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  1. Senguash

    WTB Primed Chamber

    This mod: Please pm me if you have one you might be interested in selling.
  2. Senguash

    Orbiter decorations - more capacity?

    Effectively just making it so the capacity limit is for the entire ship rather than on a room by room basis. Not a bad idea.
  3. Senguash

    Coming Soon: Devstream #120!

    What's the plan for sentinel rivens?
  4. Senguash

    Why Do Players Hate Archwing?

    Warframe is a game with really tight controls. Archwing is very clunky and has way too much intertia. That aside I think the main problem most people have with archwing is the content itself. There's isn't any endgame to it so investing effort into it feels pointless.
  5. Senguash

    New "Ominous Loadscreen" found

    Yeah it's only been there for like 3 years. EDIT: So I went and checked and the second dream released december 4th 2015. It's been there for EXACTLY 3 years lol
  6. Senguash

    Can we get this minigame next?

    I think we have enough minigames as is.
  7. The best way to solve the problem is to add new mods that are good enough to compete for slots. That way you don't have to change existing mods so it feels more fair. It should be done in moderation and over a long period of time so people don't have to reforma constantly. That's already what is being done, but it would be fair to say it's not being done enough.
  8. Senguash

    Description on Primed Chamber changed

    I would've thought we could all agree that the removal of the word bonus is the only noteworthy part of the change.
  9. This is what it looks like now: And this is what it used to look like until recently: It has been verified as being functionally the same.
  10. Senguash

    Accolades Feedback

    yes please!
  11. Senguash

    WTB Primed Chamber

    Pm me ingame or on here if you have one you may want to sell :3
  12. Senguash

    WTB Primed Chamber

    Apparently there's an issue with pictures on the forums for firefox and IE users.
  13. Senguash

    WTB Primed Chamber

    Not sure what's wrong.