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  1. Any news on the Khora Deluxe skin that was showed on Devstream 127?
  2. Any plans on reworking Nekros or Nyx? Nekros has infinite fun factor that it's wasted on hes first and second ability. Nyx also has a lot of fun factor but they are wasted on her first ability (boring) and her 4.
  3. After playing Vauban/Ember in both normal Missions and Simulacrum i can tell you this. Vauban Ember That is about all, amazing reworks, just a few tweaks needed to make them even better.
  4. This seems all cool and all, but please for the love of GOD , allow TItania to cast her abilities w/o being stopped.
  5. Hey, anything news about signature weapons? There are still some warframe/weapons that didn't get signature buffs towards their weapon.
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