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  1. Can confirm this. Tried to reproduce with Octavia Prime and it worked. Failed any further attempts, happened only once, however i can say it's a rather unique "glass like" sound effect.
  2. Not disappointed with what we got but i just prefer the song from the trailer over this.
  3. This argument it's invalid, if you aim with the wings, they disappear so that you can see.
  4. I'm in love with every piece of story from the Entrati family. I also want to mention real quick that i am not going to reveal their real names. I want to say why i love every character in their own way starting with: 1.Otak/Loid (Split Personality) 2. Son 3.Father 4.Daughter 5.Grandmother 6.Mother I just gave simple reasons why i like/dislike the family so much.
  5. Are there any plans on new Kuva Weapons? Any plans of buffing/reworking Stug and Buzlock?? (Maybe Add a Kuva Variant for each). (Not even joking)
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