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  1. Ah ok good I always tell them to hit esc and fast travel to any lab to exit the RJ since it would be faster than to tell them to exit the RJ if they cant even exit through the doors. I have seen the minimap all broken and all the floors all overlapping each other. When it happens and I see that they had spawned in the RJ I tell them to leave and ill reinv. Though there are times where people do spawn in the RJ and exit it but are able to still trade with ez and do not get the bug to what I have seen.
  2. Enhanced trading experience at this point is fixing the bug of seeing ppl as MR0 when you spawn in the RJ or when they do.
  3. ty love you hab good day
  4. Fixed Credit count on profile to actually show true gross income credit count....... That's what I thought it was gunna say but no it did not. I love QoL fixes and changes though and all of it looks great even the UI changes, hope more UI in the game gets updated to match.
  5. Big numbers any regular player wouldn't think or won't ever try to get is nice for me to get. Saw a mr30 player with 24 credits one time
  6. Make gross income reflect actual gross income; aka index and boosters that multiple credits at end of missions. Orb kill counters on profile; PT and Exploiter Stop ppl from spawning in RJ when entering a DJ, there a spawn location set for a reason, bugs ppl out and the one to spawn in RJ sees everyone else as mr0 an cant trade main BPS.
  7. You know missed out on like over a thousand free rads or so from this but ay its finally fixed.
  8. If we are fixing things that involve credits, lets also fix gross income to actually reflect our gross income. Make boosters that boost credits at the end of mission go towards gross income. Gross income should show 100%%%%%%%%% of our credits that we had farmed from pickups, index, and boosters that multiple the credits at the end of mission. If not just delete it because it is wrong. ALSO where is orbs kill counter on the profile, there is boss and even Eidolons, so where is Profit Taker and Exploiter Orb at uh. Jesus just delete player profiles at this point, nothing is
  9. Yeah I get it. Though it doesn't hurt the game at all to do so. You want to push the game forward, not push it backwards or keep it in place by saying it is fine as is and nothing needs to be changed.. If you can push yourself more to do greatness why not for someone else or for this game. Why sit back and say no it is fine as is? Why say change it? Why make it even better when it is just fine as is? Not saying you are saying that or such things just saying all it takes is the player base to keep pushing for DE to try to do greatness for the better of the gam
  10. Though, another thing I wish for which also make the game more of a healthier state is actually make everything good or at least useable. Having such amount of gear and literally it being absolute dog water, there is just no excuse for that in my opinion. How do you have so many weapons any maybe 100 of them are even used. Instead of just messing with elements and all they can mess around with weapon stats and weapon abilities to make them useable and then balance everything else like elements, status, health, armor, shields, ect. IDK how DE can sit there and say and think everything is f
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