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  1. 1.Are there any news on the Ember/Vauban rework? Maybe an actual rework for Nyx (Or straight up buffs for her 1-Mind Control duration/energy cost to her 3-Chaos and maybe a range buff to her 4-Abosrb)? If yes, what is your take for all of them? 2.On another note, are there any more Augment changes coming? Buffs/Nerfs? Was hoping that even Chroma will get something similar like Hildryn's 4 where he could breathe down elemental breath. Maybe a rework to hes passive and give him a real one in addition to the one he has?
  2. Hey, i'm currently looking for some fun builds. I feel like having some fun in Warframe instead of Grinding. I have a few of my own to share, and i hope to get to see some of yours too. 1. Max Range Mesa How is this fun/annoying? Well, i brought my friend to Hydron to level up hes MK-1 Braton / Lato and MK-1 BO (Keep in mind he's rank 26 and hes playing since beta, he used hes "newbie" loadout with Rivens for Braton/Lato). I wanted to test out a CC oriented build for Mesa (don't even know why) and i went for a range Build. This is the same thing like Limbo Cataclsym+Stasis, but you won't realise who Stuns (Jams) the enemies until too late. First 5 waves were quite fast, but 5 wave to 10, enemies couldn't even move. Give it a shot, it's pretty fun i'd say. Mods Used: Aura: Growing Power Exilus: Cunning Drift Normal: Constitution / Primed Continuity / Blind Rage / Intensify / Primed Flow / Stretch / Overextended / Muzzle Flash(A). (3 Formas / Mesa Prime). You can removed Constitution for Augur Reach. 2. SuppDroid How is this fun/annoying? Quite simple actually, it's fun because you are trying to be a Trinity on Discount. Quite fun if you feel like being AFK for a while and still be usefull to the team. Energy Siphon + Coaction Drift for demm energy restore. Curative Undertow for healing, and around 235 range. Mods Used: Aura: Energy Siphon Exilus: Coaction Drift Normal: Transient Fortitude / Overextended / Stretch / Constitution / Primed Continuity / Streamline / Primed Flow / Curative Undertow(A). (2 Formas / Hydroid Prime) 3. Light Show Mirage How is this fun/annoying? This is one of my favorites. Works pretty good solo, but i'd recommend using a Nekros with Despoil and/or Gara with Spectrosiphon. Why Nekros/Gara? Because of her Sleight of Hand augment Explosive Legerdemain. Wait a bit for some dudes to die so that they will leave pickups behind and press her 2 and enjoy the Light Show and the CC that comes alongside with it. Mods Used: Aura:Corrosive Projection (Any Dash/Naramon mods work with her, hell use Aura Forma if you feel like it). Exilus: Cunning Drift Normal: Primed Continuity / Transient Fortitude / Intensify / Stretch / Narrow Minded / Primed Vigor / Explosive Legerdemain(A) / Hall of Malevolance(A) or Augur Reach (replacing Hall of Malevolence). (3 Formas / Mirage Prime). These are mine. What cool/fun or frustrating builds you have? NOTE: Primed Mods can be replaced with their normal counterparts if you don't own them. I will also apologize in advance if i posted this in the wrong section.
  3. I always had this idea for his 4 to be replaced by a some sort of arena: Atlas smashes the ground, terraforming everything in a radius of 20 meters and creating an arena. Enemies in the arena are slowed and take additional damage from hes abilities.
  4. Hmm, why not add a Hold Mechanic for Shock. As in, it affects more enemies and deals more damage, but it slows you down and it drains energy while you hold it.
