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  1. I like that, but still there is the problem of capacity and slots even if you have a trade off to get more power you'd need some kind of mandatory mods, i mean you will always try to play to your strengths having these slots may provide the leeway to create or rework existing mods so they can have variants as you describe. There could be more diversity right now but the mods that have trade off's in game are not as effective as the original variants which is why I wanted to have additive mods, or at least buff the trade off ones so we can use them multiplicative. True, but to do that you´d need a way to change the strengths of a weapon if you want to have build diversity, lets say: 1. You have a Riffle 2. It is fairly status based 3. It has a good ammount of fire rate and other dps stats But you cant mod it to crit effectivelly if you want just because the multiplicative mods wont cut it So lets also say: 1. There are additive mods 2. Some of them have a trade off So you can now trade off some of that fire rate for some crit and start from there so you can build as you want it to As i Said, they are all decent and fun weapons but to make them work they need a bit more of love than the meta ones, part of the diversity I'm trying to achieve is also to be able to see people with the weapon they like instead of what is the most effective one. This is affected by enemy scaling and some unhealthy mechanics ingame, DE has abused of the invincibility windows or straight up bullet sponges and that should be addressed too... but we are on the weapons sub forum haha
  2. Also this also opens the possibility of the creation of new mods, and if this was implemented and actually works would be a template on how to improve Warframe modding
  3. I'm already assuming that a Catalyst is already installed in the weapon, still my point stands this provides also a solution to burnout of having to forma things too much
  4. Or cause statuses that debuff that armor or health right? thats the reason I´m advocating for additive mods there are mods that provide a 15% multiplicative bonus for status chance... that is ridiculus at least bump it up to 90% if you want us to spend 1 mod slot and 9 capacity on it right? but if you have a 15% base + 15% additive you just need 4 dual elemental/status mods to get to 100% and make it a viable status based weapon, or an hybrid one if you want that, that is the kind of diversity i´d like to see in the modding system. That is a good idea, but then not just serration should be eliminated there are a IPS trash mods that only provide a multiplicative value increase on their respective IPS value, but i dont think DE would ever do that.... i mean the Loot is "the most important part" in a looter shooter so youd end up eliminating a bunch of loot from the game. I like the idea of the Exilus slot for non dps mods though. I could not agree more with you! 90% base crit chance is nuts and its too exploitable which is why i only said that additive value should be on mods that are below 50%, just to give them a fighting chance against the prefered multiplicative mods, that would mean that some of those mods should get their values adjusted I.E. Critical Delay 48% base crit would be cool but nuts given that you could combine it with Point strike and the "Essential Slot" bonus to go over 9000! so how about halving it? its still an usefull value and synergizes well with your builds without breaking the game.... and then there are the uncommon status effects mods, as i said earlier they irk me just because they are underwhelming, there is no choice, if you want status you got to get hybrid stat/elemental mods and thats it i want to be able to choose !!! there are weapons that would appreciate it... Arca Plasmor and her 4 secs reload would joyfully cry it you sloted reload speed mod on her... but then even if you have the slot there is the capacity problem, and it could be solved with formas.... but just imagine having to forma 6 times every single weapon in the game to use a flavor slot, i understand that Warframe is a repetitive game but thats just pushing it!
  5. I can agree with that, even my suggestion would need formas to work on higher levels It is, but it is not worthwhile, take as an example the buff they gave to Magnum force, the drawbacks dont payoff too much you get 48% extra multiplicative crit and 30% less Firerate, which is a net DPS loss, its the same as the uncommon status chance mods if you want to bump up your status chance they are not enough, I've a couple topics on those mods asking for a buff, because again, its not worthwhile normally you end up with 99.9% and that 0.1% sometimes is a *@##$ 😂
  6. As i said these slots are for essential mods or how DE calls them "Mandatory" mods, so why 1 exilus for all the weapons is objectively better than 3 slots tied to progression and weapon level and how is it any different than my suggestion? I mean we agree that we need more slots for mods dont we? And what about the mod capacity problem? I mean in order to effectiveely use said exilus slot youd probable have to forma weapons a bunch like lets say 3-4 formas per weapon 🤔
  7. As i said, I'm open to suggestions, how would you increase build diversity, IMO diversity is killed by the need to slot in mandatory mods and mod capacity overall, unless you add more mod slots or mod capacity how would you solve the problem without eliminating already created mods? Soma was one of them, its a cool and still useful weapon but her low base damage hurts her a lot just because there are weapons that can nuke entire rooms making, other examples would be the mighty kraken and the non variant boltor and gorgon to name a few, all weapons ingame can work at some degree on any level but they need extensive use of forma and even so they are subpar in terms of performance even with godly rivens. Could you please define the concept of "spirit of a modding system" for me?, regarding the power creep, it always will exist in games like this and there are cool weapons that could benefit just from that bandaid as you call it, think about the arca plasmor, it has a decent crit for a shotgun and decent status chance but if you dont commit to one of those the result is subpar and even if you have a riven its disposition aint that high so the potential of the weapon takes a hit just because you need to choose crit or status. Besides DE has previously stated that they are not as eager to introduce new mods because builds are already so tight.Amalgams seem to be a breath of fresh air on this matter but not all of them will provide a benefit that will make people choose them over the normal variants, now think it you could use Amalgam Serration and not have a severe falloff in damage, would you use it or not?
