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  1. Quoted by [DE]Reb... *blows noisemaker* ... *stops blowing noisemaker* ...I have about... oh, forty. I really hope that changes...
  2. How about arcane blueprints already existing in our foundries? Do those get converted into built arcanes? (Pleasesayyes. Pleasesayyes. Pleasesayyes. Pleasesayyes...) EDIT: THANK YOU!
  3. ...I so very much want to say something snarky and smart-arsed about how I was already aware of that... seriously, what made you think I didn't know about that?
  4. I like this quite a bit. Although I have one comment (not specifically for DE, but just a general comment.) To the person who coughed up 16,500 plat for an Artax riven... damn. Just... damn. You do realize you just spent $1,100 USD for that, right? (Assuming 75 plat ~= $5 USD) EDIT: I looked through that list again... I'm sorry, but who the f**k in their right mind would pay 60,000 plat for a Vectis riven?!?
  5. I'm not on Twitter. I don't hear stuff through the grapevine like y'all do. I'm a filthy casual that gets miffed when info comes up that (if accurate) is damning. I don't think it was helping that Hildryn wasn't immediately available for farming like, say, Baruuk, Garuda, Revenant... y'know, pretty much every frame before now... even still, thanks for the clarification.
  6. I'm glad the both of you have an optimistic streak. I'm not so much. Especially given how the melee rework eff'd up my polearm Zaw...
  7. Now did they say how often this event would reappear? Sure, sure, it's a reoccurring event, but how often? As often as PLAGUE STAR, perhaps??? That'd be pretty effin' stupid.
  8. So, what you're saying... is that Hildryn is going to be locked behind a timegate for people who don't have the plat to plunk down for the pack AND weren't able to do the fractures this time around? Is that seriously what you're saying here? Do correct me if I'm wrong, because I sure hope I am. EDIT: And before you pull the old line about this being a recurring event, just how often will we be seeing fractures here? We talkin' PLAGUE STAR frequency? EDIT AGAIN: Put away the pitchforks and torches, folks.
  9. > Sortie with Friends and/or Clanmates: exists > cries in solo clan Seriously, I get why it's there, but c'mon... just why?
  10. So... Nova and Nyx head back to the vault on the same day that Frost and Ember return... Can we perhaps expect to see another unvaulting right when Ember and Frost leave then? 🤔
  11. That roadkill reminded me of when I first went K-driving. Tried to jump over a Coildrive (because why the heck not?!?), but I didn't quite get enough airtime... it was like I got gibbed by a Sonicor... 😂 Anyway, as far as the Devstream's TL;DR is concerned, looks like it was a fun one. Now, I know Mask of the Revenant teased the flying Eidolon fairly heavily via the Codex, but is there any word you can give on progress for Fergie? (Terry, Gerry, Harry, "Fergie"... I'm trying, okay?)
  12. So we can solo Derelict vaults now? Is that what I'm hearing?!?
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