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  1. There's a small handful of non fodder enemies. If you do regular missions with regular grineer, corpus and infested anything works. But now that all the weak players have to fight bosses like acolytes and want new tenet toys all of a sudden they have to think instead of use the same viral heat on all their weapons.
  2. You're confusing your own personal likes and dislikes and skill level and applying it to the game overall. What you think is useless is not to someone else. You need to find a frame and weapon you like because everything in the game isn't specifically catered to you.
  3. They're not there for your fun.....it's there because an explosion is literally an outward concussive blast. Use the 50 ways to mitigate it or pay the price. That's what it's there for. The game is at least nice enough to give you many ways to avoid it.
  4. Aoe should have some drawbacks. Welcome to basic game mechanics. If all you have to do is put on a mod to use aoe you have nothing to complain about. Try a magus repair for limbo or one of the 1000 other ways to heal yourself. Zephyr blocks projectiles and is affected by splash damage like everything else. Gonna have to deal with it. You should be happy you've mitigated most of the damage in the first place. Popular weapons have low dispos for a reason. All melee was buffed so the scindo and bo are just fine. You may need to work on your build specifically.
  5. There's players grinding into burnout on many games. There's leeches on every game. Actually....all that stuff is on every game. Guess the entire industry needs to be scrapped.
  6. So change the entire game for the people playing the first 100 hours....when most their time will be spent after that when they're not beginners and have plenty of energy options?
  7. Nothing gets actually nerfed in the game, there are adjustments. Like you said...it's a power fantasy game right? That's why the enemies are easy, and all the stuff people think is bad because it was "nerfed" is still useable like the catch moon and Nukor and bramma. So what exactly can't you use now?
  8. It's not that serious. It's a forum that's probably 5% of the population. We wouldn't have planes if 1 crashed and we stopped.
  9. I'm rockin a Valkyr with primary crit chance and parkour velocity.
  10. The event is good for new people, but I'm not spamming it like I did back in the day. I do need a few forma though because I just got Primed Sure Footed and had to put it on a few frames.
  11. Yea you give people an inch and they try to take a mile. Just because DE listens to some player feedback, some people think it means they're gonna implement everything and disregard their own actual goals for their own game. Typical first world bubble outlook: "I'm a customer so listen to me no matter how irrational I am." I think they're the kinda people to tell a cop "I pay your salary so let me get out of this speeding ticket."
  12. My favorites are: "Let me pick what invigoration I want for any frame at any time." "Here's 18 paragraphs explaining why Warframe should revert/nerf/get rid of every change that's been made the past 3 years because I can't handle pugs running ahead of me and taking muh kills." "Yareli challenges my perceived masculinity problems and needs to be less kawaii." "Unnerf the bramma and kuva Nukor changes, because "fun" and that's the only reason I can come up with."
  13. Lol yea how about the joke where a unique and niche game grows and becomes more fun after 8 years, yet people say it's doomed unless it becomes like every other boring game. Funniest joke of all.
  14. I always void dashed to each pole. Some people archwing too.
  15. How long does it take to get 100k standing versus the 200 days lol? Do you think that's even close to equal?
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