  5. Currently, i've seen Mirage being played for her 1/3 and sometimes 4 (and that's when i see her, mostly never). I'm here to talk about some changes to her second ability Sleight of Hand and her Total Eclipse augment and maybe other small changes to her 4. Base Stats: Mirage: Armor Increased from 65 to 75. Health/Shield/Energy unchanged. Mirage Prime: Health increased from 80 to 100 Shields reduced from 110 to 100 Armor/Energy unchanged. Passive: Seems decent as it is right now. 1.Hall of Mirrors: No complains here, so i`ll skip it for now. 2.Sleight of Hand: Before i say anything, i believe this ability has a lot of potential, i just haven't seen it used. Damage increased from 50/125/180/200 to 50/100/150/250 (Pickup and jewel explosions) Trap duration increased from 9/12/15/18 seconds to 1/2/2/4 minutes at all ranks of the ability. Range increased from 10/20/30/40 to 20/30/40/50 meters (Trap radius) Augment: Explosive Legerdemain: Status chance increased from 15/30/45/60 to 25/50/75/100%. New: Status Duration for this ability is increased to 50%. 3. Eclipse: I have a few different approaches here (Mainly for the Total Eclipse augment) Augment: Total Eclipse: Range Increased from 5 to 10/15/20/25 meters. OR Range increased from 5 to 7.5 meters. Now works like Everlasting Ward: Allies that leave the radius will retain the effects for 100% of the duration. Recasting this ability will refresh the duration for Mirage only. Allies have to get back into it's radius to gain the effects and duration. New: Total Eclipse: Mirage can hold her ability key (3) to switch between light and shadow at will. While this augment is equipped, the ability costs 75 energy instead of 25. 4.Prism: I just love this ability, but i believe it could be improved. Just small number changes should do it for this one. Energy Activation cost reduced from 50 to 25. Prism duration increased from 12 to 10/12/14/16 Blind Duration increased from 7/10/12/15 to 5/10/15/20 Blind Radius increased from 8/12/15/25 to 10/15/20/25 Here are my changes. I'd personally love to see some of the Sleight of Hand and Eclipse changes, but what do you guys think about this?
  6. I would love this change for : SONAR SUGGESTED CHANGES [+] Sonar follows Banshee {Visual FX showing sonar pulses from Banshee} [~] New unmarked enemies entering Sonar's AOE will be tagged with weakspots [-] Remove Sonar's casting animation [~] Sonar becomes a toggle/channel ability, toggling off will shut off the weakspot visuals [OPTION 1+] Sonar adds +X% Evasion [Max 50%] to herself per enemy detected within Sonar's range [OPTION 2+] Sonar adds +X% Damage Reduction [Max 80%] to herself per enemy detected within Sonar's range I like the idea following ideas for her Sonar: [+] Sonar follows Banshee {Visual FX showing sonar pulses from Banshee} : It sounds good, but rather, make that every 3-5 seeconds, Sonar will pulse, revealing additional targets, or make it Augment Only, sounds good, but a bit too broken. "Pulse mechanic, won't cost additional energy, and it won't have a casting animation" [~] Sonar becomes a toggle/channel ability, toggling off will shut off the weakspot visuals Not sure how to feel about this one, i'm still used to her 2 spam, witch i kinda enjoy. [OPTION 1+] Sonar adds +X% Evasion [Max 50%] to herself per enemy detected within Sonar's range : Yes. But instead, you should move this to Silence. And remove the "per enemy" detected part. She straight up gains 20/20/30/50% (based on rank) Evasion (maybe let it be affected by Power Strength mods). But one thing here that i personally don't like are the following: [OPTION 2+] Sonar adds +X% Damage Reduction [Max 80%] to herself per enemy detected within Sonar's range. This. Nah, this would be to broken. Option 1 sounds good enough already, Damaged reduction (80% is too much), and it dosen't fit her "glass" warframe theme whose base stats defy a trend of fragility. If i didn't mention something, is because it sounds good, and it should be implemented.
  7. What and when are your reworks coming? Is Wukong / Ember / Banshee planned for the newest rework?
  8. Hey, after playing some more with Hildryn, i can properly say what she needs to be a better Warframe. She's not in a perfect state right now, and she needs some small changes to make her the "Shield Pillage" type of Warframe that you want her to be. 1. Balefire How to improve: Increase explosion radius from 3 meters to 5 meters. Increase base stats of Balefire Charger: Critical chance increased to 15.0% from 5.0% Status increased to 20% from 10% Decrease charge rate from 2 seconds to 1 second. 2.Shield Pillage. LoS Requirement makes this ability usless unless it's in open space. How to improve: Increase duration from 2 seconds to 2.25 seconds. Remove the LoS Requirement. Increase Radius from 8m to 10m Shield stolen from enemies 25% (Unchanged) ---> Armor stolen from enemies 35% (Up from 25%, same as the shield enemies). 3. Haven LoS Requirement makes this ability usless unless it's in open space. Additionally it's range it's terrible. How to improve: Activation cost reduced to 100 from 250 Drain / Enemy reduced from 25 to 10 Radius increased to 20 meters from 15. Remove the LoS Requirement. Increased damage to 250 from 200 (Radiation element unchanged) 4. Aegis Storm. Very good design, only garbo thanks to bad numbers. It's like nerfed , reworked Ember all over again. How to improve: Drain / Enemy reduced from 25 to 5 (removed). Radius increased from 15 meters to 30. Remove the range decrease the higher you go while using aegis storm. Balefire now it's free to cast and shoot during Aegis Storm. Slam damage increased from 500 to 2000.
