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  1. Are there any plans on new Kuva Weapons? Any plans of buffing/reworking Stug and Buzlock?? (Maybe Add a Kuva Variant for each). (Not even joking)
  2. m3stuart

    Nyx Revisit

    Heyo, after the positive Feedback from my Frost Revisit thread, i decided Nyx would be a pretty good candidate for a Revisit if there will be one. I want to mention she will be changed more heavily (compared to Frost, where only small new mechanics were added, or straight up buffs to hes already existing abilities). She will get the same treatment, but a with more powerful buffs (yes i am aware that she is very good at any kind of mission, however she is outshined by most Warframes. I'm going to give her specific strengths to get her in a mission over other Warframes. With all that being
  3. I only saw hes passive trigger once or twice.
  4. ^ Title. But yeah, this is my take to changes frost should get to make him a better Warframe. (Yes, he has 2 useless abilities, namely Freeze and Ice Wave, NO reason to cast those over 3 and 4 unless you use augment). So here is my proposed changelist for him. Edit: Just wanted to say that my thinking was the following: yknow when you go outside, and your hands start to hurt because you played too much with snow? That is the same thinking towards the Frost changes. The intense cold it's so powerful, that it kills you slowly. I also didn't want to change much of him, since i like hes kit,
  5. Puncture could be changed to something like: Hitting the same spot to an enemy has increased damage on each additional shot. (Your sounds wonky imo) Impact it's as as it is right now imo. If people only knew how op Electric is right now. My Elemental Ward Electric Hildryn it's quite the DPS god and Tank at the same time. Don't even need weapons.
  6. I'm starting to think it is not applicable to weapons with a Special reload. Stradavar(P)/Argonak/Tenora kinda makes sense. (Kuva) Hind however not so much.
  7. I always thought he needed a small revisit to hes 2/4 abilities. IMO hes Rumblers should be moved to hes second ability. And hes 4 should just make an small arena (like Gara) where he can go smash.
  8. TYPE: In game DESCRIPTION: After exiting Necramech, Wisp loses special animations VISUAL: Warframes with special animations (Wisp in my case) stop using their special animations and instead they use default dodge/running animations. REPRODUCTION: Unknown. After exiting Necramech. During Isolations Vaults. (Entering Archwing might fix this but it's dosen't happen 100% of the time). Testing it right now in Cetus, might happen if i'm not the host. OBSERVED RESULT: Wisp (and probably other Warframes that use special animations lose their special animations like
  9. After playing Xaku for a quite some time now, i can probably give my feedback for her. First, i want to mention, than every ability it's very well made and usable in the current game. All she needs it's her numbers changed (and a lot of numbers will be changed during this post). (Tested in HoD/ Sortie / Simulacrum). I`ll start with the bad: Void Damage. Void Damage needs some big changes, (given that this isn't working against Eidolons either, it has to be buffed, and here is my proposed buffs for this ability). Void Damage proposed changes: Now, Xaku it's a v
  10. No. You call them whatever you want. I see this Warframe as a female Warframe and i don't really intend to change how i call her.
  11. Umm, they have to change Void Damage before doing any buffs to her. But her abilities needs some good buffs. Base Stats need a buff: Passive: I like it honestly. 1.Xata's Whisper:her first ability should have an AoE that all allies gain the same buff. (Easy to apply and not annoying really). 2.Grasp of Lohk: NEEDS MORE RANGE. What do i mean by this? Well simply put the Targeting range for her second ability it's based on range (Aka- the range at which it targets and attacks enemies). Make it 25 meters by default (unaffected by mods or smth, because at 280% range, this ability
  12. Welp just rank up. (New story unlocks, and new names for them). Dialogue also changes.
  13. Hydroid just got it's deluxe released and i hes still not used at all.(I have yet to see a player other than myself playing him.) He was overshadowed by Khora (1/4 abilities/augments) which i've seen lot's of peeps playing. This is a sign of something being wrong/underwhelming with hes Kit. Here is my take on hes abilities/stats and what needs to be changed to them Stats: P:Passive 1. Tempest Barrage 2.Tidal Surge 3.Undertow 4.Tentacle Swarm
  14. I've seen many peeps saying that these abilities will be nerfed (which they will). However i am wondering, will they be nerfed on main Warframes only or nerfed only when transfered ?
  15. THANK YOU, i was reading that wrong.
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