  8. On last devstream Scott mentioned that he had a hard time dealing with Mandatory mods and how he had tried several iterations to no avail, that topic has been on my mind for a while now and it seems fitting to throw in a suggestion on how to deal with it and hopefully the community and the devs will notice it and take it into consideration. Now lets analyze the current state of moding in the game and the problems it has: 1. Its progression is tied to RNG but Mod Rarity not always is that important i.e. Point Strike will always be better than Critical Delay but PS is really common and CD is Rare, but everyone will pick PS over CD. 2. The relation of Rarity vs Power on some mods is messed up, lets look again the values of PS and CD for comparison. 3. There is a set path where you cant stray too far off and the alternatives are often not worth it i.e. Slotting in all Vigilante on a Primary vs Only Slotting Vig. Armaments and a bunch of damage based mods. 4. All the bonuses (except certain weapon augments) are Multiplicative and if you dont have that high of a base stat, its not as useful on higher level so meta weapons with high damage are Kings and Queens. 5. Trying to solve Point 4 would mean to revisit all said weapons that have low base stats, it has been done, but there could be other alternatives to make viable older or lower mastery weapon on higher level content, 6. The cost of each Mandatory Mod goes averags between 9 and 15 (Riven Mods should not be considered mandatory, they are a cool addition but they are too tied to RNG) 7. There are only 8 Mod Slots which at least 3 of those are taken up by mandatory mods. 8. There are mods that even when you get them at low level are not that useful,lets say you got serration and Piercing shot at level 5 Serration Bonus is 105% of all damage on the weapon, and costs about 10 capacity, and max rank Piercing Shot at rank 5 costs 9 capacity and its only 30% of base Puncture Damage (Multiplicative) 9. The power curve when leveling a new acoount is steep, I made one to help out a couple friends that started playing and we started struggling at uranus and when got to sedna were relying more on warframe abilites and the infinite scalling of melee to get by, also if you are a new player with no prior knowledge youd probably spend your endo and credits on things that will not help you that much. I could list more and more things that hinder the current modding system, but lets stop and summarize what needs to change: 1. A clearer progression and power rewards for leveling and undestanding the system. 2. A way to Slot in other things than mandatory Mods. 3. An improvement on entry level mods so they can be used by newer and veteran players alike. 4. A way to make older weapons more relevant on higher level. Taking all these into consideration i would suggest the following: 1. The Addition of 3 "Essential Slots" for all weapons, these slots will be unlocked every 10 base capacity and have 90% Capacity Cost Reduction, so at level 30 you get all of them, also every 10 levels there are bonuses applied on according Rarity level: At level 20 common mods on essential get a "Silver upgrade" that gives 33.3% more stats on the mod and maybe a visual indicator of the bonus on the screen At level 30 uncommon mods get an "Gold upgrade" that gives 33.3% more stats on uncommon and common mods So common mods have a 66.6% bonus at level 30, uncommon get 33.3%, Rare ones only get the Capacity Cost Reduction, this is to balance the usage of the new slots, so people dont choose to put just the high cost ones into their builds. 1.1 Legendary quality mods whould not be left out since they are variants of other mods so depending on the original rarity of the variant they could get a 25% bonus 2. Change all mods that provide a 50% and lower multiplicative bonus into Additive Bonus, this would open up a lot of possibilites for modding and kind of revive a lot of weapons without needing a Godly Riven mod. 2.1 As an exception to the last rule, the uncommon secondary mods: Razor Shot, Concussion Rounds and No Return should be "nerfed" in order to fit this, 50 base IPS damage would suffice and make them fit, also to balance the "nerf" the variants of these for primary and Shotgun could get a buff, lets say 40 base IPS damage on a weapon. Finally to illustrate how these changes would benefit weapons that are cool but out of the META, lets take a look to an old faithful, the Soma: The Setting: 1. Lets Assume that you are a new player that has