the same problem. What are the rare gems and fish for? The resource grind for arcanes was fine, it was one of those things that people spent more time complaining about than working towards. Also, I hate being that guy, but those loc pins are going to keep being more work than they're worth. With 500+ nyth and sentirum down the drain it's nice knowing I'm getting those 450 polymer refunded instead xd Y'all realize how long it took to mine 500+ nyth and sentirum, right? Even that has been made easier after the fact too. DE, I wouldn't be expecting more if it wasen't because you guys are usually good at taking care of player investments.
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