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  1. Month long event with 1 day grind of bounties to buy everything or should I say a few hours of grind. If it had forma then I would grind it out but I can't be bothered with the arcanes. Yes I craft a forma daily yes I have enough plat to have an endless amount of forma yes I have hundreds of forma already, so don't tell me to go do fissures for goodness sake I do fissures only at this point. It is not about the forma it is about the principle of the event. Lackluster and no point on replaying it or grinding it out after you got everything in the shop, unless you want to farm the arcanes. Event
  2. Where is my forma bp at. I got to farm up like 700 mother tokens which takes what few hours maybe and the event lasts a bloody month, oh lord.
  3. I find it annoying that they put rewards in for the "NW" aka season pass of WF like other games that have season passes. Here the season pass is free but also lasts like 50 years longer than any other game's season passes. To bring in new rewards in a season and THEN bringing them back in into the intermission just S#&$s on everyone that was here for the past seasons when new people get the rewards from the past seasons. Like hello defeats the entire purpose of the season pass if you bring it back out after the season is finished well in my opinion because it is also free and
  4. Anything DE says is an exploit is an exploit. Something that has been in the game for ages or was even in the "tips" of the frame becomes anything remotely used by the community it is then an "exploit" or "was not meant to be used in that way even though we even gave you a tool tip on how to use it in that exact way" or some variation of that gives DE a reason or better yet an excuse to give us an then to remove/nerf it. Hard but true facts put to the side, it can become ban-worthy if it was not the intent usage of the thing/mechanic and even more that the players know, so that it can be
  5. is it not obvious... to laugh in any lower mr player in their face that we are mr30 Jokes aside I think finally there is a "reason" to get the next rank because of the mr30 rewards you get are worth it. We are not excited for another MR we are for the loot we get and the free daily boosters. If people are upset... well cry me a river I guess nothing has changed or will change, just this once we actually got something. I think the rewards are fitting and I think the blessings in the relays affect everyone in them even if not mr30, so others also get something out of it.
  6. Yeah command rank 100% dead mate they waited too long to bring it out, so they might never or they will randomly with an rousing enthusiasm and we are all here like
  7. Nights of Naberus - came late didnt see it hope its good Nezha prime - fodder to get to mr 30 nothing else Deimos update - QoL updates are the best kind Mastery Rank 30 - Rewards are nice and seem fitting Relay Blessing - Seems quite nice and boost goes for everyone in relay even if not mr30? WF revised #4 - hoping for some QoL updates, not sure what they mean by "nuking strategies" just hope they dont mess with Equinox or they dont kill off an entire playstyle for the dreams of other playstyles when it doesn't affect them at all UI coloring - something nice might mess with Mira
  8. At this point in time I expect nothing from DE. A reward for just acquiring another, a higher MR level it just seems something that DE would not do because it would not cater to the newer players. DE has show and will continue to show that after a certain point they do not care about players who have reached a certain point in Warframe. Helminth System from MR15 down to MR8 what a joke it was to see that happen in front of all us endgame/vet players. Ah but yeah, I guess it would be neat if there was something "special" to get/happen but I highly doubt it. Like someone said, don't get your hop
  9. Are you saying double the ducats I can get per run.... Yeah it might be weird thing on picking rewards if we can choose 2 items or something. I have thousands of relics and fissures is the only thing I do these days, so some type of rework would be good. Even though might make the market even worse, not a large enough influx if new players vs the amount of items. Then also the vaults unvaulting frames the longer it goes on the more the supply and less the players. All really just going down hill past few years.
  10. Does DE think forma grows on trees or something? More of a joke, I'm chillin on forma still but like bruh. If they move it to Deimos then ye would make more sense and might be better off.
  11. NGL someone must have had a grudge with M4D. capped the % to 75% when the base was already 50% smh kinda sus. Reg intensify would only make it 65% then umbra was 72% could not even max it without dying inside with using higher strength mod.
  12. Swear this is just facts and DE is just blind AF. DE has no comprehension of anything related to the word " TIME " this might be my stress levels talking right now but OH MY GOD is the word " TIME " even in DE's vocabulary? I will give them the benefit of the doubt of covid-19 and all that but still does not warrant them a free pass for everything, maybe some things but not everything. Nightwave AKA Season Pass that's free just lasts way too long, the intermissions last way too long. I do not play many other games these days but Season Passes for other games last what 100 days, 60? I have n
  13. tbh at least it wasn't mag I still have stockpile of her sets smh no one buys her, 1-3 sets a week if lucky at that. Frost X Ember a classic
  14. Yo fam, I did not order a Tuesday Hotfix. I will take it though.
  15. Brings me back to the days of leveling on Hydron, so bloody slow. ESO or Adaro good place specially now that you can put Equinox's ability to sleep on any frame you can level a frame in like 3 minutes.
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