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  1. wired xbox one / wireless xbox 360 windows 8.1 issue: only left stick works on menu, nothing else works fix report: restart steam fixed the issue!
  2. first, just want to remind [de] that switch is not a strong console any endurance act on switch is quite risky... now for the feedback, 7 daily x 1000 = 7000; 7 weekly x 3000 = 21000; 3 elite x 5000 = 15000 which means: daily 16.3%; weekly 48.8%; elite 34.9%. in order to reach rank 30, these numbers need to be balanced. 34.9% makes elite a mandatory. plus, current system basically requires 7 wks grind to get the highest tier reward in a 10 wks windows. meaning if ur 3 wks late, see ya next season. remember this is the replacement for alert, a fair reward system available for all, which nightwave definitely not. how to fix: elite has to adjust down to below 15% in points (i wouldn't mind if elite rewards 1000pts; it should be tough but fun things for vets to maximum their pts gain. not sth if new players miss they are gonna be difficult to rank up) each season/episode/series needs to be on its own timeframe. meaning each player picks and accepts a season/episode/series, then they have 10 wks to finish it
  3. from my understanding, each wolf mission will reward you standing (like syndicate) and wolf creds (like traces)
  4. doubt it even its gonna expire in the end no need to cap it i think its a diablo season thing. you start new on each season
  5. if i have to choose between luck based (acolytes event) and timegating (syndicate) i would pick timegating. its not fun to play the game to death and not getting anything you want!
  6. pls do some BASIC testing before deploy a "fix" now as octavia, we just roll instead of crouch... btw, whats the controller issue DE trying to fix?? i never had any issue with spin attacks/crouch/slide/sprint?? whats broken needed to fix???
  7. i looked up, it is 2018 boss cutscene, landing scene, etc have been skippable for a long while but not quest scenes (not sure if we can skip cutscenes of the now replay-able quests, i dont wanna sit through those scenes again so i didnt try) this is not the excuse i was looking for at all...
  8. skip! skip! make all cutscenes skippable pls! no matter if a quest, or mission, or relay landing, or scanned target redeem dialog its 2018. some ppl dont care about stories. can they enjoy the game too?
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