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  1. The only thing I would change is that when you enter the cambion drift, a large prompt pops up on the screen that says "Don't like it? Don't play it. :D"
  2. Oh I barely noticed, I was too busy living my life instead of following DEs every move. I really doubt the update is ready, and they're simply laughing at us squirm with their finger over the "Supply update" button. Things happen, processes take time.
  3. Were you in a public match with people 300m away from each other?
  4. So much for PC being better gaming rigs lol. It's ok it's your opinion. I personally think it's a fun fight and look forward to it.
  5. The fight isn't buggy at all. It's there for people to actually maybe learn something or get some experience. Ambulas sorties gave me the incentive to: Learn how to hack better. Learn how to use elements based on faction/enemy type. Learn the mechanics of the fight. Learn how to use frame buffs and debuffs to make the fight easier. You have people quitting because they're inexperienced and can't do the above mentioned things and they rage quit.
  6. Oooo ok. Yea the market is pretty healthy, I think. I buy and sell all the time.
  7. Oh yea that's reasonable. In the meantime, though, I just use my eyes and look at my energy bar lol. That along with observing the battlefield and seeing a group of enemies whether via sight or on the radar helps. I have a feeling they're gonna eventually do something about it because it's been highly requested the past year.
  8. If you're not aware, some actual players themselves are trying to remove any resistance against them playing by trying to get rid of energy eximus. Sometimes it's not DE, but the players that would rather lower the bar. Some players will also flat out admit they don't want a challenge, they want "fun". Also, "challenge" and "balance" are buzzwords that mean different things to different people. So no, DE doesn't have to pull any triggers, and there aren't 2 ways to make things somewhat challenging.
  9. Yea, why wouldn't it be? The prices are for the convenience of skipping certain things, supporting the game and other random reasons.
  10. It's one frame out of 44. If you can't handle it there are other frames.
  11. On PS4 it's about 150 to 250 for the whole set. You could farm parts and buy the rest or the whole thing if you plan it out like everything else in videogames. Nothing in the game is that rare. People just lack patience and planning.
  12. It's a sci fi game. It requires an open mind lol. If you were playing Call Of Duty and a space kid popped out of Soap McTavish....then yea...you could be like "How does this fit in this setting?" But in warframes setting it's not even a little odd, as we're in the future, past all the physicality of our current world view. I see us (operators) as some form of dark matter or energy or imbued with and/or able to manipulate these properties.
  13. No amount of dumbing down, hand holding and streamlining is going to help someone that actually needs that much attention, though. I agree improvements can always be made, but you're creating a narrative of this game being impossible to play when it's not. Why are you bringing up new players, then immediately bringing up deimos......new players shouldn't be making a B-line towards Deimos, anyway. Deimos isn't for new players. For every player that you claim can't handle the game, there are also people like me that swam through the game just fine. I shouldn't expect every perso
  14. So you want less freedom and to relegate the operator to a simple one and done repeatable "press x ability"? Glad it's not that way anymore. People have the option to run full missions as operator, which they wouldn't be able to do otherwise.
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