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  1. Gloom should just be her 4... it fits her better in everyway and it even fits with her theme, instead of reverse time just stop it almost entirely
  2. Generally DE will nerf something if it becomes very heavily used. So if a couple months from now they put up a chart and see that 80% of the player base is using that one thing then its almost surely to be nerfed.
  3. kitgun rivens were nerfed into the ground they are just about worthless now. There should be a higher minimum disposition because even the perfect roll now isn't worth using anymore for them vs just normal mods. The riven system in general really felt like a bait and switch im not interested in any of them anymore really.
  4. Warframe's moderation is probably the worst feature of the game you can get banned for lots of things including posting certain letters of the alphabet in in-game chat. You can get in trouble for even complaining about it to much as well. Most threads even talking about it get locked/deleted
  5. that is how railjack was orginally the first big buff of it just made tether riddiclously op to solo missions in 1-2 mins now this, I havn't played the new mode much yet to fully judge it myself atm though
  6. Warframe this movement system is probably the best thing it's got going in my opinion. It actually ruins alot of other games for me because it makes most other games feel sluggish.
  7. idk Ive just been keeping my login streak going on ps4 lately same on pc recently too. I do plan on getting a ps5 but i'm fundamentally against paying scalpers so waiting till that isnt a thing. Since I mostly switched over to pc playing on ps4 is painful with the load times and frame rate drops I was looking forward to ps5 version to play my ps4 account a bit more again... though since then my pc account is actually a bit ahead of my ps4 one and lately I got nothing to do on either of them anymore. Im not completely maxed on either (I was on ps4 when I started pc account) but atm both onl
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