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  1. Whoever sais that its behind max rank Vox Solaris, should realy start thinking how much time has passed since Vox Solaris is out?!.... If it would have been behind max rank Quills would anybody complain? I think not. So why here? Also I read something like "because of this, I cant recomend my friend to start playing the game again" … you and I both know, thats BS 🙂 I had problems with making Baruuk as well, but not because of the standing (had more then could use it for, basicly geting my 2nd t3 arcanes), but becasue of the random System drops from Profit Taker (was patched thankfully, and could purchase the Systems I needed from standing points). So just buy it for plat (I was very tempted, cause even if im skeptical, because you know...SHILEDS are, what they are...), or just grind it out. I personally dont like to "buy" warframes (excluding prime parts). I rather farm them out properly. Im very excited to try her out, but as always a bit sceptical and dont want to ride the hype train. For all I know we could have 2-3 hotfixes in the next couple of days, and/or nerfs/changes on her. This is my 1st opinion of not the frame itself, but how to get her, and to reply for some comments. When I got her, I Will test it out myself as well.
  2. Thank you for the fixes. Now I dont feel dumb when I was testing crits with banshee ^^
  3. Actually the stagger might help reduce the bug of clipping through the maps...need more testing to confirm...
  4. GTS 450 thanks. Only 1 answer: new PC for both of us...till then chill and deal with it. I try my best to do so as well ^^ Sucks, but its not their fault we have crap/old PC-s, just sucks! 😄
  5. With all due respect to the dev working on the game and DE. As we had to abort our 1st mission after the hotfix 10 minutes ago , I would like to post this self (re)written little song, that I have been inspired. No ill intentions...with love. We All Fix Together
  6. Thoughtfull for the clsed Beta players. Apriciate the changes with Natural Talent. Was just thinking that its too "slow" even with it. Actualy many fixes are spot on what i was thinking and saying to friends. its just too long to write everything down :( Happy, but also a bit sad at teh same time, that no more Orb pets in Fortuna xD I know this is not the time and plays, so sry about this... Pls fix Garuda's 1st ability. It tends to "clip" through the map. Happened to me on almost every 2nd-3rd mission with her. On sanctuary its even more anyoing, since it will auto end your run instead of puting you back on the map. Keep up the very good work! Peace!
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