just leveled up to lvl 30 your Soma. 2. you now have 3 Essential Slots open for use. So, when you Slot in on the first one a lvl 5 Point Strike that costs 9 capacity so with a 90% reduction it would consume 0.9 Mod Capacity, also since its a lvl 30 weapon and a common mod it would get a bonus of 66.6%, hence instead of the 150% Critical Hit Chance you get 249.9 Critical Hit Chance (YAY you have been rewarded by leveling a weapon other than having more capacity!) Now you still have 29 Mod Capacity points! Then you slot in a lvl 5 Sawtooth Clip on the Second one, hence your Mod capacity goes down by 1 and you get 40*1.66 = 66.6, 67 extra Base Slash Damage! so 6+67 your Soma does 74 Slash Damage so you wont have to suffer that much on higher levels! and will be viable on really high missions lvl 100+ just because it has a good critical hit and a decent base damage so you can play around with other Mod combinations of your liking! Lastly since you did not have that much endo nor credits since you started up you slot in a lvl 5 Serration, YAY +105% more damage and you still have 27 mod capacity left to add Elemental Damage, or multishot or status chance mods or Silencer mods, or magazine size and reload speed mods, etc. Hope this illustrated the intent of these crazy suggestions of mine, also if you are a veteran that know the current modding system you already know the implications of these changes and how your favorite but non meta weapons can be benefited, I know this will benefit the META weapons too but i firmly believe that this would provide a healthy modding balance in the game. Looking forward any well argumented criticism on this post and any suggestions
  9. Baro Ki'Teer - Orcus Relay (Pluto) Start: 01d 13h 02m 22s
  10. Given the changes to the nutrio incubator segments could we get our pets taken in/out of hibernation when needed while changing Loadouts? Could you add self repair to the sentinels or them being affected by Operator arcanes to Heal them? Maybe even add self heal to the regeneration Mod. Could some new voice lines be added at the start of each mission, just to provide context on why we are doing certain stuff? Lets say that we go to the first node in Venus so Lotus or another ally npc wxplains a bit of lore on the planet and the upcoming boss, this would provide character development to npcs other than Lotus or even give us more lore of each node we play, just think about it you get to the gravius node on mars and Lotus refers to the gravius dilemma, that would be awesome
  11. I know it has been a long time since things are like this but i have a few questions tyat started bugging me: Why Vor is the only boss ingame that does not drop a WF parts?, thematically vor uses shields and electricity from the Janus Key, i mean that screams Volt, also Volt is the only Starter frame that doesn't drop in the starchart. On the same topic of Vor, him being a miniboss on the void, why does he drop poison/status mods since he uses electricity? Elec/status would make more sense on Vor and Poison/status would make more sense on Eris Hive Sabotages. Also why are the electricity/ status mods the only ones that dont drop ingame since you can farm all the other variants except jolt and voltaic strike? Why when changing the drop places of excal and trini didnt change the corresponding rail specters? When the convergences system dropped you could know what warframe would drop in the next planet because of the convergence encounter, it made sense, now it just bugs me 😣 Now taking into consideration that you changed drop places on excal and trin, why is it that the actual watery and almost pirate-like tileset boss Tyl Regor, does not drop Hydroid and the literal Day/night Warframe does not drop on the only tileset ingame that has Day and night cycles is beyond me, but if you changed those 2 drop places would make a lot of sense and in equinox case it would make the grind more bearable. Not that i need any of these because i have em all already but damn just recalling all the grind made me feel sorry for all the people that has not gotten equinox yet also made me shudder with the thought of Equinox prime and the grind to come. Would love some or all of these questions answered. Thank you for a great game so far, its been almost 3 years of grindy love. 😂
  12. the only Timeframe in the game is limbo literally that stops time :v
  13. same here, also i know of accounts that got the email but not the warframe :c
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