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    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.4

    Check what we did lol
  2. I wan't platinum but all I've got is you.
  3. When umbra runs out of health you're now being kicked from operator back into warframe, which is bad, really bad. It seems significantly worse than simply having an invulnerable frame that does nothing. Aren't passives supposed to be purely an advantage? Rather than something that takes a feature available to all frames and makes it worse. Imagine if a frame had a passive where their weapons only did 50% of the damage but got twice the firerate or something silly like that. It doesn't matter whether it's fair, or makes sense lorewise or mechanically, it just feels awful to have a passive that's a detriment half the time.
  4. This is what I'm talking about: You have to hover over 20/24 parts in this screenshot to figure out what they are. This effectively means that you aren't actually able to see more parts than before, since seing the icon for a part you don't know the name of is essentially the same as not seing it. I understand the desire for a more sleek design and I don't think simply cramming as much information as possible onto the screen at once is a good idea, but when the name of the part isn't even there this is where I draw a line in the sand.
  5. Senguash

    WTS Good Sicarus Riven

    I can't tell if you're trolling or not.
  6. Price: 5k Price: 5k Price: 3k Price: 5k
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    Private message, not post.
  8. I imagine this whole thing seems reasonable if you're in the US and already have a reason have an amazon account and whatnot, but I don't use twitch and none of amazons services are available in my country. I have to link my warframe account to my twitch account and make an amazon account which I then link to my twitch account. Then I have to sign up for a subscription based service I have no use for in order to receive a seperate subscription based service I don't want, in order to... a syandana for 3 dollars -_- And obviously amazon has made it as hard as possible to cancel said subscription as well. I understand the point of exclusive content to promote a service, but would the promotion really be that much worse if I could, lets say choose to buy the syandana through as well? If the service really is so useless that I would turn it down if I came in free in addition to the syandana, who cares about promoting it to me anyway? If I could just buy the syandana on, DE would actually get a significant amount of those 3 dollars as well lol
  9. Prices are negotiable. Price: 7k Price: 7k Price: 5k Price: 4k Price: 5k