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  1. Yeah I know it has been a thing since RJ came out and is to why I am completely annoyed by it. If DE has shown anything is that they do not care and have no clue what they are doing anymore. "Lets fix all these cosmetics bugs but not those major annoying bugs that are part of our key/big systems in the game." Anyone who trade is subjected to this bug and to that I have no clue why DE has not addressed/fixed it. Most likely because they do not play their own game, so when they do play its not to do anything hardcore like farming 4b+ credits, trading, or any type of content outside of fashion fr
  2. To whoever loads into a dojo then spawns in the RJ it then registers the other person for you as MR0 and then you can not trade them items that are higher than MR0 because it registers them as MR0 and not their real MR. Say I am MR30 and the other person is MR30. I invite them to trade for something that is MR6. They load into the Dojo but spawn in the RJ then they have to exit the RJ. Now if they go look at the trading post it will show me up as MR0 and in the trade window in the item selection it will say Partner Locked on whatever items are higher than MR0. Also you can not trade with
  3. Both casual and hardcore, just depends on what you do. You can farm billions of credits if you wish or you can be max rank and have like 24 credits to your name.
  4. This whole "veteran" thing is kinda stale. You've been playing since beta cool. (ik plenty of ppl with the beta title but aint no nothin, or not everything) You've got thousands of hours cool. (look around you, who does not have at least 1-3k hours) You've got the highest rank in the game and spent 1-2k hours doing so, well it can be easily done with 500 or less. If I am going to be honest here. I would say you would need something to reflect on why you should have the title of being a vet and also thought tbh there is not much to even do that in this game because legit not
  5. I mean I've done PT once or twice and getting hundreds of free rad relics on top of billions of credits is nice, I have hundreds of Neo D2 now that are not rad which is quite sad since I like to farm ducats as well. It would likely be an easy fix I guess, not sure how it has not been fixed yet.
  6. I don't know.... free 20 million kuva... ah wait will have to spend the plat. 185 bundle 1k bundles but the 470 bundle is not worth since it has a lower rate of kuva compared to the 185, only if the 470 was like 60k kuva per it would be few mill more than the 185. If the bundles are re-buyable and this is the future might become more P2W, P2P (Pay to Play/skip the grind) if you can straight up buy kuva. If you cant buy more than 1 of the same bundle then yeah it's not Pay to Win/Skip the grind but if it is then ye kinda, there are always those whale players in any game. Someone might
  7. Ignis Wraith Supply Center I like free stuff and so do you. So why not let everyone have some free stuff aye? Come join the Ignis Wraith Center to either request for a free BP or to become a supplier and hand BPs out when someone makes a request for one. How to join you ask? Server Link How does it work you ask? First, join the server. Head over to #discord-role-setup and react to the number 9 for Ignis Wraith Supply Center and gain access to the #ignis-
  8. Ah at least it wasn't 10k forma for no reason. Seems like you just did it casually as you played the game and just added another once it hit 30 again.
  9. I play equinox a lot and you can make a lot of different builds. Quick Nuke: Just high range & eff no strength. Good for solo/squad say for like fissures or any mission rly. Can add in the aug PP on here as well. High Slash/Nuke: High range and high strength, slash procs do dmg to kill and stack dmg then can nuke the map. It is best in ESO/defense missions where you take trin for EV for energy and then Rhino for dmg buff and then Nova either fast/slow for 2x dmg and you will just kill everything with slash procs and can nuke. Old builds actually since I havent touched them s
  10. Forgot all about this like how DE did. I'll add it to my list of forgotten things in the Void.
  11. If I do recall correctly here from memory of other battle passes in games they tend to be more rewarding since they are bought and the free pass is just total butt cheeks with like a doodoo reward every 5 ranks and then sometimes it skips like 20-30 ranks with no rewards then you can get some free rewards again. NW does not have good rewards at all if anything it is decent for none mr30 players other than the umbral forma but everything else they would likely already have/do not need. It does though have a reward for each rank though but it only goes to rank 30 of actual rewards and the rest a
  12. Me trying to figure out what you said. The stance forma was badly introduced and the wf exilus would have been better to introduce? tldr; even though I read it, it did not make any sense of what you were trying to say compared to the title of this topic. Also typo in last sentence where it says "I" and where I assume it needs to say "It" as it makes no sense at the start. Though yes some of the formas are kinda useless as in stance forma and the wf exilus is indeed way more useful and the weapon exilus is just more of QoL forma. If they changed them or got rid/added new forma th
  13. I am lazy and went octavia for invis and cc then used stropha to 1 shot mechs, also did it solo bc pubs just ain't it.
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