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  1. Choosing to intentionally deconstruct an aspect of the game to make a point doesn't make it so. I have failed a mission because i didn't bring the right tool. Doom is a different game so I'm not sure why that matters. And nothing of a meaningful level is dying in one hit. The starchart is for everyone, including less experienced players, so it has to be easy because it's used to progress further into the game.
  2. Yes, like I said....there's already an endgame because there's plenty of things people still can't handle or need more time to prepare for. By the way, cleaning your console and adjusting your display settings will yield better profit taker results.
  3. Mods aren't cheese....they're normal tools of progression used in the game. Would you consider using a warframe cheese?
  4. The closest things are eidolons, and profit taker and probably things like level 5000 enemies or something.These are things that require prior significant investment in the game and its knowledge base and for less experienced people may require some teamwork and planning. It seems more and more common to run into higher MR players that avoid eidolons or higher level gameplay, like when I join some steel essence farm group and they want to go to sedna instead of the void because its easier for them. People that have played for 1000+ hours and are still rank 1 with vox solaris etc.
  5. Every game has something for different scenarios. With grendel you just kill or shorten defense waves, just like with any other frame...
  6. Because we wanted it. Switch your buttons in the settings?
  7. Every weapon and frame will never be balanced. Why do you need swaths of enemies to kill on a spy mission?
  8. The premise is flawed to begin with. Warframe or any game is never going to be balanced. We've all played "more balanced" games so we're used to games limiting us. People can't handle all the freedom warframe gives, so they think warframe is some wounded animal that needs to be put out of its misery because we're not in forced 1 hour co-op raids, because that's the only thing that makes a game balanced and "good game design": is forcing others to have to be dependent on internet strangers.
  9. I kill those things solo. If 4 people are having trouble that means it's a player experience issue.
  10. You're not guaranteed a god roll. Rivens are best used when basically combining two regular mods. For example I have an Akvasto that has 177MS and 90 something CD. This riven may be "trash" to some no life elitist, but it's still a great mod for a normal person grounded in reality because I can now open mod space up on my weapon since I don't necessarily need a multishot mod or a crit damage mod.
  11. So another exploit can be patched down the road? Wouldn't it make more sense to just get the mining silencer and use a stealth frame? You can auto melee attack by simply pressing melee then go back invisible all in 2 seconds, or use an operator to kill something quick.
  12. You're also the person that didn't believe operators can be used to pop nullifier bubbles even when shown video proof. Like they said, the player makes the build.
  13. Many people still use corrosive, magnetic, and toxin for various scenarios.
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