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  1. But it also creates a new oportunity, since you can sacrifice a WF to subsume them it would help with the lack of WF slots when you dont have the plat to get them, i was adamant on the MR point but the friends i am playing with and by extension coaching say that the game is hard to understand at times because the amount of stuff you gotta learn/farm and the lack of slots so i softened up to that one.
  2. You are killing the hype you know? instead of nerfing them give other skills, it would be preferable an un-nerfed sleight of hand that provides more than an unreliable Eclipse, wukong's Defy is already capped at 1500 so you are lowering that cap it down even more? at lower levels is "hard" to get to cap and in higher level 1500 is not even that high, instead of nerfing the infused skills why not buff the abilites on their original warframes and then we get the un buffed values on infused frames?
  3. TY but can we also fix this?: There is inconsistencies with armor stripping of ember's Fire blast on RJ POI Commanders such as Pyr, Lektro, etc, tested it on the following warframes, here's the link to the screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/da8qUaV Oberon No problem here, i've got an 80+% armor strip on my oberon and it can stack so it fully strips armor Nyx No problem here either, pretty straightforward armor strip Banshee Augment got hotfixed a few months back and now it works perfectly Ash No problem here either full armor strip Vauban
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