  9. After playing a bit her for a few hours, i can honestly say that: I'd only play her for her Passive and her Balefire Please consider ALL Energy/Range changes, as they are the most important thing to her kit. Stacking range mods dosen't help as much as needed. If none of the changes below are going thru, consider lowering her price from 325 to 225 or 175. She is not worth the price of 325. She has 0 scaling against armored enemies, and her 2/3/4 are pretty bad abilties in their state right now. P:Passive: It saved my life several times, so i'm giving it a thumbs up, it's pretty good imo. (Assuming she will get a new passive in the future , or just more invulnerability time to her passive). 1.Balefire - Seems decent for her first ability, but it costs to much to shoot. It's radius it's straight garbo. How to improve: Increase activation cost to 100, reduce drain per shot from 100 to 25. Remove self damage (I'm actually amazed this got thru her release) Increase explosion radius from 3 meters to 4 meters. Increase fire rate from 0.833 to 1.25 2.Shield Pillage - Gonna be honest here, this ability it's straight up bad. Range it's limited, and it's usefulness it's very minimal against Armored / Infested. How to improve: Activation cost reduced from 150 shields to 100. Increase radius from 8 meters to 15 meters (Who thought that giving her 8 meters would be a good idea?) Remove LoS (Line of sight) requirement to pillage enemies (I'm not sure if LoS affects her second ability, but if it does please remove it) Increase duration from 2 seconds to 4 seconds. Increase the shield amount gained from Armored/Infested enemies. It's nonexistent, rendering her usless against Grineer/Infested factions. Allow Shield Pillage to be casted while using Aegis Storm I'd rather not cast this ability as it dosen't steal any Armor from enemies, or at least help me regen my own shields from armoed enemies. 3.Haven - Good idea, poor execution. High costs, witch also affected by LoS. How to improve: Activation cost reduced from 250 to 0 (removed) / / / Or Activation cost reduced from 250 to 100. Range increased from 15 to 20 meters LoS requirement removed. Damage increased from 200 to 250 (Maybe switch the damage to Magentic, or make it deal half 50% Radiation and 50% Magnetic) Remove screenshake when tethering a new enemy 4.Aegis Storm - Just like Haven, and her other abilities great idea, poor execution. How to improve: Reduced activation cost from 100 to 50 Reduced energy drain per enemy from 25 to 10 (I'm amazed this got thru as it is right now). Radius increased from 15 meters to 20. Enemies will keep taking damage for 5 more seconds (Affected by duration mods) after they leave Aegis Storm radius. They won't be held up. Damage now deals 2% of enemies max hp. ?Add a faster way to move while using aegis storm (maybe sprinting, or something)? tho i don't mind it as it is right now. Increased slam damage from 500 to 1000. Consider adding normal weapons for use. Using Aegis storm with the current Balefire it's not fun and pretty boring. Final Note: Great Warframe only Hindered by high shield costs (against Armored/Infected) and bad range numbers. Needs big adjustments to her range/costs and her Second ability against armored enemies.
  10. Any plans on Banshee? She feels rather weak and very augment reliant. Also, what about some Hydroid buffs? I feel like he needs them, again a warframe that it's augment reliant.
  11. What about a new augment for her first ability called Juxtapose? Enemies attacked by the mind controlled target will become mind controlled as well, for the remaining duration.
  12. Things worth mentioning about Titania. Increase her base energy from 150 to 175 Make the casting speed for her Lantern faster. Let the buffs from her Tribute ability to be affected by duration mods. And i'm looking forward to Nyx
  13. Hydroid Undedrtow missing particles fix when? The whole water thing it's missing.
  14. Cool, now fix Hydroid 3 puddle not showing up, thanks
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