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  1. Seeing how often it procs and with Voidrig's Storm Shield it's an after effect it has kept me a lot more survivable in the event. Is it janky? Does it seem broken? Is it seemingly useless? Well yeah. But it's not that bad, compared to a lot of the useless efficiency or low % mods Necramechs have. I for one like it very much.
  2. Absolutely, me sitting in a mech is already a huge downgrade to me playing Harrow. But I want to sit in that mech. They are powerful but nowhere near Warframe meta.
  3. If you ask me making Arcanes even available after Raids were introduced and this easy it's fine. Arcanes are completely game breaking so getting them this easy feels weird. Sure here you need an Operator or whatnot, but a pretty new player can now easily steamroll the whole game with all the goodies we've been getting for a while now. The Arcanes are the only real grind here and they are very cheap to get seeing how impactful they will be on your gameplay forever.
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