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  1. I can actually sell more and do my trades faster than I already do, my trades are slow right now because I in fact cannot list everything I want to sell in which it takes longer. I am not talking about daily trading or daily limit here I am just talking about wf.m listings 100 vs unlimited. You brought up the daily limit. I know I legit cannot sell everything I own because I am the one who owns them, so I know I cant. I tend to buy stuff as well, so when I say "sell more" meaning I can actually sell items rather than using trades to buy stuff because trades are slow. What I can do is turn low value items to ducats and then buy stuff from Baro and then have less items but have them be worth more overall. Which I do exactly that as well.
  2. You grind then sell/buy then grind then sell/buy and its on repeat. You make plat overtime not instantly. But yeah I have more than I can actually sell with the daily limit, but if I have unlimited listings on wf.m that means I can list it all to sell and do my trades faster rather than having only a fraction of my items listed to sell, I tend to do my trades and then go offline and or grind credits or relics out, so yeah my production of items tends to overflow my ability to actually sell it all in a reasonable amount of time.
  3. Yes but what does that stop? You grind then sell/buy then grind then sell/buy and its on repeat. You make plat overtime not instantly.
  4. I trade a lot, I have traded since I've started playing and I have 600+ rep not that I even ask for it but if I had that booster I could easily have more than 2000 who knows idk because I dont pay for it. Myself and others I know and again that person who I know who has 1,000,000+ plat does as well because we both grind a lot in-game and the market. He has thousands of listings meaning he can list to sell and to buy items at no limit. Then there is me with only 100 listings to make I have to constantly change what I have listed that I want to sell/buy, so makes it harder for me but so much easier for him since he does not. He can also out market me because he has no limit, he can list everything he is selling and buying at once and I cannot, so that is how he out markets me, I have thousands of sets on me and tens of thousands of items and so does he but I can't list them all to sell them faster/do my trades faster but he sure can. Overall I don't really care because its meh and I might even here soon say screw it and pay $1 which is obv cheap but worth it. I can then also list everything and not have to worry about micromanaging my profile, might even boost my rep to 2000+ or it might not even register my already reputations of adding the boost.
  5. The reputation doesnt actually matter really, I have had people buy sets from me though with like 50p+ above average price because I assume I have 600+ rep and they have listings not set to lowest to highest prices. The main thing is for me is that if you pay you get unlimited slots rather than 100. When I see people who pay they tend to have thousands of market listings. There are people who have multiple listings of the same item for loads of items in which is why they have thousands of listings. The reputation boost you get from it as well, not sure how much of a boost it is though it miss represents the person, because they might have had only 100 people give them a rep but they have 1000 reputation. It is basically paying to have 100 listings to thousands of listings which is major for Warframe.market to limit people to just 100 and then hey if you pay $1 you can have unlimited listings in which you just might rule the market, I know someone with 1,000,000+ plat and they have thousands of listings on the market + 2000+ reputation, so not making anything up here. It is hard to say that it is P2W because it is iffy on that subject but fact is, you can out market people because they have 100 slots and you have unlimited and you get a rep booster which miss represents a person by not showing the true amount of reputation. It is adding fake reputation to them, it is like buying fame to become famous irl rather than becoming famous for your roles in movies, you just pay money and bam your famous people know your name because you paid for it. I'm not complaining about it because myself am rich in plat but fact is fact that it does have a slight curve in paying lets you out market people on the market by having more listings and miss represents you by having thousands of reputation when maybe you might have like 500 without that booster.
  6. Fine, I'll sell you my loki prime not for my price of 500 but for your price for 350. Because it is not a free market and I have to haggle or else I am the bad guy for having and selling one of the oldest vaulted sets in the game. Isn't selling Ignis Wraith for 50p a free market? Selling ignis wraith for 50p is not a free market and it ISSSSSS the market because it is not convenient to you at all unlike overpricing sets for me. Ignis Wraith is worth 50p and not 0p, you guys are wrong this entire time because it is not a free market. Reminder to use WF.M (not sponsored, yet) to use those prices when conducting a trade. @KIREEKI see that you did not see my latest reddit post and are using out dated info and which you actually know are not my words. Yes I copied and pasted it the first time but over time I took out things that I never said and put in my own words, go look for yourself. Here I actually really don't give a damn. I am here to help and if you have a problem with that then you must be the problem. I have never really thrown anything at you other than to meme, like right now. Do not come at me saying to not say "free market" when you are sitting there knowingly doing the same thing with ignis wraith, I know you are just doing it for no reason at this point and it is indeed pathetic, anyone, even a blind person can see that S#&$. Please get some help and stop, maybe play the game and not waste your time in TC to "make a point" its pathetic really overall.
  7. Been playing for about 4 years now and of those 4 years I have always traded and made hundreds of thousands of plat by selling overpriced items in TC, power of free market. In the last 2 years the market has gone down because of a few things. 1. Supply and demand. There is just so much supply and next to no demand because of such little new player influx or player return. 2. Relic system just brings in so much supply and new relics that in the short term its a good system but in the long term it makes the market trash + think of when we will have 1000 different types of relics when we have almost 400+ now. 3. Everyone and their Granny are selling items overpriced in TC that he makes it entirely saturated and worthless for the amount of time you spend in TC. I remember making 5k plat a day in 1 hour and dipping out of TC and to even do all my trades in takes like at least 2 hours if I actively try, longer if I'm working whilst doing trades. 4. WF.M is nice and all but fact is that you can pay for more reputation and for more sell/buy slots makes it dooky. It is dooky because people who pay get unlimited slots meaning they can and people do have thousands of listings, 100 from 5000 listings is major and there are people like that and the reputation boost which it is almost meaningless it does miss represent a person because there are fake/false/unreal/paid for reputation, they paid for that reputation no one gave them it they paid for it, so it miss represents them as a person on the market overall. It will be nice if at least there would be a /trade command say like someone would do /trade Rebore and in the text box it would show up a request and I would do /accept [name of person who requested to trade me] rather than having to sit in dojo to trade and not plat the game. 5. WF.M is just filled with people who undercut your and your Granny and sometimes that train of undercutters undercutting each other can last awhile and even bring down prices to 10-20p during active hours and prices tend to go back up those 10-20p when non active hours with less people to undercut/not even look at prices. 6. There's also just so much plat in the game, at least on PC and nothing to really spend that plat on. If you could buy tennogen with plat on PC, I would spend lot more plat and so would other people I bet. If there weren't so many relics and so much supply then prices would also go up. Funny thing is that Chroma prime got vaulted for 8 months and guess what they un-vaulted him, now that's some funny stuff right there. Vault/Relic system needs a change/update to it tbh. I am market person irl and in game, so I like to look at things slightly different than the average player who does not trade nor care but as someone with thousands of sets worth hundreds of thousands of plat just in sets at prices right now I just hoard it for the ducat value because I like ducats more than plat at this point. 7. Overall, it is no way NEAR worth it to actually sell items in TC overpriced on the market, either sell it on the market if it is worth something or if it is not worth much right now, just hold on to it for a few years until it is. Like say chroma mans has already been un-vaulted so hopefully he stays vaulted for a long time to acquire a decent price, but I doubt it. Market is trash right now and I think it just always will be. TLDR: TC is more competitive because everyone is now trying to sell items overpriced from WF.M prices and waste literally hours of their day doing so, not worth it. It was worth it like 2 years ago but players picked up on it and been more people trying to do it of late but they got on the train too late and missed out on the bag and just everyone in TC right now trying to grab the bag. On console there is less supply and more demand compared to PC, so I can see why people still sell overpriced in TC there and earn a lot more than selling on WF.M and I see why if you end up "stealing" someone by selling them a cheaper set at WF.M price than their overpriced price and get mad at you kekw.
  8. I have a 600 strong spider army, who wants to buy.
  9. Imma be gone for a few months for work, so if this isn't fixed by then shame such shame. It is not the bug itself more of the result of the bug. Daily trading and LEGIT here legit 90% chance of someone joining my squad spawns in the RJ, or I spawn in theirs, or I spawn in my own RJ, and then again 90% chance that the person does not know of the bug nor how to exit the RJ. Thank God I won't have to trade in this game for months since I will be in the field. 1. People have no clue how to exit the RJ. 2. People think I'm too low MR when no, no I'm not. 3. Pain. 4. Pain. 5. Just more pain. 6. You don't play the game as much as actual players vs devs/staff, so pain because you don't know my pain. More pain. Also, you can not see other players icon on the map at all anymore so, pain. Can't remember if one can sell one's RJ and if so I will be selling mine and not play RJ at all anymore or having to remove RJ Dock from my Dojo.
  10. If anything it would be bloody nice if the timers would scale via time X plat. You can have something that takes 12 hours to craft and at 4 minutes left of crafting time left it still costs 25 plat. I've played clash of clans since it came out and that is how their build timers work and they have build timers up to like 2 maybe 3 weeks now and their timers scale with gems going down with the time but in WF it will cost you 25 plat still to rush that 4 minutes left of the 12 hour build time, Clash doesn't have it to where you have 4 minutes left on the build time but it costs like hundreds of gems still but rather it may cost you like 7 gems to then rush that 4 minutes which I do. Such a scam for my time and other players time, rather than having scaling plat rushing costs it barely changes maybe at the half way mark the plat cost to rush will go down but after that same cost.
  11. Thanks for the hotfix but I think this relationship isnt working out for either of us anymore. *First post was deleted for something that ive said multiple times b4 but ig a mod didnt like it.* *If that was the case please DM me and tell me why or else there was no real reason for the deletion.* On another note will there ever be an orb kill counter on the profile. Will gross income show your real gross income and not just pure credits picked up but counting the credits at the end mission screen to accurately measure ones gross income.
  12. Thought they were gunna unvault equinox or mesa like they did chroma but they just did a classic of same unvault of rhino x nyx.
  13. Is it really "abusing" banshee's sonar? That's how you are supposed to use it, Do not tell me you aren't supposed to use such ability in such a way it is designed to. You can use it in regular mission on regular enemies but all of a sudden its used on sisters/liches its an exploit or an abused ability. Now using chroma's effigy to farm credits is abusing its ability. Anything can be called an exploit or an abuse of something if the devs decide it is not to be used in such a way but sonar is supposed to work such in a way as of this, nothing wrong with it nor nothing wrong with people using it. In a sense it cheeses the sisters/liches and DE honestly just might finally see how good sonar is and nerf it sadly or maybe not bc who is sitting here reading this an actually gives a damn am I right its a game relax a bit. I actually farmed all sister and lich weapons without sonar bc my kuva kohm actually melted them still even with their weird DR.
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